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Jo and I Get It On !!

"What happened back in the room and a first for me"

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When we got back to the room I needed a wee so went to the toilet – when I came out Jo was lying on the bed

“I’ve poured us a G+T each “ she said and I noticed a glass on my bedside table

I lay down next to her and took a sip

“Bloody hell that’s strong “I said and Jo replied that she thought it would relax us so we could get to know each other better ?????

We spent about 20 mins chatting about all sorts of stuff and then Jo made us another drink – just as strong

Finally Jo said “I’ve never told you about why me and the hubby split up have I “

I replied that I didn’t really want to be nosey

“Well he came home early from work one day and found me in bed with someone else”

“Oh God” I said pretending to be shocked

She went on

“ The thing is it was another woman” – I pretended to be even more shocked

“It was someone I worked with “ she continued “ A few months before we had gone off to a conference together and we were sharing a room – we both got a bit tipsy and one thing led to another and we just ended up naked and went for it”

“A bit like what we’re doing right now” I said and we both burst out laughing

“Anyway “ Jo carried on “ We weren’t really having an affair – she was married to a guy – we just liked meeting up every now and then and having sex with each other”

“Her husband knew she was bi and was happy to let her go off with other women every once in a while”

“Anyway hubby went ballistic even when the other girl asked him if he wanted to join in “

“Most husbands would be over the moon if they found out their wives were bi especially if they could join in” I said and giggled

“Well mine wasn’t unfortunately “said Jo laughing – “ I mean we had a pretty good sex life – we used toys and we both loved anal every so often – but he wasn’t prepared to let me have a bit of fun with another girl  – the other girl even suggested a 4-some with her hubby but mine wasn’t interested


 “Anyway then he said we should split and that’s how I came to move close to you” finished Jo

The she asked if I had my nipple piercings with me as she would love to see them – I went to my case and got out my little bag which contained my piercings and emptied it on the bed

Jo asked if she could see what they looked like in so I let my robe fall from my shoulders exposing my breasts and put each bar through my nipples

“Wow They look amazing “said Jo “I’m definitely going to get mine done”

Then she picked up my clit piercing and asked if I would put that in as well

I stood up and let the robe fall to the floor and lay back on the edge of the bed – Jo moved round and sat on the floor in front of me – “Mind if I watch you put it in “she asked and of course I said I didn’t

I must say I was really on fire now – wondering where this was going – I was really hoping it was going to be all the way !!!

Now normally Hubby puts my clit ring in for me as it’s easier so I was struggling when Jo suggested she could do it for me

I handed it to her and she moved so that her face was inches from my pussy and I lay back

I felt really weird too – now as you know I’ve been with quite a few girls in my time and I’ve also shamelessly opened my legs to plenty of men I’d only known for 5 mins  ( probably well over a thousand but you lose count of the total when you’re on the game :) ) but for some reason this felt so different

– She parted my lips to expose my clit and then very gently inserted the ring – the very touch of her fingers was sending electric shocks through my whole body

“Oh that looks fantastic” said Jo and I realised my pussy juices were already flowing in anticipation and my clit was throbbing -it was now or never

I grabbed her head and pushed it straight to my cunt “Lick me out “ I screamed and with no hesitation she began lapping away

“God you so wet “ she giggled and as I looked down she lifted her head away and I could see my juices all over her chin

Now as all us girls know it is one thing to be licked out by a bloke ( and lots have done me ! ) but it’s quite another to be done by another girl – they just know where to go and what to do with their tongue – the pressure within me just built up and up until BANG – I had my first orgasm – my legs were shaking and I was flushed and panting

As it subsided Jo kept going and only a couple of minutes I was back at the edge again – and once more I fell right over into a much longer orgasm. This was fantastic

I really couldn’t take anymore and had to ask Jo to stop – so she moved away from the bed to let me come back down to earth and slipped out of her robe as well


She snuggled up to me naked and giggled saying how much she’d enjoyed it too

When I had recovered I said it was my turn to pleasure her and Jo asked me to wait a moment – she went over and picked up a little travelling case she had brought along with her suitcase and opened it onto the bed

“See anything you like “she asked – Fuck me it was filled with all sorts of things – dildos and vibrators of various sizes, several butt plugs and a strap on as well as some lube.

