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Pakistani Muslim wife and Connor

"Fucked by a huge white cock at a wedding"

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Hi everyone I've not posted for a while but that doesn't mean I haven't been having any fun, on the contrary I've been getting plenty of cock. I wanted to share this particular story with you, we had a family wedding to attend in Manchester and it was Iver two days so me and hubby decided to book into a hotel to save us having to go back and forth. Connor was upset as I spend every weekend with him so I told him he should come to the hotel and join us there, after the first day we got back to the hotel around 8pm and as I was getting changed I told my hubby Connor was joining us, he was a little surprised and just said you can't live without that bastard can you, I just smiled laid on the bed and said lick my pussy and get it ready for him, he did as he was told and he has got alot better at licking pussy, it's very rare I let him fuck me because I can't feel him but on this occasion I told him to fuck me, he didn't need a second invite he was straight in trying to fuck me fast I really couldn't feel him but he cummed within a few minutes. Literally as he finished there was a knock on the door hubby opened the door and it was my amazing lover Connor. He walked in shook hands with my husband which he likes to do he says it gives him some control over him, he could see cum running out of my pussy and said has he got it ready for me and I said yes he has dine his job. This time he made my husband undo his trousers and pull down his boxers which I found a big turn on, an he joined me on the bed he started playing with my pussy kissing me, wasn't long before I was sucking his cock, I still haven't mastered on getting it all in my mouth lol, I stopped got on top and started riding him I'm used to his cock now but he still has me moaning and screaming, we fucked in every position you can imagine as my husband was sat in a corner naked watching all the action. There is alot of love making now we both want each other so much and know each other bodies perfectly. We fucked all night and one particular moment it did become wild where Connor pounded me so hard I screamed the room down. Just before he left the following morning he had me against the window fucking me from behind my big tits pressed against it I could see people in the street below. He left I got cleaned up and ready for the second day of the wedding, as we were checking out we bumped into our cousins who also stayed at the hotel unknown to us. They were around the same age, during the wedding I got talking to the wife of the couple we met and she said she was tired as she didn't get much sleep, I asked why and she said the people in the room next door were fucking all night and there was alot of screaming and noise. I asked what floor and they were in the room next to us, she said the man must have been some sort of animal as he was going all night and making the woman scream and moan like that, i asked her cheekily if she wanted the same thing and she said dam right i do. I was shocked but little did she know it was me getting ruined.

Written by fuffnready

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