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"In the randy village of Forston the plot thickens, as does the new sergeant's truncheon!"

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Author's Notes

"Part 3 of 8"

So here it is.  We're already three parts in with this one (after Part 0 and Part 1) and we finally get to meet more of the horny villagers of Forston, Somerset (side note we visited Wells, Somerset this year, and found it to be amazing.  I recommend it to anyone who likes HOT FUZZ).

Anyway let's crack on with this lascivious bunch!

Day 1

The Gang's all here and what a Gang

  I woke up at six as I did every morning, still led naked where I'd dropped.  I looked down and could see my other best friend was already awake and laying across my stomach ready to start the day.  I stared over at the wall where I'd made a deposit the night previous.  If I was gonna play a Peeping Tom again I'd need to remember to take a tissue, thankfully that stain could always be covered by the dresser.  I got up as quietly as I could and moved over to the eye-hole in the wall.  

  I looked in and could see Shaun, Steph and Sara all lying on the bed, with Shaun the filling in this Steph and Sara sandwich as they lay cuddled up to him.  I couldn't see Sylvia though until she moved in front of the eye-hole still naked.  I nearly choked on air when she did that, her body showing some mild signs of raging but her tits were still impressively ample, her curves suitably biteable and her ass deliciously kissable.  I stood and watched her get dressed as the others slept.  Sylvia got her black bra on before putting on her skirt and blouse (no knickers from the night before of course) and headed to the door, stopping as she got there and looking dead at the peephole, before smiling and exiting the room.

  I slumped to the bed, feeling horny as Hell. I picked up my phone, opened up my photo app and moved to videos.  There was one on here that reminded me of better times.  I found the right file and clicked on play.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

  "You look SO sexy," I say to Mel as she lies on the bed naked.

 "You always say that!" Mel says, moving her long black hair under her nose in a shy yet seductive manner.  She knows she's hot and plays for the camera, for me, back when I meant something.

  "Are you wet for me, sweet?" I ask as I stand over her on the hotel bed.  We were away for a week in Prague celebrating our third wedding anniversary when I took this video.  She smiles and nods, raising her eyebrows as she does so.  "Show me!"

  I move down the bed and watch Mel giggle as she moves a hand down her body, enjoying the feel of her own skin on her sensitive boobs, rubbing them down over her stomach and then moving through her dark hair, still wet and glistening from the bathroom, before reaching inside herself and sliding a finger into her wetness while she watches me watching her.  Her eyes became distant as her mind whirred in delight at the moment as I stood above her, as naked as she was.  God, she looks amazing.

  "I am so wet!" Mel confirms, her words acting like a magnet to me.  I bend down and position myself between her legs and push myself in whilst my phone records all of it.

  "Ooh, you are SO wet, Mel!" I tell her as I move inside.  I wasn't kidding, she's practically volcanic down there as I push inside her tight fissure, my strokes deep and slow as I record this for perpetuity.  There's no way I'm gonna be a QCM and put that on the record (Quick-Cum-Michael)  I move the video up to Mel's face as we start to move.  "You know what I want tonight?"

  "No," Mel breathes as I move my hips a little harder.  "What do you want?"

  "I want a tit-wank with those massive mammaries of yours," I state whilst pounding her a little more, her welcoming, warm self wrapping round my cock, like these two pieces of us were meant to always fit together like this.  I keep going but I know what I want to do tonight, and that's to feel my cock squeezed between her sizeable tits and watch as my cum splashes on her tits and her face.

  "Go on then," Mel states.  I don't need asking twice and move up the bed, straddles across her stomach, my cock, placed in between her boobs as she pushes them together.  I begin to fuck them, the foreskin moving up and down as I do so.  My eyes moved between Mel's feeders and that incredible face, her pouty lips that look so good wrapped around my cock, those high-cheek bones that mean she looks like a model and those massive brown eyes.  Right now she was watching my cock pulse and rub between her tits as I continued to thrust between them.  "I can feel him growing, Michael!"


  I loved it when she'd use my full name during sex, I don't know why.  I pushed my rod between her boobs as she pushed them together while snarling at me demandingly, wanting my spunk all over her, craving it.  I look at her nipples standing to attention, the burnt umber areolae pushing them up in the centre.  I would have both of those in my mouth before evenings end but right now, I wanted to release myself all over this beautiful creature and watched as my load covered her tits.

  "Hmmm, Mel.  I'm getting there, babe!" I tell her as she looks up at me with an open mouthed smile as she can feel my weighted self start to pulse between her boobs.

  "Yeah, come on then.  Cum all over me, Michael!" Mel goads as I start to feel my cock well up as the pressure of Mel squeezing her breasts together, the stunning visual of her beneath me and that wanton look on her face all pushed me over the edge.

  "NNNGH!  FUCK!" I roared as I moved my dick out from one of its favourite places and came all over boobs, the hot goo hitting her neck and chin and splattering her boobs as she smiled and laughed while watching my meat lose it over her incredible body.  I leant forward as she wiped the mess off her chin.

