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A stiff lesson in camping

"I lay quiet with my eyes closed listening to Mark fucking my wife."

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Up until this happened, as far as I know, my wife had always been faithful to me.  My wife Sarah and I went camping for our first time.  My mate Mark persuaded us to go and loaned us all the gear we would need as he said he had twice what we needed.  He was also meant to be coming with his wife Gail, but nearer the time they had a bust up and he said he would be on his own.  We arrived late afternoon and between Mark and I we had both tents up and everything set up for our first night under canvas.  Mark gave Sarah and I the larger and newer tent, saying being on his own he wouldn’t be needing much space.    Mark said he knew a good pub within walking distance, and they did good food, so we took the short walk to the pub.  Mark was right the food was good as was the drinks.  We were soon chatting away with some of the locals who suggested places we must see and I didn’t realise just how much Sarah and I had drunk.


Close to closing time we started the walk back to our tents.  Somehow it seemed twice the distance that it had getting there.  Sara was quickly undressed and in bed.  I checked that everything was secured before turning in.  Mark was also in his tent.  I was soon cuddled up to Sarah who was already dozing.  I was woken by Sarah getting out of bed saying she needed the toilet.  She seemed to be gone ages when she finally got back in and went to cuddle up to me.  She was cold where she had been out in the cold.  Had she not been quite so cold I might have wanted to have sex with her, but I didn’t want to get cold and pulled away.


The following day we had a great day visiting some of the sites we had been told were worth the trip.  That evening we returned to the pub and after our meal we sat around with the locals discussing our day.  One of them told us we would need to be well battened down tonight as it was going to be wet and very windy.  It started to spit with rain as we approached our tents.  As Sarah went in and got ready for bed, I checked the guy ropes with Mark.  He assured us that the tents would withstand anything that was on the way.  Then we all turned in for the night.   Sarah and I were soon laid there listening to the wind and rain as it battered the tent.


It was about three hours later when there was someone outside our tent.  The next thing Mark was coming in telling us that his tent had leaked like a sieve and his top quilt was soaked and asked if her could bring his bed and bottom quilt into our tent.  Well technically they were both his tents, so we told him yes.  He soon had his airbed next to ours and we undid our two sleeping bags and used Marks to cover both sets of beds and our two sleeping bags spread over the three of us.  Sarah was between the two of us as we all tried to settle down and tried to sleep as the wind and rain seemed to get worse.  Then at about four in the morning it all passed on and the wind and rain stopped.  I soon found myself dozing off.


I was woken to the sound of Sarah moaning.  My first reaction was what was wrong and then as she moaned again, I realised that Mark was on top of her and trying to be quiet as he fucked my wife.  I lay there with my eyes close listening to Sarah gasping and groaning even though she was trying to stifle her groans.  I realised that I was laid there with a stonking hard on listening to them.  Then as they got close to coming, I heard Sarah whisper to Mark not to come in her.  Not sure why she didn’t want his come in her as she is on the pill, but he came in her anyway.  I heard Sarah grumble and rolled over back towards me. 


Next morning Mark was up early.  I presumed he was sorting out his wet bedding.  I started to stroke Sarah and she was soon awake.  I could tell she was nervous as I stroked her pussy.  The pussy my mate had cum in not so many hours back.  It was still wet and lose as I slid my hard cock in and gave her a good seeing to remembering what I had heard a few hours back.  There was no request for me not to come in her pussy as I pumped what felt like gallons deep in her.  After breakfast Mark said he needed to get some waterproofing and reproof his tent.  Sarah and I went off sightseeing and had a great day.  During the day I got excited several times when the sounds of last night flooded back to me.


Later we caught up with Mark who had reproofed his tent, afterwards he had been in the pub and had only just returned to the tents just before we got back from sightseeing.  He informed us that he would have to sleep in our tent another night while the chemicals fully dried on his and it got a good airing.  I must say that the proofing did smell an awful lot like paraffin and agreed that he would need to sleep with us again.  The though had my cock twitching in anticipation.   Again, we were off to the pub for eats and drinks.  The food was again up to it’s usual standards and the drinks were going down well as we chatted to the locals.    The drinks were flowing freely as we chatted.  Then Sarah went off to the toilets.  It hadn’t dawned on me but two of the locals had also gone.  The amount of beer I had consumed meant that I also needed to relieve myself.  I had just got to the stall and started peeing when I heard a moan from the ladies that was adjacent to the gents.  I was just about done when I heard a louder groan.  I recognised the groan.  My wife Sarah sounds just like that and then it hit me it was Sarah.  She was getting fucked.  I immediately thought that my mate was being a dog and having another go with my missus.


After finishing up I decided to go next door and confront him about not only now but what happened last night.  Imagine my shock as well as my erection when I found Sarah bent over trying to suck one cock whilst another fucked her.  Sarah was getting spit roasted by two locals.  Again, as the man was ready to come, she told him not to come in her.  He withdrew and shot his load onto the floor and then his mate took his place.    I returned to the bar.  Mark asked where Sarah was.  I told him I didn’t know as I hadn’t seen her.  Mark went off to the toilets while I talked to some more locals.  The two locals with Sarah returned.  Not surprising that they looked red faced as if they had run marathons.  Sarah still didn’t return for some time and was closely followed by Mark.  I asked Sarah was she ok.  She said she had a little trouble, but it was all sorted now and nothing to worry about.  I noticed that Mark had a dark stain on his trousers.  The dog had also taken a turn with Sarah.


