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Bicurious experience 3

"I loved gripping his hard cock"

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I have been bicurious for a while and get really hard at the thought of wanking and sucking with another guy, previously I have had two experiences with older guys.

This is my last encounter which was a while ago now but the thought still goes through my head from time to time which gets me very hard and makes me want more!

I had been horny thinking about wanting eith another man one night browsing the internet, I had been looking on a personal ad site and found an advert for a chap looking for a mutual wanking session.

I got talking to him telling him that was exactly what I was looking for, he was an older guy again and I was hoping to come across someone my own age but the last two I had been with were great fun so I agreed to meet him, he said gave me a location to meet which was a really secluded dirt track near some woods.

I arrived at the location at the time he said excited about what was to come. When pulling up I saw a camper van in an opening in the dirt track, I pulled up behind it and went to the window and he greeted me in a friendly manor and we got talking about what would turn me and him on the most.

I told him that Iv only done this twice before and I always had a fantasy about the bloke I’m with being more dominant and with that told me to get in the back of the camper and get completely naked! I quickly obliged and was in the back of the van on the ready made bed completely naked with a throbbing cock, he came in and stripped off infront of me and pulled his boxers down to reveal his also throbbing cock which was huge!

He came and laid on the bed next to me and told me to put his cock in my mouth and suck, I wasted no time and began by licking the shaft at the base to the tip and put it in my mouth as far as I could. I tasted his pre cum which was nice and he moaned as I deepthroated as far as I dare! I continued sucking for ages enjoying what I was doing when he pulled my head from his cock and said it was his turn… he then sucked my cock and I told him I wouldn’t last long… he played with me for ages edging sucking and wanking me until I was close then stopping, at this point and was begging him to let me explode but he refused and told me to get on the floor on my knees.

He then stood infront of me and pushed my head onto his cock I sucked wrapping my tounge around his bell end and felt him starting to pulse, he pulled my head off his cock and blew his load all over my face!

He then pushed me onto the bed and began sucking my cock again, I told him that I was not going to last long at all and he ignored me and continued sucking harder, within 30 seconds I erupted shooting my load down the back of his throat.

We got cleaned up and thanked each other for the night, I never met him again unfortunately but I have been hoping for a night like this again ever since!

Written by Bicuriousbill

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