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Another RAF Encounter with an Airwoman

"A bit of abusing of rank gets some fun"

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Author's Notes

"This all happened at an RAF station in Scotland. As things developed over time I had completely lost control of the situation and the girls made me their fuck toy for the rest of my tour. They taught me how to manipulate people and situations to my sexual advantage and was always grateful to them both."

This has been a long time in writing as I wanted to get the mood just right. I've now edited and finished it off as I wanted to get the ending of this part just right.

I have posted a couple of stories on here about encounters with airwomen when I was a young officer in the RAF (Forbidden Fruit) in the 1980s and 90s. Here is another about me using my position as an officer to 'persuade' an airwoman into having some fun. It started one Friday night at a do in the station rugby club, and you need to remember that in those days homosexuality and lesbianism was illegal in the Armed Forces. I went outside to have some air and a cigarette but before I lit up I heard voices whispering in the darkness behind the building. Not being averse to being a voyeur I moved over quietly to see if I could see if it was a couple having some fun. In the darkness I could see it was a couple who were kissing and touching each other up so I kept out of view and watched to see how far they were going to go. As my eyes accustomed to the darkness I saw it was two girls - Angie (a mess steward) and Kirsty (who worked in the ops room). They were kissing deeply and I could see Angie had her hand down the front of Kirsty's jeans and seemed to be finger fucking her while Kirsty was squeezing Angie's tits. This went on for a few minutes until Kirsty tensed, moaned 'oh fuck yes' and then collapsed back against the wall. They continued to kiss for a while and then, after a whispered conversation they straightened up their clothes and scurried off into the darkness seemingly unaware that they had been seen and I knew their secret.

A few weeks later I was duty officer so had to stay in the Officers' Mess overnight and, as was the custom in those days, a member of Mess staff would bring round early morning cups of tea to the officers' rooms. Luck would have it that it was Angie doing it this particular morning so I thought I would chance my luck. As she put the cup on my bedside table and slid my hand onto her calf and said 'very nice Angie'.

'Sir, what are you doing?' she exclaimed looking very startled.

'Keeping your lesbian relationship with Kirsty a secret' I replied and slid my hand higher.

'Oh god' she said blushing deeply. 'I thought someone was watching us outside the rugby club, that's why we left'.

'It's alright' I replied as my hand continued moving up to her stocking tops and suspenders 'your secret is safe with me'.

'What do you want Sir?' Angie asked and instead of answering her i asked another question back.

'Are you AC/DC?' - she nodded. 'And Kirsty?'. She nodded again. 'Good that makes things easier. I have a proposition for you but you will need to get Kirsty to agree to it as well.'

'What is it Sir?' she asked as my hand was now caressing her tight arse through her panties.

'It's this. You two can use my place to have sex privately as often as you want long as long as: sometimes I can watch, sometimes I might want to join in or sometimes I might want to play with one or other of you. In return I say nothing about you two being lesbians and you don't get thrown out. What do you think?'

'I want to keep my job Sir and I like both men and women so I guess it's okay with me but I will have to ask Kirsty. I know she prefers women but I think she has sex with men sometimes.'

'Good girl' I said. ‘Now I think we can start our arrangement’ as I pulled back the duvet to reveal my naked body and my hard, erect and shaven cock. Angie took the hint, knelt down and started to fondle my smooth balls and wank my cock. She used her thumb to massage my pre-cum all over my head and very soon her short brunette covered head was bobbing up and down on my prick. Reaching down I started to caress her small firm tits through her blue blouse and felt her tight nipples between my fingertips. I squeezed her and she sucked me as her fingers tracing the crack of my arse. ‘Yes there’ I said as a finger probed my ass and sucking hard, pushing hard I came in her receptive mouth. After she’d swallowed my cum she got up to leave and I reminded her to sort things out with Kirsty.

