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Pulling a train Stories

pulling a train
Janice Camping Lover

What happens in Glastonbury

I didn't know my boyfriend intended sharing me with anyone who wanted a go.

I was just nineteen when my boyfriend suggested that I go to Glastonbury with him for the week. My father didn’t like the idea but he liked Gary, so when he showed my father that we had two tents between us my father eventually agreed, or should I say he...


I knew Ellie was a slt and with better judgement should have fled.

I found Ellie in the gents toilets being fucked while she sucked and wanked two other lads.

Against my better judgement I had started going out with Ellie. Yes, I had heard all the rumours that she played fast and loose. But I thought that if we were an item things would change. On our first date on the way home from the cinema, Ellie had me pul...

Lucky son of a bitch

Girlfriend is a dirty slut

I knew Nicole was a slut, but I wanted her for myself and knew I would have to share.

I knew she was a slut. I had seen her at all the parties and in fact more often than not she was the party. I had been watching Nicole for months as she drifted from one party to the next and she worked her way through not only the students but also sever...