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Ruined a family

"Best mates sister was a porn actress"

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In nineteen eighty three I was twenty six years old. My best mate Sam had a sister who was twenty two. She was gorgeous and far more worldly than I. I would watch her with my tongue hanging out so to speak. The biggest problem was she and her mate knew they were lookers and acted as if they owned the world. Most of the time they would blank Sam and I as if we didn't exist. That was about to change. We were all in a pub in Bromley just a stones throw from Sam's flat that he shared with two mates when Lottie started to talk to Sam. I couldn't hear the conversation due to the noise in the pub as it was extremely busy on the Saturday night. I could see him shaking his head and saying no. Then Lottie, Claire and Sam joined me as I played darts with some other mates. Sam informed me that the girls had a request of me. Claire who was Sam's sister started off the conversation by asking me what I was doing on Thursday afternoon. I whipped out my diary and looked to see what shift I was on to see that I was on a six to two shift starting in the early morning. After telling her that, she asked could I take the pair of them to Dartford for three thirty. I asked what for. I was told that Lottie had a doctors appointment and couldn't get there as they had no car and as it was on the outskirts of Dartford, train alone wouldn't get them there. The thought of these two hotties in my car caused my dick to answer for me and I told them yes, not even wondering why they needed a doctor in Dartford for. After work I rushed home, washed and shaved and after the obligatory dash of aftershave drove to their flat. Claire let me in as Lottie was finishing getting ready. I was stunned at how nice their flat was and wondered how they could afford such a luxurious flat at twenty two. Then we were on out way and Claire sat next to me with Lottie behind me. They were both in flowery summer dresses that were short and showed quite a fair amount of breast flesh as they were both fairly well endowed. I couldn't but notice a small tattoo on Claire's thigh as her dress rucked up as she sat down in the seat. I thought lucky bastard the man that got to tattoo her thigh and wondered if she had any others. My cock twitched and I had to get myself in check as I drove off towards Dartford. On arrival, the doctors surgery was in a huge old house and was clearly a private practice and I escorted the girls to the front door where they were buzzed in. I waited outside pacing up and down like an expectant dad. It occurred to me that why was there security on the front door like that and the only thing I could think of was that it was an abortion clinic and that Lottie was pregnant and was getting rid of it. As I paced up and down three more girls entered as did just two lads in their twenties. Now I was confused why would lads in their twenties be entering an abortion clinic. Then the girls came out and we were in the car on our way back to their flat. Claire could see I looked worried and asked what the matter was. I told them my fears that one of them might have just had an abortion. Both of them burst out laughing. Claire said that when we got to the flat she would tell me all about it. Once in the flat I was told to sit on the sofa. The girls sat on either side of me and after a bit of giggling they finally told me that it wasn't an abortion clinic. The doctor did the tests required for STD's. I must have looked very puzzled. Whilst I knew what STD's were why would either of them need a test unless they thought they had contracted one. How naive must I have been. Claire just came out with it and told me that he did the tests for porn actors and actresses. I was stunned. I had seen a couple of porn videos, but couldn't comprehend that Claire and Lottie would be in one. With that Claire got up and put the TV on and set the recorder playing. Well my cock was rock hard in seconds as the screen burst to life with a scene with both Claire and Lottie dressed to look like school girls sat at desks and an older man dressed as the teacher in a black robe and mortar. It looked as if they were in detention. There was little to no dialogue before he whipped out his cock and stuck it into Lottie's mouth. She was sucking his large cock as Claire swiveled around in her chair and hooked a leg over the desk and had her hand in her panties and the other fishing out one of her tits. In the eighties the film quality was not that good and although I could see Claire's tattoos I couldn't make out what the three marks on her thigh were. The teacher also had Lottie's tits out and was mauling them. Then he pulled away and had both girls bent over their desks and slapped first Lottie's arse with three slaps and then Claire's after pulling their panties down to their knees. I didn't realize that I had done it, but my hand was holding my cock through my trousers as my eyes were glued to the screen as the teacher now sunk his big cock balls deep in Lottie's pussy. It was at this point that Claire's hand was on mine and helping to release my cock from my trousers. I couldn't take my eyes from the screen as the teacher removed his glistening cock from Lottie's pussy and walked around the desks and stuffed it into Claire's mouth. I almost blew my load. I was watching Claire sucking the big cock of a man that had just been fucking her best mate and was soaked in her juices. That was when Claire finally pulled my aching cock free from my pants and was slowly wanking it. Then the teacher was back the other side of the desk and sinking his cock into Claire's pussy. At that point I looked down as Lottie's mouth replaced Claire's hand on my cock, and she bobbed her head just three times down on my cock when I blasted the inside of her mouth with my load of cum. I'm not sure how Claire managed to retain my cum in her mouth, but after I finished she was off the sofa and kneeling in front of Lottie where they had a very cummy kiss passing my cum from one to the other and then back. Watching them playing with my cum, I had lost all contact with the film. As they finally swallowed what they had in their mouths they started kissing again, this time they were playing with each others tits and I saw Claire's hand go up Lottie's thigh and from the movements knew her hand was now in Lottie's panties and her pussy. I could hear the slurping sounds Lottie's pussy was making as Claire's fingers worked in and out of Lottie's pussy. Lottie was gasping into Claire's mouth as they continued to try and kiss. Then Lottie went stiff as she must have cum on Claire's fingers. A few minutes later Lottie pushed Claire away and stood shakily and pulled both Claire and I into the bedroom. It was now that I discovered that it was just a one bed flat with a large double bed. We were soon all naked on the bed. I got to see that Claire had three butterflies tattooed on her thigh each just that bit closer to her pussy. I got to lick up the three butterflies to her pussy and stick my tongue deep inside her wet snatch as Lottie sucked my cock back to life. I got to fuck both of them in several different positions. The only stipulation was that I had to wear a condom as otherwise it would negate the tests they had that afternoon. Later that evening I went with them to the pub where we met up with Sam and our other mates. Sam tried to get out of me what the appointment was for. I told him that I had no idea as I had stayed in the car. He asked if it was an abortion clinic. I asked why he thought that and he said why else would they go to a doctors so far away. I told him I didn't know. I got to spend two more afternoons with the pair of them and I never managed to see the end of any of the three films they put on for me at the start of each session. The last film being the one that I had taken them to be tested for. Then one of Sam's uncles must have seen or bought one of their films, because there was a huge row in their parents house with Claire as they all now knew how she was making her money. Sam accused me of knowing and not telling him. I lied convincing enough that he believed me that I didn't know. Anyway it was pointless to fall out as the girls moved to California a few months later to get away from their families and because that was where most films were being made and the big money was. I thought that was that I I had heard and seen the last of them until I received a film in the post. It was the two of them in a gang bang film with what was meant to be a biker gang. I eventually transferred it to a DVD and still play it from time to time remembering my three afternoons with them. I have never seen any other films or clips of them, even after many searches on the internet. I especially remembered this now as my best mate Sam died last week due to Covid. As far as I know he was never in touch with his sister again after she left.
Written by Glen

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