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Two men touching her…

"Her legs widened"

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It was a cold winters night and my wife of 10 years had just completed her 3rd marathon and we went out to celebrate with a meal.

Little did I know later that night things would turn out with her just wearing a thong and stockings with two separate guys spreading her legs wide.

Because after the meal, my wife went to the toilet, and what I didn’t realise she took her dress off and placed in her handbag and was now topless under her long winter jacket.

As we started to drive away my wife who is 34 and had new 34 dd breasts, undone her jacket and showed me her bare breasts and stockings which instantly got me hard, I said I couldn’t wait to get her home and she said don’t then :).

We decided to pull over in a lay-by near a place called levington on the way to Felixstowe where we live. I pulled the car over and could see a few more cars but it was dark and they were a distance away.

I opened her jacket and started to suck on her nipples and took her thong off so I could rub her, it wasn’t long before she started to get really wet with excitement and as we kissed I could see one guy get out of his car in front of us and closely followed by another man who seemed to just appear.

At first we stopped and she covered up and then she said why don’t we let them watch. I initially thought no. But since getting her breasts enlarged I have found my self getting excited with the amount of attention she gets, so I undone the passenger window slightly and they just watched us kiss and then she started to undo her jacket exposing her perky breasts and already wet pussy.

To my surprise I wasn’t jealous but just got harder in my trousers, as we kissed one of them asked to touch her and I said yes and he rubbed her knee through the windows then went straight to rub her pussy.

It happened so quick we didn’t know what to think but before we could think , the other gentlemen was also rubbing her pussy and she looked shocked but was close to cumming and then he grabbed her breasts and I could see by the car mirror that he was wanking himself with the other hand and he had a bigger cock than me.

My wife rubbed me and got my cock out and started to wank me off but she was getting closer herself as one of the guys as rubbing her and fingering get so fast and hard that she came in seconds and all four of us looked content. We thanked the guys for the help and we drove off me feeling horny as fuck but also excited,

I licked her pussy when we got home and could smell the strangers fingers…. this was only the first chapter to the lifestyle, within months she fucked a guy in his house and came back covered in his sperm for me to clean….

Written by Curi

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