A few days later I had a note passed to me saying there was a parcel for me in the Mess signed by Angie. She was on reception when I entered the Mess and making sure we weren’t overheard she said she and Kirsty were off duty that night and hoped they could use my place. I agreed and made it clear this would be a threesome to cement our arrangement. Angie nodded as I gave her my address and said see you at 7pm. On the dot of 7 there was a ring at the door and there were Angie and Kirsty looking demure and a bit nervous. ‘Come in girls’ and as they came in I took their coats. Both in figure hugging jeans Angie had a thin white blouse on and Kirsty and red and white stripped tee shirt I gave them each a peck on the cheek and invited them into the lounge. With low lights, a couple of bottles of wine and some porn playing in the background they soon relaxed and became quite chatty. As I poured them some wine I whispered in Angie’s ear ‘ why don’t you start playing on the sofa and I’ll watch from the armchair’. Taking a sip she nodded and turned and started to kiss Kirsty.

I settled down in the chair to watch it wasn’t long before they were both topless and kissing and squeezing each others’ tits. Angie’s small and pert with dark nipples and Kirsty’s slightly fuller with big pink nipples which soon became engorged and hard as Angie suckled them. I watched with interest as Angie slid down Kirsty’s jeans to reveal white lace panties showing off Kirsty’s dark triangle of pubes. They’ll have to go I thought to myself as the panties were soon also discarded and Angie’s face was buried in Kirsty’s pussy. As the girls were busy with each other I stripped off quietly and started wanking slowly as I watched Angie lick and finger Kirsty to her first orgasm of the evening. As her orgasm subsided Kirsty swapped places with Angie and stripped Angie’s jeans and knickers off revealing a now neatly trimmed landing strip instead of the hairy mound I’d stroked perviously. I could see her large pussy lips glistening with wetness as Kirsty started to kiss all round her pussy. As she sucked on Angie’s clit I saw one, then two and three fingers disappear into her sodden pussy and start to finger fuck her with her small petit fingers. In amazement I watched as Kirsty formed her hand into a Vee shape and pushed deeper into Angie’s pussy. By now Angie was moaning loudly and bucking her hips forward every time Kirsty pressed her hand deeper. Suddenly Kirsty’s hand was fully up Angie’s pussy and for the first time I was watching someone being fisted. Angie’s moans became screams of pleasure as she orgasmed long and hard and it wasn’t long before she was laying back on the sofa breathing hard her face drenched in sweat and a satisfied glow on her face.

Kirsty looked over and smiled nervously ‘did you enjoy that Sir?’ she asked. ‘Yes I loved it and call me Mike. Stay knelt there Kirsty I want to fuck you.’ Pushing her arse in the air she parted her cheeks and pressed her face into the carpet. As I positioned myself behind her I could see her inviting pussy waiting for my rigid cock. Nuzzling her lips with my tip she pressed back and I slid easily into her hot hole until I was fully buried in her and my balls were slapping her arse as I fucked her. No real finesse just a good hard fuck as I held onto her hips and pounded her.out of the corner of my eye I saw Angie move and get something from her handbag. ‘You enjoyed my finger the other week now try this for size Mike’ said Angie and she showed me a 6 or 7 inch black vibrator. Spitting the the toy and then on my arsehole I felt her press it forward into my very tight arse. It felt like I was being split apart but Angie whispered ‘that’s a couple of inches just relax’. She didn’t press any further and allowed me to get used to the sensation and as I did she started to fuck my arse and the vibrator buzzed into life as she pushed it further up me. I moaned loudly and Kirsty took this as her cue to push back hard and I was now impaled on the vibrator. The girls were fucking me in tandem. Kirsty milking my cock by pushing back hard and Angie dildoing my arse. Unsurprisingly I yelled out loud as I came hard deep into Kirsty’s cunt. As I collapsed on the carpet I felt the vibrator slip from my arse and we all cuddled together in a post-orgasmic haze.

