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Myself and my partner booked a male masseur for the first time

"She loved her pants being wipped off"

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We had talked about it for a long time, but now it was real, the masseur was booked and he was coming to the hotel at noon Sunday. We are both from Scotland, in our 40s, my partner, a very slim blonde with, a great figure, stunning arse and lovely small tits. She was very nervous at the thought of having her first sexual massage, but she was also very excited, especially as I was going to be in the room watching, and having a wank as some other guy was spoiling her. She also knew that I had told the masseur on the phone to strip her and give her a very sensual massage.

The masseur arrived:

He was young, in his mid-twenties, shy and also Asian. Asian wasn't a problem, but as my partner was white, she had never been with or had an Asian person touch her before. This turned on Shelly even more and it also got my juices flowing. The masseur couldn't believe his luck - he had a very petite, sexy looking blonde in front of him and it was up to him to give her a good time. He put some music on, the room was already set, and warm, candles burning, and as we had been there for a few days, the drink was already chilling in the bath.

He started:

He asked Shelly to take off her dress, leave her underwear on and lie down on her front on top of the bed. He then asked her does she want him to be clothed during the massage or if should he undress. Shelly said nervously, if you can undress it will probably relax me more. I watched her take off her dress and she revealed a beautiful sexy pair of underwear that I hadn't seen before. I then watched the masseur watch her and you could see he was pleased as he started to undress. Shelly was now facedown on the bed and I watched the masseur finally become naked, he had a good body which I was pleased with, and he had a very strong, long and thick cock which made me happier. Shelly and I were both hoping that he was well-endowed, she wasn't going to be disappointed. The masseur made his way over to the bed, he was semi-hard and so was I. I had arranged with him beforehand that I would sit in the corner and watch and I would also undress and have a wank as he had the pleasure of my girl.

Before I go on: You have to remember that this had only been a fantasy. Now it was real and it was so better than my or Shelly's imagination.

The Masseur Sets off to his work:

As I said earlier, he was young, mid-twenties. He was a fit young guy, very slim but very ripped. It was very obvious that he looked after himself. He sat next to Shelly as she lay front down on the bed, and he started to rub oil on her shoulders. Within a minute, Shelly told him that his hands were soft and he had a great touch. I think this relaxed all of us. His hands were busy but I could see him eye up her bra and panties. As his hands dropped down her back so did her bra as he undone it and slid it off from under her. For me, he seemed to spend an eternity on her back, I couldn't wait for him to get lower. Within about ten minutes he said to Shelly that he was going to take her thongs off, and she replied that she was looking forward to it. His hands started to massage her ass, and then the moment came, he took hold of either side of her panties, and slowly took them down and off. When they came off I could hear Shelly's breath getting faster, and she turned towards me and smiled, I was wanking off harder than ever before. The masseur was now at the bottom of the bed and slowly he took each of her ankles and spread her legs as much as they would go. He then climbed on the bed and knelt between her legs, cock up the crack of her ass, and carried on to massage the lower end of her back. He moved back a bit and you could see his now very hard cock, slipping between Shelly's thighs. He took his cock in his hand and started to rub it up and down her pussy, she was loving it, and he so knew. Shelly told me later that she had already cum twice and her pussy was ringing. I was watching very closely, you would think I was using a magnifying glass, but I could see his cock, massage her pussy, but I could also see his cock disappear down her pussy. He was pushing his luck a wee bit, as this wasn't on the menu, but I could see her pleasure, and it was also turning me on like nothing before. This young guy was a tease, he was very good at what he was doing, and very good at pleasuring a woman/couple.

He then asked Shelly to turn around. As she lay on her back I could see the pleasure in her face, her nipples were so hard, and her tight shaved pussy was ready for more. The masseur asked her another question. Would you like me to massage you from above your head down, or would you prefer me to massage you the traditional way? She knew exactly what he meant, and asked to be massaged from the head down. He asked her to now lie with her head at the bottom of the bed, and her legs parted and facing the headboard. He started to massage her head and you could see her eyes fixed on this very hard clock. He then moved down to her shoulders, and it was at this point, I could see her hand rise as she took his balls in her hands. (At this point I was cumming but it was too early as I wanted to cum in her mouth just as he was finishing off).

His hands started to massage her tits and now Shelly was gone, lust had taken over. She quickly put his cock in her mouth, and he quickly started to thrust and ram it right down her throat. He didn't care about Shelly. He wanted to cum and he wanted to fuck her face as hard as he could. He looked at me and said, "Your Mrs. gives an amazing fuckin blowjob". He pulled his cock out of her mouth and told her to lie normal in bed, head back on the pillows, and to open her legs wide. He climbed on the bed and started to suck her nipples, from there he slid down and licked, sucked and fucked her pussy, until he had to stop. He shouted "I'm going to cum" - straight away he pulled out and by this time I couldn't go on any longer, as he was gripping his cock, I was also gripping mine.

Shelly for the first time in her life, had two guys shoot spunk all over her face and in her mouth. I came again as I watched her lick his cum and suck his cock dry.

Needless to say, we had many many encounters after this. Couples should share and enjoy one of our pleasures in life.

I hope you enjoyed X

Written by ScottishStephen2024

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