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How Dorithy got into dogging

"The shorter of the two men climbed straight on and slipped his cock into Dorithy's pussy."

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Dorothy and I were just in our fifties and were taking a trip down memory lane.  We married in our late twenties and had a full and varied sex life.  We hadn’t tried swapping, but we made love when and where we fancied.  Our trip took us to a place where I took all the young ladies that I wanted to get into their knickers.  I had shagged Dorothy there on our second date.  It was a nice secluded lane, that came to a dead end, so no through traffic and very few courting couples.  On a few occasions some of the gates to the fields were left unlocked and in dry weather I was a good place to get right off the lane.


It was a nice sunny day and we arrived as the sun got low in the sky.  It was still light enough and warm enough to get out for a bit of fun.  We were soon on our blanket and bonking like we did in our twenties.  We had just finished shagging and rearranged our clothes when two men approached us.  The smaller of the two men said, “Room for a little one?”  I must have looked totally perplexed as the man went on to tell us that it was a dogging site.  I had no idea what that was and said that I didn’t mind people walking their dogs.


“Not that type of dogs,” he told us and then went on to explain the finer points of dogging.  He pointed out that he and his mate had watched us fucking and was hoping for a blowjob at the very least.  The two men were in their thirties and were quite well dressed.  I was about to tell them to fuck off when Dorothy said, “OK but just a blow job.”  I was shocked and stunned that my wife was agreeing to suck two stranger’s cocks.  Before I had a chance to say no, they both had their cocks out and the smaller of the two men stepped up to Dorothy who instantly took his cock in his mouth.


Seeing my wife sucking this stranger had my own cock beginning to rise again.  The other man sat on the corner of our blanket and as Dorothy sucked his mate, he slid a hand under her dress and from Dorothy’s groan was fingering her pussy.  “Fuck me,” the taller one said, “He must have come buckets up there.  Her fanny is drenched.”  Besides the Mmms and Aaahs from Dorothy and the groans from the man being sucked I could now hear squelching as I guessed the man had fingers in Dorothy’s pussy.  Then the short man was groaning loudly as he shot his load in Dorothy’s mouth.  Dorothy has always swallowed and today was no exception.  “The dirty slut swallowed it,” the short man declared.  The taller man asked for a fuck and Dorothy said it was a blow job or nothing.  He reluctantly took his fingers out of Dorothy and stood with his cock hanging out waiting for his blow job.


He didn’t have to wait long before Dorothy had him deep in her mouth.  Unlike his mate he lasted a long time, and my cock was now screaming at me as it pulsed telling me that I needed more attention.  The taller man groaned his pleasure as he unloaded in Dorothy’s mouth and as before she swallowed his load.  The two men were discussing what a sexy slut my wife was as I rolled her onto her front and pulled her panties down.  My cock was out in seconds and then into Dorothy’s pussy and I was fucking away hard and fast, and Dorothy was moaning her pleasure as I ploughed her to a great orgasm and then left another load in her pussy.


It was my fault.  I climbed off and lay next to Dorothy on my front like she was.  What I hadn’t seen was the short man had another erection and straddled Dorothy and slipped his cock straight up Dorothy’s pussy.  Dorothy squealed as she realised that this stranger had just taken liberties and was now deep in her pussy.  It was several seconds before it registered with me that he was fucking my wife.  Well, you cannot get unfucked, so there was little point in telling him to get off Dorothy and take his cock out.  Besides Dorothy was enjoying it from the groans coming from her mouth.


After his blowjob, he was able to last a long while and he humped Dorothy to another climax before he finally came in my wife’s pussy.  I could see the taller man was ready to replace him with his hard cock.  There seemed little point in telling him no as he had been sucked by Dorothy and watched her being fucked twice now.   He glanced in my direction to see that I wasn’t about to stop him, and he was quickly on her and in her.  Dorothy was groaning loudly and gasped that his cock was big.  It wasn’t particularly thick, but it was certainly the longest cock between the three of us, and Dorothy was definitely enjoying it.  Then it was all over as Dorothy yelled she was coming, and then she was shaking all over as she came, and the man groaned and pumped his seed in my wife’s pussy.


Dorothy quickly pulled her soaked panties back up to cover her drenched pussy.  The men put there cocks away and told me that I had a great slut and dogger in my wife.  They told us they were there most Friday and Saturday evenings if we wanted a rematch.  I couldn’t wait to get Dorothy back in the car and her pussy safe from any other predators.  The two men even waved us off.  As soon as we were out of the lane Dorothy blamed me and accused me of knowing what dogging was and had deliberately brought her there to get her shagged.  I assured her that I had never heard of dogging before today and that it was her that said she would suck them off and then just laid there and allowed the smaller man to mount and fuck her.  Dorothy pointed out that I didn’t stop either of them from fucking her.  I had to agree that was true.


During the week Dorothy was pumped up and demanded sex on several occasions.  Whilst I have encouraged her to take the lead when she wanted, it was unusual for us to have sex twice during the week.  Mind, I wasn’t complaining.  I noticed that all week she was fidgety and on Thursday night I asked what was wrong.    Dorothy said there was nothing wrong, but she wondered if the two men would be in the lane on Friday and Saturday.


She was clearly wanting to go again and see what would happen.  I asked her outright if she wanted to go and get fucked again.  Dorothy quickly said yes and would I take her.  That was the start of my wife becoming a dogging slut wife.

Written by Rob

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