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Fucked at the gym

"You wanted me to fuck someone else...."

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You always talked about me having sex with another guy, it turns you on.

This guy called Jake kept flirting with me at the gym. I told you everything... You seemed to love it and said you wanted me to have sex with him..


I arrived and parked, I was about 15 mins late, I couldn't get hold of you on messenger and was worried you didn't want me to do it so I waited.

You text and said OK so I went in, dumped my bag in my locker and went in to the bunker.

Jake was there and looked at me through the mirror. He raised his eyebrows and looked at his watch. I smiled and walked over the the weights area. "I'm sorry I'm late I got held up"

"I thought you were going to be a no show, I  thought you'd bottled it" he said.

I shook my head and showed him your message. He answered it and gave me it back. "don't know if I could do it"

I shrugged and picked up my water bottle and spray gun and went to one of the Keiser bikes, adjusted all the seat and reach and set my music up on headphones.

I did 5 tracks of music and could see him looking at me through the reflection in the mirror.

I wiped down the bike and went back to the weights.

"I can see you watching me! It was very distracting! “ I laughed.

"if you don't want to be stared at and pervd over don't wear an outfit like that honey" he said, giving me a grin.

I grabbed a bar and some weights and sat on the next bench across. He offered to spot for me and as I lifted I could see from the position I was in that he had a hard on.

he bent down and whispered

"I wish we were alone, you look amazing laying there like that. Fucking hell"

There were 6 or 7 other people in that area so I knew nothing was going to happen in there.

I went to the punch bag and he came and held it. It didn't move at all! It was like punching concrete 😳

He was starting to make comments about me being on the phone to you a lot.

I put my phone in my pocket and said "OK so what's next?" I was looking up at his face and standing close but not touching. He kissed me really quick and took me by surprise. " go see if there's anyone in the ladies changing room"

As usual it was empty.

I popped my head back out of the door and said "clear"

He pushed me gently backwards and through the door behind us. He pinned me up against the wall and kissed me, he ran his hands over my thighs and round to my bum, he cupped a buttock in each hand and squeezed. "tense your muscles" he said so I tensed and he squeezed harder. The kisses were stronger and more urgent, he groaned into my throat as I tightened my muscles.

"I need to fuck you, christ I need to fuck you"

He pushed me into the shower section and into the last cubicle. I answered your message about a sandwich or something.. I remember saying "just you"

He locked the door and held me up against the right wall

(the middle wall has metal pipes and the shower controls)

He kissed me again and said "put it away.... You're mine for now....."

He ran his finger round the waistband of my SBs and pulled them down to my knees, he'd caught my thong too and pulled that back up, taking time to position it back in place. "God that's sexy" he said.

He pushed my thighs apart with his knee and shoved his hand in between my legs. His hand was hot and really big. His fingers thick and quite forceful.

He ran his whole hand from front to back, pressing upwards and I gasped. He brought his hand forward and slid his finger inside me. Then two, I think it was two, I felt pressure. "you're so tight" he said.  "oh wow"

He pulled down his sweatpants and took my hand, he put it on his cock.

He was rock hard and I held him, moving my hand. He tried to make me cum I think so I faked it. His fingers were rough and it was starting to hurt.

I bent forward and, holding him, licked the end of his cock. He gasped so I sucked him for a few seconds before standing up and leaning back against the wall.

"I need to fuck you" he said. I shook my head, "not in the deal but I want you to cum over my pussy" I opened my legs slightly and pulled him by his hips towards me. I gripped his cock with my thighs and he said "oh god" he thrusted really hard and after a few thrusts he said "oh I'm going to cum" I opened my legs a tiny bit and he slipped forward so the head of his cock was now pressing against my clit, the couple of thrusts felt quite nice, it was hard and warm.  He came really really hard, he grunted and said oh my god. I felt his cum gush over me and down my leg, I felt it soak into my SBs, he leaned against me for a few seconds and whispered in my ear "tell him your pussy is as soft as your mouth, he's a lucky man"

He leaned back and we both pulled up our clothes. My SBs felt cold against my pussy.

I left and checked there was no one in there.

OK I said.

He sneaked out,

I grabbed my stuff and drove to you.

I knew you were waiting...

Written by Jamearebecca14

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