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"Things get better for the sergeant with a surprise and a fantasy"

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Author's Notes

"Part 4 of 8"

So, if you’ve reached this far you’re at the mid-point of the story. I hope you’re enjoying reading it as much as I enjoyed creating this fantasy version of HOT FUZZ.

Day 2

Meet and Greet


  I woke up as my alarm beeped me awake. I reached out and knocked it off and lay back in bed, looking at the ceiling. I wondered if I dreamed-up last night's activities, whether the six-person orgy I partook in was nothing more than a lewd fantasy due to the explicit imagery I had been bombarded with over the previous 24 hours. It would have been nice if such a display of unfaithfulness had been nothing but a figment of my imagination...but I knew it wasn't. 

  I had fucked Michelle, Martine and Talia over a two hour period as our orgy had reached new and devilish heights of wantonness. I had spit-roasted Michelle with Martin, watching as she ran her tongue up and down the tip of my cock, before Martin bundled himself inside her. While my cock was in her mouth I watched as Talia licked at Martine's pussy as it was rammed by her husband, Trent, with an occasional slip where it dropped from Martine's wet cleft and dropped neatly into Talia's waiting mouth.


  That body looked tight and taut in her police uniform but out of it she was a goddess, her boobs, large enough not to be spaniel's ears and small enough not to be sagging down with age. The blonde minx had wrapped herself around me several times over the course of those hours, and I had not stopped. I felt more alive than I had in years, but at the cost of an enormous amount of guilt now. I checked my phone and there on the screen was a message from Mel.

  "Call me."

  What the fuck was I doing? My stomach felt suddenly cold, like I had just taken the big first turn at the start of a rollercoaster. My breathing was coming in short bursts as I felt panic overcome me. Did Mel know? How had she found it? Was it some kind of psychic wife thing? I had to calm down. I pulled back the sheets to wash the smell of sex off me and there looking back at me was mini-Mike, standing and pointing like an angry dog pulling on a leash. I wondered if I should get rid of him first or get my morning jog out of the way to get the blood pumping elsewhere. I consulted my oldest and wisest friend.

"Should I get rid of my morning wood?" I asked before violently shaking my best bud. His answer was most definite.

  My reply is no.

  Jog on, it is.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

  "Did you have a good night?" Sylvia asked as she bustled about bringing the assorted guests their breakfast.

  "Yes, thanks," I replied, trying to keep a neutral expression on my face. "The Forston Surveillance Organisation meeting was most interesting".


  "The what?" Sylvia asked, her face scrunched up in puzzlement.

  "The FSO meeting. The Forston Surveillance Organisation?" I repeated. This time she thought and nodded before replying.

  "Ah, yes. FSO does spell Forston Surveillance Organisation, doesn't it?" Sylvia responded before moving closer and whispering in my ear.

  "No, I mean did you enjoy yourself when you got back, you naughty boy?" Sylvia asked. My heart and hard-on reacted in the same way as they had this morning with my stomach dropping away and my member starting to solidify as my eyes drew over Sylvia's body as she wearing a flowery dress that clung to her breasts and hips, her long wavy auburn-red hair flowing into the umber dress like she was some kind of autumn nymph.

  I opened my mouth but no words came out as my rod stretched the material of my pants whilst my mind wandered back to Shaun fucking her naked body on the bed, the two young women with them on the bed also, my eyes moving down to her boobs and remembering how dark her areoles were. "Shaun and I watched you from the landing. He fucked me from behind while you were fucking Talia, but don't worry, we wont say anything. I'll go and get your breakfast".

  Sylvia wriggled her arse from side to side as she moved through the tables and guests to get my breakfast, walking away as if to attract the attention of everyone sat eating breakfast. As I watched her pass by the tables I could see the young women, Stephanie and Sara sat gobbling down a full-English. They both looked at me and smiled after the moment we shared the first night, my mind wandering back to Sara lying on the bed with the toy between her legs, her skin shining, her chest reddening, her thighs quivering as her orgasm took hold, Stephanie staring directly at me as Shaun smashed her pussy from behind, his hips slapping against her backside as she savoured every stroke. Would I get a chance to...Oh my God, what was I thinking. I was a married man, married to Mel, Mel who texted me last night for me to call her and...

  "There you go, Sergeant. Cereal, milk, toasted soldiers and an egg just the way you like it, with..." Sylvia said, startling me as I got lost in my own dirty thoughts.

  "Yes, with the top knocked off, thank you," I replied as I started to remove the items from the tray and onto my table, or I was till my phone lit-up. I looked down expecting to see Mel's name but it simply said 'work'.

  "Sergeant Angelo," I stated in my professional voice, before my colleague spoke and said something truly shocking.

  "What? The top knocked-off?"

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

  There on the ground was the head of Clive Clark. This was a most unsettling image but one thing made it even more unnerving. He was smiling. On Clive's torn-off head a big dopey grin was plastered. Like he knew his head was about to be torn off and he was delighted with the outcome. I could see the sign he allegedly hit that had blood beneath it. 

  The car had carried on and hit Farmer Carter's fuel tank and...well, boom. Not a pleasant end for the passenger who was now burnt to a crisp who I would think was Carly Clipper.

  "Soooo!" Sergeant Fuller began before she crept ever closer to me. "What do we think?"

  "I think we need to cover the head from passers-by, get a cordon in place and direct traffic whilst we wait for the forensics team to recover the vehicle and clean up the area," I assessed, instinctively.

  "Just what I was thinking," Sergeant Francine agreed before starting to set things up. As I looked at the scene of the supposed accident a few things struck me. There were no skid marks on the road, the head seemed to be blissfully unaware of the danger about to befall him yet made no attempt to apply the brakes and also the location of the fuel tank and the explosion of the vehicle removing any traces of evidence seemed awfully convenient.

  "What happened, Danielle?" I heard someone ask my buxom colleague.

  "Traffic accident," Danielle replied to Doctor Deborah Diviner as she stopped on her bike to have a nosey.

  "Ooh, nasty that," Deborah said before pedalling on her way.

  "Constable we refer to these incidents as collisions, rather than accidents," I advised.

  "Oh right, then. Ooh, hey! That reminds me. I got a statement from Catherine Carter. She said she saw something about the time of the explosion," Dani informed me, causing me to metaphorically sit up and start making mental connections in my head. Did they force Clive off the road, forced him into the barrier, used the explosion to mask another crime?

  "What did she see?" I questioned as Dani ran down her notes.

  "Er...a white sports car, might have been yellow, or green, or grey, and it might have been a hatchback, not a sports car," Dani began.

  "Was it fleeing the scene?" I continued.

  "Er...she couldn't say," Dani remarked.

  "Could she identify the vehicle?" I asked.

  "Ooh, I got the answer to that," Dani replied excitedly, as she flicked through the pages of her notebook. "".

  "So, someone saw a car...that's it," I summarised feeling any potential leads drop out like a stoner son from college. It was then that Byron Butcher drove past in his white convertible Mercedes.

  "Tragic, tragic, tragic. A sadder tale you wouldn't surmise, of Clive and Carly Clipper's demise," Byron Butcher offered as he slowed to a crawl near me.

  "Mister Butcher, do you mind telling me how you know the names of the victims, please?" I asked as he flashed me his toothy grin, looking everything like a cartoon villain. At that moment he was Dick Dastardly made-flesh.

