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Caught dogging

"She was bent over hanging onto a tree and a bush as a naked man behind her fucked her pussy"

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Back in the late 90’s my favourite pastime was filming wildlife.  I had several expensive cameras and a good video camera.  I would spend every spare time I could out on the moors or at the sea front filming and photographing any wildlife I could find.  It was during one of these times that as I filmed some Roe Deer that I spotted some movement right across the valley.  Even with my longest range lens I still couldn’t make out what it was so I decided to walk right across the valley.  When I got close I headed for some cover down wind of whatever was causing a bush and tree to move.  I slowly made my way around to try to get a look without scaring off what was causing the movement.


Imagine my surprise when I got a bit further around and caught sight of a man virtually naked.  I moved a little further not wanting to catch his attention and saw a woman holding onto a tree and the bush as a second man also virtually naked banged her pretty roughly from behind.  I’m still not sure why I did it but I placed the video on a short tripod and set it recording while I started to snap away at the couple shagging.  After a few minutes, the second man interrupted the lovers, and he took up the position of fucking the woman as the first man now watched.


I must have recorded a good fifteen minutes of the woman being fucked by one man or the other as they swapped several times.  Then as I moved to get a slightly better angle I caught the tripod and knocked the video over.  I heard my self say, “Sod it.”  The two men heard and were rapidly dressing and trying to run to a carpark I hadn’t spotted before.  The two cars tore out the carpark at high speed.  As my position was clearly given away I stood up and started to examine the video to see if I had damaged it.  Fortunately, other than a scratch it had survived it’s fall.  The woman had managed to put her bra and panties back on but couldn’t get her dress off the branch one of the men had put it on as it was too high for her.


She called out to me asking me to help her.  I walked slowly over to her and as she turned I realised that I knew her.  She was a neighbour a dozen or so doors away from my own house.  She was a quite attractive woman that I though kept to herself.  On seeing who I was, she was totally shocked, and tried to cover herself up with her hands.  I pointed out to her that her efforts were totally pointless as I had already seen her completely naked.  The man that had flicked the dress onto the branch had to be tall as I could only just reach it.  As I handed it to her she saw my cameras and asked what I had seen.  I told her I had not only seen her fucking for around fifteen minutes or so, but had also filmed the action.  She was immediately pleading with me not to show it to anyone especially her husband.


Having put her dress on she started to walk towards the carpark and I followed her.  On getting there she suddenly realised that one of the men was her lift, and he had fled leaving her stranded.  I could see she was annoyed and blamed me for scaring them away.  I pointed out that it wasn’t me that had done anything wrong.    To placate her I suggested that I could give her a lift if she wanted to walk across the valley with me to where my car was.  She didn’t look that happy about it but said yes.  She probably had no other options.


On the walk I asked her what had enticed her to come out so far and allow two men to take turns using her body.  Norma as she told me her name, said it wasn’t only two.  I looked surprised and she said there had been five of them at one point and told me that she had wanted to see what dogging was like.    I must be a dunce as I asked what dogging was and Norma had to explain that it was having sex with strangers.  She went on to say that Alan one of the men, her driver, had met her in a chat room had been talking to her about dogging and after some while talked her into going to see what dogging was like.  Originally she was only going to watch.  Norma said as she was bored and frustrated with her husband, and permanently felling horny, she jumped at the chance only expecting there to be two or three men at the most, and found herself being at the centre of the action, and I had entered the scene nearer the end than the beginning.


Norma said that she was shocked that there was five but decided to enjoy every moment and every inch of all the cocks on offer.  The friend that took her watched until near the end when he also took turns.  Finally, we reached my car and as Norma sat inside and I packed my cameras away in the boot.   Norma was again pleading with me to keep it to myself.  As we started to drive away from the park she started telling me that she had enjoyed the dogging until I spoilt it for her.  I told her that if it was that good she should go again.  Norma was telling me that she would only she doesn’t drive or have a car.   I really don’t know why I said it, but I offered to take her again if she wanted.


Just over a week later we were back at the same carpark and I watched as Norma sucked and fucked with four men.  None of which she had seen or met before.  On the way home she offered me a shag if I wanted one.  I pointed out that although I quite liked watching her getting a good seeing to I wasn’t into sloppy seconds.  Norma said she understood and gave me a blow job.  Norma joked that it would have been more like sloppy fifths had I shagged her.  I dropped her back near her home and Norma asked would I like to take her dogging again.  I told her that I would like that and she said she would let me know when she could get away again.


