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Our introduction to swinging

"An arse was backing up onto my cock and a hand between the legs grabbed my hard cock."

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My wife encouraged me to go to Rita’s house party.  They were always fun, but I was a bit put out the previous time as one of the regulars hit on my wife Lauren and wouldn’t take no for an answer until I strong armed him on his way.  Besides the sore arm he would have in the morning he probably had a hangover to accompany it.  I had often wondered if some of the crowd that attended their parties were swingers as they all seemed to hang around with each other’s wives.  Lauren and I weren’t prudes, but we had never been into that.  In fact, we had never even discussed swinging and swapping.


As usual the wives were hanging off husbands other than their own.  I could see Ben and Geoff chatting to Lauren.  I was with a few other husbands propping up the bar. I needed the toilet and as the ground floor one was in use, I went to the upstairs one.  I was in a queue with two women, Talia and Nicole.  If I was going to cheat on Lauren it would definitely be with someone like Talia, not that I had any intention of cheating.


As we stood in line, I could hear someone in the final stages of orgasm from the noises she was making.  It was coming from the occupied toilet.   The man with her wasn’t doing so bad himself as he had now started grunting as presumably, he was also coming.   I was a few minutes later when Georgie, a cute little blond appeared followed by Mike as they left the toilet.  Mike was married but not to Georgie and she was also married.  As much as I wanted to pee, my cock started to swell knowing what Mike and Georgie had just been up to.  Georgie was another lady I wouldn’t have minded half an hour with.


Nicole was just about to enter the toilet when the lights went out.   It was a wet November night so there was zero light.  I felt a hand grab mine and drag me into the toilet.  I wasn’t sure if it was Nicole or Talia’s hand that had hold of me.  The door closed with a bump, and I heard the lock snap shut.  Then I had a hand trying to get into my trousers.  Whoever it was had dropped to her knees and was past the zip stage and was trying to negotiate my boxers.


My cock had already been slightly bloated, but now as I was being pulled from the boxers, my cock was well on its way to a full erection.  It was at this time that I could hear the sound of someone taking a pee as the urine hit the water in the bowl.  Here I was with my cock now out and being fondled by one woman as the other woman took leak.


Then I coughed as a mouth engulfed the tip of my cock.  Whoever it was made a long loud Mmmmm as she sucked it deeper.  To steady myself I put a hand down onto the head that was sucking me.  She took that as encouragement and sucked harder and deeper.  I tried to work out which of the two it was that was sucking me.  I couldn’t tell from the hair as they both had fairly long curly hair.  I reached for a handful of tits.  They were full and soft, but again both women had a fair pair so again I didn’t know who was sucking me.  


 Then as quickly as the sucking started, it stopped and whoever it was stood up.  There was a rustling sound and then an arse was backing up onto my cock and a hand between the legs grabbed my hard cock and steered it straight to a wet willing pussy that parted easily to impale itself on my cock.


I could hear the owner of the pussy gasp as she pushed herself onto my cock and then she started moving to fuck herself.  I was motionless and still shocked at this new experience for me.  Then I heard the toilet flush and the taps in the sink run some water as the woman peeing was now washing her hands.  Then more rustling as she wiped her hands and then there was movement that I wasn’t sure what it was about.


It was a few more thrusts from the woman on my cock before she pulled away.  There was a fair bit more movement and I was about to put my cock away when a hand touched it.  Then an arse backed onto my cock.  This pussy was a fair bit tighter than the first one.  I liked to think that it was now Talia that was fucking herself on my cock and had the tighter of the two pussies, but I still didn’t know.  Between the two pussies my cock was getting close to its bursting point.  The pussy now fucking me was in a similar position as its owner was groaning as she rocked back and forth on my cock. 


I could hear the second woman now peeing into the bowl as I grabbed the second woman’s hips and started to bang her myself rather than being passive and being fucked by her.   She was now groaning loudly as she came.  I wasn’t far behind her as the second woman flushed the toilet.  It was now that I flushed my balls as I groaned and let fly my cum in the mystery pussy.  I found myself stagger a little as the woman pulled away.  I could hear a little giggling from the two women as there was rustling as they redressed themselves.


I was stood on my own as the lights came back on.  The two women looked a little flush in their faces but otherwise completely normal.  That was unlike me that was stood there with my now wilting cock still hanging out of my boxers.  They didn’t give me time to redress before Talia opened the door and she and Nicole exited the toilet. 