  "In the digital-age news travels fast!" Byron stated before surging off, the clang of 'the unforgettable fire' blasting out from his car stereo.

  "Here, why do we say collision and not accident?" Danielle queried.

  "Because an accident suggests foul play wasn't involved," Said I as I watched Byron's car roar into the distance.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

  The rest of the day progressed with Danielle and myself called out to meaningless assignments like trying to get the chickens back into the humanist churchyard after a complaint call from Atticus Grammaticus which I assumed was a fake name, but apparently not.

  The Humanist church and churchyard looked like it had seen better days and when I reached there I was greeted by the ever cheery Hugh Huntsman. He was one of those people who was so hard to put an age on. He had a full head of silver hair but still managed to hold onto a very clear, unwrinkled complexion. It tickled me that he was wearing a cardigan and plaid shirt again but just a different one (I wondered just how many of those he had).

  "I am sorry for the chickens getting out and causing havoc on the road," said Hugh, apologising profusely as soon as he saw us arrive.

  "It's all right, Hugh. Need a hand getting them back in?" I asked, already feeling myself warming to the ever-gracious, humanist Pastor. We got the chickens back inside the grounds and quickly helped him make some makeshift repairs to the enclosure which held the chickens.

  "The chickens provide a valuable extra income for the humanist chapel, but they are bastards I'm afraid," chuckled Hugh as he nodded towards the feathered trouble-makers.

  "Looks like the place has seen better days. How do you manage to stay afloat?" I asked out of genuine curiosity.

  "Oh, well the income from the chickens help. I also receive a small amount from the humanist organisation, the Sunday sermons also bring in a little cash and because of the historic nature of the building there's also a sum of money from the local council for the upkeep of the building, although there's a problem with that at the minute," Hugh replied, the cheery smile fading from his lips as he considered that.

  "What is the issue with that then?" said I, curious as to what the problem was.

  "It''s the county council leader Raymond Wright. He's trying to get our funding cut. He's also editor-in-chief of the local newspaper so he has a huge say in the local community," Hugh offered as an answer looking forlornly at the building. The stained glass windows were still intact but the roof of the church looked like it was starting to fall apart and the masonry was clearly crumbling in several areas, particularly at the top of the steeple. It was sad to see as clearly it was a magnificent building just in need of repair.

  "How much would it cost to get it repaired?" Danielle asked as she too stared in wonder at this glorious building.

  "Several thousand at the minute. We're hoping to do some fundraising with the fete we're holding. I assume you will both be here?" Hugh enquired, his kindly voice full of hope. I was reluctant to make a commitment I couldn't keep but Danielle interjected for me.

  "Yeah, we wouldn't miss it for the world, would we?" Danielle interjected, gazing at me full of hope.

  "No...of course not," I replied. "We'd be more than happy to make an appearance.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

  Danielle and I headed back to the station after rounding up the chickens and seeing the rundown state of the old Humanist Chapel. I couldn't help but feel sorry for Hugh Huntsman. He seemed very upset at the prospect of Raymond Wright forcing him out, but I couldn't blame him. I felt forced out of London and knew how jarring that could be. However for the sake of my partner, Danielle, I put that aside as we decided to lunch at the pub, myself on the tonic water and club sandwich and her on a cider and pie.

  "So, what's the most traumatic thing that's ever happened to you as a police officer?" Danielle asked as I pondered on the flaming death and decapitation of Carly and Clive that morning. There was just something not sitting right about it, from Byron Butcher's comments on their demise, the scene of the death, the lack of skid marks, the way the scene felt staged. I didn't know if I was reading too much into it after all my years in the city but two deaths within two days of my arriving in the safest village in the country seemed odd.

  "Erm...I was stabbed in the hand in the line of duty," I replied glibly as I took notes.

  "Fucking hell!" Dani exclaimed. That sounds awesome. I bet it hurt.

  "I couldn't use my left hand for three months and needed extensive physiotherapy. I still need to work on it now," I remarked casually.

  "I theenk your hand is fine," Michelle stated as she lifted my left hand and kissed it, before taking my empty glass from the table. My cheeks inflamed with embarrassment as Dani raised her eyebrows at me. I turned and watched her backside move deliciously from side to side as she returned to the bar and remembered the previous evening with mouth-watering clarity.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

  I moved behind Martine as she wiggled her small but grabbable naked arse in the air and kneel forward, cock in hand to move it deep inside her wet pussy. The French beauty turns to look at me, her dark brunette bob framing her face like a modern day Louise Brookes. She smiles and winks knowing what I'm about to do. I moved forward, my cock pulsing as I fed it into Martine's wet, waiting snatch, sliding slowly inside as she envelopes me inside her hot body. I look up and see that both Talia and Michelle are now with the respective other halves, Talia being pounded furiously by Trent as he powers into her, his eyes and hers locked together, almost like a competition between the chiselled husband and wife.

  "Come on, Trent! Fuck me! Fuck me, Trent!" Talia spat through clenched teeth as he continued to smash his hips into hers, a hot, wet, smacking noise coming from the two of them as they moved together.

  "You, dirty bitch, you fucking love it don't you!" Trent snarled back as he continued to move, now grinding his body against Talia, causing her to let out a low moan as he shifted his weight against hers, his length staying fully inside as he moved his hips against her clit as she gargled in delight.

  "I fucking love it, I fucking love it!" Talia smirked in delight as she lay her head back in bliss to Trent's movements, a dirty laugh echoing from her throat as they moved against each other. "Make me cum, you bastard!"

  Trent then changed his movements so that his legs were off the ground as he slid his long skinny dick inside his sopping wet wife. Meanwhile Martin and Michelle merely kissed as they slowly fucked together with him on top, the contrast between him and Trent being striking as he slowly moved in and out of Michelle, his hips rising slowly as they kissed, her hand moving through Martin's hair as they sighed into each other's mouths as they kissed, Martin's hands holding Michelle by her shoulders, gripping her against him as he savoured the slow sensuous screw.

  I continued to power into Martine from behind, driving moans of joy as she breathlessly watched the two other couples fuck in front of us, before she disengaged herself and led on the ground, legs open, waiting for me to move myself on top of her and take her.

  "Oui, Sergeant! Oui!" she grinned through strained breaths, her body laid out for me to enjoy. I looked down at her, the sweat glistening and shimmering in the firelight. Martine was slight, unlike my Mel, whom one could call statuesque. I could pick Martine up, hold her in the air and slide her up and down my member, but I didn't want that now. I just wanted to ease myself inside her. I moved slowly over her, the flames giving her body a beautiful amber glow as I let my body meet hers, her breasts squishing against my chest, her left arm wrapping around my neck as she reached down with her right hand and moved me inside her welcoming moist pussy.

  Above my head I could hear Martin and Michelle sigh and whimper in slow-fuck delight as Trent and Talia's frenzied approach filled the room with animalistic passion as they grunted and encouraged each other, but my focus was on Martine. The French beauty lay beneath me, her doughy stare full of lust and hunger as I moved inside her, my body moving against hers as her hands and arms reached around my back and hips, like she was some kind of hungry erotic octopus, my body responded as I increased the power of my strokes.

  "Martine, you are beautiful," I said as she moved her mouth to mine and we kissed.

  "Oh, MMMMM! That's it. That's it! Come inside me, Trent! FUCKING FILL ME!" Talia growled through her clenched teeth as her sweat-drenched hubby drilled against her his rod pistoning in and out of his wild wife like he was some kind of machine.

