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Marines 1-2 part 3

"Carl and friend take the pair of us"

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So there I was, hands and legs bound to the chair, a raging Hard on trying to poke it's way through my somewhat pre cum sodden panties betraying my excitement, I was theirs to use, a  plaything and a place to deposit their replenishing sperm reserves, I wouldn't be able to refuse them. The worst thing was that my wife was to ensure I was punished, why? Well she knew all along I'd watched the dvd, I'd stupidly forgot to clear the computer history that fateful day, she'd been watching my frustration build ever since, a bit slow on the uptake here but she had set me up and this would be the accumulation of months of frustration on my part she'd be making sure I was skewered by these super fit men and used as the cum dump she'd told them i was. Ok, let's drain this slut as he waved the now unwrapped condom in my face, ok so they were going to wank me off, I mean how bad can it be? I was about to find out as the condom was wrapped over my hard cock, I was pleased it was, the tablets were still working! The cock ring was slid down my cock to the base, a tight fit but slid easily down the lubricated condom, my cock instantly started to get harder as my body pumped blood into my cock until it became engorged, the bullet vibrator was then attached under my glans with an elastic band  and switched on. I sat helplessly, strapped to the chair  as the vibrations now teased and stimulated my now extra hard cock pumped full from my racing heart, the men watched as my cock was tortured, I had no control as the vibrator relentlessly brought me to an orgasm, I couldn't control it , my cock twitched violently as it started to spew sperm into the condom, a lot more than I normally do, I put that down to this new experience and excitement. They laughed as the condom filled up, that's the only thing you'll be cumming in tonight you sissy,laughed master. Once I'd finished with what turned out to be a painful ejaculation I thought that was it and he'd take it off but my cock was still hard, a combination of the cock ring slowing down the blood flow filling my cock up and the tablets. Right let's see if we can drain this slut, he turned the vibrator up full, my pleasure was now turning into agony as I was desperate for this to finish, yes , master knew his stuff! For about five minutes I was being artificially milked by his ingenuity which was about to pay off as I tensed up and  made a muffled cry through the ball gag as I finally came again this time not so much but enough to fill the condom enough for my sperm to be forced down my shaft to cover my steel hard erection. Master was very pleased with this, good girl wouldn't want  your worthless spunk mixing with ours! My wife who had watched every detail of my ordeal with a knowing smile turned to her lovers , now show this worm what you both pushed into and ejaculated into his wife whilst I change ,this was strange, from being the cum slut wife,they were treating her like a princess, ready to do her bidding. My wife left the room as both men approached, with every step, their cocks grew larger until I was face to face with them. Carl's cock with its massive glans looked menacing, the other man I only knew as master had a more reasonable sized cock, around eight inches uncut but the last couple of inches  bent up, no wonder my wife was screaming out, the sensation of it rubbing against her clit must have felt sensational, a feeling id be experiencing a similar feeling soon. 

Right’ time for you to sample the goods, the ball gag was removed as Master offered his cock to me, Suck it bitch, no hesitation, I took the head straight in, the smell of sex and my wife was overpowering, I momentarily forgot myself in my excitement and tried to take him all in, woah he shouted, i stopped, thinking i'd done something wrong. He pulled backwards so just his glans, now exposed were in my mouth, watching my face he slowly pushed his cock back in, I'd momentarily forgotten my place the first time I tried to take him, he was  master, he was in control and he was about to remind me as he slipped deeper into my mouth. I'd taken cocks this way before but that was a long time ago. I could see the smile on his face as I started to struggle, I'd forgotten the golden rule, Relax! as soon as I did he slid deep into my throat causing my eyes to water, this he liked as he patted the top of my head, good girl, I'm gonna have some fun with you tonight. By now I was struggling but that's what he wanted, to totally dominate me into being his sex toy, I wasn't to disappoint, or else! 

He slowly pulled out, tears streaming down my eyes as I choked, his meaty cock now glistening at the top with a combination of my saliva and pre cum. He put it back to my lips and rubbed it round then pulled slowly away to create a string of pre cum. Master was pleased, your turn he said to Carl, well looking at the size of his cock I knew it wasn't going to fit but everyone likes a tryer as he pushed the top of his bulborous circumcised cock pass my lips, his cock felt solid as he pushed deeper into my throat, his circumcised cock certainly felt different, smoother perhaps as he slowly pushed it into my throat. He managed to get most of it in before I started to choke on it, being the gentleman he was, he withdrew slightly to see more streams of tears down my sissy face as I struggled to accommodate him, Carl turned to his friend, yeah, she's gonna be a good tight fuck. Carl withdrew his cock , I looked at what had just been in my mouth in disbelief that I managed to get any of that monster cock down. Master came round to face me and grab my nipples through my thin sissy maids outfit. I've been told you've got nice titties, let's have a look and see,  pulling at the elasticated top of my outfit, he pulled it down to reveal my newly enlarged nipples, courtesy of my wife and some newly acquired nipple clamps.  He looked at them disapprovingly, turning to Carl, I think she needs a little help with these, they both laughed as master fetched something from his bag, he produced a pair of clear tubular cylinders with flexible tubing and bulbs  at the ends, no guesses what these were, one by one master applied them, sucking my nipples up into them, slightly elongating them as master Increased the vacuum. Think we'll give it 15 minutes. From what I could see, my nipples stretched into the tubes as vacuum sucked them in, reshaping my nipples, making them visabilly larger than before as they started to turn purple with a little discomfort but that was the whole point. From behind I heard footsteps , my wife had now returned, you boys having fun with her?  yes mamm they both replied. My wife,  now walking in front of me to reveal she was wearing her slut heels, this could only mean one thing, she was on heat! It! This was to be thier lucky night, if they could keep up with her insatiable appetite for sex. For once I was pleased as I couldn't keep up anymore. She 

