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An introduction to Dogging

"Ruth was up for going to a dogging site to see what happens."

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We had seen that dreadful documentary on TV about dogging.  Up until then neither of us had heard of dogging.  We had enjoyed several years of swapping and partying.  I was a bit surprised when Ruth asked if I’d like to go and see what happens.  I told Ruth I didn’t know where to go.  She quickly said that she had looked on Google and there were three places within twenty-five miles, with two of them just over six miles away.  Still a little stunned but now excited I said yes.


We went to the nearest site only to find three men milling around.  I got out and chatted to one of them who offered me a blow job.  Turned out this site was almost all men with a rare woman like Ruth wanting to watch what the men did, but the women rarely joined in.  He suggested it’s sister site just a mile further up the road saying there was always a few women around there, but most were pretty rough.  Ruth agreed with me that we would go and look for ourselves.


When we pulled in it was all in darkness and although I could just see four other cars there didn’t seem any action.  I was about to leave again when one of the cars put its internal lights on.  Then there were several men making for the car.  Ruth complained that she couldn’t see a damn thing and suggested that I go and take a look.  I hadn’t thought about it but getting out the interior light came on and then slowly dimmed again as I walked away.


When I got close enough, I could see a man and a woman in the car.  The man was a fair bit older than the woman who looked around the forty mark.  She wasn’t bad looking from what I could see of her.   The woman had the man’s cock out and was trying to wank it, but it was far too soft.  Counting me, there was now six men around the car and three had their cocks out and was wanking off to what they were watching.  Then the woman turned and got on her knees so she could lean over the center console and suck on the still limp dick.


The man being sucked slipped his hand between the woman’s legs and started playing in her wet naked pussy.  My own cock by this time was quite hard and I thought about having a wank but decided to get back to my wife.  As I turned, I saw two men stood around my car and both men had their cocks out and were wanking. Ruth had put the interior light on.    As I got closer, I could see that Ruth had her skirt up and panties down to her ankles and was giving her own pussy a damn good rubbing.  One of the men was trying to get her to get out the car, but Ruth was too far gone into pleasuring herself to even answer.  I jumped back into the driver’s seat and Ruth jumped.  I think that she thought for a moment that one of the men had somehow got into the car.  She looked quite relieved that it was me.


I was about to put the key in and drive away, but Ruth asked me to wait until she had come.  Both men stood around the car came before Ruth did.  One of them splashed his load up the passenger window, the dirty bastard.  Ruth having finished, pulled her skirt down and I pulled away.  As we drove, she asked what I had seen, and I told her about the woman wanking and then sucking her man and he was fingering her fanny.  It obviously had Ruth excited again as she had her hand back under her skirt and was groaning to herself.  I was so excited that I drove to a quiet spot I knew, as it was much closer than home.  It was our first fuck in the back seat for many years, but it was much needed relief for both of us, even if it was uncomfortable.


Back home in bed Ruth was telling me what the men wanted her to do.  At first, they wanted to see her tits and she said that got her excited and she just giving them a quick flash of tits.  The one nearest asked to see her pussy she wasn’t sure but with much more pleading she gave them a quick flash of her pussy still hidden in her panties.  They of course, then wanted to see it sans panties.  By this time both of them had their cocks out and were playing with them.  It excited Ruth seeing two stranger’s cocks getting wanked for her benefit.   Ruth said that she got caught up in the excitement and slipped her panties off without them seeing anything and then gave them the quickest flash.  The two men both moaned that it was far to quick, so she gave them a slower flash. 


The nearer one again was pleading with her to play with herself.  Ruth said that even had he not pleaded with her, by then, she was wet and in need of some relief to her tingly pussy as she sometimes calls it.  She told how she slipped a hand under her skirt and was playing with herself.  Of course, both men wanted to watch and was asking to see her play with herself.  She shut her eyes and lifted her skirt and she played away with her pussy.  It was just a few minutes or so and then I jumped back into the car.


What she told me had me as hard as a rock, and Ruth found herself on all fours taking a damn good shagging.  It wasn’t love making it was just hard raw sex.  Not dissimilar to what we had in the car, but far more comfortable.  Afterwards as we lay cuddling, I asked Ruth just how far she would have gone had I not returned when I did.  She was honest and said she really didn’t know as the further she went the more excited she got and that made her agree to going further still.  Ruth asked had I fancied going further with the woman I watched.  I told Ruth that I wouldn’t have minded half an hour with her, but I didn’t fancy an audience.