“This is what I call my pleasure case “ she smirked

Then I spotted 3 love eggs – something I’d never tried so I picked one up

“Those are great fun “ said Jo “Look each one has a remote control so you can turn it on and off when it’s inside you”

I was looking at this collection of sex toys when Jo declared we were out of gin and suggested we go down to the bar so we quickly did our make up and hair

I panicked whilst I was getting ready because I knew what I wanted later – so I grabbed a bottle of Sprite from the fridge and when I was alone in the bathroom I undid the top and slipped it in my bum and squeezed it – Jesus what a feeling  !! – I’d never given myself an enema with cold fizzy pop before :) but then I refilled it with warm water and repeated it until I was sure my bum was clean

Jo didn’t bother with any panties or a bra but she did have a slip under her thin black dress which came mid thigh - she looked fuckin hot !!!

I decided on a black skirt / hold ups and a white blouse – I decided to wear a bra just to hide my pierced nipples a bit

Jo then suggested that for a bit of fun we should both insert a love egg and give the remote to each other – she put her leg on a chair and slipped hers inside and I did the same

Jo went to the bathroom to check her make up and I looked at the 3rd love egg – Quick as a flash I put some lube on it and slipped it into my arse ! – it was a bit of a tight fit but once it was in it felt great !

I decided to wear some panties as I didn't want either of them to fall out

When Jo came out I handed her 2 remote controls and she looked at me quizzically

“I’ve got 2 in me “ I smirked

“Crumbs “ said Jo “You’re a greedy girl - I can only fit one in my pussy”

“I’ve only got one in my pussy “I grinned

“Oh God – don’t tell me you’ve put one in your arse “said Jo “They’re massive” and I just nodded and laughed


We went down and stood at the bar – we could tell we had quite a few blokes eyeing us up

The barman came over to Jo but before she started to speak I took the remote from my bag and turned it straight up to full power

It was like an electric shock had gone through her Her whole body shook and all she could say was “ Hi …………………………. Ooooooh …………………… me and …………… my …………………… "

She tightly grasped the rail that ran around the bar and steadied herself and then continued " me ..... and ...... my ...... so called .........friend here would like 2……………. Large …………….. Gin and Tonics ………………………….. pleeeeeeeeeeeeez”

It was hilarious :)

The barman looked at her as if she was deranged but went off to get them and I turned them off

Jo looked at me and hissed “ you bitch – you could have warned me” but she was smiling from ear to ear “Right Game on “

As the barman returned with our drinks he handed me mine and I was just about to pick it up when Jo got her own back

OMG I literally jumped out of my skin – she had turned both on at once and I just blurted out  “Oh Fucking Hell that’s amazing”

He looked at me and said “But you haven’t tried it yet “ :)

Jo was collapsing in a fit of giggles at this point but thankfully she turned them both off and I was able to compose myself

We sat on some barstools – I must admit it was a bit uncomfortable for me at first but I soon got use to the feeling

We did get hit on a lot by the guys in the bar but we soon got rid of them when Jo told them in no uncertain terms that we were an item and proved it several times by leaning forward and kissing me on the lips – full DFK with tongues as well – much to the amusement of the barman

As the drinks flowed our conversation became more open 

I asked Jo if she had totally given upon cock

She said “Oh no – I have had 2 of the guys from the pub but to be honest I do prefer the cocks that don’t have a prick attached to them “ and we collapsed in a heap of giggles

She went on and said “ I guess my ideal cock is about 12 inches long – black – made of plastic and vibrates” and I said “Me too !”  and again we were in stitches

