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I caught Ronnie dogging

"I had longed to be with Ronnie, and after I caught her dogging, we finally got together."

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It was a hot September night and I was at a loss for what to do.  I tried the pub but none of my mates were out and about and my best buddy was away.  I eventually decided to take a ride to one of our local dogging sites.  I had been several times with limited results.  I could have had several blow jobs there, but I’m not into the gay scene, so had always declined their offers.  I had one blow job, by a woman probably in her fifties, but that was the best I had managed to date.  


On arriving I saw a car in the far corner of the carpark with about seven or eight men around it and quickly realised that there was a new dogger amongst us.  I soon joined the men watching a woman sucking a man off through her car window.  A voice inside was giving her encouragement and instructions.  I guessed it was either the woman’s husband or partner.  With that many men there I couldn’t see much and just joined the queue hoping she had enough for all of us.  Slowly, one by one she sucked the men off as instructed by her man.


I was now third in line when I finally got a good look at the woman.  I immediately knew who she was.  It was Veronica (Ronnie) who had sat two desks away from me in primary school.  I was a little shocked, but as she was giving pretty good blow jobs, I wasn’t about to spoil things.  I had my cock out in anticipation of what was to come.


“Get on with it woman you have three left to suck before you can go home, and I can get to the pub,” he grumbled at the woman.  “suck him harder,” he instructed as the man being sucked said he would like it deeper.  I saw Ronnie take a deep breath and plunge her mouth deep on the man’s cock.  The man groaned and I saw cum trickling out her mouth and down her chin.  The man staggered away and I was next after the man now stuffing his cock in Ronnie’s mouth.  I saw Ronnie’s hand grab his balls as she sucked and the man groaned and came quicker than either myself or Ronnie expected and she gagged and coughed as his cum hit the back of her throat.


Without even looking up at me, as the previous man walked away, Ronnie sucked my cock straight into her mouth.  How I wished she had done this fifteen years ago when we were in our mid-teens, instead  of now in our early thirties.  I had always fancied Ronnie even at primary school and then I watched her from afar when we were at secondary school.   It was clear from her technique of using her tongue as she sucked that she had plenty of practice since our school days.  Her man was still grumbling that she was taking up pub time.  Ronnie was giving it her all when I said, “Take it easy Ronnie, I want to enjoy this and not just get drained. “


Ronnie stopped sucking and removed my cock from her mouth and looked up at me with an enquiring look.  She asked what I had said, and when I repeated what I had said, she asked how I knew her name.  It was now that I told her I was Clive.  She looked even more confused until I told her that I had sat near her in primary school.  I wondered if I had just blown things.  Ronnie looked thoughtful for several seconds and then asked had I got a car.  It was a silly question really, as the dogging site is about six miles out of town with no other transport near it, and no way of getting there without a car.


I told Ronnie that I did have a car and she turned to the man and told him he could go, as she pushed me away from her car door, and got out the car.  The man groaned and told her to be home when he got home.  With that he started his engine and drove off.  I had tucked my still stiff cock back away and started to lead Ronnie to my car.  I was parked a little way from their car and as we walked towards my car, another car pulled in next to my car and by the time we got level with his car, the man was out asking for a blow job or if she was willing, a fuck.  Ronnie told him she was finished for the night.  The man asked me, “Get your missus to do one more mate.”  I told him no and we kept walking to my car. 


As soon as we were inside I locked the doors as the man had followed us to my car and was trying the door handle.  I started the engine and started to drive away.  Ronnie told me to go to our old school and park in the carpark at the back of the school.  I must have looked confused.  Ronnie said, “Well, didn’t you want a blow job?”  I told Ronnie I most certainly did and set off in that direction.  Once parked up Ronnie tried her best to suck my cock over the centre console, but it was far too awkward and Ronnie told me to get into the back. 


It was by far the best blow job that I had ever had, and I tried my hardest to slow Ronnie down so I could enjoy every second.  As she sucked me I fondled her tits and when she didn’t rebuke me I lent further over and fingered her pussy through her panties under her skirt.  Then I slip my hand under her panties and slipped fingers into her pussy.   Even after I came, and Ronnie sucked all my cum from my balls and swallowed it, I continued to finger her pussy.  In fact, I fingered Ronnie’s pussy until she came on my fingers.  Both my fingers and her panties were soaked as we both sat back enjoying what we had both just had.   I made sure that Ronnie saw me licking and sucking her juices off my fingers.  She laughed and told me that I had grown into a dirty old man.  I told her she had developed into a dirty slut.  We both sat there laughing at our situation.


Now we had become better acquainted I asked Ronnie how she had got into dogging and did she go regularly.  Ronnie told me that she had discovered at quite a young age that she liked sucking cock.  She added that it stopped most lads from trying to get into her panties.  I laughed and said that it hadn’t worked with me as I had just frigged her even with her panties still on.  She pointed out that I hadn’t tried to fuck her though.  I told her that I had wanted to but didn’t know where the boundaries were.  Ronnie grinned as she told me that she had been going dogging once or twice a month for the last four years, ever since she discovered it and Joe started taking her.    I went on to ask about her husband.


Ronnie flashed the rock on her finger and said it was just for show and to slow men up and that she had never married.  Then she told me that Joe, the man she was with was an uncle.  I must have pulled a face, so she went on to say that her parents caught her sucking a boyfriend off at their house and her father immediately kicked her out the house calling her a dirt slut.  I laughed and said he was right.  Ronnie said he might be, but fathers aren’t supposed to call their daughters sluts.  She did add that the man she was sucking, her boyfriend at the time, was almost old enough to be her father.  We both burst out laughing.  Ronnie continued by telling me that Joe was her father’s step brother and when she was kicked out he took her in.


All this time I was stroking Ronnie’s pussy for her and she was now stroking my cock which was showing early signs of recovering.  Ronnie was quick to put it back into her mouth to get me hard.  As soon as it was hard enough I stopped Ronnie from sucking me right off and told her I wanted to fuck her.  Ronnie quickly untangled herself from me and took her own panties off and then tried to lay down for me to mount her.  I soon discovered that my car was too small for that, and we ended up getting out the car and I fucked Ronnie from behind over the car bonnet.  All the time we were fucking Ronnie was trying to stifle moans and groans.  I managed to last a long time and took Ronnie through two orgasms before I finally came in her.


After a rest we both got dressed and then Ronnie panicked and said that she had to get home.  On the trip she told me that Joe would lock the house when he got back from the pub and if she wasn’t in she would be locked out all night.  On arriving at the house, we were too late and Ronnie was already locked out.  I told her that she could stay at mine to which Ronnie said,  “If you got a house why the fuck did we try fucking in the car?”  I pointed out that she hadn’t asked where I lived and just told me to drive to the school. 


Well, Ronnie not only spent the night with me, but ended up moving in permanently.  Joe no longer takes Ronnie dogging, I do.  About once a month we go to one of the three dogging sites near us and Ronnie sucks and wanks as many cocks as she wants.  She never allows any of them access to her pussy.  That’s for me when we get home.


I just wished that I had asked Ronnie out all those years ago and saved and enjoyed all those wasted years.  I’m making up for it now.

Written by Clive

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