It had to be three weeks before ruth mentioned the dogging again and asked did I want to go.  I was a bit hesitant due to how far Ruth had gone without me there.  Ruth pointed out that she had been much further at parties and had enjoyed several threesomes and the last one was with two men she had just met.  I pointed out that she had no control over who was watching, where at parties if she didn’t like the look of someone she could just walk away.  Ruth said in some ways that was the bit that was so exciting, a stranger, even if she wouldn’t give him a second look normally, telling her what he wanted and watching her do it. 


I told her that if we went, I wasn’t going to leave her again.  Ruth told me not to be so silly, I wasn’t with her when she would go into a bedroom with one or two men and allow them to do what they wanted with her.  She assured me that she would keep the doors locked if I wanted to go and watch other women, and even join in, she joked.  An hour later we were pulling into the car park again.  Tonight, was a nicer night than the last time that had been cold and damp.  There were far more cars than last time.  We stopped between several other cars, and I turned the lights out.  As I turned in with lights on, I saw men scattering in all directions.  The moment the lights were out the men started to drift back to two cars that turned their interior lights back on again.  Ruth asked did I want to go and look.  She assured me with the doors locked she was perfectly safe even if she flashed and showed her pussy.


A bit apprehensive, but I got out and locked the doors.  The first car had a girl who was barely twenty sucking a man of the same age.  He had a big cock and I’ll admit that I felt inferior to what he had.  The girl had her naked pussy on the passenger window for anyone to look at.    Inferior or what I still ended up with a hard on.  I moved to the other car and saw a woman sat in the passenger seat.  The driver was giving her pussy, that was naked, a good fingering while she sucked one of the men that stuck his cock through the open window.


I was pretty sure this was the woman that I had watched sucking her man the last time I was here.  Only this time she was with a different man.  I found myself getting my cock out and wanking it at the sight in front of me.   I took a few places forward to get a better look just as the man getting sucked groaned and filled the woman’s mouth with cum.  She didn’t bat an eyelid. She kept sucking for a few seconds then broke away and swallowed the load she had just harvested.  As the man staggered away, I felt a hand on my back pushing me forward, “your next mate,” was what a voice told me, and before I could say no the woman had hold of my cock pulling me towards the window and her open mouth.


The sensation of some woman’s mouth that you have never met wrapping itself around your hard cock is out of this world.  She didn’t have to suck to long before she harvested another load, mine.  As I stepped away, another lucky soul was taking the place I just left.  I could see the light on in my car and wondered if Ruth was Ok as I zipped up.   I rushed to see if Ruth was ok.  As I approached Ruth was sat playing with herself with four men watching her.  Only one wasn’t just watching, he was up against the passenger door and Ruth had the window halfway down and was wanking him as she fingered her own pussy. 


I watched the man come all over Ruth’s hand, arm and even some on her naked tits.  She looked a little surprised at just how much cum he threw her way.  The man staggered away, and a second man was thrusting his cock at the window.  There was no hesitation at all as Ruth grabbed the cock and started wanking it.   This second man was like us in his mid-thirties.  He was saying something to Ruth and trying to thrust his cock further forward and into the opening.  I didn’t want to let Ruth know I was watching and wondered just how far she would go.  She held the man at arm’s length and wanked him until he came.  At that point I jumped into the car.  The last two men stayed where they were and wanked watching Ruth as she brought herself off. 


In under five minuets I had pulled into our quiet spot again and Ruth was groaning and steaming up windows as I pounded her pussy.  I think it was the most exciting fuck I had had up until then.  Ruth certainly enjoyed it and the second fuck indoors as we compared our evenings was even better.  Ruth seemed to get just as excited that I got sucked of as I did her telling me how she gave five men a show and wanked three of them.  I had missed seeing one of them.  Then as I fucked her yet again, three in one night and a blow job was unheard of for me, she told me that she had wanted to fuck the last one.  He had asked her for a blow job or more, but she had just about resisted.


I had seen the chap and could see why she might fancy him.  He was pretty fit as my wife would say, and good looking.  I decided that as I had gone further than Ruth that it was only fair that she should have sucked him off.  The next night I was on a late shift.  I turned up to work to find the whole area had a power cut and we were sent home.  My thoughts went straight to the dogging site, and I found myself driving there alone.