We went and sat down at a table and we looked at the menu

“See anything you fancy” asked Jo

“Yes “ I replied “ but it’s not on this menu” and again we corpsed

This was turning out to be a hilarious night – from time to time we would turn each others remotes on – it was just like that scene in “When Harry met Sally”

We decided that we had had enough to drink and would skip the food ( Jo said she would prefer to dine at the "Y" :)and headed back to the room

Once inside we both got undressed rapidly - I just dumped mine on the floor but left my holdups on - Jo folded her dress and slip over a chair , we jumped onto the bed and got straight into a 69 – turning the love eggs to full power – we were both gushing fanny juice over each other

Then Jo said she wanted some cock – reached over and picked up the strap on and handed it to me

She popped her love egg out and when I had it on pushed me back so I was lying on the bed

“Just one more thing needed” said Jo and grabbed a small buttplug – lubed it and inserted it in her arse

Jo then straddled the strap on and sank right down until her pussy was touching mine – she began by grinding away and then began bouncing up and down on it

She grabbed my hands and told me to squeeze her nipples really hard – they were already out on stalks

I watching in amazement as the strap on just got wetter and wetter until eventually Jo came in a shuddering climax

She rolled off me and just lay there panting

“Right your turn” said Jo so I squeezed the love egg out of my fanny whilst Jo put on the strap on

I got on all 4’s and Jo pushed it into me – fuckin hell this was awesome – I turned the remote so the love egg in my arse was going at full blast and it just got better

“I need you to fuck my arse “I screamed so we paused

I asked Jo to take the love egg out so very slowly she reached inside with first one finger and her thumb  but it kept slipping thanks to the lube

“I’ll have to use 2 fingers “ said Jo and gently inserted another – but again this wasn’t working

“Just get it out “ I begged “I want the strap on in there “

I could feel my arse getting stretched like never before – at first the pain was awful but then all of a sudden it stopped ,I relaxed and it felt wonderful

It was still slipping about inside me and then Jo screamed

“Oh my god –I’ve got 4 fingers and my thumb in you and I still can’t get it” said Jo

I thought for a moment and then I realised what I wanted more than anything

“Give me your hand “ I barked and poured some lube on it

“Try with your hand” I said

I slowly began pushing back

“What are you doing I’ve nearly got it “squealed Jo

But I was determined to do this and kept pushing back

The pain was 100 times worse but I was loving it – until bang I felt her whole hand slide past the resistance – I have never felt my arse being so full but reached for a vibrator and placed it on my clit

This was unbelievable and I rocked back and fore – Sweat was pouring down my face – until I screamed out as multiple orgasms hit me

Jo very gently and slowly removed her hand – again it hurt a bit until it was totally out

“Jesus are you alright “ asked Jo and all I could do was nod as I was in a state of pure ecstasy

“Now I know why you’ve got that tattoo on your arse “ said Jo and disappeared to the toilet to wash her hand and freshen up

When she came back she found me squatting down with my four fingers up my arse and eventually I managed to coax the egg out of my ruined arsehole – I had to push as well and it came out with a fart which caused us both to laugh again -I went to the bathroom to clean up and when I returned  we lay in each others arms

“Seriously you are going to have to give your arse a rest “ said Jo “ I mean I like a butt plug or the occasional cock in mine but that was too much”

I reached around and felt my bum hole – Oh fuck it was just gaping open and my 4 fingers slipped in with no resistance at all !!!

I nodded and for once I realised that I’d overstepped the mark - but it had been worth it :)

I'd always wanted to try it since me and hubby had watched a porn film but his hand was far too big

We began kissing and then we gently began frigging each other off until we both came again – I took my fingers out of Jo’s pussy and licked them “You taste lovely”  I said so Jo did the same “You do too” she replied and then we nodded off slightly drunk but with big smiles on our faces and that wonderful post orgasm feeling


However that was not the end of my night …………………..




Written by Lambkins007

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