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My wife wanted to go dogging

"I heard Lottie squeal and a second man had slipped his cock into her pussy right up to his balls"

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My thirty eight year old wife Leticia (Lettie) and I had tried most things.  After getting bored with a Monogamus relationship, and getting caught with my pants down, we decided to try swapping.  That led to us to trying singles, threesomes and even a couple of orgies.  Finally, we found some good people in a swinging group.  It was at one of these swinging meetings that Lettie heard about dogging and wanted to know more about it. She had never heard the term before and sat mesmerised as Judy told Lettie of the last time she went and that she had sucked four or five men when a good looking lad arrived and she allowed him to fuck her.  Afterwards, a second man took advantage and also fucked her and left her with a rather full pussy of cum, which she took home to her husband.   I could see Lettie squirming with excitement.


When we got home, quite exhausted, Lettie wanted to talk and asked me if I had heard about dogging.  I confessed that I had.  Lettie wanted to know had I been and I was honest when I told her that I had been once and just watched.  Lettie said she wanted to go.  I humoured her thinking that in the cold morning light she would either have forgotten about it or had second thoughts.  At least with swapping it is controlled and you have some idea who is turning up, with dogging you have no idea about them.


Well, Lettie hadn’t forgotten, far from it, in fact she seemed even more set on going to a site.  The site I had been to had been shut down by the police so I rang Judy to ask where the best site was.  Judy laughed and said that she thought that Lettie would want to go and suggested that she went with us on our first trip.  I was more than happy to agree as I might get one of Judy’s famous blow jobs or better another crack at her pussy.  Lettie was pleased and quite excited that Judy would go with us.  Then as we got closer to the evening I could tell that she now had reservations and nerves.  If it hadn’t been for Judy turning up at our house I think Lettie would have bottled out.


Judy took one look at Lettie’s clothes and told her she needed to change.  We both looked at her confused until she opened her coat and we saw the blouse and bra she was wearing that thrust her tits up and out and concealed very little.  Judy joked that there was plenty there for the men to spunk on.  Then there was her skirt that was so short you could easily see her crotch.  Judy said that if you wanted a cock then there was little point in having to take trousers or other things off.  Besides she added you don’t want to wear anything you don’t want to get spunk all over.


The pair of them disappeared upstairs and fifteen minutes later they returned and Lettie now looked just as much a slut as Judy did.  As I drove towards the site Judy told Lottie what the rules were.  If you want action you put your interior lights on.  If you want to suck cock then roll a window down.  Don’t get out the car unless you want to get fucked.  Then we were pulling into a carpark and Judy was telling me the best place to park.


There were three other cars and several men hanging around and they all looked our way as we pulled in and stopped. Other men appeared and stood in a group in the middle of the car park.   The men all looked late forties and fifties.  Two had big beer bellies and I doubted that either had seen their cocks in a long time.  Judy asked Lettie if she was ready and did she want to go through with it.  Lettie told me to turn the internal lights on.  Very quickly the men were walking towards our car.  Both Lettie and Judy rolled their windows down.   One of the better looking me went to Judy’s window and she was quickly sucking his cock.  One of the men with a beer belly was stood in front of Lettie and I half expected her to close her window again.


She didn’t but she didn’t suck him.  Instead, she took hold of his short fat little cock and started to wank him off.  Lottie was in the front with me and I had a lovely view of her pussy stretching the material of her panties as she knelt on the seat and leaned out.  Looking behind I had a similar view of Judy’s pussy.  I couldn’t help myself and reached out and stroked both pussies.  I couldn’t see much of the action past them, but I could hear slurping from Judy’s mouth as she sucked the man.  The man with Lettie was groaning and it wasn’t long before he came all down my paintwork.


I couldn’t see who had stepped up to Lettie next but he had to be better as she lent further out the car and started sucking.  My cock was as hard as a rock.  As the girls worked on the men’s cocks I worked on their pussies and pulled their panties to one side.   I had fingers in two hot pussies There was a man at my window asking to come in.  I told him no as I started easing fingers into two very wet pussies.   Judy was soon on her second cock and I didn’t know if she had swallowed the man’s load or if she had spat it out.  The last two men were patiently waiting a turn.  I heard Lettie gag a bit when her man came in her mouth.  She recover enough to swallow at least some of it and then she was on her third cock.  He must have been ok as Lettie was again sucking another strangers cock.


Then Judy was wanking her final man.  I guessed that it was the other fat man.  He asked Judy to suck it and was told that he was lucky that he was getting a wank and to lose five or more stones.  I could hear Lettie giggle even with the cock in her mouth.  Finally, when the girls had finished all the men off, all the men wandered off to their cars and most of them left the carpark.  The girls pushed my hand and fingers away from their juicy pussies and sat back down.  Judy was asking Lettie what she thought about her first time.  Lettie was telling Judy it was ok but there wasn’t one of them that she would have fucked.


