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The wedding

"Husband hears story at wife’s co worker wedding"

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Author's Notes

"This was a crazy night …"

A couple months ago me and the wife went to a wedding of her coworker. My wife is named Joan she’s a trip organizer for her company, she’s out of town 5 or 6 times a year for conferences. Joan looks young for 38 , and her body looks great for having 3 teenagers, she has a little belly, but she still has perky C cup tits that look bigger on her small frame and a nice pump ass and keeps her pussy clean shaven. She has long blonde hair that she always wears in a ponytail. Joan had to leave for the wedding earlier then me, she was in the wedding and I would skipped the wedding son had a game, and I would just head over to the reception. When I got there the bridal party was already seated and the toast were being done, before I went and sat with Joan, I went to the bar area to have a drink. They were handing out cigars, so I got one and lit it and sat down to wait for the speech’s to end. I was the only one in this cigar room, when 2 drunk young guys came into the room. They thought they were talking quietly to each other but you know how that is when your drunk. I gathered they worked at my wife’s job, because they would make commits about everyone that spoke, then it was my wife’s turn, the shorter of the two turned to the other, which one of us is hitting that tonight, the taller one said unfortunately I think her husband is coming so we wouldn’t be .. they both laughed, the shorter one said , bobby told me he hit that on the last trip, told me to tell you everything you said worked. The taller one then said.. yep 2 vodka martini Joan, you give her 2 of those, take her back to her room. Get her on her knees take your dick out, she will suck it like she’s never seen one, have her take her shirt and bra off, play with those tits as she sucks your cock, wait very important you wait til those nipples are hard like rocks and you stand her up, and turn her where she is facing the bed you bend her over and flip her dress over her nice ass, you slowly pull her panties off and you cup your hand and with one hand slowly rub her pussy and the other one slowly and gently feel her tits and pinch her nipples, when you feel her getting wet, slide a finger in moving in and out slowly and then you grab a handful of her hair and one on her hip and start fucking, fucking her slow and she will start to bounce and when she does that you start fucking her hard. When you get close turn her over and cum on her tits she loves that … the shorter one said it works for me every time too .. they both laughed and left.. I had another couple drink trying to process what I heard. I finally meet up with my wife at the table, she went to the bar and came back with a vodka martini, i though I would try that guy’s formula for fucking my wife, after her 2nd one, I lead her back to our room, once inside, I kissed her and guided her to her knees, she already was reaching for my zipper, and pulled it out and she started sucking, I did everything he said, as I fucked her and turned over and was ready to cum on her tits, she said I see you know who told you … she take my dick in her hand and pulled it to her mouth and again asked who told you and she jacked me off as she take my load in her mouth.. after we finished she told me she would tell me everything and how and when it started and why??? Let me know if you want me to continue this story …

Written by Mr Tyson

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