  "I'm gonna fucking fill you, you filthy slut! Oh my FUCKING GOD!" Trent shouted as he stiffened, his eyes going wide his hips no longer moving as he held them against Talia, her athletic body becoming taut beneath him as she felt him fill her with his cum before he moved down to kiss his wife before she breathlessly nuzzled him against her neck, a look of satisfaction smeared over the young officer's cum-stained face. This seemed to trigger the rest of us as Martin and Michelle's passion began to increase. I started to plough into the slight brunette beneath me as her breathing became heavier as we picked up the pace.

  "Oh yeah! Oh yeah, OH NO!" Michelle cried as her legs tightened around Martin's waist as he stopped moving also, their bodies locked together in perfect synch as husband and wife came together before Martin collapsed onto his smiling better half, Michelle looking at me and blowing me a kiss from her position underneath her other half. This left Martine and myself as the last couple standing.

  "Fuck me, Sergeant!" Martine begged as she tightened her gripping thighs around me.

  "With fucking pleasure, ma'am!" I responded as I powered inside her, my cock sluicing inside the slit of this delicious, slight woman who looked as though such actions could break her, but it didn't. I moved so I could see the better part of me move inside her. The light illuminated us perfectly as I drilled into Martine, the light showing her cum stained dark hair and stomach, but I didn't care. I was lost in this lust-filled moment as I increased my pace but with a slight pressure at the end to tip her over the edge. It seemed to work as she held on more ferociously as I slammed my thick rod inside her, my hands now firmly gripping her shoulders for traction as I smashed my hips against hers for dear life.

  "Cum inside me, please," Martine asked as I powered into her insides.

  "Cum in my seester, Mike," Michelle chimed in.

  "Fuck that slut good, sarge!" Talia commanded. I looked away from Martne for a moment to see Talia and Michelle eyeing me with hungry eyes, delighting in my stamina and clearly wanting part of it, Michelle licking her lips as she watched me rail her sister. I could feel Martine's quim start to move around my cock as she moaned beneath me, her breathing quickening as she gazed at me with adoring eyes.

  Make me yours, mon sucre," Martine exhaled as she arched her back beneath me in delight, her nails digging into my waist as she ground herself into me. I reached my peak now myself but I didn't want to come inside her. Some primordial instinct meant I wanted to mark her in some way, so, as I felt my own orgasm move ever closer I removed myself from her wetness and watched in awe as my cock splattered her stomach and breasts with my cum as she lay, exhausted on the floor.

  "That was awesome," Talia stated with an impressed grin as she stared at my still solid tool, the vein running rigid still from the top all the way down the shaft as I stood looking down at the sight before me. A dusky brunette covered in cum, along with two other women, all naked, all with glee-filled, satisfied smiles as I stood over everyone like some horny version of Talos from Jason and the Argonauts. It was then as the sweat on my body cooled that I thought of Mel, that I realised what I'd done and what I had been doing and I thought...

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

  "Are you enjoying the view?"

  "Huh?" I replied to Dani's comment.

  "You. You just spent the last 10 seconds staring at Michelle's arse!" Dani chuckled at my discomfort.

  "I was just thinking of Mel," I lied as I regained my focus on Michelle's jeans-encased buttocks. As I stared she turned, looked right in my direction and winked.

  "Oh-Ho! You're popular today!" Dani giggled as she d nodded back at Michelle.

  "I think we should stick to the business at hand. Clive Clark and Carly Clipper. Did that feel like an accident to you?" I asked my less than intrepid colleague.

  "Could be. Accidents happen all the time, don't they?"

  "Maybe. Maybe not. I need another drink. You want one?" I asked Dani as she smirked at how I seemed to be getting sucked into the enticing world of Forston and its salacious ways.

  "Same, please," Dani asked as I made my way through the lunch-timers and took up position next to a guy who looked like he'd been there all morning. He was a short man, no more than five foot four, in his fifties with salt and pepper hair and a ruddy complexion. He had that look of a man who had found a pound coin and lost a tenner as he hugged his spirit glass. I couldn't help but switch to cop-mode as soon as I saw him.

  "Are you all right, sir?" I asked as he mumbled to himself.

  "I'," he replied after rejecting the opportunity to declare himself fine. "I knew them. Clive and Carly. They were a lovely couple of people".

  My insides flipped over at this, because there was someone here that might have info that could provide clues to show that the two victims of the road-traffic accident might not be accident victims but murder victims.

  "And if you don't mind me asking, how did you know them?" I enquired as gently as possible so as not to have him acknowledge me as a police officer, but see me more as just a regular person.

  "I had come to know them pretty well. They were helping me with a land deal," he said. My mind whirred as I started to put pieces together in my mind. Clive and Carly, land deal, land deal, Hugh Huntsman and the Humanist chapel, Raymond Wright, council and the local paper. These pieces seemed to have some connection but right now I couldn't see it. I was about to ask the gentleman more when I heard a voice behind me shout.

  "Sarge. I'm still thirsty," Dani cooed. I turn and raise a finger before returning back to the gentleman at the bar.

  "This land deal, where exactly is it for?" I ask. The guy looks at me with saddened eyes, just about to speak, but I never got to hear what his next words were.

  "Ello, Sergeant. What would you like?" Martine asked wearing a skirt more appropriate for Summer months that buttoned up the front but was undone to her cleavage revealing no trace of a bra beneath.

  "Yeah, I've been sitting there ages waiting to get a dick inside her," Dani said behind me.

  "I beg your pardon!" I retorted.

  "Oui, yes. Who doesn't like a dick inside her!" Martine enthused whilst staring at me with sparkly eyes. I stood there for a moment looking at the two women in confusion before Martine pointed towards one of the pumps and repeated what it said on the tap. "See. Dickens cider!"

  "Oh, erm, yes. Yes, that...that makes more sense now," I replied before looking back to the seat of the man at the bar only to notice he'd gone. "Shit. I don't suppose either of you know who it was I was just speaking to, do you?"

  "I do. That's Tristan Taylor," Dani remarked. "He's a bitcoin millionaire. Sees himself as a bit of a property developer. Owns that giant building site on Morris Avenue. It's supposed to be a dream house. Looks like a breeze block nightmare".

  "I see," I responded. My mind a-whirring as I considered everything I thought I knew.

  "My Dad says that the house is a deathtrap, and if Taylor wasn't in cahoots with someone from the council the site would have been shut down ages ago," Dani continued, giving me even more food for thought. I stared at the door until I felt I was no longer gazing there hopefully but more like trying to will the guy back into my vicinity.

  I figured at that point it was time for us to leave, without my partner able to get a Dickens Cider ("just my luck" was Dani's reply) but what we did get for our trouble was a call-out to Catherine Carter's farm as she had been involved in an altercation with a neighbour.  Hardly taking down crack houses with Kalashnikovs.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

  "Ms Carter I appreciate that you think that your neighbour is a bell-end but you can't go chopping down his hedgerows," I insisted as firmly as I could while Dani and I basked in the warmth of Catherine Carter's front room. Catherine was wearing a thick green jumper that I would have, if I was still in the city, referred to as a farmer's jumper with its thick pattern and heavy loom. Jeans and wellies made up the rest of her outfit.

  "Those hedgerows belong to me as well. They border our property," Catherine points out with fire in her belly.

  "Yes, but you also cut the rows on his side as well," I offer as a placation.

