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Soft swing gone hard

"Reluctant swingers now converted"

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Author's Notes

"Sometimes you don’t know what your missing until you try something new !"

My wife Tina and I are in our early forties and we discussed about trying swinging to spice up our sex life’s

We joined SH but were a little unsure .

Tina decided to discuss it with her friend at work Barbara as she knew she & her partner had an active sex life.

Babs as she is know as, suggested we start of with a same room soft swing and she and her partner Jake would join us if we wished?

They were both original from Nottingham and are a little older than us in their late forties .

Tina and I are Irish !

We arrange for Babs & Jake to join us for dinner at a nearby restaurant the following Saturday to discuss further !

After dinner & a few bottles of wine we went back our place when we continued on the wine .

Jake suggested a game of strip poker as a bit of fun and after a bit of persuasion the ladies agreed !

After much laughter and even more wine we were all down to our underwear and Babs lost the next game so she slowly took of her bra and flung it in the air to reveal her lovely firm 38 DD breasts .

Tina lost next and did the same Both women were blessed with bit tits!

By now Jake and I had very evident bulges in our boxers which the girls were teasing us about !

He lost the next hand and took off his boxers and his cock sprang to life!

It must have been close to 9 inches and thick !

Babs joked that there was life in the old dog yet and my wife Tina agreed as she admired his big dick !

Tina lost next but was reluctant to take off her knickers but Babs said we will do it together and both women whipped them off and flung them towards us to reveal their lovely bald pussies !

Tina instructed me to remove my boxers and as I did my dick although not as big as Jake’s was at full mast !

He was rubbing his cock and inviting Babs to suck it ! She was soon on her knees giving him a blow job

I called my wife Tina to do the same to me !

Babs stopped for a moment and said to Tina come over here and give her a hand !

Tina looked at me for guidance and I encouraged her to do it.

Jake looked over with big grin as Babs got Tina to suck on his big dick !

Babs then slid over to take my cock in her mouth !

She certainly know how to suck cock and I looked over to see my wife giving it all to Jake’s cock .

Both women were glancing at each other and seemed to be in competition as to who could give the best blow job !

Us guys were not complaining of course .

Jake was playing with my wife’s large tits as she sucked him.

He then laid her on the floor and spread her legs to eat her pussy as she moaned in pleasure !

Babs pushed me back on to the couch and she climbed on to my lap where we kissed and I sucked her nipples and played with her pussy .

She moved around and climbed on to my dick and mounted me cowgirl style .

My wife got up and pushed Jake to the floor before impaling herself on his big cock reverse cow girl style so she was facing us !

My wife was clearly putting on a show as she bounces hard on his 9 inches as he pushed into her to his balls !

Both of them moaned loudly as Tina screams obscenities !

Babs did the same as her big tits bounced as she slid up and down on my cock .

I heard my wife shout I’m cumming as he give her all his 9 inches and she screamed as he filled her with his hot spunk !

I knew I could not last much longer and Babs and I came togather !

Both women climbed off our dicks which broad smiles as they went upstairs togather to shower !

Jake and I had a beer and about twenty minutes later my wife called down for us to come up to the bedroom .

Both of them were in our bed and Tina pulled back the duvet to show they were both naked !

Babs said are you ready to play again boys ?

We didn’t need telling twice and the girls were soon working their magic on each other’s husbands cock to get us hard again .

We fucked into the early hours and now Babs and Jake join us every couple of weeks or we go to their place for a night of fun !

Anglo Irish relation's have never been better !

Written by Sean

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