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The hen night

"I asked if we needed a condom and she said no."

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I was out for the evening with my mate Neville.  We had just come out from a nightclub and was making our way to the taxi rank to get home.  There was a bunch of well-oiled women heading straight towards us.  Some of them looked in a bad shape and a few others seemed to be steering them somewhere.  As we got level with them, one of them said that these two will do.  At first, I had no idea what they meant, but quickly Neville had one woman wrapped around him and kissing him and I had another sticking her tongue in my mouth as she wrapped herself around me.   Neville didn’t seem that impressed as the women were in their early thirties and we were in our early twenties.    I didn’t care about the age difference, in fact I quite enjoyed the thought of being with an older woman.  Nothing wrong with yummy mummies was my first thoughts.  At least they won’t kiss and tell.


The rest of the women had moved on whilst giving wolf whistles, whoops and cheers.  Neville pushed the woman off himself, and she joined me with the woman wrapped around me and then she was kissing me.  Then the two of them were running after the rest of the group.  I discovered that I was now hampered with an erection.  It was just another thirty yards to the taxi rank and already there was a huge queue.  Neville suggested that we might be better off just walking home.  I had to agree, and we turned and walked in the direction the women had left in.  By the time we got to the covered walkway the two women were walking back towards us.


It quickly transpired that they lost sight of where their mates had gone, and they had no idea where they were meant to be staying.  They were on a hen do and staying in our town for two nights.  Their luggage had gone on to the hotel after they were dropped in town.  The members of their team that knew and had made the arrangements had gone on with the rest of the group.  I suggested that they ring the rest of the group.  Neither had a phone with them.  I offered mine and both of them said that didn’t know any of their mate’s numbers.  I must admit without my phone I wouldn’t know anyone’s number these days.  I suggested a call to home and neither wanted to do that for whatever reasons.


Alexa asked did she know anywhere they could stay.  Neville started to walk on.   He didn’t want to get involved with the two women.  Rosie asked if I had a spare room or a couch.  I told them that I lived in a bedsit on my own and that besides my bed there was just one armchair.  The two women looked at each other and then Alexa said that would do, even the floor would be better than sleeping in town on a cold bench.  I quickly found myself between two older women walking towards my flat.  It was cold so both cuddled to me as the clothing they were wearing was less than suitable for that time of night.  It was a twenty-minute walk and on the way, I gathered that both were married, and Alexa had one child and Rosie had three.


By the time we got to my flat we were all cold, and I suggested a hot coffee each to warm up.  Rosie giggled that she knew a better way to warm up which caused Alexa to also giggle.  They both sat on my bed as I made the coffee.  Then I was sat between the two of them.  It was now that I discovered that they had kissed us as dares from others in the group.  Coffees finished I washed up.  It’s such a small flat that there is little room to leave things out.  Alexa asked to use the toilet and I pointed to where the small bathroom was.  On her return Rosie went.  Then I went and brushed my teeth.  I noticed that one of them had used my toothbrush, not that it mattered as both had their tongues in my mouth.


On my return they had decided that Rosie should share the bed with me while Alexa would sleep in the chair.  I tried to tell them that the two of them could use my bed and I would use the chair.  As we talked about it, I had to ask them to stand so I could get some blankets out from under the bed for whoever slept on the chair.  I apologised that I didn’t have any spare pillows and only the cushion that was already in the armchair.  Both women stripped down to bra and panties and Alexa got into the chair and covered herself with the blankets as Rosie slipped into my double bed.  Both women were a little chubby, not fat.  I think rounded may be a better word.   I had never been into skinny women, so I enjoyed what I saw.


I felt extremely self-conscious as I took my shirt and trousers off as I found I still had a lazy lob on.  It didn’t go unnoticed by either woman.  I quickly turned out the main light and put on a side light.  I have never liked sleeping in the dark.  I slipped quickly into bed and Rosie straight away cuddled into me and placed her cold hands on my chest.  I found what was a lazy lob on was now a full-blown erection. As we lay there Rosie’s hands slowly worked lower and lower and eventually got to my cock.  To increase my embarrassment, she told Alexa that I was rock hard.  Alexa said, “show me,” and Rosie pulled the blankets right down and showed Alexa my cock standing up in its full glory.  As Rosie pulled the covers back up, Alexa told Rosie to remember the last time she was in a bed with a nice cock like that.


Rosie never answered so I asked her what happened.  She still didn’t answer, so Alexa told me for her.  “Jane happened.  Her daughter Jane was what happened,” She informed me.  Alexa went on to make it clear that on a drunken night out Rosie had got herself shagged and knocked up.  Alexa joked saying if Mark only knew it wasn’t his.  This talk had my cock screaming for more than Rosie’s hand just holding it.  Rosie informed Alexa that she could feel the blood pulsing through my cock.  Alexa joked, “Number four then.”


Before I knew what was happening Rosie had straddled me and was sinking her pussy down my hard cock.  When I realised what was happening and that I was in an unprotected pussy I offered her a condom.  Rosie replied, “Fuck condoms and just kept on riding my cock.  She wasn’t quiet about it either as she moaned and made lots of noise.  Alexa spurred her on telling her to take all my cum.  As it was, she didn’t get any as she came loudly and violently as she thrashed around above me and came off my cock.  I was just thinking what I was going to do with my still hard cock, but Alexa had already decided my fete as she was quickly with me and easing Rosie out the way as she straddled me.