Then I think I went red as Zoe went to step in until she saw me stood there with my cock out.  Zoe pushed the door to and waited outside.  I staggered to the toilet and tried to pee.  It took several minutes before it started to flow and then gave me a similar feeling to that when you come.  I washed my hands and Zoe gave me a knowing smile as I left the toilet for her to use.


I went to find Lauren who was sat on the sofa in the lounge and looking very flushed.  At that point the power went of yet again.  This time the streetlights remained on, so I suggested that it was a good time that Lauren and I left.  As we started the trip home, I felt extremely guilty having allowed two women to use me like that, even if I had enjoyed it.  I went to tell Lauren what had happened, and she started to say something at the same moment.  We had that where I tell Lauren to go first, and she tells me that I should go first.  After settling that Lauren went first.


“I don’t know where to start,” Lauren started.  “I was in the lounge when the lights went out.  I had been chatting to Ben and Geoff, but Geoff had just moved away.  The next thing I knew was someone had a hand in my bra and someone else was on the floor with his hand up my skirt.  I think it was Ben that was playing with my tits and as he did so, he thrust his tongue into my mouth and kissed me long and hard.  I couldn’t pull away or shout or scream as his tongue stopped me. 


Whoever was at my feet had my panties down and was fingering my pussy.  I’m sorry but it actually felt very sexy, and I could feel and orgasm starting to build in me.  Then I had a tongue lapping at my pussy and my clitty.  That’s when I started to come.  I could feel my legs buckling and before I knew it, I was on the floor still being licked out, but now there was now a cock tapping at my mouth wanting to be let in.


I tried to say no but in opening my mouth the cock was in and it was fucking my face.  My head was held so that I couldn’t escape the cock in my mouth.  Then the man between my legs moved away and I thought it was all over, but I was wrong as another tongue was at my pussy and clitty.  I came for a second time just as I had a mouthful of cum spurt into my mouth.  The cock was still in my mouth and if I didn’t want to choke, I had no option but to swallow.  Then the men were gone.  I lay on the floor redressing myself after I found my panties.  I had barely put my tits back away when the lights came back on.  I could see Geoff on the sofa with Carol giving her what looked like a rough fuck.  She looked to be enjoying it.  I made my way to a chair and that was when you came to me,” Lauren told me.


I could see a look of excitement in her eyes and when I asked her what she wanted to do about it she told me to hurry up and get her home and fuck the daylights out of her.  As I raced home as fast as I dared Lauren asked me what had I wanted to say.  I started to tell her what had happened to me with Talia and Nicole.  To my amazement Lauren undid her seat belt and knelt on her seat and bent over the center console taking my cock out and proceeded to suck it.  She laughed when I told her that Zoe had seen me stood there with my cock out and must have guessed what had happened with Talia and Nicole.


By the time we got home my cock was rock hard, and I had taken a feel of Lauren’s pussy.  It was drenched.  We didn’t even make it to the stairs.  I fucked Lauren on the floor in the hall in doggy position.  The next day we discussed whet had happened.  I was in no position to get jealous as I was the one that actually had intercourse.  Lauren only got her tits played with and fingers and tongues in her pussy.  Oh yes, and of course a cock in her mouth and a mouthful of cum that she swallowed.


We agreed that it was probably the most erotic night of out lives.  Lauren told me that she wished that the lights were out longer and that she had got fucked.  I told Lauren that my only regret was not knowing which one I had left my load in and who had the tightest pussy.  We agreed that we had to do something like it again.


About a week later Rita and Bill came round asking what happened to us, as the lights had failed, and the next thing they knew was the lights coming back on for a few minutes and then failing again.  We told Rita that it was at that point that we left while there was still light from the streetlights to find our car.  Rita told us that after the lights came back on it was for around three minutes when the streetlights failed as well.  The lights never came back on again until four o’clock in the morning.  Bill laughed when the lights did finally come back on fully, there was naked bodies all over the place.  Rita added that Bill was one of them and had his nose in Julie’s pussy as some women was trying to revive Bill’s well-worn cock with her mouth.  Bill reminded her that she was laid on top of Sam with his cock still in her pussy.


We told her of what had happened to us and both Rita and Bill looked worried at first that we might be upset and even going to the police.  When we told them how much it had excited us and how much we fucked each other when we got home, they both sighed with relief.  They were even happier when Lauren asked when was the next party.


That was our first introduction to swinging, but definitely not our last.  It was a few parties later when I discovered it was Talia that had the tight pussy and I had come in.  I left another load in her after another great fuck, only this time it was definitely me fucking her and not the other way round.

Written by Pisshard

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