  "Happy anniversary, Michael!  Hope you enjoyed your present!" Mel smiles at me.  I move back down her body, my cock still solid and ready to go.

  "Happy anniversary to you!" I chide back as I move my cock inside her, enjoying hearing her moan as I do, ready to return the favour to this amazing creature.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = 

  I closed the file and took a breath as the tiny video on my phone represented everything we once had, everything we were losing.  I went to my text messages and looked at the few words from the previous night.

Glad you landed safe.

Missing you, too. X

  Seven words and a kiss.  Mel probably had no idea how much that meant, but it did.  I wanted to tell her, but at the same time didn't want to seem like the one who was weak, the one who was needy.  I'd text her a little later but now.  I had my morning routine to do.  I opened up my drawers, removed my workout gear and began the same process that I followed to the letter every morning, and new location or not I would damn well keep it here.  First thing, fifty push-ups followed by a quick 5K run.  As I exited the hotel and jogged at a gentle pace throughout the town I was met with a throng of "Morning Sergeant" from seemingly half the village. It felt weird that everyone knew who I was yet I had no idea who they were.  Until one voice piped up next to me as a complete surprise.

  "I'M ON THE RUN!" Byron Butcher blurted out.  I nearly fell backwards at his exclamation.  

  "You're what?" I asked, uncertainly.  I was six foot but Byron had at least a couple of inches on me and had the look of a cliche scoundrel from an old Hollywood movie.

  "On the run!  ...With you!  HA HA HA!  I love a morning jog myself and knew we'd be besties!  We'll have to arrange going to the half-marathon in a month's time.  CATCH ME IF YOU CAN!" Byron shouted and with that he darted off, leaving me alone with my thoughts and a new personal best.

  "There's something wrong with this place," I muttered to myself.

  "Morning, Sergeant," Sylvia shouted as she lugged the tables out for open-air diners to enjoy breakfast.

  "Hey," I mumbled back and headed up to my room to shower, before having my standard breakfast of muesli, one runny egg, one slice of toast cut into soldiers, one decaffeinated coffee and one yoghurt drink, changed into my uniform and then made my way to the station, picking up my oracle as I headed for the door.  My

Mind washed over the rocky surface of many questions before going back out to sea, till one question snagged on the shores of consciousness.

  “Will today be a better day than yesterday?” I quizzed my magic eight-ball before shaking him with a flurry and then resting awaiting its sage wisdom to pop forth, which it eventually did.

  Outlook good.

   “Well thank Christ for that,” I thought as I retrieved my phone as I remembered to text Mel before I left.

Day one.  Hope I make a God impression.

  I watched as my message to Mel left with the typo still in there.  I went back in and sent the amendment with a laughing emoji and headed off.  The walk to the station was uneventful with no semi-naked villagers in sight.  After the previous night this felt like a huge plus.  I arrived at the station only to be met with the same sergeant from the previous evening who looked rather the worse for wear after being up all night, except now he was reading Stephen King’s “Christine”.

  "Sergeant," I began.  "Rough night?"

  "Meh!" he mumbled back, the jovial and jolly personality from the previous night now gone.


  "How are the guests from last night?" I ask, trying to see if this piques his interest.

  "Guests?  This isn't a bleeding hotel" he stated, angrily.  I make a mental note that the duty sergeant is not a morning person and head down to look in on the suspects.  Sadly as the station only had four cells due to it being such a small station some of the previous night's collection of reprobates had to be placed in cells together.   I hoped that wouldn't be an issue.

  I looked through the rectangular hatch in cell one and could see one of the men I arrested asleep, and thankfully, fully clothed.  In cell 2 the story was the same with someone else also asleep on the narrow cot.

  I opened the third hatch only to see that the previous night's shenanigans had not stopped.  On the cot was one of the revellers from the previous evening sat on the bed, whilst one of the women from last night's debacle, her top pulled low, between his legs, sucking on his cock.  

  The dainty blonde bobbed her head enthusiastically as he just looked at her in wonder that he could get so lucky.  I WONDERED how he'd got so lucky.  I looked behind me and could see no-one else down here and so I resumed my position at the door watching them.  The young woman stopped for a moment and removed him from her mouth only to place her molehills either side of his tool and rub them up and down, her tongue touching the tip as he thrust upwards.  My duty as an officer was to get them to stop, to prevent further infractions of the law ...but I did not. I watched as this little pixie of a woman wrapped both hands around the shaft and moved it to their mouth again.  The guy started to twitch and breathe heavier, his lip curling in a sneery snarl as her efforts started to have the desired effect.  

  "That's it, Gracie!  Go on then, lass!" he said as she gobbled him down voraciously, the vein in his dick starting to pulse and throb as her cheeks hollowed around his meat, before the guy grasped her head to make sure her mouth did not escape his girth as he shot his load inside her.  

