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TS Triple BBC : Truly Air Tight

"The fantasy becomes a reality being air tight with three BBC’s"

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Author's Notes

"This is a true event only the names have been changed to protect the"

TS Triple BBC : truly air tight

I have for awhile had a fantasy where I am made air tight by three TS BBC’s.

For the last few months I have been working hard to make this fantasy a reality. This Monday I had arranged to meet with a number of TS gurls, four of which were TS BBC’s. Sadly I was let down once again by all of them, with none of them showing up. I was beginning to feel that destiny was not on my side.

I decided to contact a TS BBC hoping that she was available to help me over cum the disappointment of being let down by the TS gurls.

I made contact with her and was pleased to hear that she was available for me to meet her at her flat.

I told her that I would get to her as soon as possible,within 30 minutes I arrived at her flat. I was met by a beautiful amazonian black TS girl named Ellie. Almost immediately she had her tongue down my throat as we started to get acquainted with each other. However, every now and then she would step out of the room and talk to somebody. After a short while I asked her did she have a friend that might like to join us? She immediately left the room and came back with another black TS girl, her name was Sammie. Sammie was taller and slimmer than Ellie and she came into the room dressed in lingerie but with her sizeable cock hanging out.

Sammie greeted me by pushing her tongue into my throat while starting to press on my shoulders. I was soon on my knees being pleasantly forced to suck on her cock with Ellie also joining in on the action. There i was sucking on two beautiful black TS cocks. Sammie’s cock was about 9 inches while Ellie’s cock was slightly shorter but she probably had the widest girth I have ever seen. I started to take each TScock into my mouth while trying to alternately slurp and deep throat each of them.

I started to worry a little bit as I noticed that Ellie appeared to be holding a phone in her hand. At first I thought she was filming me sucking cocks but it turned out that she was scrolling through some photos.

All of a sudden she shows me a photo on her phone of the most beautiful black TS gurl I have ever seen. Ellie asked do you want her to join us? I said I am interested but how long will it take her to get here? Ellie said she lives in the flat below and I will call her.

Five minutes later a vision walks through into the bedroom, she was appropriately named Angel. She was quite small and demur and extremely feminine. I immediately fell in love with her, she had beautiful and natural tits that yearned to be sucked. So i started to work on them.

I could now see that my fantasy was now about to become a reality. That fantasy being made air tight by three TS BBC’s.

I should have said at this point I was still wearing my suit which was growing all the more uncomfortable. The girls started to shed me of my clothes and they discovered,to their delight, that I was wearing pink open back panties. This seemed to drive them crazy and I was again pushed to the floor and forced to suck all three TS BBC’s.

Then all three of them picked me up and threw me onto the bed.  My throat was already getting sore from being face fucked by these girls. They decided to virtually smother me with their tits and cocks.

I thought at this point I am in danger of loosing control of the situation.

I decided to explain to them what I wanted, that is to be air tight with three TS BBC’s. My personal definition of being air tight is as follows:

One TS BBC in my mouth

One TS BBC in my arse

And my cock in the arse of a TS BBC, to me that is my definition of air tight.

To achieve this requires a small level of gymnastics so i  had choreograph  the girls. I knelt on all fours on the floor in front of a large mirror with my arse in the air. I decided that Angel was going to be the first to fuck my arse with her BBC. I then decided that Ellie’s cock was the one chosen to face fuck me and last but not least my cock would be rammed up Sammie’s beautiful fulsome arse.

At first it was a challenge to find our rhythm but in the end we all fucked like rabbits. We swopped places a few times until each one of them had cum in my mouth and arse. They recovery time was amazing.  I should have said, Angel is only 21 years old, while Ellie is 27 and Sammie 37 years old. I got to fuck each girl at least once throughout the evening.

I left the flat with a sore arse, sore throat and a belly full of cum from each of the girls. I also left with a big smile on my face and my fantasy eventually fulfilled.

I am now thinking about what my next fantasy to fulfil will be. Any thoughts just let me know in comments.

Written by Bob_black

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