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Best friend Stories

best friend

This is my first time sharing my experience and my grammar etc is pretty poor so bare with me. Amy is my GF she is 5,6 curvy but not fat and busty DD cup, my friends all feel she is stuck up and a bit moody but they all get along with her. Ross has been m...


My wifes Ann Summers parties

I sat there with a vibrator still in my pussy buzzing away and a butt plug in my arse.

My girlfriend April has a high libido, and before we were permanently together, on almost all occasions that we met up we would be fucking each other silly. April is a fairly tall, size twelve and is a blond bombshell. I thought I was the luckiest man ali...


Ruined a family

Best mates sister was a porn actress

In nineteen eighty three I was twenty six years old. My best mate Sam had a sister who was twenty two. She was gorgeous and far more worldly than I. I would watch her with my tongue hanging out so to speak. The biggest problem was she and her mate knew th...


Permission to sevice wifes best friend

My wife tells me that Debbie needs some servicing and drops me round her house.

My wife's best friend lost her husband to a heart attack. Debbie had been on her own for nearly two years. Then my wife asked me if I could do a few repairs for Debbie, joking that Debbie herself might need a bit of servicing. I wasn't sure if my wife was...