  I should have shouted at them, reprimanded them, but instead I quietly closed the hatch with as little fuss as possible.  What the Hell was wrong with this place?  I went to the last cell and opened the hatch to find the first person I arrested the previous evening.  The young topless women who blew the raspberry and gave me the V's.  I opened the hatch and was greeted by the sight of an empty cot and no sign of her.  Where the Hell was she?  

  "CAN I GET CELL 4 OPEN?" I shout back to whoever's here.

  "Can you open cell 4, Danielle?" someone asks.  The door clicks open and I pull the door outward only to be met with an empty square space.

  "Oh my word!  She's escaped!" I state in wonder at how someone semi-clothed and quite inebriated could have so easily gotten out of her locked cell.

  "Oh no!  How did she manage that?" a female voice comes from behind me.  I turn around only to be greeted by the woman whose cell this was the previous evening, except now she was clothed in a police uniform.

  "Why are you wearing a police uniform?" I ask, in surprise.

  "Because this is my work gear, and I'm at work," she states.  My heart sinks in my chest.  An older gent then appears behind her with a beaming smile and a friendly manner that I recognise instantly even though I only encountered it previously on the phone.

  "Ah, Michael!  Glad to finally meet you!  Chief Inspector Frank Forrester!  And I believe you've already met my daughter!" Frank responds cheerily.  My heart plummets in my chest as I digest this info.

  "Right!" said I

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = 

  "Forston is the safest village in the country," the Chief retorts proudly, his chin held high as he considers his role in the village's success proudly.  Frank was in his fifties but clearly looked 10 years younger with his full head of greying hair.  He was lean and had either great genes or else a ridiculously meticulous healthcare regime.  I didn’t ask which as he continued speaking.  "But that doesn't mean it requires any less skill in our acting as keepers and maintainers of the peace.  We must always act for the good of all."

  "The good of all," I repeat as I remembered what I'd heard the previous evening.

  "Wunderbar!" the Chief responds, enthusiastically.  "Now, I'll give you the grand tour of the station." 

  The three of us, the Chief, his daughter and I, then began the tour of the quietest and least busy police station I have ever seen, with no evidence in the evidence room, the riot room was tidy but looked like it was rarely used, the noticeboard had one notice for the humanist church fete in the next few days, that sounded like a barrel of laughs ...and an empty one at that.

  "Now how about a trip to everyone's best buddies?" the Chief suggested jovially before introducing me to Detective Sergeant Booker and Detective Constable Barber, who sat motionless in their seats, showing all the urgency of a snail playing human statues.  "I expect you wonder why we call them everyone's best buddies?"

  "Is it because they're both called Buddy?" I exhaled, barely believing the Chief thought this was a tough question.

  “Wow!  I heard you were good!” the Chief responded enthusiastically.

  “Also, it’s because they're Buddy hard work to talk to, innit, Dad!” Danielle responded before an empty water bottle from the cooler came out and smacked into her head with a DONK!

  “You Mother-F…”

  “That’ll be all, Danielle,” the Chief interjected before moving me on to a room with a brass plaque on the door marked command centre.  Inside was a gaunt man in a tweed jacket who looked like a teacher.  He got up as we entered the room and shook my hand solidly and vigorously.

  “I’m Roger Rider.  Civilian liaison!” Roger enthused. I noticed a pin on his jacket that said FSO.

  “FSO?  I take it that stands for Forston Surveillance Organisation,” I asked, instinctively showing my observational skills.

  “Er…” Roger began, before exchanging a nervous look with the Chief before finishing his sentence.  “…Yes.  Yes it is.  From here I observe the entire town, which reminds me Frank.  We’ve got to do something about these evangelicals.  Look at this.  One o clock!  Two o clock!  Three o clock!”

  At each change in the hour Roger would show video clips of a young couple in their twenties espousing the word of the lord as the day went on.  The guy was wearing a mauve Jumper over beige slacks, while his significant other was wearing a beige cardigan over a light brown skirt that went all the way to her ankles.

  “They’re just young uns.  They’ll come around,” the Chief replied before whispering in Roger’s ear and then taking me on to finally meet the rest of my colleagues, including a bookish individual by the name of sergeant Fuller, who seemed to have little awareness of what was happening around her, an older gent called constable Wheeler who, when he spoke, seemed to be speaking in a dialect more akin to gibberish and finally a beautiful constable with tied back blonde hair, hips and an ass that seemed to be straining to push their way out of her skirt and a rack that seemed to have permanently popped the top three buttons on her blouse.  The young constable marched up and shook my hand before introducing herself.

  “I’m Talia Turner.  My, you're a handsome fellow.  I’m sure we will have a lot of fun!” said Talia, with a wink and a smile.  I held up my hand with my wedding ring as I always did in this situation.

  “I’m afraid I’m already taken,” I remarked, kindly but firmly.

  “That’s okay,” Constable Turner replied, before stepping in close to me.  “I’m taken, too.  Perhaps we can go on a double date.”

  I coughed on air at that suggestion as she raised one eyebrow whilst looking at me seductively.  What on Earth was wrong with this place?  

