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Doctor knows best

As she rode me, her well developed tits swayed above me.

I had just got out of hospital after a fortnight in there. The length of time was because I lived alone and had nobody to look after me when I left. Whilst in there I had an operation, and the doctors afterwards was telling me that I needed to exercise mo...

Best mates.

My mates huge cock

I hired two prostitutes so Melvin could lose his cherry.

I met Melvin on our very first day at school. At that young age I didn’t realize the issues that Melvin had. Besides being much bigger than kids his own age he was also slow in learning and suffered with narcoleptic fits. It was pretty scary the first tim...


Sex club with a twist

The bastard had Tilly on all fours and was just about to penetrate her pussy.

I met Tilly just a few days after my twenty fourth birthday. It was also just three weeks after my one and only girlfriend had dumped me. I had thought we were mates for life, and then she ups and leaves me. Tilly was completely different from Sarah, she...


Wife tells me she has a lover

Wife's lover wasn't a man, she was seeing another woman

We had just finished dinner and as I went to get up to start clearing up my wife Carla asked me to remain seated as she had something she wanted to talk about. I sat and looked at her. Carla cleared her throat and announced that she was seeing someone. I...


A foggy start to married life.

An accident caught us all cheating and a chance meeting with what would be my wife.

At twenty four, I had been shagging a married woman of thirty for several months. She was able to get away on Thursday nights, so I would meet her at a local pub and take her off to a quiet area I knew. Then we would fuck like rabbits in the back of my va...


To fish or not to fish

fishing holiday that turned into a sex holiday

Tina Wendy My mate and I loaded my Motorhome, Hitched the trailer and stowed all the fishing kit. Then we hit the road. We were off for a three week fishing holiday. We arrived at a place called Burton Bradstock. I had been before and knew quite a few fis...