Stood  there in  her basque which effectively held her breasts in place as they spilled out and over the top to reveal her magnificent heavy breasts, nipples hard just begging to be sucked, no panties, finished off with black stockings and suspenders. She looked fabulous if not a little menacing. Carl and Master stopped what they were doing to take in the sight. Both cocks now definitely strained and ready for action, I bet they couldn't believe that a mature couple could be this adventurous in the bedroom, I think we exceeded their expectations!  This presented the men with a new problem after seeing my wife return, who to fuck first? I guess my fate was already sealed earlier when my master put me in my place when I opened the door, yes he was going to put me in my place for sure. Carl was going to fuck my wife for all she was worth, making sure I'd not forget what a worthless husband I was. ‘It's time’ Master said and removed the vacuum tubes which had now stretched my nipples into more elongated and pointed, they stood hard and proud from my sissy body. Nice he said, giving them a stroke, the sensations were electrifying as a tingle in my cock made it twitch, master saw this minute movement, looks like he'd done this before, yes she's ready he announced. I was released from the chair I stood up a bit wobbly after being sat down still wearing my heels, forced to watch my wife being fucked In front of me. I pulled my dress back up. The material was so thin you could clearly see my hard pointy nipples sticking out , I did enjoy the sensations as i brushed my own fingers over my engorged nipples, a hard slap on my bottom brought me back to reality, on the bed slut, time to make you mine. My wife and Carl stood watching at the end of the bed, they wouldn't miss a thing . Master was hard, if not solid so no need to fluff him up!

He turned to my wife, what shall I do to your sissy little slut? Her reply was simple, Fuck her, Fuck her hard like you did me,No problem, he replied. From that moment forward was a bit of a blur as my panties were pulled off me , my beautiful dress torn away from me leaving me totally naked and vulnerable as I awaited my fate.

‘ lie here’  he shouted at me, I did as I was told as he climbed onto the bed, parting my legs, Carl came over and stood behind master, his arms reached round him to grab my ankles and pull my legs wide open , lifting my bottom up, offering me to master , master lubed his cock up, a quick squirt down the crack of my arse then took over from Carl as my legs were pulled over his shoulders, pulling me up to his waiting cock, I was hoping for a bit of foreplay but he'd waited long enough, he motioned my wife over, look at this as I fuck your usless cum slut of a husband. The tip of his cock briefly pushed against my sphincter, Carl came in quick with a small bottle, quick, take a sniff of this, it'll make it better. Well I knew what it was so took a deep a sniff as I could, too late, master had started his penetration of me, the initial pain stung as my body tried to adjust to the size, and that kink in his cock, he pushed more as I cried out, master…No he said your getting it all and pushed again ,my body accepted a little more of him. A sudden rush and giddy-ness signalled the popper was working , within seconds he had pushed all his cock into me as my body suddenly relaxed. Right slut, I'm gonna breed you like the whore you are. His first few thrusts were slow and exploratory to see how far he could go. Once happy he started a few short thrusts so I could get used to him then slightly longer thrusts, watching my face on each one. 

Master was happy with my reactions to his every masterful thrust into me.he must have fucked me for almost 10 minutes, sometimes lovingly slow, pulling at my enlarged nipples as he pushed his cock into me, then  like a possessed animal, his balls slapping loudly as he drove his cock hard and deep into me, my only saving grace was the size of his cock and the tightness of my passage as he was about to cum , and cum hard! 

His hands came off my hips and now back onto my nipples, being larger than normal he was able to get a good grip and really twist and pull at them causing me to cry out, again master was pleased with my reactions, so much I think he forgot himself for a wild moment, I could feel his bent cock being forced deep inside me, a twitch then he lost it as he exploded inside me, a push so deep it hurt, a hot sensation deep within me as he flooded his cum dump of a slut, his shouts of ecstasy were off the scale as his cock continued to pulse inside me, adding more and more cum into me, at times like that I really does pay to live in the middle of nowhere! I'd been fucked in this position before, but not like that! He pulled out quite roughly causing some of his spunk to be pulled out with it, there you go bitch, now you know what being fucked by a real man feels like, for once he was right! Where my sphincter was , was now a gaping hole offering no resistance to my recent pounding and  his large Infusion of sperm as it dribbled out down my cheeks.

With that he went to the bathroom to clean up as my wife would be next, however I'd only get to hear the antics they got up too, several times that night as I was told to stay  in the spare room. The sounds of her moaning , crying out as she came, the cries of both the men and they shot more sperm into her and the sound  of slapping against her as they fucked her   into the early hours, Around five in the morning I was woken up by the mistakable sounds of my wife being fucked by the men again, by now I had to wank myself off thinking what they were doing to her, it would be around six in the morning when I went to see if my wife was alright, I'll never forget the sight that greeted me, both men had gone, the mess they left though, my wife looked disheveled to say the least makeup smudged beyond recognition, her basque pussy  and bed covered in their sperm, some still fresh! Her stockings were badly laddered . She smirked at me, making sure I saw every detail of the mess they left her in to taunt me , she knew from experience how hard master could fuck and asked how I was  I must admit, there was still some pain and  soreness and my sphincter hadn't fully recovered! , my wife had a similar complaint so in essence we we'd both been royally fucked! At least this time I knew the reason why she wouldn't have sex with me for over a month! we are getting on a bit now so not as subtle and energetic as we were, the odd soft swing with newbies we thought and a few more established swingers couples but that was that. However, we've said that before and we were about  to meet a couple who would eventually dominate the pair of us. However, my journey as Christie wasn't quite over yet!

Written by Christine63

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