  "Now as it's almost eleven o clock, I'd say it's time for a spot of lunch," my new boss informed the station to be met with uproarious cheers from everyone else around me, like I was trapped in some kind of bawdy, seventies, lame-duck, sex-comedy that had about as much genuine sex as the collection box at the local humanist church.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

  The pub was surprisingly busy for that time of day, but mainly because we were all there.  My fellow officers ordered pints and wine, while I remained steadfast with my tonic water.  I brought my drink up to my mouth for a sip but before I could take it the interrogation from my fellow officers began.

  "So, now you've been here a day I guess you can tell us all what we're doing wrong," Sergeant Fuller started.

  "It's not about telling you what you're doing wrong," I reply.

  "Himf more finch welk croms trim fine, right?" Constable Wheeler stated.

  "Yeah!" everyone replied, leaving me stymied as to what was said.

  "Look it wasn't my decision to be shipped off down here," I stated, to try and alleviate their concerns, but still they managed to twist it against me.

  “What’s wrong with here?” Constable Fuller asked.

  “Nothing, I'm not implying you're all a bunch of wurzels or anything?” I corrected her, although I knew after the words had left my lips that I'd created another trap for myself.

  "Oh, yeah.  Cause we're all a bunch of Wurzels down here aren't we?" intoned Detective Constable Barber. 


  "You're Uncle's called Wurzel," Danielle pointed out.

  "And my Auntie," Detective Barber replied.  Externally my expression remind passive but internally I was shaking my head.

  “I was sent here as a promotion, I have to where I’m ordered but so far I’m enjoying being here,” I said  realising that every word I was saying was creating yet another trap for me.  I quickly picked up my water, finished my drink and elected a new tactic.

  "Anyone want another drink?" I asked to be met with a cheer from everyone there.  I ascertained their orders and then headed to the bar.  I reached the bar at the same spot as last night looking into Martin and Michelle’s living room area.  I don’t know why I stood here.  Watching them fondle each other into oblivion was hardly any fun but still I went to this spot, hoping, maybe, that history would repeat itself.  I looked back there and could make out an arm, hanging in mid-air, soft, gentle moans coming from the back room. I moved to the left in order to get a better look.


  I could see flowing, black hair cascading over a table, a woman’s face upside down gazing at me, eyes filled to the brim with joy, her lip trembling, her body naked, her moans coming in short bursts.  Between her thighs I could see Martin’s head, perched on top of his equally naked form as his mouth played tricks on her quim, the young French women gurgling in delight as naked Martin, with eyes rolling round in delirium, sucked on her trimmed pussy.

  I remained motionless as I watched Martin devour her snatch, his hand reaching up to grab her breasts as he pulled his engorged rod in preparation of what was to come as she stared straight at me and smiled.  Was she imagining I was doing this to her, that I was between her legs, sucking on her nub, grabbing her tits as I pulled in my dick.  I hoped so.  I hoped that was what she was thinking as she groaned with that dirty, slutty grin plastered across her upside-down face.  

  Martin moved up, his face meeting hers, their lips smacking together noisily before he stood up and let his cock just stand there in front of him, demanding attention.  For a moment she just looked at it before she wrapped a hand around it and started to tug on it.  Martin just smiled down encouragingly at her as she pulled on him but also moved him ever closer to the table, before his stiffy was next to her mouth.  She licked her lips as she felt the weighty, hot girth in her fingers.  She was hungry for it, but wanted to taste this delicious treat first, she then opened her mouth and took him inside.

  “COME ON!  WE’RE GETTING THIRSTY HERE!” shouted Detective Sergeant Booker, potentially alerting the two vagrantly exhibitionist lovers.  I looked back and could see neither of them move as they were caught up in the passion of their entanglement.  This did not surprise me, however what did surprise me was when Michelle walked past the two lovers, one of which I assumed was her, and approached me at the bar in a white, flowing, summer dress.


  “What can I get you?” Michelle asked, politely.  I looked back at the woman whose upside down face was sucking on her husband’s tool while she used her right hand to strum her bean.

  “I …who?” I asked as I looked back.

  “Ah, my tween sister, Martine, ‘as come to visit?” Michelle announced in her French accent.  I struggled to look away as Martine slurped her tongue under the glans of Martin’s solid member as he reached his hand down to squeeze Martinez’s ample breast.  “What weel it be, Sergeant?” 

  “Yes, the order, right…” I began as I then went through the order for the table as the two participants continued their activities.  Michelle served me, took my money, walked into the back, removed her white dress, turned to face me, her full breasts with distinct and bloated areoles and trimmed black bush on full display, before she slowly and deliberately closed the door.

 What the Hell was wrong with this place?

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

  After the various incidents at the pub myself and Danielle were assigned to traffic duty just outside the village on a thirty stretch that most locals adhered to, but the brave and the bold did not.  We were sat there watching the speed-gun waiting for someone to dare us to catch them, all the while Danielle’s conversation got more annoying by the sentence.

