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Wife's Christmas Bonus

"Wife pleases her boss and others at the Christmas party"

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As we approach the winter party season and we get closer to Christmas my mind keeps drifting back to last Christmas and what my wife did. My wife, Diane works for a large international travel firm. Before all this Covid nonsense, business was booming and so as a reward to their staff, as well as a hefty bonus the company arranged a swish Christmas party for their head office staff and their partners. They hired a castle/hotel in Wales and no expense was spared. Everyone was allocated a room and all food and drink were on the company. To be honest I hate these things. As a partner you don’t know anyone and its usually hours of shop talk and office gossiping. However Diane was excited to go so I smiled and said we would. Diane is the PA for the finance director. She’s in her early forties and I know all men say it about their wives but my Diane is gorgeous. She’s just 5’2 without her heels a size 10/12 with curvy hips, 44dd boobs and a beautiful face with dark eyes, framed by long dark hair. For those of you old enough, think Liz Taylor before the booze. I’m knocking 50 now and every time I look at her I feel blessed that she’s my wife. We arrived at the event and Diane was saying hello to everyone, greeting them with waving or kissing the cheeks of the other ladies. I of course knew no one and was beginning to feel very much out of place. I was just getting our keys when a tall, good looking, silver haired man approached Diane. Without asking, he hugged her and said, “Looking good Di, can’t wait for that dance later.” I swear he patted her arse but before I could say a word he was gone. “Who was that?” I asked. “That’s my boss, John.” She replied looking a little flustered. “Ah! Friendly sort?” I asked, smiling to let her know I was teasing. She smiled back and punched my arm and then we went to our room. It did get me wondering just how friendly Diane was with her boss. Diane is pretty shy about showing off her body and always dresses most professionally for work. Her skirts are never short and she never shows off her ample cleavage. However there’s no hiding that face or that figure. No matter how she dresses and if I was cooped up in an office with her, I’d have been chasing her round the desk on the first day. I wondered just how much John must have fantasied about her when she was bent over filing. I tried asking about this, making it sound lighthearted but truthfully I was sure he’d patted her arse and I wanted to know whether this was a normal thing or whether he was trying it on, knowing that she wouldn’t want to make a scene. She admitted that he was quite a tactile man. However, she said he was a total professional in the office. The one thing she did admit was that she sometimes caught him looking at her bum. I bet he did! To my surprise as I thought about another man ogling my wife my dick started to spring to attention. I tried to get Dianne to notice this and perhaps have some pre-party fun, However she said, no as I’d mess up her hair. Now as I’ve told you Diane, whilst not being a prude does usually dress demurely both in and out of the office. So when I saw what she was planning to wear tonight I was more than a little surprised. It was a short, black, backless dress. It came halfway up her thighs and she couldn’t possibly wear a bar with it. But for the tiny black panties she was wearing she’d be naked under her dress. She hadn’t dressed like this in years and then only rarely. I mentioned this and she said, “I’m the oldest of the PA’s and ..well I wanted to show the younger girls that I’ve still got it. I’m not the dowdy old bird they think I am.” I told her she looked amazing and she was never dowdy in my eyes and I was rewarded with a smile and a kiss. Her make up and hair done, we made our way to the events hall. Even just walking down the corridor she was getting admiring, even lustful glances. Her tits jiggled, showing that they were unrestricted with every step. But she seemed confident and happy so why should I worry? The seating was allocated and so we sat with the finance team at a large round table. Diane was between myself and John. The rest of the team were pretty young as was the raucous table next to us, which I was told was the sales team. As we arrived at the table, John stood and kissed Diane on the cheek, then keeping hold of her hand he looked her up and down and said, “Looking good Di, I’ll definitely be wanting that slow dance later.” The night wore on and the food was good while the conversation was everything I’d expected. Gossip and shop talk. I did notice that Diane’s Champagne glass was never empty as John kept refilling it. At just after 10 with the food cleared away the music started and people began to dance. One of the younger men from the sale team asked Diane for a dance and she agreed. Soon most of the sales team were dancing with her or around her. I could see why. Her tits moved and swayed as she danced showing clearly that she wasn’t wearing a bra and her thick nipples were now poking against the thin materiel. As the booze was free, some people as you can imagine, overindulged at at just after 11:30pm one of the young girls at our table fell off her chair giggling. She was totally drunk and John said to me, “Would you do me a favor and take her back to her room?” In truth I was the most sober person at the table so I agreed and he passed me her key. I half walked her half carried her to the lift and then along the corridor to her room. I got some very knowing looks from the