I arrived to find just three cars, one was the woman that had given me a blow job and already there was a group of men watching her sucking some man while her partner fingered her pussy.  I decided that if I could, I would like another blow job as she was so good at it.  I stood in line and after two more men I was at the front and getting sucked to a perfect climax.    As I moved away, she turned around and hung her arse out the window.  The next man was straight in there stuffing his cock into her pussy.  For a moment I wondered why I had just got a blow job and not her pussy.  Whatever the reason I stayed and watched.  The moment the man came in her pussy her partner started his engine.  She rolled back around with her feet on the dash showing her spunk filled pussy just before he drove off.


It was now that I saw the man from the previous night that my wife had enjoyed so much.  He started to walk away as the only pussy there that night had just left, and he hadn’t had any of it.  I engaged him in conversation and asked did he go there often.  He told me that everyone called him Hammy and that it was just his fourth time there.  I told him that I saw him get a good hand job the night before.  He said that he had, but he would have much preferred a blow jog or the ultimate of fucking the sexy slut’s pussy.  He described how Ruth had laid back fingering herself and that he wouldn’t have minded a piece of her arse.  I told him that might just be possible.  He asked how come.  I told him that I knew the slut and had enjoyed her pussy many times.  He wanted to know more.  I told him to follow my car.


When I got home the lights were all out, but I could hear the tv in the bedroom.  I led Hammy upstairs and into my bedroom.  At first Ruth grabbed her covers and pulled them up over herself and shrieked.  She went quiet when I told her it was me and I had a visitor that wanted to see her.  Ruth put on the bedside light and as Hammy and I stepped forward she saw who it was and all she said was, “Oh my god it’s him.”  I told Ruth it was and that he was here to finish what she started the previous night.  Ruth just groaned.  Then Hammy was undoing his trousers and taking his cock out.  Ruth looked at me and I just nodded, and she pushed the bedclothes down and pulled her own tits out of her nightie for us to see.


Then Hammy stepped forward and Ruth grabbed his cock and steered it into her mouth.   He told her that the previous night she was playing with herself and could she do it again. Ruth pushed the covers right off herself and lifted her pink nightie and started stroking her pussy.  Hammy told her that last night she had two fingers in there and asked her to do it again.  Ruth groaned and slipped two fingers up her pussy and proceeded to give her pussy a good frigging.  I could see that Hammy had his eyes shut enjoying the blow job.  I found that I was also rock hard watching my wife suck this stranger and finger herself.


 He lasted quite well before he groaned and filled my wife’s mouth with his cum.  Hammy staggered a few yards away.  I should have gone for the pussy, but that blow job looked so good.  My wife happily accepted my cock in her mouth and started sucking again.  Oh, it was good, better than the blow job I got earlier.  I was basically holding Ruth’s head and fucking her brains out through her mouth.   I hadn’t noticed that Hammy had got hard again as he watched me face fuck my wife.  I came and Ruth was swallowing again as I now staggered away.


Then Hammy was there and Ruth squealed as her feet we raised to her chest, and before anyone could object, he was stabbing his cock into Ruth‘s pussy.  Ruth just groaned and groaned, and I was just stunned that she had let him take her just like that, or that I had also let it happen. This lad had stamina and thrust and trust and thrust, hard and fast into my wife’s pussy.  Ruth came long before Hammy did, and after he did, the two of them were laid together gasping for air. 


I did something I had never done before, I went in for a muff dive.  The thought of sucking someone else’s cum from a pussy had never appealed to me, but now here I was doing just that and from my own wife’s pussy.  Ruth was getting excited again and was getting close to coming again.  When she did finally come, the gush of woman cum washed the remaining man’s cum from her pussy into my mouth. 


Hammy had revived from his exertions and was laid watching me eating my wife and his cum.  When I started to sit up, he told me that what he had just had and watched was awesome and he wouldn’t mind some more another night.  I told him we would see about it.  With that he was straightening his clothes and I did the same and let him out the house.  Not before taking his phone number that he insisted I take.


I was quickly back to the bedroom.  Ruth asked what had just happened and why wasn’t I at work.  I told her about the power cut the other side of town and that I had gone to the dogging site.  I even told her that I had been blown by the same woman as before and that she had allowed a man to fuck her through the passenger window.  I then told her that I saw Hammy and invited him to have what he had wanted last night.  I told her a blow job was what I had meant and was stunned that as soon as I had my blow job, he was straight in there and fucking her.  Ruth reminded me that give a man a chance and there’s not much will stop him taking it just as far as he can go.  She told me that he was rather dishy, and he was good at fucking.  I said, “spose you’d like to see him again?”  Ruth giggled, “Not just see him,” she answered.