As she said that two more cars pulled into the carpark and as our light was still on two men started to make their way to our car.  Judy whispered that it was him, the one she fucked last time.  I couldn’t see either men from where I was but Judy and Lettie was telling each other what they thought.  Lettie agreed that the one Judy had fucked was nice and Judy said that the new one was ok but she wasn’t sure she would want to fuck him.  Then it was too late as both men reached their windows.  Lettie gave a little squeal and then she was on her knees again and sucking for all she was worth.  Judy followed Lettie’s lead and she was also out the window sucking.


I was quickly back to fingering both their pussies as they slurped on these strangers cock.  Then I was stunned as Lottie pushed back on my hand and turned as she undid the car door.  Now I was worried, Lottie had been warned what would happen if she got out the car.  The moment she was out she turned and bent forward and rested her arms and head on the passenger seat.  In less than a second Lettie squealed and then groaned as the stranger slipped his cock into my wife’s pussy.


As I hadn’t seen anyone else around I got out to see who was fucking my wife.  He was definitely the better of the two men.  I decided that I would get in the back as I would have better access to Judy’s pussy and in fact I was quickly licking and sucking it.  The man that Judy was sucking was suddenly groaning and then I could hear Judy swallowing.  Then Judy was pushing me back as she got back in the car.  The next thing Judy was ripping at my trousers and I did what I hadn’t done for a long time.  I was between Judy’s legs and struggling to put my cock in her pussy.  My first fuck in a car in years.  Lettie was now groaning as the man was clearly getting to the right spots.  Then she was making the noises she makes as she comes.


The man didn’t seem to slow up and just kept ploughing away at my wife’s pussy.  Lettie was still moaning as she regained some control and the man was still going strong.  I had decided that it was too uncomfortable, and I wasn’t made to fuck in cars, and I pulled Judy with me outside of the car on the opposite side to Lettie.  Judy assumed a similar position to Lettie, her top in the car resting on the seat.  I was quickly back into Judy’s pussy and enjoying the ride.  I was concentrating on what I was doing and hadn’t noticed what Lettie was doing.


Suddenly Lottie was coming a second time and the man fucking her was going with her.  They both moaned and groaned and then the man was staggering away.  What none of us had seen was one of the first men had returned.  I heard Lottie squeal as he slipped easily into her well lubricated pussy right up to his balls. (She later told me).  Then he proceeded to fuck her.  I had looked up to see what was going on.  It wasn’t one of the fat men, but he was quite a bit older than us.  It was a bit late to tell him no, and you can’t get unfucked if he took it out, so I said nothing and just kept fucking Judy.


I came at much the same time as Judy did and we were soon using baby wipes to clean ourselves up.  As soon as she was ready Judy got back in the car and closed her window.  I got in and turned the light off not wanting to attract any more men for one night.  The man with Lottie was grunting as he came in her.  As he walked away looking smug, I rushed around to Lottie to clean her up and get her in the car again.


On the way back to our house the girls were giggling about what had happened.  Lottie said she didn’t see the second man coming.  Trudy laughed and said that she must have felt it though.  I knew what she meant, she hadn’t seen him lurking hoping to slip in, and slip in he did right up to his balls before Lettie knew what was happening.  Lettie made us laugh when she told us that for an old guy he fucked her pretty good.  Judy wanted to know what Lottie though of the younger lad and Lottie replied that he can have her pussy again as soon as he likes.  We were still laughing as I pulled up on our drive.


The talk on the way home had my cock standing up again and as we got indoors I grabbed Lettie.  She pushed me off telling me to fuck Judy again as she was going for a long hot soak.  Judy was all in favour of that and stripped and lay on the sofa opening her legs wide for me to climb in.  I was naked quickly and between Judy’s legs for the second time that night.  It was a much longer and slower fuck that was made to last.  In fact, we had barely finished when Lottie returned having showered instead.


Lettie and Judy talked about the evening and I was ignored.  It was clear that both of them would be going again and unless I wanted to miss out I was chauffeur.  Lettie said she had learnt a lot from it.  The first being to keep aware of where everyone was so she could control who had access to her pussy.  Secondly she said that age didn’t mean that a man can’t still give a good fucking.  We offered Judy a bed for the night but she said she needed to get home.


Once in bed Lettie told me that she wanted me to be the last man to fuck her that night and any other night we went out.  It took some coaxing but eventually I was hard enough to enjoy my wife’s used pussy.  I went to sleep knowing it was going to be far from our last time dogging.

Written by The driver

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