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Girlfriends wild night out

"A cuckold tale about sharing my girlfriend"

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This is a story about a surprising turn of events with my girlfriend. Pip and I met on a night out, some 5 years ago now. We are living to together and have a healthy sex life, nothing to adventurous but fun all the same. We still enjoy nights out together and separately with our friends.

One particular night I was working and Pip had gone out with her friends to some local bars. Her friends were a mix of guys and girls. Prior to meeting me I think Pip had been pretty adventurous with guys. We would often bump into guys she would now in bars and probably several ex boyfriends. She clearly enjoyed her younger years.

On the night in question I was working late hence why I could not attend. Occasionally Pip would text when on a night out. This particular night I had not heard anything. I decided to text her at about 11pm. She replied and said they were still out having drinks at the bar and they were probably going to a club. She said she was a bit drunk but having a fun night.

I had another hour of my shift to go and when finished I grabbed a couple of beers my self in a late night drinking spot. I got another text from Pip, they were having a dance in the club, she said she was feeling quite tipsy!

There were a few good looking girls in the spot I was in and having had a couple of beers I was feeling a bit excited. I decided to text the waters with Pip. We had never done anything like this before but I thought it may be a bit of fun.

I sent Pip a text.

“So, any hot guys out tonight?”

My heart was racing, I wasn’t sure how she would take that comment.

“Tommmmmmm!!” Was her response

It wasn’t an overly hostile reply, clearly she was relaxed after a few drinks.

A few minutes went by with no response. I waited. Then I could see she was typing.

“Well there are a few actually!”

My heart rate increased. To know she was looking, excited by guys checking her out. It was turning me on.

At that point I decided to head home, the hour was getting late.

I text her again when I got home.

I decided to push a bit more

“Any take your fancy?”

“Tom, you are being quite naughty”

“Well maybe one or two”

I want sure where this was going but by now I was on my bed and my cock was rock hard. The thought of my girlfriend out checking guys out was turning me on immensely.

“Kirsty's friend, Pete is out”

Came a further response.

I knew Pete, he was very fit body builder type, always flirting with the girls. I didn’t realise she had an eye for him, it sound like she did.

“The fit muscly one I replied”

“That’s the one she said!”

“He keeps trying it on and wants me to dance”

I didn’t know whether this was going too far but my cock was saying something different. I had an ache in my stomach but it felt so intoxicating.

“Maybe you should take him up on his offer”

“Really, you wouldn’t mind” she replied.

“It will just be a dance, I promise” Pip responded

I really had to try and contain myself, I was so turned on. My girlfriend was about to dance in a club with some fit guy.

Quite some time went by until I had any further response from Pip. Then she finally sent a text.

“Well that’s fucking hot” she said. Clearly after a few drinks she was well into this.

“What happened, I said”

“We were dancing and grinding up against each other, sorry, he just has an amazing body!”

“I should probably come home” she said

“Pete keeps trying to kiss me haha”

“Maybe you should have little kiss” I suggested

My dick was so hard now, my heart racing stomach in notes.

“Really, she said, you wouldn’t mind?”

“No, I want you to have fun” I said

It was a while before I heard anything further, it was about 3 am.

“Do you mind if I ask you something, you won’t be angry?” Pip said

“Of course not”

“Pete wants to take me home, im so horny and he is so fit, would you mind”?

At that point im not even sure if I had a choice in the matter. This was mad but I was so incredibly turned on. My girlfriend was about to get some hard cock from another guy.

Sod it, lets go for it I thought.

“I don’t mind, but bring him home here”

This was crazy but I felt like if she was going to have some fun then I want some too.

“Whaaatt she replied, really?”

“I will hide in the wardrobe” evening typing that made me laugh.

Out sliding wardrobe was set out in such a way that it was possible to be in there unnoticed.

“Lol, well if you are sure”

“We are on our way, about 10 mins”

I turned most of the lights off accept a bed side table and position myself in the corned of the wardrobe and slid the door almost shut. The room was dimly let but I could see the whole room. This was crazy, my heart was pounding.

Then I heard a key in the door. Fuck, this was actually happening. Then I heard a giggly laugh as my girlfriend fell through the door. This was followed by moans and groans and then what was obvious kissing. My cock was about to explode, I had to try and contain myself!

Then foot steps up the stairs and the bedroom door opened. This was the most amazing, hottest things ever. In walked my girlfriend. She was wearing a tight black dress and black high heels. She looked so fucking hot. Pete followed in behind. They stood at the end of the bed, I was only about 5ft from there that were standing.

Pete begin to kiss Pip all over from behind. He gradually undid her dress from the back and then let it fall to the floor. I was gobsmacked. Pip was wearing full matching stockings, suspenders and matching bra. She looked fucking amazing. I was confused though, she would never normally wear that out and it almost made me wonder whether she wanted this to happen.

Pete continued to kiss and caress her slim, tight body. She let out a small moan. He got down to get fit, round ass and ploughed his face between her cheeks. She let out a powerful moan.

She then turned around and grabbed his head and kissed him passionately then pushed his head to one side. She then looked to the gap in the wardrobe and gave a sensual smile, clearly the worse for wear but intoxicated with lust.

Pip got on her knees and began to unzip Petes jeans. She purposefully positioned him side on, I knew what she was doing. She reached in and pulled about his member. I could see it perfectly, it was a magnificent cock, which just seemed to grow in her had. She leant foreword and began to take it in her mouth.

This was mad. My cock was aching at this point. I reached into my trousers and began to stroke my cock whilst watching my girlfriend suck down on Petes huge member.

This continued for sometime, until Pete clearly wanted his way with Pip. He pulled her and and then forcefully bent her over the bed. She didn’t resist. He then proceeded to pull her knickers to one side and started to push his huge dick between her legs. Pip let out a load moan as Petes dick was clearly entering her tight pussy. “Oh Pete, I love your dick” she offered.

Pete began to pound my girlfriends pussy relentlessly. She was loving every second of it. It was a frantic, lustful, dirty fuck. He continued to pound for some time, Pip sounded like she had several orgasms. He then pulled out and Pip instinctively got on all fours. Pete began to stroke his cock in her face, and then it started, so much cum, it was unreal. He unload streams of hot cum all over her face, she was covered and was loving it. What a slut.

I couldn’t believe I had managed to not cum, I think one more touch of my cock and I would explode. I didn’t know what to do next, my girlfriend was there on her knees covered in cum and Pete was there next to her.

I was so turned on and almost had no control of my actions. I then entered the room from the wardrobe. Pete was clearly taken aback but didn’t do anything and stood back slightly.

Pip gave me a lustfull look and smile and a loving smile. The cum was dripping off her face and down onto her pert tits. I walked over to her and began to kiss her passionately. All the whole tasting Petes hot cum. It was fucking amazing. I sucked on her amazing tits, licking the cum off. Pip reached over to Pete and pulled him across by his cock. She carefully pushed my head towards his cock. Now this really was going to extremes. Im not sure what came over me, I just naturally opted my mouth and received his huge member. What a ride. It was getting hard again and was so hot. I could taste Pips pussy juices mixed with his come, I began to suck back on forth. Pip reached down and grabbed my dick, I could last no more, at one touch from her my dick exploded with cum, amazing.

Pete continued to fuck my mouth and grabbed the back of my head. He tensed up and unloaded his hot cum in my mouth, which I gratefully swallowed.

Written by jimmyd2321

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