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My fuck Buddy

"I had expected to just sit and talk, but she almost launched herself on me"

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I was down on my luck and was telling my mate about it in the pub.  I had turned Thirty-one the week before, and although I run my own successful business, my love life was a mess.  It was my own fault as my long-time girlfriend caught me with her best friend in our bed.    She stormed off taking just about everything in my house with her.  Her best friend didn’t hang around either.  I think my ex ringing her husband didn’t help.  I had been nearly six months without some pussy, well, except for the two whores I tried, but other than a quick bit of relief and a much lighter pocket, I decided that route wasn’t for me.


My mate told me it was my own fault as he laughed at my predicament.  I asked how come he was always so happy and cheerful, especially with his missus. (Bit of a Dragon).    He lent closer and said that he had a fuck buddy.  I was a bit surprised and asked how that worked. He said he had found her online in one of the very many websites.  She is a housewife so is at home fulltime.  If he fancies a bit or she fancies a bit, they text just one word to the other and wait for a reply.  If the reply comes back yes, then he gets his arse round there knowing he has an hour or so fun before she kicks him out.  He pointed out there was no fuss, no courting and no expense, just good straight forward bonking.


Later when I got back from the pub, a little worse from wear, I sat with my laptop looking up fuck buddies.  My mate wasn’t wrong but most of the sites wanted your card details and I have always been careful with my cards and backed away from those.  Then I came across a site called “Mummies Need Love”.  Sadly, it no longer exists but back in 2007 it seemed to have a big following.  The women on there seemed to fall mainly into four categories, very young women looking for long term relationships and probably marriage, definitely not for me.  The second group were late fifties upwards looking for their final flings.  The third and most exciting group were the thirties to fifty group.  The last group were clearly prostitutes.   Most of them seemed to already be married and were looking for a bit on the side. 


I set up a few of the search parameters so I was just in the thirty to fifty age range and set a limit of fifty-mile radius from where I live, and I was shocked to find I had 286 results.  The first few were definitely prostitutes reading between the lines of their adverts.  I went back to the parameters and ticked the box for those with photos only.  That cut it down to 116.  I flicked through pages and pages just looking at the photos.  I know my mate had often told me that you don’t look at the mantlepiece when you’re stoking the fire, but I would like to at least think that if I were lucky enough to stay over night, I wouldn’t feel disgusted when I woke up next to someone and see her in daylight.


I spotted a like symbol that added the ones you tick to favorites.  I flicked back through and whittled the list down to fourteen.  I found myself keep going back to one particular woman.  Her advert read that she was looking for NSA fun and that her hubby was aware.  She was only available between ten o’clock and two.  From that I deduced that she was not only married but also had kids at school.  She had put that she was thirty but looking at her photo several times I judged her to be possibly mid-thirties if not a few years older but was in great shape from the photos that showed her in a bikini.  I had kept seeing those letters NSA and had to google them to see what they meant.  I was pleased to see they meant No Strings Attached. She seemed just what I wanted.  I discovered that this site to send a message you had to buy tokens.  I bought just enough for two messages and sat and composed a short reply and sent it.


I then went to bed.  Next morning, I was like a kid at Christmas as I rushed to see my reply.  There was none.  I thought it was just a con to get money and she probably wasn’t real.  I decided to work, trying to forget that I had probably just been scammed.  A bit later I looked at my account to make sure that only the amount I ticked had been taken and was relieved that it was.  A while later I was taking a break from the screen when I heard the ting of a message arriving.


I expected it to be more work and went back to the screen to look.  Imagine my surprise when saw that it was from someone called Janice.  On opening it she had left me a short message.  She started saying that she wasn’t used to doing things like this, but her husband had encouraged her to see someone else.  She basically said that she and her husband had gone through some difficulties, and he was seeing who he liked, and she could do the same, but they were staying together for their kids.  At the end of the message was a phone number.  I was so excited I misdialed twice before I got her number right.


We talked for a long time, and we seemed to get on well. She asked for a photo of me as I had seen hers.  I sent her one off my laptop as we spoke. It was one my ex took of me on the beach the previous summer.  I asked if she would like to meet on neutral ground first before committing ourselves to anything.  Janice said that was difficult for her.  She asked was it really me in the photo and I told her that my ex took it of me.  She suggested that we meet at her house the following day.


When I arrived, she was a little thinner than in her photos, which made her better looking and sexier than her photo.   I recalculated her age to be closer to what she had stated.   I had expected to just sit and talk, but she almost launched herself on me and within minutes we had torn the clothes off each other and were fucking like a pair of wild animals on the sofa.  Afterwards Janice told me that her husband had cheated on her and was seeing his girlfriend regularly which left her lonely, hurt and frustrated.  She said that she hadn’t had sex in almost nine months.  I told her my situation wasn’t much different other than the woman I cheated with went back to her husband.