night staff. The girl, Andrea I think she was called was only in her twenties and she was wearing a shiny silver top which tied at the neck and waist. It had no back and her small pert tits jiggled as we walked. She was in a very short skirt that was riding up and as she was only wearing a thong, most of her shapely ass was on show. Finally we made it to her room and I dropped her onto the bed. One of her tits fell from her top and her nipple was exposed and laying half unconscious with her legs oped I could see her bush escaping from her thong. I went and got her a glass of water but when I reopened the bathroom door she was there trying to stagger to the loo. She brushed passed me and started being sick into the loo. Well what do you do. I couldn’t leave her. So I held her hair out of the way and then put her back to bed when she’d finished. All the time with her pretty tit exposed and swinging free. I thought about having a little feel, but then remembered I was a gentleman and left it alone. With her finally settled I went back to the party. Stopping off in the gents to clean up. A couple of the sales guys were in the loo chatting as they pissed. Of course they had no idea who I was and I’m not sure they’d have cared anyway. “Fucking awesome party.” Said the first man. “Hell yeah! Someones getting my cock tonight.” Said the second “I had my eye on Andrea, but she’s fucked off. Someones probably doing her right now.” First guy says. Well I could tell him different. By now they were at the sinks. “Tell you what though Di’s looking fucking good tonight. I would so love to fuck her.” Said the first guy, continuing. “I know, I’ve been watching those tits bounce all night.” Said his mate. “Gotta get in line behind John. That’s his pussy.” Said the first man. Then as they were leaving the bathroom the last couple of snippets I heard were. “Lets hope he wants to share.” “Is it true she blew him off in the loo at work?” Oh my god! Had I just heard that. Scurrilous gossip! I had no doubt. But now I wanted to find my wife and keep an eye on her. There were couples slow dancing on the dance floor but Diane wasn’t there. The large finance table was empty as was sales and a few of the others. How long had I been with Andrea? I looked at my watch and it was gone midnight. What had happened while I’d been gone? I checked our room but she wasn’t their I tried calling her phone but it went straight to voicemail. I had a cold feeling in the pit of my stomach. I went to reception and knowing they wouldn’t give room numbers out I told them I’d found Johns phone and wanted to pass it back. After a bit of to and fro in which I had to make out it contained sensitive data and I couldn’t leave it with them, they eventually told me he was in a suite on the top floor. A suite! I raced up and who should be entering John’s suite but the two guys from the bathroom. They left the door slightly ajar and I held it for a few seconds with my foot, feeling like a cross between James Bond and Mr Bean. Then I entered. Once inside there was a small hall/cloakroom which led to a sitting room the door was ajar and I could see that the party had moved up here. Sat and standing about the room were about 6 guys. There was a little two seat sofa and John was sat on it with Diane beside him, while the rest of the men stood or sat on the floor. Everyone was drinking and talking. 4 of the men looked like the younger sales guys, but there was one man who even John appeared to be deferring too, He was sat in a chair, glass of whiskey rested on his big belly, smoking a huge cigar and looked about 60 or perhaps older. Diane was laughing and clearly enjoying the banter. I noticed that Johns hand was rested high on her bare thigh. He was asking her something and at first she was shaking her head but he kept whispering to her and eventually she gave a little “mock” exasperated nod and I saw her say the word, “OK” The men gave a little cheer and she must have agreed to a dance as they turned the music up a little. She stood and John joined her in the middle of the room. She put her arms around his neck and he put his hands on her hips and they swayed to the music and looked into each others eyes. I knew what would happen next but it still didn’t stop the shock of seeing it hit me like a fist. As I watched through the crack in the door I saw his hands creep around her waist and fall onto her bum. When she didn’t resist and she allowed him to grope her he got bolder. One of his hand started exploring her naked back, the backless dress giving ample access. The hand slipped lower and lower until it disappeared inside her dress. In front of her work colleagues she was allowing her boss to feel the flesh of her buttocks. They noticed too. One let out a whistle and there were a couple of lewd comments. Then the fat, older man put down his drink and cigar and standing, he tapped John on the shoulder and took his place dancing with my wife. He had his hands on her shoulders and hers were on his. “Perhaps he didn’t want things to go to far and he’s stopped it.” I thought. However what he actually did was as he danced he peeled my wife’s dress down. First her shoulders came into view, then her cleavage started to be exposed, much to the approval of the other men. Very slowly she allowed the dress to get lower and lower. I thought, “This has to stop soon or she’ll be showing her tits!” She was loving the attention of the room though and when suddenly the old man yank at her dress and exposed her breasts, she only put up a slight pretense of shock and she didn’t cover up. “You might as well take it off now Di.” Shouted one of the guys and she smiled back and said something I didn’t