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Ally Humiliates with Bill

"Wife cheating again"

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Author's Notes

"Wife cheats with good friend"

You may have read other stories about my very naughty wife. This one is from about 10 years ago but she only admitted it recently. My friend Bill and I have been mates for 20 years through work although we don't socialise as couples we know his wife Carol and have recently been to their house to collect a present.

Ally blames the following on me. Bill loves stockings and I said Ally always wears to work - Bill said he would love her to call to his office for coffee which she did. Bill told me she had called but was wearing a longish skirt and he couldn't tell if she was in stockings.

Ally however says she called wearing a knee length skirt and fishnet hold ups. She said she crossed her legs a lot giving the odd flash and she could see Bill rubbing his cock a couple of times -she said he was a bit embarrassed and as she left he stood up trying to hide his hard on.

The next day Bill phoned to say he enjoyed the coffee and would she call up after 5 the next day. Ally told me she would be late as she had to go shopping. She was dressed for work that day in a nice blouse black skirt and fishnet hold ups. The building was more or less empty at 5 and although she didn't really fancy Bill she headed up thinking he was probably going to make a pass at her.

After drinking coffee Bill summed up the courage to say how well Ally looked and asked were they tights or stockings. Ally got up and walked around the desk saying 'stop rubbing your cock and find out for yourself' Bill didn't need asking twice and pulled up her skirt to reveal hold up fishnets and a nicely trimmed pussy. Bill just muttered something about no knickers and how he had always wanted to fuck Ally.

Ally then bent over the desk and told him to this was his chance. Within seconds Bill dropped his trousers and was stuffing his hard cock into his mates wife who loved getting a doggy over the desk. Ally told Bill not to cum and got up on the desk spreading her legs and told Bill to lick her wet pussy. Bill plunged his tongue right into Ally's soaking pussy and yet another of my friends heard Ally trade mark instruction as she was about to cum ' Lick my cunt Bill Lick my wet cunt Bill'.

Ally came all over his face and Bill stood between her legs and started to fuck her. At this point Bill' conscience must have got to him and he said 'This isn't right I shouldn't be fucking my mates wife' Ally said ' It's Alan's fault he sent me up - now you can cum in your friends wife' This pushed Bill over the edge as Ally came again in his cock he emptied shot after shot of hit spunk into my wife's pussy.

Ally says they sorted themselves out and as she was leaving Bill stuck his tongue down her throat which makes Ally very horny. Bill asked could he fuck her again - Ally said because he was a good kisser, a good pussy licker and a hard fuck - she agreed. I will tell more later but suffice to say they ended up in the Europa Hotel where Bill enjoyed fucking Ally, his mates wife's tight arse.

I am meeting Bill for a drink in about 3 weeks - I am very tempted to ask him about fucking Ally - thoughts?

Written by alanally

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