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I caught Ruth cheating on me

"Ruth confessed she was with Clive and he was licking her pussy getting it ready for a good fucking"

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I met Ruth when I was twenty one and by twenty two we were married and expecting out first of three babies.  In those days I had a slight feeling that Ruth had cheated on me.  There wasn’t one particular moment or one particular man, buy just a deep seated feeling that she had cheated at least once.


We were now just about in our forties and all three children were pretty much off our hands and we were empty nesters as people call it theses days.  Ruth had only ever done part time jobs as I had a good job and could easily support her and our not so little offsprings now.  Ruth still had a good circle of her friends from school and had made more friends on route with other mums from school.  I still had just a few mates from school and that was about my circle of friends as work had reduced that number to a handful.


Ruth was regularly invited to parties and I rarely went, again due to pressures of work.  It was on one such occasion that I was still at work when the fire alarm went off and the building was evacuated.  As the fire brigade had even shut the power down to our computer system when I got home I couldn’t do any work.  After a stiff Scotch I flicked on the TV to discover that Ruth was right it was all a load of trash.  I decided to go and see if I could find Ruth at the party.


The first problem being that I didn’t even know whose party it was let alone where it was.  I had placed some apps on both our phones so that if one was misplaced I could find it with the other one.  I guessed that Ruth wouldn’t mind and may even be pleased to see me.  It took the app several minutes to locate Ruth’s phone.  It was a few blocks away and well within walking distance.  So off I set.


On arriving at the house, the party seemed to be in full swing.  I rang the doorbell and someone just let me in without asking who I was or why I was there.  I did noticed several couples kissing and petting each other, but nothing more than that.  There was a group, mainly women, dancing to some seventies and eighties music.  I made my way around the house looking for Ruth.  The app placed me exactly where Ruth’s phone should be, but neither Ruth nor her phone was there.  I guessed that se had to be either on the first floor or in a basement.  I guessed that the former was the most likely. 


I found the stairs and started ascending thinking she had to be in the bathroom.  Imagine my surprise when I discovered that the bathroom was empty.  The other options were far less innocent options.  It was at that point that I dropped the app and just called ruth’s phone.  I could here her ringtone coming from a bedroom.  Although I had this sick feeling in the pit of my stomach I also found that my cock was beginning to stir in my trousers. 


Ruth answered her phone and I asked her where she was.  She told me she was at Vince and Victoria’s house at a party.  I told her that I would be there shortly and rung off.  It was just seconds later when Ruth came almost running out of the bedroom still buttoning up her blouse buttons.  She stopped dead in her tracks and stammered for a few seconds before telling me that she had some wine spilt on her blouse and had been cleaning it off.


I returned down stairs with Ruth to the main party where she went off to get us both drinks.  I stood keeping watch on the bedroom door waiting to see who came out.  It was a few minutes before another woman came out the room.  I could have kicked myself thinking that Ruth was cheating on me with another man.  Obviously this woman had been helping Ruth get cleaned up.


Ruth returned with drinks for us and started to introduce some of her friends to me.  Ruth told me that she fancied dancing.  I’m not one for dancing so I just stood as she went into the other room and joined the others already dancing.  While I stood there I watched a pretty looking woman walk up the stairs and into the same bedroom. 


Ruth returned to me and went off for further drinks.  As it wasn’t far from home and I didn’t have to drive I agreed to a further drink.  It must have been twenty minutes since the woman entered the bedroom before she came back out.  She looked like she had just run a marathon from her ruffled hair and the fact she was sweating heavily.  If I didn’t know any better I would have guessed that she had just been shagging.


Again, my cock started to uncoil itself at that thought.  I watched as a further woman went upstairs and entered the same bedroom just before Ruth returned with our drinks.  Then she did something she rarely did in public, she showed a sign of affection to e as she kissed me quite passionately.  Some woman I didn’t know told Ruth to put me down as she would make Clive jealous.


I watched Ruth put a finger across her own lips to tell the woman to shut up.  At the same moment I was thinking who the hell was Clive and why should he be jealous.  Ruth grabbed the woman and frogmarched her off to where the people were dancing.  It was almost twenty minutes before the second woman exited the bedroom.  Either there was a gym, or at least a treadmill, in that bedroom or this second lady had also been shagging.  She was in a very similar state as the first lady was.


It was a few minutes later that a third woman ascended the stairs and entered the bedroom.  I needed to confirm my suspicions and went up the stairs and went into the bathroom.  The bathroom was a Jack and Jill bathroom that had access from the landing as well as from the master bedroom.  I locked the door and went and listened at the door to the bedroom. 


My suspicions were confirmed.  I could hear those unmistakeable sounds of love making.  The woman was groaning as their bodies slapped together.  I now wondered had he fucked my wife or had I managed to prevent them from doing the deed.  Whoever this stud was he sure had some energy and stamina.  If he had fucked my wife he was now on his fourth woman.  The best I had ever managed was four different women in one day and that was in my late teens and early twenties and even then they were spread throughout the day and not four on under two hours.


I left the bathroom, just as the woman was reaching her orgasm from the sounds of things and returned downstairs.  Sure enough, the woman came out looking well fucked as had the previous two women and made her way downstairs.  This time no further women went upstairs.  Several minutes later a man came out looking pleased with himself and descended the stairs.  As the man got close to me I asked if he was Clive.  The man looked a little confused and asked why I asked.  As I didn’t answer, he told me he wasn’t Clive and that his name was Gregory.


