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Old lover joined us

"He was one of my faves"

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Author's Notes

"True story"

The place I grew up in and lived until my late 20s is a close knit town most people knew each other and I had several ‘hot times’ with a few of the blokes that lived and still do live there

We recently got invited to a friends 50th birthday who still lives there which was to take place in one of the pubs there

We accepted the invite and was having a nice time there was quite a lot of people there and the drinks were flowing and the dj was great as was the dancing

At one point I had to go to the ladies and to get to them you have to walk past the bar while I was walking past the bar o heard a guy calm my name, I instantly turned round and there was Mark. He hasn’t changed much, just now he was looking great with salt n pepper hair he always looked immaculate and didn’t disappoint on this occasion

We got chatting after I came back from the loo and he reminded me about how we used to fuck in the most random places and how he often still thinks about them and has the occasional Wank thinking about them

I said I was flattered and whispered in his ear that his talking like this was making me wet, I told him about Will and his cuckold ways and that will likes to watch me getting fucked and sometimes joins in if I let him

He said why don’t you take my number have a word with Will and if your up for it we could meet up, i did so and went back to the function room Will asked where I had been so told him who I had met etc, he asked me to shown him Mark so pointed him out he said sure if that’s what you want, we can talk about it tomorrow and just enjoy the rest of tonight

The next day Saturday came and in the afternoon i asked will if he was still up for us meeting with mark and If so I’ll message him and arrange a date for us of course he agreed so I txt mark

We all agreed to meet up at his on the following Saturday night, in the meantime me & Will had great sex as I told him all what me and mark used to get up to ( he loves it when I tell him of my past conquests )

If I remember rightly Mark had a good size circumcised dick and very large balls which he loved to have squeezed hard

We got to Marks at about 8pm i introduced will to mark & we went into the kitchen for drinks, Will said to Mark tell me about some of the things you and her used to get up to then sounds fascinating, so mark went on to tell him all the random places we used to fuck and what he used to like me doing to him

Will said funny enough I like some of them too! After we had chatted and had a laugh for a while i said it was time to take things upstairs

Will said I’ll stay down here for a bit let you guys get on and I’ll catch up and join in-in a bit

So that is what we did, no sooner had we got into the bedroom we were frantically taking each other’s clothes off, I was desperate to get to his cock! Yes I was right circumcised and big balls I got straight down to it as I did I said hello again lol

I didn’t hesitate and popped it straight into my mouth god it was yummy I sucked it lovingly while he fingered me

We then ended up on his bed I got on top and rode him hard and fast all the while telling him not to cum until Will comes up I remembered how mark was a repeat cummer

Will came up about 1/4 later while me & mark were hard at it, Will was already fully naked his dick fully hard

Mind if I join in he said I beckoned him over to the side of the bed, I was layin flat in my belly head off the edge of the bed sucking wills dick while mark was led on top of me thrusting me hard from behind, I could feel his large balls slapping against my arse cheeks with every thrust

Both guys then used every hole of mine that they could! We had great double penetrating sex until mark came in me, he was a heavy cummer and it dribbled out which will excitingly licked up as he usually does then will came inside me

After we had done we arranged to meet up again sometime as it was such a great night

Written by Kash6471

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