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Filming Stories


Filthy Frank

The sofa was covered in creamy cum, Sen’s not mine!

It was Christmas of 2022 when we found out that we were both a pair of complete pervs. You see we’ve always been somewhat conservative in our sex life, adventurous but, well conventional. All that changed after Sen had a dream though. After Christmas day...

Simon H.

Caught dogging

She was bent over hanging onto a tree and a bush as a naked man behind her fucked her pussy

Back in the late 90’s my favourite pastime was filming wildlife. I had several expensive cameras and a good video camera. I would spend every spare time I could out on the moors or at the sea front filming and photographing any wildlife I could find. It w...


Taking Sarah's virginity

Dennis just groaned as he watched me take his girlfriend's virginity.

It was a fine Saturday morning and as a photographer I was out doing the wedding photos for a young couple that was just getting married. The bride looked lovely, although there were signs that she had a slight bump. I wondered if this was a bit of a shot...


Hidden recording eqipment

Helping a friend I find recording aimed at her bedroom.

I help run a social club and this is where I first set my eyes on Fiona. She is a tall woman at 5'10", of 32 years of age, with long curly natural blond hair. The thing that attracted me most was her gorgeous sexy arse. The way it moved gave me an instant...