Janice took me up to her bedroom and we made love a second time.  This time the wildness had gone, and it was more passionate and loving.  Afterwards she said I had to go.  The time was two thirty and I guessed that she would be off to meet her kids shortly.  I asked could we meet again, and she said that Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays were usually good for her and to give her a call when I was free next.


It was just a few days later when I called Janice again.  I could sense the excitement in her voice as she told me to come round as soon as I could.  On arriving the front door was slightly open and I opened it and called out.  Janice called back from upstairs to close the door and come on up.  I entered the bedroom to find her waiting in a red and black bra and panties set.  She looked terrific and I was quickly on my knees and pulling her panties to one side and licking her juicy pussy.  Janice was quickly moaning as I licked and played with her clitoris with my fingers.


Then Janice was asking me to stop.  I wondered if she had changed her mind.  She set me straight when she told me it was too sensitive and to just fuck her.  Janice turned and bent forward supporting herself on the bed.  With her panties still to one side I had my cock out and feeding it to her pussy.  It felt fantastic as her pussy tightened around my cock and triggered Janice’s climax first and then my own.  We spent an hour kissing and cuddling before I was ready again.  This time Janice laid on her back with her feet either side of my head as I gave her long slow strokes.  Eventually she was pleading with me to just fuck her hard.  We lasted just two more minutes before we both came.


We lay kissing and cuddling for a while and then I was kicked out again.  I didn’t mind as I knew that I would be back soon for some more good loving.  In fact, I was back Monday for an equally good time in bed with Janice.  This time between fucks she played with herself using a sex toy.  That was horny and soon had me ready for round two.  We had soon settled into me visiting her most Mondays and Thursdays.  This was far better than any girlfriend I ever had.  No upkeep, no grief and just great sex with a gorgeous woman, and no risk of an angry partner, or so I thought.


Then I got a bit of an insight into Janice’s life.  I was a nice summers day and I decided to go to the lakes and enjoy a swim perhaps.  I had barely got myself settled when three kids shouting and playing rushed down to the waters edge.  The youngest one got pushed in.  Then the parents arrived.  Imagine my shock when I realized that it was Janice and her husband.  After sorting the kids out and getting them into their costumes Janice was setting out their blankets and a picnic.  Then Janice’s husband was calling the kids back to eat. 


After the kids stuffed down some food they were back in the water.  Then her husband spoke to me saying he hoped his kids weren’t too noisy.  I told him they were fine.  Janice had changed into her costume.  She looked great and I started to get and erection knowing what was under that costume was mine twice a week.  Roy as I now knew him was still talking to me as Janice went down into the water with the kids.  Roy seemed ok at first and then slowly got more disparaging about Janice as the conversation went on.


Then he annoyed me when he said, “Take my wife.  For god’s sake someone take my wife.”  I hoped he was joking but wasn’t quite sure, and I wanted to shout at him that I had several times over several weeks.  Then he was taking the part of the hard done by husband with a wife that never put out.  Far from what my experience was.  He then admitted that he had a girlfriend and if it wasn’t for the kids, he would leave her tomorrow.  From what he said he had no idea that Janice was getting hers twice a week, let alone from me.  I came to the conclusion that Roy was an arrogant pig.


He even asked, “Would you shag her?”  I told him that I thought she looked pretty good.  Then he joked, “She’s yours.  Sold to the man in the grey shorts.”  I couldn’t believe just how rude he was about his wife.   Roy never once went to play with his kids and barely talked to them.  When he spoke to Janice you could feel the tension between them.  In some ways I was glad to pack up and go home.


Over the next twelve years I visited Janice twice sometimes three times a week and we would spend almost all of that time in bed fucking each other.  Then one day when I arrived Janice had a black eye.  It took me ages to get it out of Janice that Roy had seen me leave their house the last time I had been there, and he took it out on her the moment I had left, not man enough to confront us while I was there.  I asked Janice to take the kids to her parents and stay there until I call her.  I waited until Roy enter the house and as he entered the lounge and turned the lights on, I punched him hard in the face.  He went down and as I asked him what sort of man hits a woman.  I hit him a further three times.  Roy was crying like a baby.


I told him he had an hour to pack up anything that was his and get out and not return.  I also warned him if he took anything that belonged to either Janice or the kids, I would be coming for him and next time he wouldn’t get off quite so easily.  In just forty-five minutes Roy had filled his car and gone.  I made sure that he left any house keys behind before leaving.


I rang Janice and told her it was safe to return home.  She stayed the night with her kids at her parents. I stayed in Janice’s bed, in case he returned, but he never did.  Over the coming months I spent more and more time with Janice and the kids and eventually moved in with them.  I was surprised just how well I got on with the kids.   Janice went from being a fuck buddy to a full-on partner.  As for Roy, it was alright for him to see and shag his bit on the side, but it wasn’t alright for Janice to find and enjoy a bit of loving, and he was a coward when I called him out.


I have asked Janice to marry me, but she has told me that she still hasn’t divorced Roy, and even if she had she is much happier that I am her lover and not her husband.

Written by Stan

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