6 Feb 2019

I closed my eyes as I felt Johns cock start to grow hard in my mouth, I felt his hands in my hair as he pulled my head harder onto his cock forcing himself deeper into my mouth, I built up a steady rythym as my mouth moved u and down his shaft, my saliva mixed with his precum making him wet and slippery…. I heard Rob talking on the phone but couldn’t make out his conversation, he hung up and then spoke to John “I told you she was better than Julie didn’t I”… John laughed and said I was about the same but would I swallow like Julie did… my mind flashed up an image of Julie the HR manager.. surely not her…I continued to suck on Johns cock using my tongue and hands to suck and wank him, he had shuffled back slightly so he was now on the edge of the board table with me on my knees, then suddenly I heard the latch on the door buzz and the door open, I opened my eyes in shock to see Julie the HR manager step into the room, she looked directly at me, smiled and then said to Rob “ I told you she would be perfect” then exit and shut the door behind her, leaving me on my knees with Johns hard cock still in my mouth.

Rob had walked over to me and gently rubbed my shoulders as he encouraged me to finish John off, like I had done to him on the first interview, I worked my mouth harder onto Johns cock and sucked and licked his wet helmut as well as massaging his heavy balls, I started to feel him tighten and then with a growl he started to pump his hips and his warm cum poured into my mouth as I hungrily swallowed it.

As his cock slipped from my mouth and he tucked it away and zipped himself up, I stood shakily to me feet and looked at Rob who had now sat back behind his desk with a very wicked smile on his face and my bra and thong in his hand, I bent down and picked my dress up and held my hand out for my underwear, he beckoned me over and when I was stood next to him he handed me my bra while he kept my G in his other hand, he then slowly slid his hand between my legs and gently rubbed my pussy, my legs instantly opened slightly to give him more access… he pushed a finger inside me and then slowly withdrew it and slipped it into his mouth, he then told me I could get dressed minus the G and go back to work. I quickly dressed and tried to straighten my, aware of both Rob and John watching me and as I got to the door, Rob told me Julie would be waiting for me to sign the contract in her office.

Thankfully Julies office was on the same floor as Robs and didn’t involve me walking back downstairs… I knocked gently on the door and Julie called me in… she came round from her desk and closed the door and then told me to take a seat, she poured us some coffee and then sat back behind her desk….. her next words were “well did you swallow” blushing I told her I had.. she laughed and told me it was ok as she had swallowed both John & Robs cum on numerous occasions and that she knew I was willing to do the same (she said I had that look about me)… we discussed the contract and then the salary which was higher than had been discussed and once I was happy I signed and she gave me the contract back and told me to take it back to Rob to complete the deal… and with a wink added that I could also collect my nix at the same time…. I left her office and walked back along the corridor and knocked on the door, it buzzed open and when I went in I was surprised that John had left and it was just Rob.

He stood up and walked towards me and took the contract from my hand, he asked me to take seat.. (it was the same leather settee as the initial interview), he signed the contract dropped it on to his desk then and then sat next to me, without saying a word he leaned in and kissed me, a slow sensual kiss at first but then got very heavy, while he was kissing me his hand started to undo the buttons on my dress, he quickly had them all undone and then started to caress my breasts, very quickly my nipples were hard and he pulled and pinched them making me moan, he pushed my bra up off them and then lowered his mouth to suck on each one in turn…by this time I had more or less laid back with him nearly on top of me… while he continued to suck on my breasts his hand had found it s way between my legs and he pushed them apart and then slowly pushed one then two fingers into my moist pussy, he fingered me while still sucking and biting my breasts and I soon felt my stomach starting to clench and heard myself starting to moan, he quickly covered my mouth with his and worked his fingers harder bringing me to a huge climax, he continued to work his fingers into me until I was bucking against him, he slowed down and then stood up, he walked to his desk and told Julie he didn’t want to be disturbed, he walked back over to me and then slowly undid his trousers and let them drop down, he told me to turn over and get on all fours, I slid down onto the floor with my top half on the settee, I felt my dress being pushed out of the way and then my legs being pushed further apart, I then felt the head of his cock pushing against my pussy, I wriggled back and he slid all the way in…. I gasped as I adjusted myself to his size he was a lot bigger than John and then he began to slowly fuck me, he started to pull my dress off and then undid my bra and threw it onto the settee with my dress, kneeling there in just my stockings & suspenders and heels he slowly fucked me while one hand was playing with my breasts, he increased his fucking and I felt him pressing down on my bum with his thumb… the feeling was amazing, he started to talk dirty to me telling me how slutty I looked, his fucking became more urgent and I felt myself pushing back to meet each thrust into me, I felt the familiar feelings as my body started to climax, I heard myself begging him to fuck me harder and use me with a final hard thrust he grabbed my hips and pulled me back onto his cock and I felt spurt after spurt of his cum shooting inside me.

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