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Cheated on my husband during a weekend away with the girls

"After licking my pussy and clit I told him to fuck me hard"

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Last summer I went away for a girls weekend with 4 of my friends. We’ve known each other since school, when we were all a bit nerdy! It has meant that we’ve done alright for ourselves: good jobs, nice husbands... we look after ourselves too! On the Saturday two of the girls has hit the booze a bit too hard, too early so had stumbled back to our Airbnb by 9pm. That left me with Jay She was by far the naughtier out of all of us and we were all aware that she’d cheated on her husband several times. She’s only little small but with a tight body - small firm tits. She has stunning eyes and a wicked smile. I’m a little plainer. Taller than J, I’ve got long brown hair and wear glasses. I go to the gym often so am in OK shape. Where J is hot, I’d say I’m pretty. The classic scenario: two women in their late 30s having a few drinks get chatted up by two younger lads. They were both really nice and J ended up snogging one of them after about 30 minutes. She was sat on a high bar stool and as he stood between her legs, kissing her passionately, her skirt rode up. Me and the other guy giggled as we could see a damp spot on her white knickers. Jack and I shared a couple of little kisses and I was enjoying his attention, but wasn’t thinking of going much further. The lads invited us back to one of their flats; J let me know she was gagging for it and as it was barely 11pm the other girls would be none the wiser. I agreed to go with her and we all shared a cab. In the taxi, I sat in the back with J in the middle and her fella on the other side. They were snogging on the whole journey. It was turning me on watching them, Js hand, with her wedding ring on, squeezing his cock through his jeans whilst his hand was on the inside of her thigh pushing against her pussy. J was gasping a lot - and it was pretty hot. Jack was turning round from his front seat spot and trying to chat with me but his eyes were drawn to J and Matt and their fumblings. He must have had a good view up Js skirt. Back at their flat, we had a drink but Matt soon lead J to the bedroom and from behind the closed door we soon heard the sound of two people fucking hard. Jack and I laughed and sat on the sofa had another little snog. I was at this point really wet myself and though Jack wasn’t pressuring me I was ready to properly cheat on my hubby. His hands were on my tits, over my top and he started kissing down my neck. It really turns me on and I sighed, telling him how good it felt. My skirt had ridden up and I could feel my juices leaking into my little black thong. Finally, Jack put his hand to my pussy. Rubbing my clit through the material got me moaning. Jack said I felt really wet - and he pulled away so he could get my knickers off. So there I was, on some lads sofa my skirt hitched up around my waist with my top off and little black bra still on. My pussy felt like it was on fire and I could see my juices glistening on my pussy lips. I was so happy when Jack dropped his head and started licking my pussy. I was moaning as he used his tongue perfectly. It went from being buried deep in my pussy to circling and flicking against my clit. He eased two fingers into me and fucked me slow and deep with them as he kept licking my clit. When I came it was like releasing a dam. My juices coated his face and he slurped and swallowed all that he could. My orgasm rolled on for an age. Not once did he stop working his fingers into me or sucking my clit. Eventually he lifted his head away. He said he loved how much cum I’d given him and how good I tasted. With two fingers still buried in my pussy he meant in so I could kiss him deeply and taste my cum on his lips and tongue (seriously, all girls love this, don’t they?) Jack helped strip me naked, trying to keep his fingers in me as much as possible! Now naked, I told Jack to get himself undressed and in a matter of seconds he was standing in front of me with a nice hard cock pointing right at me. I do love sucking cock - my husband does very well in our marriage as far as that goes! Although at that moment, I was only focused on Jack’s cock. I kissed his cock all over, loving the taste and just how hard he was - no doubt about it, young lads have much harder cocks. Pulling his foreskin back I slowly jerked his cock and as a little pre cum appeared on his tip I took him in my mouth. Sucking just the head to start with, savouring the taste of his pre cum, Jack moaned. Soon I was taking almost his whole length in my mouth, sucking him, licking him. Fuck I was really enjoying it (I’m getting really wet now just thinking about it). Making a man cum with your mouth is just the best. The way Jack’s cock was swelling and pulsing in my mouth, I knew he was close. I told him to cum in my mouth... and you know boys can never hold back for long when they hear that (even hubby still can’t hold off despite hearing it so often) and he started cumming in long blasts. Each jet of cum filmed my mouth and I swallowed every drop. Jack collapsed on the sofa next to me and after a quick kiss I wanted him hard again. Whilst I may be a bit nerdy, thanks to my husband I know how to get a man hard again quick. I dropped to my knees between his legs and lifted them up so i could get my tongue to his balls and arse. I think he was a bit nervous, but once he felt my tongue tease his arse and then push inside as I stroked his cock, he was soon hard again. I love being fucked from behind and kneeling up on the sofa, resting my elbows on the back rest I stuck my arse out. Jack was behind me quickly and using his cock to rub over my clit, he then slid his whole length inside me in one smooth movement. This was the first time another mans cock had been inside me in 8 years and it felt so good. He held my hips and stayed buried deep inside me, letting me just circle my hips to get his cock to every part of my cunt. I came a little and I told him he needs to fuck me hard. I told him nobody else gets my pussy apart from my husband so he better fuck it hard. He loved the talk - he said he was going to fuck me so hard I’d be ruined. He did as well. We fucked for about 20 minutes. Mostly him from behind. But I rode him for a little bit and after I’d cum 3 or 4 tines he was ready to cum for me. I told him to cum in my married pussy, to own it. He slammed hard into me, pulling me by the hips onto him as he spurted lots of his lovely cum inside me. Fuck it felt good. He stayed inside me for about 10 minutes slowly fucking me till he had another little orgasm. J and I left the flat about half an hour later. We shared our stories and she told me how she’d been fucked in her arse. Randomly we had a snog in the taxi on the way home - I think we were both just so happy and horny. The next morning the other girls guessed that we’d both fooled around, but not to the extent that we did. Obviously hubby doesn’t know. I blew him the moment I got home letting him cum on my face as I know how much he loves that. I will never see Jack again and have no plans to cheat again... so I don’t think I’m a bad wife maybe a slutty MILF . Great memory
Written by Shusssh - naughty girl

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