catch before allowing her dress to fall and stepping out of it. Was this really my wife? In a room with half a dozen drooling men dancing in just her tiny panties? A woman who worries if a skirt is above the knee! The older man spun her so her back was against his belly and so that her tits were on show to the rest of the room and then he nuzzled her neck and openly groped her heaving breasts. John joined them and Diane was sandwiched between them. She looked so tiny at just 5’2 with both these men about 6 foot. Should I have gone in the room and stopped this? Well yes I should. But my cock was hard and I was desperate to see what happened next. I can’t explain it. I just had to watch. The two older men kissed her neck and explored her tits and she didn’t put up any resistance, if anything, she melted into them. John wasted no time and quickly had a hand in her panties and fingers inside her. “Looks like Di’s ready to help raise company moral.” I heard one man say “She’s raising more than my moral.” Another joined in and then there was low a cheer of approval as her panties were pulled off, exposing her neatly trimmed pussy. It then went quiet and I saw men’s clothes being discarded. The fat old man whispered something to Diane and she dropped to her knees and undid his trousers. John took the opportunity to strip. Diane took out the fat mans, fat, stubby cock and looked from it to him. He said something softly to her that I couldn’t hear then my wife took his cock in her mouth. I nearly fainted. I love my wife and I was sure as could be that she loved me and had been faithful our whole married life. Now some ugly old man had his cock in her pretty mouth and she was sucking him off like the cheapest whore. Sure enough with me watching he grabbed the back of her head, grunted and shot his spunk into her mouth. He hadn’t lasted two minutes. She swallowed every drop and he collapsed back into his chair. “Merry Christmas boys!” He said and indicated my naked wife with a wave of his cigar. Moments later I lost sight of her as she was surrounded by naked men. She was still on her knees and they surrounded her. Did she suck all their cocks? I guess she did. All I saw were men groaning and buttocks clenching. Two of the men smiled at one another and high fived. This lasted about 10 Minutes I don’t know if any of them came in her mouth. But as one by one they sat back down and as she came back into view her cheeks and chin were shiny with spunk and it dripped from her chin onto her tits. I felt so confused. It was easily the hottest thing I’d ever seen. However at the same time, I was sick, with worry, fear, shame I don’t know, perhaps a mixture of them all. Finally only John stood before her. He had his cock in his hand. It looked big, certainly it looked bigger than me. She was still kneeling and he said, “Get on all fours.” “Why?” She said, the spunk still dripping from her chin. “I want to fuck you and I want to slap your arse while I do so be so good girl and get on all fours.” “I said I’d give you all a treat, I never said I’d let you fuck me.” She said, still naked, still on her knees, still with spunk on her face. Then the fat man said, “Let him do you, I’d like to see you getting fucked. It would make me happy. Do it.” To my astonishment she then put herself on all fours and opened her legs. With no condom on John pushed his big cock inside her and with her workmates all watching, her boss fucked her like a slut. He fucked her rough, slapping her arse, pulling her hair and ramming his big cock into her. He treated the woman I love like a total whore. I know she liked it though. I’ve known Diane long enough to know when she’s having an orgasm. There was no doubt in my mind that he made her cum over his cock before he filled her cunt with seed. When I knew she was cumming, that he was making her cum with his big cock. I ejaculated, without even touching myself. I was so ashamed. After he’d finished using my wife’s cunt for his pleasure, the men started dressing and Dianne was cleaning herself up. I made my escape and found our room. I was in bed pretending to sleep when she came in 15 minutes later. As she was changing I flicked the light on. God she was a state. The makeup had gone her hair was all awry and there were the beginnings of small finger sized bruises on her tits. “Where did you get to babe. I lost you.” I said trying to act normal. “Oh sorry I was in Janice’s room her and Bob had an argument and I was cheering her up.” She lied. “OK. Not much of a party for you then.” I commiserated. “It wasn’t to bad. I had some good news.” She said getting into bed and turning out the light. “Whats was that.” I asked. “I’ve been promoted to PA for the CEO. Its nearly double the salary.” “That's great” I said, wondering if what I’d just seen had got her the job or been a celebration of getting the job. “It will mean working away now and then, but its worth it.” She added. Since that night I’ve found out that the old fat man is the company CEO. She’s been on 4 European trips with him before Covid put a stop to it. Three with him and one with John. I have no doubt she let them both fuck her. But I’ve never told her what I know and we’re as happy as ever. Where her cock sucking antics a one off? A welcome to the boys club? Or did she get the job by basically being a company whore? Would my wife whore herself out like that? Or did she do it just because she wanted to? She is somewhat submissive. Now the party season is approaching again. I suppose I’ll have to bite the bullet and ask her. As if she does decide to do it again. I want to be there.
Written by Dean and Di

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