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Building confidence with toys early on

"As Alexa became more comfortable with sex toys they soon started getting bigger"

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As Alexa and I have got older we have naturally lost some of our inhibitions and concerns in life, thinking life is too short, trying our best to enjoy the moment in all aspects.

When I first met Alexa she was not particularly keen on the idea of sex toys, but over the years began to experiment with small dildos, going no larger than 5 inches for a long time, until one day I bought a 7 inch one to match myself, tied her up and began to play with her until she was really turned on having came a number of times and agreeing to trying something new. As I used the new toy she took a sharp intake of breath as it kept pentrating her compared to her other toy, the sight was exhilarating to watch as I slid it in rhymically, watching her writhe and bite the edge of the pillow as she came was a massive turn on for me.

Alexa soon became a fan of the new toy on sering it after taking her blindfold off, and after about two years I did the same again to her but with a slightly bigger toy.

Admittedly in my excitement in planning the escapade I knew I had to go bigger and girthier without going over the top as not to intimidate or upset her. So when the toy arrived which was 8.5 inches long (insertable length) and a good inch girthier, I was taken a bit aback on how big it looked in the flesh. I thought christ I am in trouble, and considered returning or throwing it away than cause upset. However, after hiding it for a month and debating the matter to myself I thought I would go ahead and try it but not go for the full insertion.
As I had done previously, Alexa was tied to the bed and blindfolded whilst being completely naked. Allowing me to completely explore her body with my hands and fingers, stroking her thighs, waist and breasts whilst I moved my head between her legs. Slowly kissing and teasing with my tongue before stroking her clit with the flat of my tongue, watching her wriggle and pull against the restraints before pulling her hips down with my hands and licking her out properly. Lapping up her juices, as I felt her thighs press against the sides of my head at leastntwice as she came. I teased her with my fingers at the same time, tracing the edges of her pussy as I continued to lick. Alexa bucked and tried to move her hips down desperate for the sensation of pentration. First one then quickly two slid into her making her cum quickly.
There was no denying she was wound up and ready to play, so I pulled out the first 6inch dildo and slid it into her. She was well lubed and it wasn't long before I was thrusting as hard and fast as I could as she squealed in delight. Feeling the flicks of her juices splatter against my wrist as I kept thrusting until she let out a big guttural groan as she arched her back and came hard. The 7 inch dildo came out and slid slowly into her, with long slow deep thrusts, within seconds she was begging to suck my cock. She has always loved spitroasts and the use of the toys was a fantastic introduction and quick aid to satisfy her cravings for her. It wasn't long before the thrusts with the dildo built up more speed and intent. The pleasure was too much for Alexa, she couldn't suck my cock anymore she was too overtaken by thr pleasue of the toy thrusting into her with menace. Her hand gripped tighter and tighter around the base of my cock until after her second cum, she came so hard it knocked the toy out.

Alexa lay there gathering her breath, blindfold still on and arms near her shoulds still restrained. She probably thought it was the end and was waiting to be let loose, when I stated I have one more surprise if she trusts me. Alexa told me to carry on working my magic. So with some lube I began to slide in the 8.5 inch dildo. Alexa was really warmed up now, so the toy with the lube worked its way in, but the added girth provided more to stretch her out. Alexa gave pleasurable fuck, as I began to fuck her with it, with moments a light switch was flicked in her and was begging for it harder and deeper, calling me a dirty fucking boy and to abuse her like the slut she is, snapping at her jaws as she tried to reach out to find me to bite and scratch as she became overcome with lust and carnal desires as I fucked her repeatedly with it. By the end of the session, Alexa was exhausted lying with a serene smile of satisfaction and calmness. I took off her blindfold and showed her the toy. She was taken aback by the size of it and I had to confirm to her she took it all. Soon on cheeky nights when the toys were pulled out it wasn't unusual for Alexa to tell me to stop fucking about and just get the big one out, sucking on it infront of me as to lube it up with her own deep saliva before handing it back so I can use it on her.

Whilst this opened a new avenue of exploration of sex toys it also opened Alexa to the thought of her enjoyment with large cocks. Which led to a cheeky request after a party and finding out a friend of a friend was well endowed....

Written by rodger_n_alexa

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