  “So, you’re married then?” Constable Forrester asked.

  “Seven years,” I replied.  Making it sound like a prison sentence as a van went past doing twenty-nine.  “You?”

  “No.  I enjoy my freedom too much.  As you found out the other night.  Sorry about that,” Danielle stated.  She was wearing her standard issue police blouse which fitted her magnificently, her fulsome bosom straining the material, her long brown hair held back in a ponytail.  She was not unattractive but she wasn’t my Mel.

  “S’fine,” I offered as acknowledgement as a car went past, doing thirty-one.  “I guess there’s no harm in having fun,” I said as I thought about the various things I had witnessed over the last few days.  Sex seemed to be the social equivalent of drinking here.  The only difference being instead of people stopping off for a quick one after work they were stopping off for a quickie.

  “We tend to have a lot of fun around here,” Officer Forrester reported.  “I think it’s always been this way.  I mean why watch telly when you can have fun in other ways.  Well, you know that.  You’re married, right?”

  “We do watch a lot of telly,” I mention as a lorry goes past at thirty.  I missed sex with Mel and all the activity over the last couple of days had certainly made me feel horny as a teenager whose girlfriend had just shown up while the parents were away for the weekend.  Happy days, indeed.

  “That’s a shame.  Hey, if you feel like you’re missing out, there’s this couple I know.  You’re more than welcome to join us,” Officer Forrester offered.  

  “That wouldn’t be Officer Talia Turner, would it?  Twenty-nine,” I noted as a motorcyclist went past.

  “Oh no.  She’s not twenty-nine, and it’s not who I meant,” Danielle said.  “She’s all right is Talia.  Her pussy tastes like strawberries.”

  As another vehicle hurtled past I didn’t even think about the speed, all I could imagine was Danielle having her face between Officer Talia’s legs, lapping at her strawberry flavoured minge.  I could picture Danielle with her ass in the air, skirt on, panties off, her own wet snatch just hanging there, waiting to be filled as Talia, naked from the waist down, her police blouse undone showing her toned body, looked up at her naked husband with a smile as she grabbed his hardening tool.   Talia gives him a look and he just nods appreciatively, knowing what this means she takes her hand back, licks her palm and then wraps her hand back around his member.

  I reflect on Danielle’s invite.  Would it be a stretch to imagine me there, looking at the scene, my hand moving up and down myself as I watch Talia take her fella into her mouth as he closes his eyes and groans  at the warm, sloppy efforts of his significant other bouncing her head up and down his dick.  I can see myself moving behind Danielle, getting onto my knees behind her, stroking her backside as she looks back and smiles, inviting me further inside.  I place my cock-head at her entrance, eager to plunge inside.

  “Forty-Five!” Danielle shouts as the speed-gun beeps in disapproval as a yellow streak flashes past.

  “Light us up!” I order Danielle as I send the car moving out, wheels sending grit and dust into the air behind us, the car responds to my touch and thrusts and hauls upward through its speeds effortlessly till the offender, in his piss-yellow convertible, recognises he’s caught and pulls over to accept his fate.

  I leave the car along with Officer Forrester and head over to the reckless individual who appears to be alone in the vehicle.  It’s only when I get closer and see a blonde head disengage from the driver that I realise, this wasn’t true.

  “May I see your license and registration, please,” I ask, doing my best to sound polite but firm, all the while understanding that I probably just sound bored.

  “Of course, Officer.  Forgive me if I was going a trifle faster than the limits.  I’m Clive Clark, local solicitor,” Clive opined with a condescending tone.  I merely took the card and stared at the pertinent details whilst writing down what was said.

  “Is this Mrs Clark?” I asked the woman, twenty years Clive’s junior.  Her long blonde hair tumbling down her shoulders, just like the line of cum dribbling down her chin.

  “Good lord, no.  This is Carly Clipper, she’s with the council in the …planning department,” Clive remarked.  “We're working on an acquisition of some land for one of our clients and things are going rather well.  We should have a deal on the land in a few weeks and my client is absolutely delighted, this is why we MIGHT have been going SLIGHTLY over the speed limit.”

  “And that’s why you were doing forty-five in a thirty zone?” I ask.

  “That’s not all we were doing,” Carly remarked.  I shoot the two of them my most withering glance, causing the air to fill with silence before Clive cleared his throat.

  “We are very sorry.  It won’t happen again,” Clive responded.  I look the two of them up and down before letting them go with just a caution.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

 The rest of the day passed uneventfully enough with small talk kept to the barest minimum between myself and Danielle as she spoke endlessly about her various sexual escapades.  She mentioned her one experience with golden showers where she threw up on the guy’s legs, the various women she’d been with (including Talia, in the showers at work, which I had to adjust myself over) and various other threesomes and orgies.  By the time we clocked off at seven I was horny and hungry as hell.  Sadly I had to meet the FSO and take part in their monthly neighbourhood watch meeting.  Something I was not looking forward to.