  "But they were overgrown on both sides and he wasn't doing anything about it!" Catherine retorted. "The bigger they get the more pests settle in there and get into my crops. It doesn't affect him or his cattle but it affects me".

  "All the same in the future if you have any issues please call us and we'll see if we can step in," I say as Dani looks at the pictures on the dresser.

  "Your husband Colin was a good-looking fella, wasn't he?" Dani remarked, out of nowhere. Catherine folded her arms at the mention of her late husband.

  "He was. I still miss spite of how long it's been. Can't believe he was taken in such a terrible accident," Catherine said as a glum look came over her. This seemed like something the entire village knew about except me.

  "If you don't mind me asking, how did he die?" I enquired as she stood there defiantly trying to beat being overtaken by her own grief.

  "He got run over by his combine harvester," Catherine replied. For several seconds the only sounds that could be heard were Catherine's sobs and the ticking of the clock before Danielle brought us all back down to earth.

  "Nasty way to go," said my partner. My mind was spinning at this. So far I'd been here for two days and there seemed to be an unusual amount of fatal accidents going on. Yes this one was two years old but still, how the hell did someone get run over by their own combine harvester? That had to be impossible, right?

  "I'm...sorry for your loss," I stated whilst I tried to work out the dynamics of how that could even be doable when Catherine got-up straightened herself down, fixed a strained smile onto her face before looking at both myself and Dani.

  "Could I interest either of you in a spot of tea?" she asked. I was sorely tempted to say yes. Catherine had an elegance to her that shone through at moments like this. Like genuine class you couldn't necessarily put your finger on what it was, but you recognised it when you saw it. She saw my hesitancy and spoke again. "I'd really appreciate the company. I see the farm hands gets a bit lonely here these day".

  "Well...not much going on is there?" Dani stated.

  "Great, I'll put the kettle on," Catherine smiled, with a quick clap. I stared at Dani as I wanted to be on my way, but she just shrugged and smirked back at me. After a few minutes Catherine came bounding back in with a tray, three tea-cups, with saucers, stacked, a teapot, a sugar pot and a milk jug.

  "I hope this is all right," Catherine said, apologetically.

  ", that's fine," I responded.

  "Milk? Sugar?" Catherine pressed us both.

  "Milk, one for me," Dani responded. Catherine put the necessary in Dani's cup and handed it over with its accompanying saucer.

  "There you go," Catherine said with a smile.

  "Thank you," Dani smiled back, taking the cup from her, but as she did their little fingers touched and did this strange almost entwined dance as they met over the China. Catherine then did the same to my cup, adding the hot liquid, stirring in the milk creating a string cup whose appearance matched her own.

  "Thank you," I stated as she brought the cup and saucer to me, but as she did I also moved towards her, causing the cup to spill on my pants, shirt and the carpet.

  "OH MY! Oh, I'm so sorry!" Catherine exclaimed as she saw the state of my uniform and the stains.


  "No, I'm sorry, I should have let you bring it over," I countered. "What about the carpet? Have you got any Cif or anything to get that out?"

  "I have just the thing," Catherine said, as the tea began to stain the cream coloured carpet and my shirt and pants.

  "That's not too bad, Sarge," Dani sympathised as she looked at my uniform. Sometimes these things happened but it was never nice walking about your beat or being in your car with blood, mud, vomit or worse on your uniform. Catherine re-emerged from the kitchen with a concoction in a tub and began smearing it on the carpet stain, she then went back into the kitchen while the mix sat on the carpet and re-entered with a damp cloth and bent down and began scrubbing, in the space of a minute the stain was gone.

  "I'll be jiggered. How?" I asked, seriously impressed with Catherine's skills.

  "Lemon juice and bicarbonate of soda. Sometimes the old ways are the best," Catherine replied with a smile. "Your shirt might need a clean though. If you take it off I can try and get it out?" I looked around at Dani who just shrugged her shoulders before replying.

  "Nothing going on is there?" she commented. I looked at Catherine who merely gave a shrug and elected to go with the flow even though I also knew that was getting me in ever more trouble. I removed my stab vest and shirt and handed it over, whilst Catherine and Dani ogled the semi-naked me.

  "Hmmm. Nothing wrong with that," Catherine responded as she looked me up and down.

  "I didn't know you worked out?" Dani continued as they both eyed up my torso.

  "Just swimming and aerobics," I said, brushing off their compliments.

  "Dani, are you there?" came a voice from Dani's radio.

  "Yeah, what is it?" Dani asked.

  "Old man Peters wants to report some graffiti on his letterbox," they continued. "Can you and the Sarge go and take a report?"

  "I can't go like this. Is there no-one else who can do this report?" I asked, feeling sick to my stomach for getting caught short in this way.

  "I can take the report if you like?" Dani offered. I looked at Catherine who merely nodded. 

  "Takes pressure off Catherine getting that stain out. Means you can relax a bit".

  "How long would you be?" I pressed, nervously. I didn't want to be here a long time, it being just me and Catherine.

  "I dunno. About twenty minutes there and back innit?" Dani mentioned. Forty minutes. Forty minutes wasn't too bad. Nothing much could happen between the two of us in forty minutes. That was fine.

  "All right, but get straight back," I ordered.

  "Aye-aye, Sarge," Dani said before heading out to deal with this minor issue, leaving just the three of us, myself, Catherine and an awkward silence in the front room. I was standing there in just my trousers, Catherine holding my shirt as we both tried hard not to look at each other before Catherine waved my shirt and said...

  "I'll see what I can do with this."

  "Righto," I replied and watched her leave for the kitchen, my eyes marvelling at her pert but grippable backside. I felt kind of odd just standing there waiting for my shirt, like some kind of hopeless man you see on dumb reality shows like "housework is women's work" who discovers how to use a bottle of washing-up liquid or a mop. So I wandered round the room looking at old photos of Catherine and her late hubby. In some pictures it was the two of them, in others it was them with an old dog, that got younger through time as they did. Looking at these pictures helped my natural suspicion over the two accidents subside a little. Maybe I was just coming from a city background and was overthinking things.

  "It's not shifting so I've put it in the wash. It'll be right when it comes out. Aren't you cold?" Catherine commented on seeing me standing shirtless in the front room.

  "It's pretty hot in here," I said, refuting that statement.

  "Fair enough. However, you're making me feel overdressed in my own house. What do you think I should do about that?" Catherine replied with a smirk.

  "I don't..." I began, then stopped as Catherine removed her jumper revealing a bra-vest top over her cookie-coloured skin. She tossed it on the chair and stood there defiantly, hands in her pockets.

  "I see," I concluded.

  "Now we match. You can relax," Catherine replied with an approachable grin on her face, an invite I accepted as I moved closer to her, closing the gap between us, her grin becoming broader as I moved close. Catherine had a dainty mouth and a cute button mushroom nose above it, her huge froth of frizz above it topping off her face perfectly. She wasn't a classic beauty like my Mel, but she was the kind you wanted to be around.

  "I'm...I'm not sure I want to...relax," I stammered. Catherine stepped closer, her fingers gently moving up my arms as she looked down my body, causing my breaths to come deeper. I mirrored her with my hand touching her shoulder, drawing goosebumps on her delicious skin.

