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An auction find

"She whispered that she wanted the sex toys."

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I was at an auction house and had seen several Lots that took my fancy. The main ones were mixed lots and were packaged up and just listed a few of the items in them. I was after the electrical items in the lots. I had already bid on one lot and lost it, but the main ones I was interested in were next. The auctioneer read out the lot information and at first there was no bids. What the auctioneer reported that there was options on the follow on lots. This meant that whoever was the highest bidder could also buy the following four lots at the same price. I put in a small bid and was instantly out bid by a buyer who I couldn't see. I bid again. Again I was outbid. I really did want this lot and I got into a bidding war with my unseen rival. I reached my self imposed limit with my final bid and waited to be outbid, but it never came. The auctioneer accepted my bid and offered me the following four lots. I had already calculated that the items I had wanted would bring me in a profit so I said yes to all five lots in total. I watched the auction for a while longer, but there wasn't anything else that took my fancy so I decided to go and pay for my lots and start loading up my van. Having paid I was pushing one of the lots on the pallet to my van and the fork lift driver lifted it in and was doing the same with the second Pallet when a woman came up and started to talk to me. "So it was you that outbid me," she informed me. I looked her up and down. She was a damn fine looking woman in her mid thirties. I told her that it looked as if she was right. "I wanted those lots," she informed me, "there was some things in them that I particularly wanted." I replied, "Oh." She continued, "Perhaps we could come to some arrangement." I told her that perhaps we could. By now all five pallets were loaded. The woman was still stood there, so I asked what she was interested in. She went a little red in the face and then whispered in my ear, "The sex toys." I wasn't aware that the lots contained sex toys, it was some of the other electrical items that had my interest. I again replied, Oh." "So can we have an agreement?" she asked. I told her I would need to get the lots home and unpack them to see what they contained and gave her my name, address and phone number and said that if she contacted me we could talk about it. Back home I unwrapped my lots and put the electrical items that I wanted to one side to test before selling them on. I was happy as I could smell a good profit on the stuff I had wanted. There was also a fair amount of crap, lots of costume jewelry, some tools and yes, the sex toys. I was amazed at the quantity and the different types. There was mains powered toys, battery powered and the last few were hand operated. I quickly did a test on the mains ones to see that they were safe to plug in the mains and all but one was safe. Of the ones that tested safe there was several vibrators, a Sybian and a contraption that had a dildo that pumped back and forth powered like piston on a railway train. I tried each one and they all worked well. The final one that was faulty I put to one side to work on later. Then I went and fetched a variety of batteries to test the battery operated Vibrators and Rabbits. They all worked. Obviously the manual toys just need some some man power or girl power. I liked the look of the sex eggs and the description of what they were for. I was sat looking at the faulty one when the phone rang. "Hello it's Rhonda. We met at the auction. I was wondering if you had unpacked the items?" I told that I had and that I had tested the mains ones and that all but one tested fine and work properly and that I was working on the last one. She asked if she could come and look and I told her she could. After she left the call I continued to work on the faulty one and soon found the problem and was almost finished with the repair when there was a ring on the front door. On answering the door it was Rhonda and I invited her in and took her through to my workshop. Her eyes lit up when she saw the items that she was interested in and as she was looking them over as I finished the repair and tested it. In all there was twenty six sex toys. Rhonda had looked them all over and asked me what I wanted for the Sybian and one of the mains powered vibrators. I told her that I would prefer to sell them all as a job lot rather than a bit at a time. I could see she looked just a little annoyed. "How much then?" she asked. I quickly looked on ebay at the price of the Sybian as I had no idea of it's value, and was shocked how expensive they are. All the items were sold as brand new, and with the exception of the faulty one, the rest had been boxed and were new. I quickly gauged what half price would be and gave her a price. Her reply was that I must be joking, so I asked her what she thought was reasonable. Her reply was less that a sixth of their full value and I told her no way. She upped her offer just a little. I thought for a few moments and then decided to try my luck, "Up your offer by another fifty pounds and demonstrate every one of them for me and it's a deal." I thought as she looked not only sexy but also a bit classy that I would be turned down flat. It was Rhonda's time to take thinking time and then to my surprise she said, "OK then, but not here in your workshop." I collected up all the toys and led Rhonda upstairs to the spare bedroom and set all the toys out beside the bed. It took three trips. I thought that there was no way that she would try all twenty six, but I was hoping to see her try half a dozen or so before I would be happy with our deal. Rhonda quickly removed her blouse and then her midi length skirt. I was right she was sexy and had a cracking figure. Now standing in matching bra and panties and her self supporting stockings, she kicked her shoes off and climbed