  I entered the humanist church and was welcomed in by my Chief who then introduced me to many people I had already encountered to either say hello, or for a slightly longer chat.  First up with a warm welcome and an unwanted hug was Roger Rider.

  "Ah, Sergeant Angelo.  It's so wonderful to HAVE you here!" Roger announced, loudly, as he pressed firmly against me, something strangely warm and firm crushed against me at waist height.  He released me and then led me to the other members of the Forston Surveillance Organisation, some of whom were standing in front of a huge floral display that said WELCOME.  It was truly a feat of wonder.

  "This is our horticultural genius, Grace Gardener," introduced Roger as Grace and Sylvia chatted.  

  "Hello," Grace said, waving a pair of mini-shears around, causing Sylvia to bend back out of the way of Grace's hand.

   "Jesus, Grace!  Be careful!  You'll have my eye out with them!" Sylvia exclaimed as Grace waved her arms around.

  "Oh, I know what I'm doing," Grace admonished Sylvia, continuing with her wild gesticulations of the hand with the shears in.

  "I don't doubt it, and you are ever so good, but you have lost your little finger already to your own carelessness," Sylvia continued.

  "Well, I never used that finger anyway," Sylvia chided, before finally placing down her shears and then turning to me.  "On behalf of myself and my fellow horticulturalists, welcome, Sergeant".

  "Thank you, I appreciate your efforts and this tremendous gesture," I graciously replied, in awe of her efforts.

  "This is our resident head-fixer, both physically and internally, Doctor Deborah Diviner," Roger said as he gestured towards an older woman with a dark bobbed haircut.  Deborah wore a matching suit jacket and skirt and had a formal manner that I'd not encountered from anyone else in the village.  She had a disarming smile and an easy manner which seemed at odds with the forthright folk of Forston I'd met so far.  

  "Pleasure to meet you, Sergeant.  I'm looking forward to not seeing you ...Oh, that sounded bad, I didn't mean..." Doctor Deborah began before everyone else's laughter at her choice of words kicked in.  I responded quickly to spare her blushes.


  "Don't worry, I know where you were coming from?" I offered it as a balm, only for Doctor Deborah to smirk and blush, the rosiness in her cheeks creating a youthful vibe to her middle-aged features.

  "Where do we come from?  That's something you won't hear in my sermons," a man in a cardigan over a plaid shirt spoke up, only to receive more of the same laughter that Doctor Deborah did.  "I'm Hugh Huntsman.  I'm the Pastor at the local humanist church.  I was wondering if you'd come in and say a few words."

  "Well, seeing as I'm an atheist I think that might be a tad hypocritical," I offered as a response.


  "Humanist beliefs are grounded in science, compassion and rationality, not religion.  Sounds like you'll fit in perfectly here," Hugh quipped, before getting a chuckle from his fellow FSO members.

  "And this is Catherine Carter who runs the local farm," Roger interjected whilst moving me over to a slim woman in her thirties with tied-back black afro hair.  She was unlike any other farmer I'd ever met and I tried to seem un-phased by her appearance.  Unfortunately Catherine saw right through my charade.

  "Not what you were expecting a farmer to look like?" Catherine asked.

  "Not quite no," I replied with a shake of my head before Roger cut-in.

  "Catherine was married to Charlie Carter and they ran the farm together till a tragic accident led to Charlie's demise five years ago," said Roger.  I looked over at Catherine who looked a little shook up at that.  

  "Oh my God, I am so sorry.  I had no idea," I offered as a condolence.  Catherine nodded and walked over and flung her arms around me.  I could feel the heat from her body as she pressed herself against me, her bosom squishing against me as she squeezed me to her, causing my dick to react.  I wasn't expecting any of this.  What was it about the people here and hugs?

  Catherine let go and eventually we all settled around a round table.  The group of old-fogies I had expected around here were certainly not in evidence as young eyes settled on me. They all clearly knew each other pretty intimately as good friends should but I was starting to question just how intimately did they know each other, before Roger smacked his Gavel on the table and called the meeting to order.

  "Now, first things first, I'd just like to announce that Violet and Victor Vanguard have just had twins, a boy and a girl called Velda and Vim," Sylvia began, to be met with a cheesy "Awe" from everyone gathered before Roger took the mantle of Chairperson back up.

  "Thank you, Sylvia.  Now with the Village of the year contest looming I am sure that most of you have noticed a blight has returned to our street," Roger continued, being met with angry, nodding stares from everyone present.  "I of course refer to the extremely irritating ...Religious couple!"

  On the screen via a projector the image of the two young people preaching to passers-by came up and I knew I was in for a long, painful evening.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

The Forston Surveillance Organisation meeting was long and extremely tedious and by the time it had ended and I'd said goodbye to everyone it had gotten late.  I walked around the village to see if I could encounter any infractions of the law but either word had spread about my previous efforts or the bawdy community in the area was taking a well-earned night off, allowing me to relax and make it back to my hotel for eleven, as I entered the building I stopped before meeting the ornate interior room.