Alexa was a far slower and more considered ride and I managed to come back from the brink.  Rosie had recovered and was now in the armchair as Alexa rode above me.  For my pleasure she released her tits by taking her bra off and then bent forward dangling them in my face.  Rosie joked with Alexa asking, “What you calling your next one?”  Alexa gasped what’s your name again.  I told her it was Stephen.  Rosie said, “Stephen or Stephany it is then.”  I again offered a condom, but again no takers.  I guessed after the weekend I would never see them again, so relaxed into enjoying the ride.  It wasn’t a lot longer before Alexa was coming and so was I.   Then when we parted Rosie climbed back in with us. It was tight being sandwiched between two cuddly women.


I lay wondering if I was to be a father even if there was little chance that I would see either of them again.  It was some time before I finally dropped off to sleep.  I woke to find Alexa in the chair, and I was cuddled up with Rosie.  Alexa whispered that it got uncomfortable with the three of us in bed, so she moved back to the chair.  She asked did I have any aspirins as she had a headache.  I had to tell, her no and gave her directions to a chemist that was close by.  Alexa took the blankets off herself, and I got a better look at the tits that had been in my face that night.  Then she dressed and went off to the chemist.  On closing the door, she woke Rosie.


I don’t know if it was the sight of Alexa’s tits or whether it was just a normal morning wood, but Rosie quickly discovered it and decided that it wasn’t going to waste.  She pulled me on top of herself and steered my cock back into her pussy.  I again mentioned condoms, but I already knew that we wouldn’t be needing them.  To be honest I was glad she said no.  I was just coming in Rosie’s pussy when Alexa walked in.  As I rolled away leaving my load in Rosie, Alexa asked if I had a middle name.  I gaped Alan.  Alexa said, “Alan or Alice it is then.”  I wondered if I could have just produced two kids in under twelve hours.


Alexa had also brought some sausage rolls and doughnuts back with her aspirins.  As I made us some tea, I stood there in my Y fronts, Rosie dressed.  Then I was sat between them feeling under dressed as I was the only one not fully dressed as we ate sausage rolls, doughnuts and drank tea.  Rosie offered to clear up while I went to shower.  The bathroom door lock has never worked.  As I am normally the only one there, I had never bothered with it.  Then as I showered, I suddenly realised that I had an audience.  Both Alexa and Rosie were stood there watching me.  Stupidly I tried to cover my cock with my hands.  Looking back, it was so stupid, as my cock had been in Alexa once and Rosie twice now.  They both laughed at me and left me to it.


After drying I realised that I would have to go back in with them as my clothes were in the main room.  As I entered the room with a towel barely around me, Rosie grabbed it and ripped it from me.  I suddenly got brave and said, “So you want to see my cock, do you?” and did a twirl so both of them got to see my cock.  Then stepping over Alexa’s legs I got to the cupboard my clothes were in.  As I bent to select pants and socks.  A hand grabbed my cock.  It was Rosie who gave it a quick stroke then let go.  I was trying hard to stop it from getting hard.  As I dressed, they seemed to take turns teasing and stroking me. 


Now fully dressed I asked what their plans were for that day and to catch up with their friends.  Rosie said that she had been thinking about it and said that they were due to go to another club that night as it was Saturday night and if they couldn’t catch up with them there, that the couch left Rodney Road at 2p.m. on Sunday afternoon.  I asked did they know the name of the nightclub.  Nether knew and I suggested that there were only four and we could go to all four to find them.


They said they would like to visit the next town, so I took them, and we wandered the town and had quite a nice day.  Later we returned to my hometown where we had a nice meal out before returning to my flat.  There I was treated to watching them taking turns in the shower.  Then we were off into town to the night clubs.  Before ten o’clock some are free for women to get in so either Alexa or Rosie would go in and see if they were there.  At out third club we were lucky and found them.  I was introduced to the rest of the party and heard where they were staying.  It didn’t seem that the other women had noticed them missing.


As time went on, I danced and groped several more of the women.  They were pretty wild, and I’m sure if they could get away with it, several would have shagged on the dance floor. Come the end of the evening several of the women had pulled young lads like myself and outside the club I watched two of them getting shagged.  To make sure they got there I walked Rosie and Alexa to their hotel.  Rosie went and registered them at reception and got their room keys and then I was sneaked in with Alexa and taken to what was their room.  They had a large double bed, and I had a grope with Rosie on it while Alexa went and got changed.  Then they swapped and I played with Alexa while Rosie got changed.  Then we went to another room where there was a group of their women partying with a lot of drink.  They had sneaked two other lads in, and we were soon playing spin the bottle and us lads were getting groped and we were groping the women. 


When the party broke up, I was dragged by Rosie and another woman to Rosie’s room where I was treated to being stripped and played with while I fingered and played with them.  I got to fuck the other woman, whose name I never got.  After a good fuck she left us playing.  A while later Alexa joined us and there was little doubt that she had shagged one of the lads.  I eventually managed to fuck Rosie before falling asleep between them.


I woke next morning between the two women.  When they woke and got up, we all went into the walk-in shower where I fucked Alexa as she insisted that it was her turn.  Then I had to leave them and go home as I had plans for the day.  I assumed that was the last I would ever see of them, but I got one final glimpse of them as the yummy mummies got on their coach as I passed it.


It was about three months later when I got a postcard from where they live that was written by Rosie.  It said Hi, Alexa also says hi. Will be coming your way again for another weekend next month.  Will drop you another line beforehand.  By the way it’s a girl!  I had no idea how they got my address or whether they are coming to town again or if she was pregnant.  I guess I will just have to wait and see.

Written by Hugh

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