onto the bed taking the first battery vibrator with her. Rhonda started the thing buzzing and pulled her bra to one side and held the vibrating toy to her nipple. I told her that I thought that was cheating. As she put it down she asked for another and I passed her a Rabbit. I heard a slight groan from her mouth as she pulled her panties to one side and slipped the rabbit in. It went deep enough for the second finger bit to touch her anus. I don't think it penetrated her, and she was soon pulling it out again. I handed her a bigger vibrator that was black, still battery operated. This time there was a louder groan just before she slipped it into her pussy. She penetrated herself with most of it and gave it three pumps before she removed it. As I bent to pick up the next toy I realized just how hard my cock was. I handed her a pair of sex eggs. I watched as the first egg vanished into her pussy quickly followed by the second egg. I suggested that she needed to get off the bed and jump up and down. She gave me a dirty look, but did it anyway. There was an even louder moan as she got up, and a large Oooh followed by an Aaah as she jumped twice. Then she was back on the bed and as she pulled the eggs back out by their string she suddenly went stiff and groaned extremely loudly. I wondered if she had come. I almost did. As I passed her another vibrator, I noticed the large dark patch on her panties where her pussy had leaked onto them. She slid the vibrator fully home and gave herself three strokes before removing it with a plopping sound that was accompanied with a groan. The next was a mains driven vibrator which I quickly plugged in. It was the one that she had indicated was the one she really wanted. As she slid half of it in, I leaned in and flicked the switch and it burst into life as it buzzed deep in her pussy. This time there was no doubt as Rhonda came long and hard and squirted just a little and soaked her panties even more. As she pulled it slowly out she insisted, "Fuck me, fuck me now." I wasn't about to refuse, but worried that I might blow my load before I even got it fully in. It was just seconds later when almost naked I was on her and sliding my cock into her pussy. How I didn't come straight away I will never know. It still didn't last long though as Rhonda thrust up to meet my cock and then pumped herself on my cock. We came together and ended up in a heap of tangled limbs. As we recovered I heard Rhonda declare, "Oh that was so good." I reminded Rhonda that she was still far from half way through the toys. With a rather dirty chuckle she said, Bring it on." As soon as I was recovered enough I climbed off of Rhonda and the bed and passed her another toy. Before she tried it, she removed her bra, that was almost off anyway from our sex session, and then her soaked panties. "Here goes," she said as she plunged another toy into herself. While she tried the toy I plugged the piston type toy in and she had to climb off the bed and bending over backed herself onto the dildo headed piston. I switched it on and as it sprung into life and started to pummel her pussy Rhonda groaned loudly and soon fell forward onto the floor. I helped get Rhonda back onto the bed. I could see her juices all down her thighs and legs. I couldn't help myself and was quickly between her legs lapping up her juices. I worked up her legs, thighs and then her pussy and was rewarded with another gush of juices from her pussy. What a shame I just had to stay there longer cleaning her up again. I was semi hard again, but wanted to watch Rhonda work herself over more with the toys. I passed her another rabbit. This one was mains driven and as she eased it in I turned the mains on. As it buzzed I helped push it in deeper and watch as the extra finger penetrated her arse that was lubricated with some of her own juices. Rhonda gasped as it penetrated her arse, but didn't try to stop it going in. We continued to work our way through the toys and then we were down to the Sybian. I helped Rhonda off the bed and lowered her onto the pretend cock. She gave a little groan, but it was nothing compared to the moans and groans that she made as I wound the controls one by one up to their maximum positions. She didn't last long before she was trying to get off, but her legs and arms wouldn't help her escape the buzzing and movements inside her. Then with a final gasp she all but collapsed and fell off the machine. I lifted Rhonda right off the toy and back onto the bed on her front. My cock was now rock hard again and throbbing, without batteries or mains. I mounted Rhonda from behind and eased my cock back into her pussy. She was still soaking down there and I was slipping and sliding around in her pussy. I wondered if her arse would be a better ride and slipped from her pussy. Rhonda groaned, but not as loudly as when my cock penetrated her arse and slipped half way in. I started to slowly pump her arse and Rhonda groaned with each thrust. She was tight and it was taking some working to get the rest inside her. Then Rhonda was thrusting back and telling me to just do it. I pounded her hard for about ten minutes before her arse tightened and caused me to blow my load. We were a heap of limbs again and lay still as my cock retracted and slipped from her arse. I moved and lay next to her stroking her arse cheeks. Rhonda groaned that she couldn't take any more. I joked that she would just have to come back to finish sealing the deal. Rhonda was back every night for a month trying the various toys. She knew full well that she had tried every toy, but she still kept coming, in more ways than one. Then I suggested that she moved in to save the traveling time. Two weeks later she dumped her boyfriend and moved in with me. She never did pay me for her toys. Never mind I get the best view in the house watching her using them and joining in with her. Of course I went back to the auctions to see what else I could find.
Written by Jerry

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