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Revisiting fun times with the Ex

"Out of the blue message from my ex gf leads to campervan fun"

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Hi everyone, this is just a tale of a recent, random meet with an ex girlfriend of mine…..

Wednesday night and my phone pings, it’s Sarah (not real name) an ex from a years back. We dated for about a year, I say dated but in reality we just got drunk and fucked like bunny’s most of the time. Though we had exchanged the odd message over the years we hadn’t seen each other for since we split. This message was different and jumped straight to a very suggestive and sex filled exchange between us which ended in a plan to meet up. As neither of us wanted drama at home ( teenagers unexpectedly returning etc) we decided to have a day out in my campervan. Her only request was we parked somewhere well away from others as she was bringing her bag of toys and planned on making lots of noise !!

So after a bit of thought I remembered a spot I used back when I was a a young lad, middle of nowhere but not too far away. We each book a day off work so all arranged.

The day finally arrives and I’ve been looking forward to this all week. I pull up around the corner and wait for her to arrive. As she approaches wearing a tiny black dress, stockings and boots I can feel myself getting excited instantly. She gets in, bag of toys in hand, a quick kiss and we are off, I want her naked in the back as soon as possible !! 20 minutes later parked in a single space on the edge of a small wood we are on the bed in seconds, lips, tongues and hands fumbling as clothes are discarded rapidly, frantic just like we always were. We pause and I ask “ what's in the bag ? “ she says “ look for yourself and use whatever you like “.

A few things caught my eye but then I saw she had a clit sucking vibe and a very large, black vibrator too. I’ve never used a clit sucker before and well the effect it had on her was simply amazing. Watching this gorgeous naked woman squirm and moan was heaven for a guy like me that just loves to please !!! As she started to calm after her first orgasm I then picked up the large black cock shaped vibe, a good 9 inches and very girthy. She was soo wet it slid in to her shaved pussy with ease, starting it with a slow vibration and smooth thrusts I turned on the clit sucker too. I raised the tempo slowly thrusting the vibe in deeper and faster, turning the vibrations up on the clit sucker every few minutes. The moans from her were incredibly intense, she was pinching her nipples, her body tensing and shaking as her orgasms built and subsided. Then, Just as I could sense her body ready for a truly big release I turned them both up to full and heard her gasp, breathing stopped as she tensed every muscle, a few seconds passed then she started to scream in pleasure and I could feel her pussy pulsing, almost pushing the huge vibe out of her now squelching, sodden pussy. Pausing for a few seconds, I turned down the clit sucker before removing it and the vibe, looked down on her madly grinning face and kissed her.

Then she said “ see I told you it was going to be noisy as she laughed “

We spent the rest of the day with toys, licking, sucking and a very close attempt at fisting, finishing off with a great shag in doggy. We lost count of how many times she had cum but by the end we were both exhausted !!

So after a fantastic day it was time to head back, dropped her home and said our goodbyes with a promise not to leave it so long until next time.

Written by Midlifecrisis47

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