The walk back to the tents seemed to take even longer than ever.  Mark and I stayed outside while Sarah got undressed and into bed.  Then Mark and I joined her.  I pulled her to me to kiss her, but she pushed me away.  Again, in the early morning, while it was still pretty dark, Mark was again on top of Sarah, and she was stifling the groans as I lay there with one hell of an erection listening to her.   As soon as Mark got up in the morning, I was on top of Sarah taking my turn with her well fucked pussy.  When we finally got up Mark’s tent was fully dry, and Sarah and I helped Mark remake his bed in his tent.  Then the three of us we were out and about taking in the sights.


That night again Sarah spent a long time in the ladies, I didn’t need to go and see why as I watched as three of the locals took turns disappearing and then returning and Then Mark disappeared, and Sarah returned just before him.  She looked extremely flushed and I guessed well fucked.  I’m not quite sure how it came about but Sarah and I left the pub before Mark did.  On the walk back I pulled Sarah into a field and as she reluctantly bent forward holding onto the drystone wall, as I slipped my aching cock into her wet sloppy pussy for a terrific fuck.   Afterwards we had barely got into our tent when Mark returned and for a moment started to get into our tent.   I had to remind him that his bedding was now in the other tent.  I wondered if he thought he might get lucky again.  I did, I fucked Sarah a second time thinking about the men that had taken advantage of my wife.


The last two evenings set the pattern for all but the last night.  Each night after eating Sarah would disappear and various locals would join her in the toilets and then Mark would have a turn.  Quite often I would either have my turn on the walk home or as soon as we got in bed.  The last night was a bit different.  We again dined in the pub and had drinks but when Sarah went off to the toilets two of the locals followed.  When they returned another two and then a third two locals disappeared.  I thought that it was too much and went off to the toilets to rescue Sarah.  She wasn’t in the ladies or the gents.  I looked outside and then returned to where we had been sitting.  She was still missing.  All six locals were back and started to talk to me as I looked around.  Not only was Mark missing, but also the barman had disappeared, and another local was tending the bar.


Eventually Sarah returned as did Mark and the barman.  Sarah looked knock kneed as she walked back to her chair.  I asked if she was alright.  Sarah had this dreamy look in her eyes as she said yes.  Time was getting on and I went up to the bar to pay our bill.  The barkeeper told me that they had enjoyed our time with them, and they hoped we would come again.  I nearly asked just how many times had Sarah come then.  Then he told me that the food and drink was on him.   We again left before Mark, and I had a huge erection as we rounded the bend to where the field was that I had fucked Sarah in a few times now.  I could see that Sarah was reluctant but still took her behind the wall and went to pull her panties down.  I was stunned, she wasn’t wearing any.  One of the men had probably kept them as a memento.  Her pussy was gaping open and extremely wet.  My hard cock slipped straight in up to my balls and then I gave her a good pounding before adding to the sticky mess in her pussy.


We were back in the tent before Mark returned to his.  In bed I asked Sarah what had happened to her in the pub.  Sarah went quiet.  I told her that I was aware that she had been fucked and by a number of the locals.  Sarah was pleading with me to forgive her.  I told her she had nothing to be forgiven for.  She could tell I wasn’t angry and told me it all started the night that Mark joined us when it was raining.  I told Sarah that I knew and listened to Mark fucking her that night.  She said that the following day in the pub.  Mark must have blurted to some of the locals that he had fucked her while the three of us were in the same bed.  That night when we went to the pub two of them followed her as soon as she went to the toilets.  When she came out the cubicle they were waiting there with cocks in hand, and she ended up getting fucked by the pair of them.  They had barely left, and she was cleaning herself up when Mark turned up and took advantage of her still naked pussy.


Then night after night more and more of the locals took turns with her.  She said that she started getting excited waiting for it to happen.  She told me that she was worried that I would find out and be angry with her.  It made her surprised when I had sex with her, and she was still wet and lose from the fuckings she had just received, and she thought that I might guess that something had happened to her.  I told her I knew it was happening and it made me very excited to want to be with her but contented myself to just fucking her as soon afterwards as I could.  Sarah said that earlier in the evening when she had finished in the toilet she was taken upstairs in the pub where she was stripped and shagged many times on a bed.  She said that she lost track of how many men fucked her.  I told her I had seen three pairs of locals join her and then Mark and the barman.  Which with my maths made eight.  Sarah said I had missed one.  It was a young lad that she thought might have been the barman’s son.  I was rock hard again and took Sarah’s hand and put it on my cock.


Sarah said she was a little sore but provided I was gentle I could take another turn.  It was a rather slow sexy loving fuck that lasted ages and Sarah made no attempt at stifling her moans.  I hoped that Mark was enjoying Sarah’s moans as much as I had.  The next morning after breakfast Sarah lay in the car dozing while I helped Mark pack the tents and gear away.  Mark made a comment about Sarah enjoying camping from the noises she made last night.  I told him that I thought that we had both enjoyed the holiday.  On the way home Sarah dozed for most of it, but at one point she sat up and asked when are we going to by a tent?


A few weeks later we discovered why Gail was off with Mark.  Mark had fancied Sarah for a long time and Mark had intending to try swapping with us.  Gail was worried it would ruin our friendship, and also ruin her time with the local lads.  Gail had fucked many of the locals in the pub.  She thought that staying home Mark wouldn’t get to sleeping with Sarah and not spoiling things or our friendship.  She was stunned that Sarah had filled her place and, in her absence, Mark and the locals had fucked Sarah almost every night.  Gail was now annoyed with herself that she had missed out on what had turned out to be a great time.  She made up for it that night when we swapped partners for the first time.  A few days later Sarah and Gail were planning when we could get away again to return to the camp site.


No guessing where we camped for the next few years.


Written by Tony

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