  "I...I want you to know, I'm not like this with everyone," Catherine said, before she gently placed her lips against mine with the merest of pressure, pressure I responded to as I kissed her back, her lips soft and warm and welcoming as I moved my hand from her arm and moved it to her vest top. Her breasts were relatively small being a C cup but they matched her lithe body perfectly. I moved my hands beneath the elasticated band and moved my hands over the skin.

  "HMMMM. It's been so long since I've been touched like this," Catherine exhaled. I felt her hands at my belt, flicking it open and then pulling down my flies as I rolled her nipples between my fingers, they started small but as I nipped and tugged at them they seemed to open up like sunflowers, as they swelled beneath her top. As I moved my hands to her jeans I could see they were sticking out like bullets.

  "Your boobs feel amazing," I said as she fished out my cock and started to pull. Her hand felt incredible as she gripped it firmly and slowly rolled the foreskin back and forward.

  "Mmmm. They're really sensitive," Catherine sighed between kisses. I removed her bra-top, her huge hair exploding outward as the clothing moved over her head, the two of us moving towards the couch.

  "AAAGGHHH!" Catherine screamed as our semi-naked bodies tumbled onto the upholstery in a mash of flesh. As soon as we landed though the kisses switched in intensity as we both sensed that things had moved past the point of two people just teasing and petting, we were horizontal and semi-clad, there was a mutual understanding over where this was going. Catherine reached down and began to pull down my trousers as I yanked at her jeans, both of us coming undone as we got to my shoes and her wellies. We quickly shucked our problematic footwear off and I placed myself on top of her, her shimmering skin that was warm to touch but goose-bumped under my caresses.

  "I want you, Michael," Catherine remarked as she resumed her pulling on my length. I kissed her as my hand went between her thighs and found her moist cleft as I ran my fingers through the hairs of her pronounced mound. Unlike Mel Catherine kept herself grown down there and it was nice feeling a hairy vulva. I hadn't had such an experience since I was in college.

  "I want you, too!" I replied as our kisses became more passionate with our tongues lashing together, our saliva combining as the slick surfaces slid against each other. I used two of my fingers to pry apart Catherine's damp lips and inserted my middle finger inside her, rubbing the rest of my digit against her clit.

  "Ooh, fucking hell! That's nice," Catherine exhaled as I moved my mouth to her nipples. Mel's nipples were pierced, which meant that on adventurous summer days when she wore a vest top and no bra you could see the full outline of her paps and piercings. Catherine's nipples were still whole and those little brown bullets felt delightfully rubbery in between my fingers. I brought my fingers up from her snatch and presented them to her and watched with delight as she took them into her mouth. 'HMMMMM!"

  "If you like that, you'll love this," I said as I slipped my cock head inside her opening.

  "OOOOOH! You're not wrong there!" Catherine remarked as she arched her back at my intrusion, our eyes focussed on each other as I pushed myself ever so gently inside her, her eyes going wide as her body yielded to my thickness. We kissed as I started to slowly move my hips, my cock savouring the sensation of this new pussy wrapping round me, this delicious wet snatch grasping on my wood, as the lithe body beneath me moved against my thrusts, the slightest hint of perspiration on her trembling body. "I'm sensing this isn't your first time," Catherine giggled.

  "Shut the fuck up," I chided her as I moved inside her with more purpose. Our bodies were close as Catherine gripped my shoulders and held on, my exertions getting more active as our breathing became heavier and she sighed in pleasure beneath me.

  "Hmmmm. Oh, that's so nice. Oh, God. You've no idea how I've LONGED for this," Catherine moaned as my solid-dick sluiced inside her, her tight snatch gripping me like her hands on my shoulders and her thighs around my waist as she held me in place, tight. I was loving the sensation but wanted to try something else, so I rolled us both onto the floor, me underneath and her on top, with Catherine, screaming, then giggling as we landed naked onto her fluffy rug. Once there she began kissing me as she moved her hips against me, my hands playing with her breasts as I moved against her movements.

  "Your cock feels amazing!" Catherine complimented me as she moved her hips up and down my thick seven inches. I'd never had any complaints but watching Catherine rock against me was making me feel like a much younger man. Her cocoa body moved up and down on my member as her stomach muscles would contract and relax as she moved up and down, her slit trying to milk my stiffy like she was milking a cow, though I doubt she did that this way.

  "Holy fucking Hell, Catherine! Your body is fantastic!" I said as I reached up for those dark nipples and placed my fingers around them. She held my hands in place, a wry smile coming over her lips as she moved her hips up and down. I could feel the tightening of my balls and knew I was not gonna last long.

  "Cum inside me. I want to feel you filling me up!" Catherine said before bending down, planting her lips on mine and sliding her tongue inside my mouth, my hands roving over that lean back, before she moved back up, her body writhing on my tool as she moved her hands through her hair.

  Seeing her like that, this sweet, tragic creature, naked, sliding up and down my solid member, her body glorious as the afternoon sun peered through and sculpted her beautiful shape in light was all it took to trigger me. I held on to her hips and released everything I had inside her as her walls squeezed tight around me, her legs pushing me against her mound.

  "Holy fucking Hell!" I cried as I came inside her tight, taut body. Catherine looked down at me and laughed, satisfied with her efforts to get me off. Catherine leant back down and kissed me some more. I rolled her over, eliciting a squeal from her, my cock still throbbing and solid inside her, and I began to move my hips again with purpose, Catherine's eyes widening in delight and surprise.

  "Let me show you my greatest trick!" said I, as I started to fuck her with real gusto, as her hands reached round to hold on to my muscled back as I ploughed into her with venomous determination.

  "How...are you...FUCK...managing to...OH, HMMM...keep going...OH FUCK that?!" Catherine asked as her face seemed to explode in delight, her fingers gripping the muscles in my back as my hips rocked against hers. I felt her left leg tremble against me as her insides convulsed around my solid thickness, her head lolling back losing her features in that delicious mane of hair. "HOLY FUCKING FUCK!" Catherine yelled as her body then relaxed under a crescendo of deep breaths which turned into sobs. "I'm sorry. It's been so long since I was so vulnerable in front of someone," Catherine sobbed through laboured breaths, her love tunnel still pulsing around my cock. I led on top of the beautiful farmer and kissed her tenderly, she wrapped her arms around me as our lips moved softly against each other as we basked in the glow of our intimate endeavours.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

  By the time Dani came back an hour and a half had passed and Catherine and I had already taken a shower together and got dressed. It all looked very civil but I could see that Dani recognised something had gone on as we both headed back to log off for the night after an exhaustive day of tackling minor crimes and disputes with little of significant interest to keep my mind active, save Catherine's extraordinary body. I headed back into the police locker room with Dani and we both got out of our work gear and into our civvies.

  "So, did you have a good time at Catherine's?" Danielle asked. I turned and she was standing there without her uniform in just a pair of knickers. What was it with this place?

  "Catherine has a very agreeable personality," I remarked as blankly as I could. I could hear Danielle sniggering at that comment. "How was the vandalism report?"

  "Fine. Just took a report, had a brew whilst he reminisced about his wife and how he missed going to sex parties," Danielle replied, matter-of-factly. The blasé way that people talked about their sexual shenanigans here melted my mind. I came to the village of Forston expecting it to be all genteel, BBC Radio Four and Gardeners Question Time, not licentious escapades and randy residents. We headed back to the station and after the briefest exchange decided to go to the pub for a drink. I needed to take my mind off things.

  I'd been an unfaithful husband several times over, I'd not rang Mel back as asked, my mind was spinning as it remembered the looks of intense pleasure on the faces of Martine and Catherine in particular and all of this in the face of mind-numbing boredom in my new role as a Sergeant.