A few days later a note dropped through my door and it told me that Norma would be free Friday night if I was able to take her and I could pick her up from her house any time after seven p.m.  I arrived at Norma’s door just one minute past seven and to my surprise she invited me in.  Norma had a coat on, and as the door closed, she turned and opened the coat, and she was dressed in just a bra and panties. Norma asked if I wanted a turn before taking her to the carpark.  Just a few moments later we were in her lounge and she was on her back with her panties hanging off one of her ankles as I plunged away at her pussy.  Norma was an exceptionally good fuck.  That might have been because it was at least six months since my last shag.


As we fucked Norma kissed me and stroked my hair as her other hand was on my arse pulling me into herself.   I was pleased with myself at making her come before I finally came in her pussy.  Then Norma was using some tissues to wipe her pussy before pulling her panties back on.  I was tucking my now limp cock back away as Norma asked was I ready to take her dogging.  At the carpark there was already two cars and it wasn’t long before Norma was out of my car and getting fucked again.  The two men automatically assumed that I was Norma’s husband and I didn’t correct them.  That night besides me, Norma fucked another five men, two that she had fucked before and the other three were new and complete strangers.  On the way home Norma again offered me another fuck and again I told her no.  She did however give me another blow job, something I really enjoyed.


This pattern continued for a little over eight months.  A note, me going to her house, us fucking, a trip to the car park were Norma serviced all the men there, a blow job for me, and finally the trip to drop her back home.  This pattern was repeated every couple of weeks over eight months and then it stopped.  The next time I saw Norma was about four months later at a local supermarket.  She looked downtrodden and sad.  I spoke to her and asked why I hadn’t seen her and she told me that her husband had gone through her computer history and found her chatting with the man that took her dogging the first time amongst other chats.  He was asking to see her again.   On her return home her husband beat her up and she was hurt so much it was several weeks before she could go out.  She said she was now very scared of him and she shouldn’t be talking to me in case he found out about us as she didn’t know what he would do to me or her.   He had even threatened to kill her if he ever caught her cheating again.


I went home feeing quite sad for Norma.  No one should be treated like he treated her.  If you have fallen out divorce her, don’t beat her up.  As I sat at home thinking about it, a plan started to come to me.  I had a neighbour that I had fallen out with over a fence that was falling down.  I thought and still believe it was his fence to repair.  But being a police officer, he and his mates stopped me in my car so many times for no reason, and he made it quite clear that unless I replaced the fence it would only get worse.  I knew that most Friday nights he would meet his wife in our local pub and most weeks he turned up with a bunch of flowers for her.


Yes before anyone says it I was extremely bad.  I waited until Norma was out the house to work and dropped a note through his door.  It said that I would meet her at 17:00 in the pub and I would bring her favourite flowers for her.  I knew full well my neighbour would be sat there waiting for his wife with flowers for her.  I made sure that I was at the back of the pub waiting for what might happen.  My neighbour was sat there with his normal bunch of flowers sat on the table waiting for his wife.   I never expected anything to go quite as far as it did.  Just gone five p.m. Norma’s husband all but knocked the pub door off it’s hinges as her came barging through it.  Even I was shocked as he

 was holding what looked like a baseball bat.


He stood and looked around the pub and took one look at my neighbour with his flowers and strode straight to him and proceeded to rain blows down on him with the bat.  I could see the barman reach for the phone and presumably rang the police.  My neighbour was soon on the floor and looking a bloody mess by the time Norma’s husband took his final swing.  He was soon leaving and presumably on his way home.  It was just three minutes before the police and ambulance arrived and my neighbour was being treated for injuries before they whisked him away presumably to hospital. 


The police interviewed everyone still in the pub.  Fortunately, one of the other locals had already given Norma’s husband’s name and address, so all I added was that it seemed unprovoked.  By the time I finished my pint and left the pub there was at least eight police vehicles around Norma’s house and police officers everywhere, some armed.  I went indoor and upstairs and watched from my bedroom.  It wasn’t long before they forced the door and entered.  Just a few minutes later he was dragged out in handcuffs.  It looked like he had resisted and taken a pounding of his own.  The police take hurting one of their own quite seriously.  Another officer came out holding the bat and some clothing in an evidence bag.  That had cooked his goose.


