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My wife with the handyman Pt 4

"Watching my wife"

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Author's Notes

"My wife with Ian the handyman PT 4"

As my wife continues her torrid affair with Ian, I know she is now his to meet up when they can, living in such a small village they have been meeting outside in the woods, despite the weather being poor, Rachel and Ian have found a barn near a mass of trees not far from the village, Rach tells me at first she was reluctant as not had sex outside since being a teenager, but unable to resist Ian she soon forgot as his fingers slid up her tights, raising her skirt until he eas rubbing her cunt making her "Soaking" ( her words) The roughness, and lust of both needing to fuck there and then was a world apart from their recent sessions in our marital bed, Rachel tells me she feels "Alive" with Ian. ( I must admit to feeling for the first time a tad worried and tell her) Rach reassures me she means sex is one thing with Ian but what we have is far greater and Ian is not ideal husband material, just good at sex)

Back to the story! Apologies, Ian lifts her skirt, pulls down her tights and panties, slaps her gorgeous arse and as Rach reaches round she feels how hard he is and guides him into her married pussy, it is quick, both grunting but Ian cums after 5 mins, Rach turns around, drops to her knees, not caring about the muddy concrete floor and licks and sucks Ians cock clean, she fingers herself to completion.

As quickly as they started, clothes are rearranged, a deep passionate snog and this from now on, ( apart from our bed) is where they have been fucking, Rach went out the other night to tell me where she was going and said I should come watch secretly.

Next week I said I want to watch Ian fuck you in our home, Rach said she will tell Ian I am okay with all of this, I will find out later today what he thinks now "I know" ha ha

Sorry for my rambling writing but I write with the honesty of the events in order.

Written by Lincsman2022

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