  "Oh yeah," came the male, turned-on groan from someone in the ante-room linked to reception.  I was tired and needing my bed but that noise made my heart burst out of my chest.  I snuck around to the stairwell and made my way up the steps as quietly as I could so I could see over what was happening near the roaring fire, all the while slurps and moans echoed from the source of the orange glow, like some orgasmic sun was flaming away in the hotel.  I stopped at the top flight of steps and looked down at the scene from above as I unzipped myself to relieve the pressure on my massively swelling member.

  There were four people, three I knew and one I did not, all naked, all together in blissful union.  Martin from the local was wildly fucking his sister-in-law, Martine, her boobs swirling around like a whirling dervish with every thrust.  Across from them pounding Martin’s wife Michelle was a blonde guy I didn’t recognise, his rhythm different to Martin with hips that seemed to roll his cock into Michelle’s pussy, gleeful sounds coming from her as he powered seductively into her.  The two sisters were lying on the carpet in opposite directions with the their heads next to each other, as the two men continued their fucking the two women looked at each other and kissed.  I gripped my cock hard and closed my mouth to prevent noise or cum emerging from me.  I was so enraptured by the scene I didn’t hear someone sneaking up behind me.

  “Are you enjoying what you see, Sergeant?” a dusky female voice intoned in my ear.  I turned to see Talia stood behind me, a coy smile across her face, her body looking even more alluring out of clothes.  “I had to slip away to the little girls’ room.  I didn’t expect to see you here.  Enjoying the show?”

  And with that she stepped forward, one hand moving behind my neck as she brought me in for a kiss, the other hand grabbing my truncheon and gripping it firmly.  “Mmmm, this is a bit more than standard issue, sir.”

  I grabbed her by the neck and pulled her to me, our lips mashing against each other as the sound of sex rose up from the room below.  Talia’s hands started to quickly remove my jacket and unbutton my shirt letting them both fall to the ground before her hand returned to my tool, my own hands grabbing at her breasts, my left hand gently tugging on her right nipple as my mouth went to her neck, Talia chuckling a dirty laugh down my ear.

  “That’s Trent down there.  My hubby with Michelle,” Talia continued as I slipped my right hand between her legs, seeking out her wet pussy.  My fingers moved over the merest indications of stubble near her hot cunt.  I moved ever downwards as we locked eyes, allowing ourselves a moment of connection as her hand yanked firmly at my tool.  

  Her mouth met mine again as I circled my finger over her hood before letting it press against her slit, her hand firmly gripping my neck as her body stiffened temporarily.  I moved my finger inside as she moved against my digit.

  “Oh, oui mon ami!” came a voice from downstairs as I shed my remaining clothes.  Both Talia and I looked down to see that everyone was giving all their attention to Michelle.  Martin and Martine were lapping lovingly at her breasts, each with a hand holding them in place as their mouths paid loving attention to each nipple, while Trent bucked away between her legs, the sweat glistening from the fire as his thrusts became more urgent.  He wasn’t going to last long now.

  “Oh, Michelle.  Your pussy is amazing!” Trent said as he started to fuck her with real gusto, the sound of his hips and hers smacking together acting like an echo of the spitting and churning fire.  The four naked folks all caught up in the unbridled pleasure of the moment as Trent sped up once more, his hips pounding into Michelle as he used his knees to maximise his power.  “Oh Chelle!  Oh, God!  Oh yeah!”

  Trent’s body slowed and stiffened as he kept his cock where it was and shot his cum inside Michelle, who wrapped her legs around him and began rubbing herself against him.

  "I can feel eet ...I can feel you feeling me ...Oh, oh, Trent!" Michelle exclaimed as she used her legs to control her movements against him as he stayed inside, her face contorted as she approached her orgasm.  Talia and I watched from above my fingers inside her and her hand milking my dick, our breathing becoming heavier as we both watched the spectacle continue down below as Martin fed his heaving cock to his wife's mouth, her eyes meeting his for a moment before she closed them and wrapped her lips around his tool, lovingly sucking on the end.  Martin looked up and noticed mine and Talia's naked bodies, smiled and waved for us to join them.  Talia looked at and flashed a wicked smile.  For some reason I decided to meekly put up some token resistance.

  "I can't," I began, holding up my left hand with my wedding band on the third finger.  "I'm married".

  Talia just looked at me, brought my hand to her face, took that third finger into her mouth and sucked my wedding ring off, effortlessly, spitting it across the landing and into the shag pile.  

  "Like Hell you are," Talia replied, her words dripping with sex.  "Come on".

  With that she led me down the stairs by my ever-throbbing junk, my body feeling like it was hypnotised as I headed downstairs and joined the four people down there.