  These days were already proving to be incredibly challenging.

  We entered the pub and I grabbed a tonic and lemon whilst Danielle had a Dickens Cider. I started to write up the day's clean activities in my notebook.

  "You never switch off do you?" Dani comments.

  "You sound like Mel," I came back with. It's true of course. Mel would tell me all the time that I'd made her second to my work. Was she right? Is that what I had done? I didn't know, but I'd never meant to do that. How could I have let things get like this?

  "Don't get me wrong, it's really impressive, but don't you think there's life for you outside the force?" Dani commented, her face a picture of innocence, even though her comments on threesomes, foursomes and moresomes meant she was anything but that.

  "Service," I corrected her. Police vocabulary guidelines said force was too aggressive.

  "Don't you think there's a service for you outside the force?" Dani corrected herself. I looked up and chuckled.

  "I remember when I was in high school and I had no idea what I wanted to be, then this police recruitment guy came in and started to put scenarios to the class and I aced it, I engaged in debate about the law and what it was and my fantastic knowledge that I had picked up about crime over the years," I began as Dani sat there and listened.

  "He sounds like a great guy," Dani said in response to my story.

  "Actually he was booted off the force for corruption," I corrected her.

  "That's cops for you," Dani remarked, somehow forgetting that this is what we were.

  "But those lessons planted a seed within me, a desire to make things better for my fellow man, to understand the law, apply it right and make it work in the best way possible going forward," I continued, concluding my inspirational speech on why I became a cop. "What about you? Have you always wanted to be a police officer?"

  "Not really, but the choice round here is basically to become a police officer, shop worker or farmer. I don't have green fingers and I didn't fancy working in the local supermarket," Dani said matter-of-factly. "Still, the police here are a good bunch and I get to see my Dad every day. After my mum passed away it made me appreciate him even more".

  "Do you mind if I ask how she passed away?" I queried.

  "Traffic collision," Dani replied.

  "I'm sorry," I apologised. Dani shrugged before noticing something behind me and giggling.

  "Hey, look. It's your best mate," Dani chuckled. I turned behind me to see Tristan Taylor at the bar looking even more sad than he did in the afternoon. He was slumped on the bar, his salt and pepper hair disheveled, his ears were red, his face covered as it rested in his arms, an empty glass in front of him. I had hoped to press him in his property deal with Clive and Carly, try and surmise if their deaths were anything more than just an unfortunate accident, but if I pressed him now all that would come out of him would be wine. "Hey, Tristan!" Dani shouted. The would-be property developer looked up and threw his hand our way as if to warn us off, as he did so he lost his balance and landed flat on the floor.

  "He isn't gonna make it home safely in that state," I remarked as he struggled to get up.

  "Which is funny, considering he's trying to make his own stately home," Dani quipped, bringing another chuckle from me.

  "We can't leave him here like this," I commented as Tristan somehow raised himself back into his seat and retook his position of slumped-man-at-bar. "Come on, let's get this guy home," I suggested and with that we picked up the diminutive, would-be property mogul and walked him the half-an-hour distance back to his house (although virtually carrying him it took us about 45 minutes).

  "Thank you for the lift," Tristan slurred as we stopped at his door.

  "You're welcome, Mister Taylor. Have a safe evening," I remarked as he struggled with his keys for an interminable amount of time, till he eventually made the connection, opened the door and fell into his hallway. We headed back down the enormous drive when I had the fright of my life.



  "What the Hell was that?" I shouted, as Dani looked unfazed. Dani walked over to the cement mixer and drill and switched them off.

  "That was his tools switching on. He's an eco-warrior you see. All this equipment runs off the power-grid and charges overnight," Dani explained. "But Tristan's grid is about as unreliable as his equipment. It's a wonder there's not been a bad accident". We made our way down the rest of the drive and instinctively stopped as we got to the end.

  "Do you wanna go back to the pub now?" Dani asked. When I first met her I regarded her as a bit of a clutz and a fool, but beneath that was a desire to be a good cop and, in truth, she was a decent person.

  "No thanks. I think I'll have a bit of time to myself. Go for a walk," I commented. Dani nodded and we both went separate ways. I walked through the town and round as I wrestled with the imagery in my mind's eye of the collision scene this morning. Was something wrong with it? Did it look staged? What were Clive and Carly doing to crash like that? How weird was it that Catherine's husband had been killed in a traffic collision? Were these the only mysterious deaths from accidents in the town? How come no-one else in the local police service had noticed all this? And the last of the silly questions was how good did Catherine look naked? The list of my philandering’s was growing. I'd always prided myself on being a loyal and caring other half and this place had torn that in two.

  I stopped and looked around. I was back in the main town square. I figured after the last two days of both group sex with Talia, Michelle and Martine, then more leisurely sex with Catherine that I just needed to head back and drift off to a well-earned sleep, tormented by passionate dreams of Martine and Catherine, maybe together, with me sandwiched between the two on a huge four-poster as the rest of the room undulated around me.

  But I didn't get that.

  I reached my room and could see the door ajar.


  Something was up.

  I stopped for a moment, grabbed the door handle and slammed the door open with my most authoritative voice at-the-ready to strike fear into whoever was in there already.

"POLICE! FREE...Mel!" I exclaimed. There was a small travel suitcase and its larger big brother stood on their wheels as Mel sat on the bed staring up at me. She was wearing a thin burnt umber jumper and jeans, her hair back in two long plaits either side of her face. Her long half-calf boots were already off and on the floor. She was a vision, the likes of which I hadn't seen since the first day we met. She looked shocked when I burst in but now seemingly didn't know how to react as my jaw dropped upon seeing her there.

  "Er...surprise," Mel feebly said, the words carrying as much surprise as a deflated balloon. She stood up and moved her arms as if she wanted a hug, but then she lowered them and held her hands in front of herself, almost as a guard. "I thought I'd come up early and see what was happening? Your boss said you were staying here and introduced me to some of the team. I met a woman called Talia. She seemed nice," Mel continued, her face containing a radiance that I hadn't seen for a while, like she was glowing on the inside. As soon as I saw her the guilt I felt from last night started swimming within, but it was also mixing and merging with something else, a rampant, almost unquenchable lust. I stormed over to Mel, moved my hands to her neck and began kissing her with a fury I hadn't felt since our first night together. I closed my eyes and I could tell by her lack of initial response that hers were still open, until I moved my hands to her hips and pulled her against my hardness. It was then I felt her resistance ebb away as she began to respond to me, one arm reaching round my neck and the other round my waist as I rubbed against her.

  "I've missed you so much, sweet," I said between kisses as she sucked my bottom lip into her mouth, gently biting on it.

  "I've missed...this," Mel said as I moved my mouth down to her neck, gently biting the soft tissue, my hands reaching beneath her jumper, moving it up to expose a red bra. The red bra. Back when we were a thing I said to her if ever you want to give me a not so subtle signal that you want some just put on your red underwear. It had been some time since I'd seen it but here it was, a big red indicator that tonight she had the devil in her, and so did I.

  "You've got red on you," I said as I lowered the cup on her right boob and sucked the pierced nipple into my mouth. God I love the feel of that, but I knew I wasn't the only one.