We cuddled up for the night.  I couldn’t sleep from what I kept remembering about what happened and that I had sucked his cum from my wife’s pussy.  I know I’m not gay or have any leanings that way, so I had no idea why I had done it, but strangely enough I had enjoyed it.  Not the taste particularly, but just the action and pleasure that it gave Ruth.  It was gone four o’clock before I drifted off.  When I woke Ruth had already left for work.  Later I sat on the computer searching about men sucking cum from their wives’ pussies.  I was astounded just how many results I found, and how many video clips there were.  I particularly liked an amateur site where couples had been filmed letting another man fuck the wife and come in her, and then the man cleaning her out with his tongue. 


When Ruth got home, I told her what I had been looking at and she informed me it wasn’t just husbands.   When she had been in threesomes, sometimes the second man would suck her clean before he took a turn to fuck her.  It had me rock hard, but I couldn’t do much about it as it was time I went to work.  With a quick kiss I was quickly on my way.


It was a hard shift as we were trying to make up ground for a lost nights production from the previous night.  The shift ended at two in the morning and by two twenty I was creeping up the stairs ready to just fall into bed and catch up on my sleep.  To my amazement Ruth was wide awake and laid in a very unladylike manor with her legs splayed wide apart, and yes there was spunk on and in her pussy.  “You had better clean it up big boy,” she told me.  All thoughts of sleep had gone.  Thoughts of who’s spunk was it in my wife and how did it come to get there where rattling around my head as I almost dived into her pussy.  Ruth’s hands held my head and almost rubbed me around her slippery gash like a flannel as I licked her out.   It didn’t take a lot for Ruth to start coming and I again got flooded with a mixture of juices.


I was by this time rock hard, and Ruth just lay there as I climbed on and pumped away and eventually replaced the cum with that of my own. I collapsed and was shortly asleep.  Next morning was Saturday and awoke to see Ruth still sleeping.  Thoughts of last night still needed answering, but the hard cock I woke with needed attention beforehand.  I snuggled into Ruth in the spoon position and my cock quickly found her pussy and slipped in.  Ruth parted her legs and put a hand back to stroke my balls as they and my cock worked away on her pussy.  I had a hand over Ruth and inside her nighty stroking her tits.  It was a long slow loving fuck, unlike some of the raw sex that we had recently.  What a fabulous way to start a weekend.


While Ruth went off for a shower I went and made us some breakfast and returned to bed with her to consume it.  Afterwards we were laid kissing and stroking, something we hadn’t done for some while.  I made a mental note we should do this more often.  As we lay there, I asked her who’s cum had I licked from her pussy that night.  Ruth asked, “Did it really matter?”  I admitted that it didn’t, but I really would like to know.  She reminded me that I had written Hammy’s phone number down and left it on the kitchen table.  She said that she decided that if Hammy was up for it she would allow him to come over again and leave me his come for me, when I got home.


Hammy was definitely up for it and arrived earlier than Ruth had told him and had fucked her twice before leaving just five minutes before I arrived home.  He had offered to donate sperm anytime Ruth wanted it.  I told her I bet he would the randy sod.  She told me that between fucks they had talked, and he had a fantasy that he hoped that she could help him with.  I asked what it was and was told that she had agreed to do it and I would find out the following Friday night.  The only hint I got was it was centered on the dogging site.


Ruth teased me all week and I wasn’t sure if I should be pleased and happy or scared of what Hammy had planned for my wife.  On Friday when I got home from work to find Hammy was already in my house and Ruth was dressed like a tart and telling me she was ready to go out and to hurry up and change.  I quickly changed and when I came back downstairs, they were both sat on the sofa waiting.  Ruth’s skirt was so short I could almost see her panties.  Her blouse was an old one she didn’t wear as it was too tight for her.  I don’t think she could do the top three buttons up even if she wanted, and there was more tit flesh out of the blouse than in it, and what was in it was almost visible anyway as she clearly wasn’t wearing a bra.


I was told to go to my car and unlock and open the back doors and then get in the driver’s seat and start the engine.  I did as directed, and both Ruth and Hammy spilled out the front door and dived in the back of the car and ducked down so neighbors couldn’t see them.  I was quickly driving down the road and heading for the dogging site.  My cock was really hard, and my heart was pumping hard in my chest, and I could hear my own heart in my ears and head.  A few roads away both Hammy and Ruth sat up and Hammy said when we got there to get out the car and mingle with whoever was already there. 