  "Look who I found!" Talia stated as we both walked, naked into the front room to a muted cheer from the four people already there. Michelle got up and walked over to me, her hips moving rampantly from side to side as she reached her arms around my neck and began to kiss me. I moaned my approval as both my hands instinctively grabbed at her arse and squeezed.  I kept one eye open and saw Talia reach down to her husband, Trent, who pulled her to the floor on top of his lean, muscled-torso, eliciting a squeal of delight from her, as she fell onto his hard body.  Meanwhile Martine had positioned herself onto Martin's lap and was writhing against him, his chunkier Dad bod proving no barrier for Martine's affections as she kissed him with a devouring mouth as if he looked Brad Pitt rather than a dark-haired Brad Bird.

  "hey, Meester.  Eyes on me, sil vous plait?" said Michelle, drawing my attention back to her.  I drew my left hand from her backside to the front of her body, teasing her nipple between my fingers, as she reached down to my dick and pulled me to the floor.  The other two couples were wrapped up in their own pleasure, moaning and sighing in rapture but as I looked into the diminutive, French brunette's doughy brown eyes I didn't care.  All I wanted was to feel her body pressed against mine and my cock swelling inside her.  

  I grabbed her and pulled her upwards so she was dangling in the air, my hands gripping the tops of her thighs as she wrapped her arms tightly around my neck as our mouths combined, our tongues flicking urgently against each other.  My eyes were closed but I could see an orange swirling light from the fire flash under my lids as I let the sensations of this sexy petite woman's body against mine tingle my senses.  Michelle pulled away, reached down between us and guided my cock so it was pressed next to her entrance, the bulbous head waiting outside like an angry bear wanting to enter his cave for the winter.  Michelle nodded and I lowered her down so my girth filled her.

  "Oh, Oui, Michael!  Tu vas bien?" Michelle asked with a raise of her eyebrows and a playful smirk as I gently moved her up and down my length, my hands gripping her thighs for dear life as I slid her up and down me, using the sweat from her body against my skin to aid in her movement.  

  "Oh, I'm good, Michelle.  I am very fucking good!" I replied as I started to move her more firmly against myself, allowing myself the pleasure of staring into those big mahogany eyes that, for a moment, made me think of Mel, back home in London, on her own, waiting to join me, with only her favourite toys for company.  It didn't stop me from moving Michelle up and down my cock, the feeling was too good for that, but the guilt for a moment caused me to stop and think "What the fuck are you doing, Michael?" before a muffled sound made me turn my head.  

  On the floor Talia was now being pounded furiously by Martin as he held on to the young copper's arse.  At the other end Trent was feeding Talia his rod with her greedily sucking on the end of it as Trent stroked her face affectionately, whilst his own face was contorted in anything but affection as a look of raw lust was plastered upon it as he gazed at his wife.

  "Oh, yeah, suck it, babe.  Suck that cock, you dirty bitch!" Trent stated as Talia let him slip from her mouth for a moment and smile up at him.  Trent bent over and they shared a loving kiss before he leant up and fed his member back into her waiting mouth.  Meanwhile Martine, Michelle's sister was watching whilst strumming her fingers over her clit watching the three lovers go at it.  

  "Talia is beautiful isn't she?" Michelle mentioned as she watched her husband plough into the lithe blonde, her boobs undulating beneath her, powered by Martin's thrusts as she gorged herself on Trent's stiffy.  Martine then switched her gaze over to Michelle and I and seductively walked over to me as I continued to move into her sister.

  "Lie down," Martine said to me.  I nodded as my eyes wandered over her slender body with protruding but ample breasts and wide hips.  I lowered us to the floor with Michelle on top, Michelle then turned around so she was in a reverse cowgirl position, moving her body slowly up and down my shaft.  I couldn't see Martine, until I felt her tongue slide up my cock and then swirl around her sister's pussy.

  "Oh my fucking stars!" said I.


  "Oh, ma mot!" exclaimed Michelle.  I could not begin to comprehend what was happening.  The world seemed to be spinning in a delightfully perverse and mesmerising way as I started to pummel Michelle with a little more gusto, my hips moving faster as Martine's mouth pleasured us both, her slopping tongue rising up and down my shaft and onto Michelle's clit.  I looked over as Talia grunted as she sucked hard on Trent's cock, Trent's hand steadying her head whilst Martin started to really move into her from behind, the sweat reflecting on their bodies as the flames covered all three of them in a glistening glow.

  "More, more, more Oh, Non!  No more.  I'm gonna ...OH!  OH! OH!  I'M CUMMING!" Michelle screamed as she held Martine's head in place at her snatch as I let go of all restraint and filled her insides with my seed.  Over by the fire Talia grunted her orgasm through a full mouth as Trent snarled his orgasm into her cheeks and Martin filled her from behind.  My breathing was coming in short stabbing breaths as I laid back on the floor, the rest of the participants in the room doing the same.  I had just cheated on Mel in the most spectacular way possible, but that wasn't the worst part.  

  The worst part was ...I liked it.

End of Part 2

So that's it for now, except to say thank you all so far for taking the time to read this epic opus and if you enjoyed it, give us a like, a comment and check out our profile. Till next time, adieu.

Written by goodafterboob

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