  "Oh, that's...nice," Mel muttered as I bit on the ring hanging there and pulled it between my teeth whilst one hand lowered the cup on the other boob and my other hand deftly flicked her belt open and unbuttoned/unzipped her jeans and then slid beneath her red panties. That feel of my fingers moving over her stubbled pubes felt incredible. This woman who barely looked at me anymore was now wearing red lingerie and shaved for me to take her as only I could. Now her right nipple had swollen in size. I switched to the other one as my finger slipped inside her wetness. She was already getting hot and sticky down there as her hands pulled at my belt, unhooking it and as soon as it slipped open she then pulled my shirt out and grabbed it yanking it over my head. At that I pushed her back onto the bed, watching as she tumbled back, her jumper up, exposing her breasts over her red bra, a look of shocked delight on her face, a look I'd not seen for a long time but I knew I wanted to see more of.

  "These are going!" I stated, dominantly as I grabbed her jeans and with a quick tug pulled them all the way down her long, tanned legs exposing a tiny red thong that matched the bra. I was in heaven right now as I knelt on the bed and ran my hand up her leg, savouring the feel of her flesh as it warmed to my touch. I moved down and started kissing down her thigh, my eyes seeking out hers as I moved further and further between her legs.  By the time I was next to the lacy red material I could see her pussy glistening underneath. I wet my lips in anticipation of tasting her again.

  "I'm looking forward to this," I remarked as I drew my tongue up and down her slit, teasing at her cute pussy lips and engorged clit that she used to feel self-conscious about, before moving my tongue through her fleshy folds to taste her insides.

  "Jesus! I forgot what a...MMMMM...talented tongue you...fucking hell...HAD!" She exclaimed as I slid a finger inside and sucked on her swollen bean. "I want your cock up here!" Mel bellowed. I wasn't going to say no.

  I moved further round the bed so my face was still able to get to her snatch but Mel had access to my inflated staff. As I resumed my efforts with my tongue swirling around her button I felt her hand grasp the other part of me and began to tug.

  "HMMMNNNF!" I moaned into Mel's insides as I felt her tongue circle the end before she began gently sucking on the head as her hand worked the shaft. She hadn't taken me in her mouth in years and now she was working my tool like it was all she ever wanted, her mouth now sucking me all the way in.

  "Holy fuck, Mel! That's new!" I responded as I felt her tongue undulate on the top of my cock. That was a surprising trick. I returned to my admonitions and drew my tongue down over her stubbled pubes and then over her nub, swirling my tongue around before sliding a finger inside her cunt, enjoying the squelchy feel. Mel meanwhile was now purposefully gobbling away at my end, sucking with gusto. It felt like we were competing and I wanted to win. I continued to lick and nibble on her clit while aiming my finger at her G-spot and, with my free hand, aimed a finger at her puckered star, piercing it and sinking an inch or two inside.

  "OH, FUCKING HELL! That's new!" Mel said as took me out of her mouth and just tugged me whilst she breathlessly moaned at my efforts. I licked at Mel's insides, devouring her pussy, relishing her taste, comparing it to Catherine, Michelle, Martine and Talia, who all had been on the end of my tongue, their juices covering my mouth as I suckled on their delicious twats. Mel was moving harder against my mouth with her hips as my cock began to pulse, my balls tightening at the incredible blowjob she was giving as she took one of my balls into her mouth as she jacked me off.

  "Christ, Mel...that's...oh...I've missed....OH!" I exclaimed as I felt myself explode across Mel's mouth and chest.

  "Oh my. You came so hard!" Mel said with a chuckle as she slowed her hand movements. 

  "I could feel you pulsing out so much!"

  I quickly went back to her twat and continued to roll my tongue around the top of her entrance while moving my fingers inside, her wetness now starting to really seap out of her as I continued to finger her arse as well.

  "That's...JEEZ...that's really...OH GOD, YEAH...that's really hitting...MMMM...the spot! Don't stop!" Mel begged as I continued to move my fingers inside her, her hips rolling up and down in response to the waves of pleasure coursing through her. I was now feasting on Mel's cunt like it was my last meal before my walk to the electric chair, letting her juices cover my mouth as I caressed her G-spot and pushed my finger ever further into her backside. "That's it, THAT'S IT, THAT'S IT! FUCK!"

  Mel's body stiffened beneath me as she put her hands in my hair and wrapped her thighs around my head.

  "Oh, oh my sweet lord. Why didn't we do this ages ago?" Mel asked as I moved my body round to kiss her her cum-stained face.

  "I have no idea. I've missed you, Mel," I replied between the sound of our lips mashing together.

  "I've missed you, too," Mel came back with, before wrapping her hand around my meat. "And your truncheon".

  We both laughed at that, my head against her shoulder. It always felt great laughing with her about stuff after sex as the euphoria took over. I'd forgotten how the giddiness and silliness can wash over you afterwards. I moved my head up to look at her, her face, neck and chest showing traces of my love goo. God, she looked beautiful. I wondered at this moment how the two of us had let things slide so badly.

  "It's not been the same without you here," I said as I took in how amazing she looked. Staring at her as her long black hair fanned out against the bed it was like gazing at the face of a goddess.

  "I know," Mel responded. "I've missed you too. I don't think my vibrator seen as much action as the last few days".

  "Really?" I teased as she giggled beneath me. The idea of Mel lead naked on the bed with her favourite toy pressed against her was having an immediate impact on me. "Was I in those fantasies?"

  "Of course!" Mel remarked, appearing awkwardly defensive. I brushed that off and decided to enquire further.

  "Was I any good?" I enquired with a raised eyebrow.

  "You were better tonight," Mel replied, reaching around my neck and kissing me more. 

  "What about you? What are YOUR wildest fantasies?"

  "We don't have to go down that route." I shrugged as I kept kissing her to keep her distracted. "After all, my sordid imagination might put you off me".

  "Oh, no no no! You're hiding something! What is it?!" Mel said with a sardonic smile. "Let me know what's in your head, you big pervert".

  I could feel myself getting uncomfortable at that remark. I was already hiding a lot from her, and Mel started to have an uneasy look on her features. I knew I couldn't look her in the eye and talk about my fantasies, certainly not about me Mel and her friend Jenny in the shower, or any of the other brand new desires that had been swirling around my head over the last couple of days (they had changed so much in that short space of time) but it was then I remembered, I didn't need to look her in the eye. I fished into the drawer next to my bed and pulled out the blindfold."What's that? A mask?" Mel asked, her arms held above head, her naked body a visual treat.

  "No. It's a blindfold. Indulge me?" I asked. She nodded and took it from me. Telling Mel to her face of my twisted desires would be tricky, however telling her blindfolded face to imagine the images as I describe them to her...that would be a little easier. Mel positioned the item on her face and I did that stupid thing where I waved my hand in front of her to check if she can see, before moving my face to hers and starting with a kiss.

  "Hmmmm," Mel sighed as I kissed and nibbled on her ear lobe whilst fishing in the drawer for the personal massager.

  "You sure you want me to indulge you in one of my sordid fantasies?" I ask as my tongue rolled around her lobe.

  "Yes," Mel hissed as my kisses moved to her delicious neck. Over the last few days my brain had been whirring with sexual possibilities and now I got to share one with Mel. I just hoped I didn't freak her out.

  "We're sitting on the sofa, across from another couple on the recliner," I began as I continued to pepper her neck with kisses and nibbles. "We decide to put a film on, what they don't know's a porn film".