Nearly all the police officers had left by the time Norma got off her bus and walked up the road past my house.  I walked down the road as if I was on my way to the pub.  Norma was told it was a crime scene and until they had finished she couldn’t return to her own house.  I offered Norma a bed at mine if she was unable to get back in that night.  Norma accepted still confused as to why her husband had got himself arrested.  Of course, I didn’t let on that I knew and in fact caused it.  On walking back to my house my neighbours wife was dropped off by a police car. 


I asked what was wrong and the neighbour told us that her husband had been attacked in the pub by some demented man for no reason.  Neither I nor Norma let on who the demented man was.  I asked was her husband ok.  We were told that he had several broken bones and cuts and grazes but was lucky that he had protected his head and would make a full recovery.  I didn’t say it but was thinking that it couldn’t have happened to a worse neighbour, but I was pleased that he would make a full recovery.


Norma stayed with me overnight in the spare room.  The next day which was a Saturday she was allowed back into her own house.  I went and got a replacement front door for her and spent the whole morning fitting it.  The police was still coming and going and kept asking Norma questions, none of which she had the answers to as she had no idea as to why he would have gone to the pub let alone beat up an off duty police officer.  She was told not to expect him home anytime soon.


Norma went to the police station and was told he had been charged with aggravated assault on a police officer and the CPS were considering if they could charge him with attempted murder.    She got to see him for just two minutes and he caused another outburst and was dragged back to a cell before Norma was led out the police station.  He appeared in court just a few days later and was given bail but because of his outburst in the police station at his wife one of his conditions of bail was to be no closer than 500 yards from Norma or the house.


Just twenty minutes after his release he was outside her front door and hammering on it as I had changed the locks when I changed the door, and he couldn’t get in.  The police were called and his bail was revoked and he was held in custody until his court case some seven months later.  During that time, I would see Norma but nothing happened between us and we certainly didn’t go dogging.  On the day of the trial I met Norma at the court house and went in and watched the case, sat next to her.  It took just six hours for him to be found guilty of aggravated assault on a police officers and given eight years in prison.  My neighbour gave evidence and it was clear that he was still shaken from the assault although his visible injuries had healed, but he still wasn’t back at work.


As we left the court house I offered Norma a lift home.  On the drive she told me that she was glad that he was locked up but didn’t want to be on her own that night.  Norma not only stayed at my house that night but also in my bed.  We made love three times.  It was fantastic.   The next day Norma returned home.  Although she would come and have sex with me three or four times a week she wouldn’t stay over.  Then about five weeks after her husband was sentenced Norma asked if I would take her dogging again. 


After a great shag with her, I took her dogging and watched her enjoy three other men.  It quickly went back to being a regular thing again only now she was staying with me afterwards.  This continued for a little over three years when Norma heard that they were looking at her husband being released on license and wanted to know about him returning home.  Norma made it plain that there was no place for him to come back to.  Norma was quite scared when she came to me telling me he might get out soon.  I asked what she wanted to do and Norma said that she would never feel safe with him around her and would move if she could. 


Norma’s house was rented unlike mine that I owned.  I suggested that I sold my house and buy us a house somewhere else.  Norma made it clear that she wouldn’t stop going dogging even if she lived with me. I told her it didn’t matter and I wanted to be with her so that was what we did.  I sold my house and we had moved before he was released from prison.  Norma even changed her job, so he couldn’t find her there.


I now sleep every night with Norma and we make love quite often.  About once a month I take Norma dogging and she sucks and fucks between three and six men before returning back to our house.  I still don’t have sex with her afterwards although I do cuddle with her as she lays next to me with a pussy full of other men’s cum.  Although its a little bit of a strange arrangement I enjoy it almost as much as Norma does.


The other good news was just four months after his release from prison he was in trouble with the police again and was soon returned to prison.  I heard that in trying to track Norma down, he went to my old house and ended up in an argument with the new owners, and when my old neighbour poked his nose in, he set on the police officer again.  I don’t feel sorry for either of them.  But I am happy with Norma and my arrangements.

Written by Simon H.

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