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Day out leads to dirty talk with toy

"Part one the cause"

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We are both in our 60's but like many others have found our sex life is still fantastic.

This started with a day out at Arundel Castle all very innocent until we started chatting to one of the guides.

She was an American,around 50 called years old called Linda, around a size 16 and around 5ft 10 so taller than louise.

After telling us about the room we were in talk turned to the weather.

While commenting on how changeable it was Linda commented on the t-shirt louise was wearing, sleeveless and low cut, in fact the one she wearing in profile photo.

Linda said louise was brave wearing just a t-shirt when it might rain louise replied she preferred to feel comfortable.

"Well you look lovely" Linda said and to our surprise ran the backs of her fingers down the inside of Louise's left arm the tips of all four fingers very deliberately following the curve of Louise's left breast.

Louise looked at me l looked at her and we both looked at Linda.

"You best be careful to cover up if the sun does come out otherwise that lovely soft skin will burn" Linda said while stroking her arm again, this time with the inside of her hand, her palm very slowly brushing across Louise's left breast and across her nipple which had stiffened in response to the 1st caress and could clearly be seen through her bra and top.

Their eyes meet and Linda leaned forward "nice to meet you hopefully you'll pop back again and see us" with that she turned and walked away, turning as she left the room to wink at us.

We looked at each " wow did she just feel you up" l asked louise.

"Sure felt like it" she replied "by the look of yr nipples you liked it " l said.

Looking down at her tits where both nipples could be seen she added "seems like l did" she said walking towards the exit.

Written by Chasandlouise

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