‘Shall we move to the bedroom where we’ll be more comfortable?’ and collecting our glasses, bottles and the girls’ handbags I wondered what was in store next. As we got into the bedroom Kirsty lay on the bed and I lay next to her and started kissing her as Angie positioned herself between Kirsty's thighs and started licking her out. Angie was obviously doing a good job as Kirsty started wriggling and moaning so, as I tweaked on nipple with my fingers, I sucked hungrily on the other Kirsty's orgasm built until she was squealing, moaning and bucking around until she tensed and then lay still panting. Angie looked up at me grinning and then leant in to kiss me - I could taste both Kirsty's sweet pussy and my spunk on Angie's lips and tongue as we snogged deep and hard. 'Ummm you don't seem to mind tasting your own spunk do you' she whispered as she leant in for another kiss. By now Kirsty had taken my hardening cock in her mouth and was sucking on it deep and hard as she squeezed and fondled my balls. It wasn't long before I was rock hard again and Kirsty rolled me onto my back. Angie straddled me and my cock slid easily into her gapping pussy and she started to ride me slowly. 'Pass me the vibrator' Angie said to Kirsty and, as she took it in her hand she looked at me and said 'you'll like this'. I felt the vibrator humming against my balls and the base of my cock and then with one easy movement she slid it into her pussy alongside my cock and started to fuck herself with it in rhythm to her riding me. The feeling was incredible and Angie arched back and began to moan.

I was in heaven and the sensation got even better when Kirsty lowered her juicy pussy onto my face and began to grind down and force me to lick and suck her pussy lips and clit. I heard Kirsty say 'let me know when you're going to cum' and I nodded and mumbled as best I could in acknowledgement. This twisted confusion of bodies continued for a few minutes and as I was about to tell the girls I was going to cum they sensed it. Angie lifted herself off me and continued to dildo her sodden pussy - I could hear it squelching with every thrust and Kirsty 69ed me taking my rigid and slippery cock in her mouth and clamped down on me. Someone's hands started to massage my shaven balls and I it was all to much and I came heavily in Kirsty's mouth. It felt like it was an endless ejaculation but in reality probably 2 or 3 good squirts into her willing mouth.

Kirsty now rolled off me and looking me in the eye smiled and kissed me and as our tongues intertwined we snowballed my spunk until Angie demanded she share it too, As Angie and I kissed I felt one of the girls pull my ankles up in the air and my ass was suddenly exposed and I felt the tip of the vibrator humming against my rosebud. 'Relax your cheeks Mike this is a great way to enhance your orgasm' said Kirsty and the vibrator was eased into my tight arse. As I gradually got used to the sensation of feeling filled up and the vibrations Kirsty began to fuck me slowly and gently. I was loving it and began to push back against her gently thrusts until an almost overwhelming sensation of wanting to pee took over me. I realised not only was I rock hard again but also the vibrator was buried all the way up my arse. Leaving me impaled on the vibrator Kirsty straddled Angie and they started 69ing each other. 'Keep it in Mike and fuck my arse' demanded Kirsty. As I mounted her doggy style and eased gently into her rosebud until I was buried fully in her. Angie took control of the vibrator and fucked my ass as I fucked Kirsty and Kirsty licked out Angie. 'Harder' begged Kirsty and as I fucked her deep and hard Angie did the same to me with the vibrator. I'd like to think we all came in one enormous mutual climax but realistically we each came when we were ready and one by one disengaged from each other and lay in a sweaty, panting and euphoric cuddle.

We drifted off to sleep and I awoke very early in the morning, the light was still on, with the sensation of one mouth on my cock and my balls being sucked by another. Looking down I saw the girls sucking and tonguing me as they smiled up - I was sore and sensitive and drained and it wasn't long before Angie took whatever spunk I was able offer and willingly shared it with Kirsty. As they got dressed they kept looking over at my prone body grinning. A soft sensual kiss from each of them before they left . Kirsty looked over her shoulder she said 'that was fun but next time I really want to fuck your ass like you fucked mine and really make you ours.' The door closed and I heard the car pull away into the early morning darkness. Checking my alarm was set I drifted off to sleep wondering where this menage a trois was now heading as I seemed to have lost control of the situation.

Written by lincsredhead

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