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Filthy Frank

"The sofa was covered in creamy cum, Sen’s not mine!"

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It was Christmas of 2022 when we found out that we were both a pair of complete pervs. You see we’ve always been somewhat conservative in our sex life, adventurous but, well conventional. All that changed after Sen had a dream though.

After Christmas day and boxing day were over Sen said one morning that she’s had a strange dream, a sexy one. I love some of her sexy dreams and they often lead to a great sex session. However, this time she seemed somewhat reticent to tell me, even embarrassed. Of course, this heightened my curiosity so I gently pressed her, reassuring her that it was only a dream and didn’t really mean anything. ‘Well we were at an orgy.’ She finally offered. ‘Yes.’ I said. She really didn’t want to elaborate but after a couple of glasses of wine she loosened up and finally admitted she’d been gangbanged and she’d actually had an orgasm in her sleep, which she seemed almost embarrassed about, even to the point of saying that she didn’t want to do anything like that, of course.

Over the next few days, I purposely put gangbang and orgy porn on and said perhaps one day we should give it a go. More and more she came out of her shell and one thing that came from it was our shared wish to have public sex, perhaps in risky situations.

So why do I say all this? Well, it sort of leads on into our story. Early in January 2023, we needed to go into the bar to do some preparation work for an upcoming event, which meant that we would be in the bar for much of that Sunday. Not a problem because we are closed on Sundays, it was January and town was dead, absolutely dead. In fact I’m surprised we didn’t come across any tumbleweed on the way in! We had taken cameras and tripods etc because we’d promised ourselves a good fuck in the bar when it was empty. There’s something quite horny about us knowing we’d had great sex in the bar when people were in there later in the week and of course they had no idea we’d been shagging on the sofas and tables.

All our work complete, there we are, all alone and starting to feel horny. Of course, we’d not seen anyone all day and we’d forgotten that the roller shutter on the front door was only halfway down as we started to play. Sen got out one of her favourite vibrators, a long thing purple one with a wonderful vibrating bulbous head. She’d been playing for some time in front of the cameras and finally was ramming it in and out with such ferocity and with much encouragement from me as I wanked along with just my jeans on, my cock out and just showing my sexy red lace knickers, which drives her wild.

When out of the corner of her eye Sen noticed someone watching from the glass vestibule, which had no lighting but there was definitely a figure there and she motioned with her eyes to me. I turned slightly but not so that you could notice and there in the vestibule there was certainly a figure, so we ignored them and carried on, our first foray into exhibitionism. Soon there was cum all over the sofa, Sen’s not mine as she came to a shuddering and violent orgasm, much to my delight and that I guess of our onlooker.  I could now see who it was, and he was a regular in the bar who presumably was passing, saw the shutter slightly open and stumbled upon this scene.

Filthy Frank was not so much filthy but a typically swarthy, unkempt and unwholesome character who would be happy to tell anyone, who wanted to hear of what he would do to any passing female, if he got his hands on her. Yes you know the type, we’ve all got at least one in every pub, and he was in the doorway, watching this unfolding picture and presumably stroking at the sight.

‘Let’s give him something to get off on shall we?’ I whispered to Sen. Shen winked and so the act began. ‘Turn over you dirty fucking whore!’ I commanded her, loudly. Sen got up from the couch, stood with her left leg on the floor and kneeled with her right knee on the arm of the couch and lay across the back, showing her fully shaven fanny for our guest to see. I dropped my jeans to show my sexy panties and my now fully erect cock and rammed it home, hard. I fucked her so hard, so loud and slapped her arse until it was red. Eventually, I was about to cum and wanted to make a big thing of it, so I withdrew and wanked until I spurted over her arse and right up her back. Fuck that was a good shag. When I had just about emptied my load Sen turned around and sucked every last drop of hers and my cum from my softening dick. We kissed and headed for the shower we’d had fitted in the storeroom for those hot Spanish days.

We’d completely forgotten about the cameras still filming and presumed that Filthy Frank would deposit his load in the vestibule, and we’d mop it up before we went home. But nothing, perhaps it wasn’t really his thing, but we really got off on it.

We changed the covers on the sofa, went home and, as we have since taken to doing, sat down to watch our videos and have a wank in front of the TV. Wow it made for great footage, and I was just about to switch it off at the end as we went out of shot, as we headed for the shower but then enters Filthy Frank brazenly coming into the bar, he knelt before the sofa and buried his face in Sen’s cum. Fuck you could hear him sniffing and slurping on it and his arm was going ten to the dozen as he wanked himself into a frenzy. Eventually he raised himself up and shot his load all over Sen’s and proceeded to wipe it in with his cock the filthy bastard. He must have heard us coming back up from the storeroom as he scurried out, hurriedly pulling his pants and trousers back up. Well, that was unexpected and explained why there was no cum in the vestibule. We had a great wank over that video and have enjoyed it many times sine.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our first foray into the seedy world of voyeurism. It certainly won't be the last x


Written by cabysen

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