I apologised for confusing him with someone else.  The man replied, “No worries, that’s Clive over there,” as he pointed to another man.  Things the woman said about Clive seemed to make even less sense.  I needed to get to the bottom of this and went back upstairs and went into the bedroom.  Imagine my surprise to see another woman in the throws of undressing.  She turned to face me and said, “Your not Liam, but you’ll do,” as she continued to undress.  I asked what the fuck was going on.


Before she could say anything another man came through another door in the bedroom.  He looked shocked and quickly stepped back out and shut the door.  I went and opened the door to find that the bedroom had jack and Jill bathrooms both sides of it.  I again asked the woman what the hell was going on and she realised that I wasn’t playing and she quickly told me that the women and men drew straws and whoever you matched up with would meet you in this bedroom.  No guesses needed to know what for!


It also didn’t take much of a guess to realise that Clive was Ruth’s match.  I was angry and hurt that although I had guessed all those years ago that she had probably cheated on me, I now had proof.  The woman hadn’t stopped undressing and I found myself there with a naked woman and an erection to rival the Blackpool Tower.


If Ruth could cheat so could I.  In seconds I eased my aching member from my trousers and pants and bent the woman over the bed and gave her a sound fucking from behind.  The woman was soon groaning as I pounded into her with the anger and force that I should have directed to Ruth.  I don’t think I had slammed a woman that hard since my teens.  She was soon wailing as she had an orgasm that made her whole body tremble.  I pounded away until I was the deepest I could be, and holding on as my cum spurted into her pussy.


Afterwards the woman was telling me that I was better than Liam and she hoped to match with me again as she redressed.  I had already put my softening cock away as the woman told me that men were meant to leave by the second door and not the one I had come in.  I left to find that there was even a second set of stairs leading downstairs.  As short while later Ruth found me and said she was ready to go home.  My anger had subsided.  I just wanted and explanation as to why she would want to cheat on me and had she managed to cheat on me that night.


As we walked home it was evident that Ruth had consumed a fair bit of alcohol as she staggered.  I put an arm around her and cuddled her tight to me to help her walk in a straight line.  Indoor Ruth went up to bed while I locked the house up.   When I joined her in the bedroom, Ruth was in just panties and I couldn’t help wonder if Clive had been in those panties before I got there.  Even so I could feel my cock starting to stiffen again.  I knelt on the floor and eased Ruth’s panties down and could smell her sex just inches from my face.


She smelt so good that I couldn’t resist burying my face in her pubic hair and slipping my tongue into her crack.  As I licked and lapped at her pussy there was no evidence of another man’s cum in her pussy.  I was enjoying my wife’s pussy when she suddenly came.  I still had an erection and needed to make use of it, so as Ruth slowly revived I crawled up her body and slipped my cock into her juicy pussy.  It was a great fuck and I almost felt guilty knowing that it was me that cheated this evening and not Ruth, but it didn’t stop me from dumping my second load of the evening in Ruth’s pussy.


Afterwards as Ruth started to recover from the fucking she just had, I asked what was all that about Clive being jealous?  At first Ruth said it was nothing, but as I persisted and told her that I knew all about the Jack and Jill bathrooms as well as the second stairs, she burst into tears.  Then she confessed that when I rang she was with Clive and he was licking her pussy and getting it ready for a good fucking when I called her.  She said that nothing further happened.


I asked how long these games had been going on and just how many men had she cheated on me with.  Ruth said that the parties started a little over seven years back.  It was when several of her friends were introduced to Vince and Victoria.  It turned out that were into swinging and had been playing these games for quite a number of years and were looking to increase their circle of friends.  They particularly liked Ruth as she didn’t increase the number of men in the circle.  They had more men than women and it helped to even the numbers up.


That hadn’t answered my second question, how many times had she cheated.  As Ruth told me that she thought that she had slept with around thirty to thirty five men, I could feel my cock getting stiff a third time in one evening.  That was something that hadn’t happened in years.  Ruth continued that Clive was one of the organisers along with Vince and Victoria whose house it was.  He had taken a shine to Ruth who he head fucked on her very first party.  Over the years she was sure that he had rigged the draw to see that he pulled Ruth’s number.  Clive had fucked her at least ten times, but not tonight as he had been foiled.


I think Ruth was stunned that I was excited again and rolling her onto her front.    As I mounted her I slipped a pillow below her hips and drove my cock into her slippery pussy and pounded her almost as hard as I had the woman at the party.  Ruth loved the renewed vigour that I pounded her with and groaned all the way through the fucking that I gave her.  It was the best fucking that I could remember with Ruth since we married.  It dawned on me that Ruth playing away was as much my fault as it was hers.


Afterwards as we lay cooling off, Ruth asked what I intended to do about her infidelity.  I told Ruth that she wasn’t the only one as I had fucked some woman at the party and I had already made up my mind what I intended to do.  Ruth looked a bit worried as I paused before telling her that she had better ring Clive.  I could see tears developing in Ruth’s eyes before I continued.  I told her to tell her that he had better add me to his list of men and make sure that I was at the head of the list as I had an awful lot of catching up to do.


I don’t think that Ruth had ever kissed and cuddled me as much as she did on hearing that.  The next morning Ruth asked did I mean what I had said the night before.  When I said yes she made that call to Clive.  Afterwards we had a long talk where we discussed what was and wasn’t allowed.  Ruth came clean about her transgressions shortly after we were married and had children.  She put the blame on my job saying she knew I had to do the hours that I did to get established and support our family but it often left her lonely and frustrated.


I had guessed as much and forgave her so long as at some time I got to have a threesome with her and another woman.  Ruth was quick to say yes and said she knew just the right woman to share a bed with us.

Written by Don

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