There were about six cars already there.   Men already around two of the cars and as instructed I joined the men.  I kept glancing over my shoulder at my own car just preying that Hammy didn’t get my wife out of the car.  Then the interior light came on in my car and my heart beat even harder.  I was relieved that nobody got out my car.  Several men were gravitating towards my car, and I followed.  I was shocked to see that Ruth now had the top half of her body hanging out the window.  I heard one of the men that was already at my car shout she’s getting licked out.


As I go close enough, I could see that Ruth was on her knees on the back seat with her head and tits out the window and Hammy was up behind my wife, also kneeling, and licking away at my wife’s pussy.  I heard another voice say, “I wouldn’t mind a piece of that.”  I wasn’t sure what piece he wanted but could guess.  There were now four other men around my car and were goading each other on to get closer.  Ruth suddenly reached out to the nearest man and grabbed his already naked cock.  She stroked it a few times and then pulled the man closer by his cock and sucked it straight into her mouth. 


“This sluts up for it,” one of the men exclaimed.  “I’ll give it to her,” another added.  Ruth was doing a good job on this stranger’s cock as he was groaning and not far from coming.  Ruth did at least take it out her mouth just as he came, and it sprayed all over her face and down the valley between her tits.  The blouse looked soaked already.  The bloke undid more buttons to allow Ruth’s tits to spill right out and hang there with his cum on them.  Then he was quickly pushed out the way and the next cock was pushed at Ruth’s mouth.  There was no hesitation as she grasped it and steered it straight into her mouth.


My wife had suddenly become a true dogging slut.  The group around our car had increased and was now a crowd of around ten blokes all wanting to see if they could get their cocks in my wife’s mouth. The woman and her man that had been in their car had also joined our crowd.  It was the woman that had given me the blow job and then been fucked.  Out of her car she was shorter than I thought but she had a nice figure and looked pretty hot.  Her man was behind her and fingering her pussy under her skirt.  I wasn’t sure where to look first, either my wife or the woman getting a good fingering.


The groans from the man being sucked by my wife had gripped my attention just in time to see Ruth take his cock out her mouth and wank him the last few strokes to coming.  Most of his cum missed my wife’s face and landed on her tits.  Ruth was rubbing the cum into her tits with one hand as she grabbed at a third cock.  My attention was diverted back to the other woman as she made a quiet groan to herself.  I noticed that it was a different man stood behind her fingering her pussy and the original man was now in the queue waiting to get to Ruth.  The woman groaned again and suddenly there was another change of man fingering her pussy, only this man wanted more than fingers in her pussy and was trying to slip his cock in her pussy.  She didn’t make it easy for him as she could have bent forward a little and pushed her arse back, but she didn’t, she just stood there still and fully upright.


Then I think he must have succeeded as she gasped and suddenly bent forward a little.  The man was like a dog locked onto her and his arse waggling as he fucked her.  It was his turn to groan and as he pulled away a glob of come dropped to the floor.  The man next to me took quick advantage of her empty pussy and was in her before she had time to take another breath.  He was taking his time with long slow strokes.


I took the time to look back to Ruth who was now on her third or was it fourth cock that she was sucking.  Hammy was no longer sucking her pussy and was on top of her and also taking long slow strokes, but in my wife’s pussy.  The woman being fucked next to me reached out and took hold of my cock.  I really didn’t want another blow job, I wanted to fuck her sexy arse just like my wife was getting from Hammy.


Luckily for me the man fucking her had sped up and was groaning.  Then he was jerking at her as presumably he was leaving his calling card in her.  Then he sort of slumped forward and then pulled away.  I wasn’t going to miss my chance and moved behind the woman and pushed her slightly further forward and slipped straight in balls deep with little effort.  I was hoping to last a long time, but once I was in, she clamped down on my cock with her pussy muscles as I started to bang away at her.  Sadly, it ended all to quickly as I came deep in her pussy.  The woman didn’t seem to mind as I was quickly replaced with another stiff cock.


Having done what I had wanted, I lost interest in the woman and my attention was back with Ruth.  She was groaning on the cock she was sucking and Hammy was in the final thrusts from what I could see.  Ruth had to take the cock from her mouth as she and Hammy both came together.  Then as Hammy slumped back on the seat Ruth returned to her task of sucking the cock in front of her.  The man’s excitement spilled out of Ruth’s mouth and down her tits as he came.  There was just one more cock for Ruth as the rest of the men were now lined up for the woman’s pussy for a fuck.  I just preyed that Ruth didn’t offer her pussy to attract the men back.  Hammy was obviously back in control of himself as he waved at me to join him.


