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Wedding fun with both sexes

"Here I was fucking this guys arse and he was pushing back on my cock"

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A few years ago just before the covid pandemic kicked in , I was invited to a wedding by a work colleague, typical wedding fun , dancing , alcohol , I did a bit of mingling and this is where the night took a trip down “kinky lane” I got chatting to girl “Susan” we hit it off , she was up for some sexy action I invited her to my room , we were all over each other , I dropped my kecks she blew me , still dressed I hitched up her dress , pulled off he panties , licked her juicy pussy then fucked her hard , she was vocal for me to pull her hair as I fucked her , she wanted me to off load into her mouth , that was fun.

We sorted ourselves out and then back to the wedding party , I was still on the look out , I got chatting to a couple of guys ….Leo was related to the groom , normal guy banter , footy , work , jokes , then Leo was showing me some pics from his phone , I noticed he had a few risqué photos with men , he told me he swung both ways , liked pussy and cock , he was very blasé about it .

I was intrigued he said I know what I want and I will ask for it , with that he said do you fancy a bit of fun.

I have always been a little intrigued and wondered what it would be like to be with a man , I told him I have never been with a man , he said come with me , I will look after you.

A short journey to his room , and before I had time to think what the fuck am I doing , my trousers were off and a man was sucking my fully erect cock , closing my eyes I was still thinking of Susan a few hours ago who was doing the same , both different sucking sensations , this guy was sucking me off , with pussy juices still in my dick .

Then Leo said it’s my turn , we swapped positions and I was face to face with a man’s dick , I dived in taking as much down my throat and sucking and licking , he asked could he fuck me , I said I was a anal virgin , he said I’m not , I have a condom I need you to fuck me with that ….pointing to my dick .

He helped me with the condom a sloppy suck , he was on all 4s , a bit of spit on his hole and with a gentle push , I was up his arse , I have dabbled with anal with girls but this was so different , I built up speed , he was pushing back to me as I was fucking him , I can’t lie it felt so good , I knew I was going to shoot my load , I wanted to pull off the condom and wank my load off over his back , that was my thoughts but the vinegar stroke got me and I emptied my balls in the condom up his arse.

I then took him in hand and wanked him off which was another one off for me .

I stayed in his room for an hour or so , having a drink from his mini bar.

When I left to go to my room my head was spinning , invited to a wedding , fucking a girl then I was sucking , being sucked and fucking a man .

A wedding I will never forget.

Written by You only live once

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