  "Oh fuck, yeah," Mel exclaimed as my hands begin to play with her nipples, her eyes in darkness, her mind the stage for my imagery. "Is it XYZ?" Mel asks. I have no idea what XYZ is, and I didn't even know that Mel was into watching porn. I was just thinking that porn is porn and here is Mel with a personal favourites list. I make a mental note to remember that title and press on.

  "Yes. It's XYZ. As we begin to watch we get adventurous. Our eyes remain on the screen but my fingers stroke your thigh, riding up your skirt, exposing your black underwear and stockings to our guests," I began as I slid my hand to her mound's stubbly skin and pressed ever-so-gently on her clit, barely moving my finger, drawing long, subtle breaths from Mel.

  "Is it a couple we know?" Mel asked, her voice trembling.

  "Do you want it to be?" I ask, feeling curious to know if she has someone from our social circle already in mind.

  "Yes," Mel hissed as I circled my finger with slightly more pressure.

  "Very well. The couple you know are squirming in their seats as we watch the porno unfold. Your hands undoing my belt and reaching for my dick," I describe as Mel's hand reaches for me and begins to pull. "Good girl".

  "What's happening now?" Mel asks allowing me to control her narrative.

  "I put my arm around you and pull down your top, exposing your left breast. We kiss and lose ourselves in the moment, our mouths colliding as you play with my dick and I slide my fingers in your snatch. We hear a sound and look up," I continued as Mel moved against my fingers.

  "What's that sound?" Mel moans, as I sought out her g-spot and moved my lips to her ear.

  "The couple, your friends, they're kissing. He has his fingers inside her jeans, his hand moving up and down thorough the material," I whisper in her ear. Mel sighs as that imagery permeates her senses. "She is reaching in his pants to fish out his tool, while my mouth goes to your breast and sucks on the engorged nipple," I said as I lift up her nipple ring, move my teeth past it and suck on the delicious flesh.

  "Oh, God, yeah. We are being so naughty!" Mel breathes as my mouth is feasted on the teat as my fingers slid in and out of her sopping twat.

  "You think that's naughty," I continued as I moved further down the bed. I grabbed her legs and pulled her so she was horizontal across the bed. "I grab you and pull you further off the sofa, and, with your boobs totally exposed to your friends, I move my head between your legs."

  "Oh, yes. Oh, do it...please," Mel asked as I breathed against her thighs and her pussy, my hands spreading her legs and then her inner pink lips so I can look at her gleaming prize. I brushed my lips against it, my tongue slowly sliding from between my lips and giving the merest glances to her tasty insides. "MMMMMM, OOOOH!"

  "I start to taste you as your friend positions herself on the floor in front of her partner's cock," I stated as I begin to move my tongue inside her. This seems to trigger Mel as she arched her back and her fingers dug into the back of my head. I don't know if it's the imagery or my efforts but a huge orgasm overcomes my beautiful wife. It is the first time I have seen her like this for a long time as her nipples point to the ceiling and her head moves into the duvet in delight.

  "STOP, STOP, STOP!" Mel cries, as her orgasm subsides. I move up to the bed beside her and kiss her. She moved her hand as if to remove the mask, but I bat it away, as she keeps reaching for it.

  "Oh, honey," I sweet-talk her. "We're just getting started. Don't you want to know what happens next?"

  For a moment Mel is just lying there, thinking, consulting with the images in her mind's eye before she rapturously replied "yes."

  "I'm between your legs devouring on your pussy, meanwhile your friend is running her fingers around her other half's dick," I weaved as I return to between Mel's thighs, my tongue drawing a long, straight line right up her centre.

  "Is she sucking him off?" Mel asks, her mind racing with imagery.

  "She's sucking on the end like a baby goat on it's mother's teat, trying to milk the Hell out of it," I respond as I use my fingers to prize open her lips and slash my tongue inside her.

  "NNNNNGGGHH! MYLORD!" Mel exhales as I savour her innards. "What's happening now?"

  "Now, she's pulled his pants right down and pulled down her own top and is sliding his wet tool between her tits whilst sucking on him," I commented before returning to Mel's gash and swirling my togue around her tip.

  "GOLLY FUCKING GEE!" Mel cried as her breathing became more intense. I continued my effort on her clit for awhile before returning to stimulate her mind.

  "I pull you up and strip you off as the other couple take our lead. I grab you by the hand and we run upstairs to the bedroom, we can hear them follow too," I stated before continuing to munch away on her fineness, the juices running over my mouth and down my chin, she is so wet. "I lay you on the bed and your friend lies next to you."

  "Naked?" Mel asked as she turns to an imaginary space next to her.

  "Very naked!" I replied, in between licks.  "But it's obvious who the luckier man is, as I move ever closer to you...and slip inside."

  "OH!" Mel exclaims as my dick slid inside her fiery walls, the wetness aiding my journey inside her tightness. I move down so I can whisper in her ear, leaving space for her to look over at the fictional people next to us. "What are they doing?" Mel asked as I moved inside her, my stiff member feeling like iron right now. "Is she sucking his cock?"

  "Yeah, he's kneeling on the bed and she is gobbling his tool right now," I suggested as she looked over at nobody, but clearly visualised someone. "She's really sucking him down right now, her head moving back and forth while he reaches down and plays with her tits".

  "URRGHHH!" Mel gurgled with delight as that picture made its way inside her. I don't know where this sudden appreciation of oral has come from, and I don't care as we start to buck with each other in delicious unison. Mel's chest heaved as another orgasm built up inside her, the sex, the story, her imagination all playing off each other to create this incredible moment. "WHAT NOW?" Mel yelled as all control left her.

  "He's taken his cock out of her mouth and he's cumming on her chest right now, all the while looking at you...the hottest women in the room," I exclaimed as the orgasm rocked Mel's body, her hands gripping the sheets, her legs tight around me the veins in her neck popping as though an electric shock just pulsed through her. I can't hold back any more myself and quickly pulled out and splattered Mel with my semen as I erupt far more than I should considering and plastered Mel's proud, reddened titties and face with more of my cum, her mouth open as I start to burst. I instinctively move closer to her face and manage to get a globful into her awaiting oral hole, before I collapsed on the bad, completely spent as Mel tries to catch her breath.

  "That was incredible!" Mel exclaimed, flabbergasted. Her body completely aflush at my efforts to bring her back to me. "Where the Hell did all that come from?"

  "I guess absence does make the heart grow fonder," I suggested, which was partly true. There was no way I could tell her the real truth, that I was horny as hell due to my new-found colleagues and neighbours ridiculously slutty behaviour and my own lack of will-power in this regard, but there was still a mystery here unsolved. "What about you? Where did all that come from?"

  "I...I don't know. I guess I was just super-horny from...that story you told," Mel said, removing the mask and locking eyes with me. At that moment it was like we were new again, we were saved from ourselves, drowning in lust for each other, swimming in endorphins. Looking back I guess I was a fool to think things would go perfectly well from this point forward. However, in that moment, looking in her eyes I did mean it when I said...

  "I love you, Mel,"

  "Love you, too," Mel stated in stunned wonderment. At that moment I thought I'd done it, that I'd steadied the ship, that we were back on track and I'd gotten away with everything. Little did I know that I wasn't the only one that was carrying secrets that day.

  End of Part 3

So, things are looking up for our cheating sergeant, or are they? What could Part 4 hold? Please feel free to give a like or comment as they make our day.

Written by goodafterboob

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