I was very reluctant to pop the central locking as I feared Ruth would end up out the car being used by anyone that could get hard again.  Hammy and I managed to change places and I quickly relocked the car with me inside and Hammy now outside.  Sat in the back seat to my immediate right was my wife’s arse and pussy, and there was Hammy’s load beginning to trickle out of Ruth’s pussy.  I couldn’t help it I just had to lick it and suck it clean again.


Ruth was soon panting and groaning around the cock in her moth as my tongue worked hard on her pussy.  Then the man she was sucking was groaning.  I didn’t know it at that time, but Ruth saved all his cum in her mouth and then swallowed the load as I licked and brought her to the verge of another orgasm.  As the man moved away Ruth groaned her way through her climax.  As she recovered, she pulled away from me and got fully back into the car and sat next to me. 


She was in one hell of a mess, she was plastered with cum on her face, in her hair and especially down her tits.  She wanted me to lick all of it clean, but that was a step to far for me and I offered her the only thing I had which was a handkerchief.  It hardly made a dent before it was as sticky and slimy as she was.  Most of the audience and participants had now dispersed.  I could hear the other woman but not see her.  I got out the car wondering what had happened to Hammy.


The other woman was what had happened, and the two of them were on the floor locked together in the final throws of fucking.  The woman’s original partner was waiting, less than patiently, for hammy to hurry and finish with what I thought was his wife.  Almost as soon as Hammy had come the man was trying to get the woman up.  Hammy had other ideas and was talking to the woman.  Another man moved in obviously wanting a piece of the woman.  Her partner was pushing him away.  Then Hammy returned to our car and said he was ready to go home.  The last man was quickly leaving the car park.  The woman was asking her partner to get some wet wipes from their car.  He returned with a packet, and she was wiping her sloppy fanny and some spunk from her face.


I asked could she help my wife by giving her some wipes.  After unlocking the car, the two women were sat in my back seat using wipes to clean themselves up.  We three men were pacing up and down like expectant fathers.  The women had long since finished the wipe up and were talking, presumably discussing what had happened.  The woman’s man got inpatient and shouted for her to get her arse into gear.  I thought she already had with six or seven different men.  She jumped out of my car and walked with him to their car.  They were quickly pulling out the carpark.


Hammy got back into the back of my car with Ruth and I got into the driver’s seat.  On the way home I could hear giggling and squelching sounds.  It was far to dark to see into the back now the interior light was out, but I had a pretty good idea that Hammy was playing with Ruth’s pussy again.  I was hoping that back home he would sod off home, but Ruth went and invited him in.  I had wanted a passionate session with Ruth if she was ready for more.  She was but with her guests cock first and after I cleaned her fanny out, I finally got that passionate fuck with her.


I woke in the morning to find there was still three of us in bed and Ruth was sucking Hammy’s cock.  I was already hard and decided to get in first and as she knelt sucking his cock, I took her pussy from behind with long slow steady thrusts.  I managed to last a long time.  So did Hammy.  As soon as I vacated Ruth’s pussy, he was up on his knees plowing where I had just sowed my seed.  Afterwards as Ruth went for a shower, I suggested to Hammy that it was a good time to fuck off, but using friendlier words.  Hammy dressed and as he left, he said he liked us and would like to see us again.  Ruth was a little disappointed that he had gone when she had dressed and come downstairs.  I told her that Hammy had other things he needed to be doing.


We had a quiet relaxed day after the hectic nights activities.  Neither those nor the morning ones were discussed.  It was Sunday morning after a rather gentle loving fuck that the subject was raised.  I told Ruth I was a bit surprised that she had let herself get used like that.  She pointed out that I was quick enough to fuck Jemma when I got the chance.  Up till then I hadn’t even known her name.  Ruth pointed out that she didn’t do anything she hadn’t done a hundred times before, when we swapped or went to parties, only she had sucked more in one night than she had since her days at Uni.  I wasn’t aware that she had sucked multiple men before.  She added that Hammy was the only other man than me to fuck her and she already knew him.  She added that I didn’t seem to mind licking her clean after Hammy had been there again.


Then she told me of her conversation with Jemma and that she wanted.    A swap with us and Hammy.  I asked about her partner.  I was told he was an old friend that she sometimes allowed to use her when she wanted additional sex.  Jemma told Ruth she had enjoyed her time with Hammy and wanted more.  She especially fancied me licking her used pussy clean.  I conceded that the idea did sound good. Ruth said that like Jemma she definitely wanted more of Hammy and my cocks.


But that’s for another time if Ruth will let me write again.

Written by Nethanial

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