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She just needed reminding...

"You come home to find your wife is not off sex after all.."

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You come from work. You're hot. You're tense.

You go to the front door and it's open - unusual

You walk in and it seems strangely quiet as you walk to the kitchen door where you hear something. You're not sure what. Or who.

Looking through the door, you see your beautiful wife... her curvy mature body, her dirty blonde hair. She's at the sink. In her dressing gown. Facing away from you. I'm behind her - a mature man, over 6 foot, grey hair... and my arms are around her. My body is against hers and my arms are around her reaching up inside her dressing gown as she moans a little.

Your wife. YOUR wife... her head is bent back to mine and you notice my hands are moving on her chest. My hands are on her huge breasts. I'm feeling your wife's breasts and it's clear she loves my hands on her.

'Yes' she whispers... 'they're for you'. She turns. Her dressing gown is open and I see her curves, her soft skin, her perfect breasts, her huge hard nipples and her hairy sex between her legs. 'Yes, my darling,' she says, looking into my eyes, 'it's all for you'.

You feel a pang of sickening jealousy... but your cock is feeling the moment too. You're hard and you want to see more.

She reaches down and lifts my shirt over my head

I slip her dressing gown off her shoulders and she stands naked in front of me. Fuck... her body, the curves of her soft, mature body. I want to fuck her. I want my cock in her hairy cunt.

The pace changes. She clearly wants this. She needs this. You thought she never wanted another guy before but, as you watch, she lifts herself onto the kitchen counter and leans back, her thick bush revealing her vagina yawning wide and wet and her breasts stretched across her chest, her nipples hard.

Suddenly, you push against the door and she hears you, she sees you. She smiles and lifts her hand to you...

As I lean down and take a soft breast in my mouth, you walk over and take her hand.

You stammer. You catch your breath. Looking in her eyes, you finally whisper.. "Do you want this, darling?"

She smiles and says "Yes, I want this. I want him. I want both of you. Be naked with us.'

As you hurry to take off your clothes, I get undressed and, within moments, we're all naked and my mouth is on her breast again... my hand reaching for her sex. She shudders a little as my fingers reach into the folds of her pussy - which is when I turn to look at you.

You're naked. I'm naked. Your wife is on her back and my hand is at her cunt. My cock is rock hard.

I bend down to her naked body - on her back, on the counter and my tongue goes to her vagina.

Just as I'm about to taste her, she takes your hand... "Make our guest feel welcome, darling. Suck. His. Cock"

And that's all you need to hear as you kneel down and take my hard penis cock in your mouth. You hold it at the base, your fingers in my bush and your start to lick and suck and taste.

My mouth is now at your wife's cunt. Swirling from bottom to top. Pushing into her vagina. Tasting her. Lapping at her. She reaches down and pulls my head into her. "Fuck, yes... he never licks me like that" as she starts to buck against my mouth.

And as she writhes around, I push my cock into your mouth. I'm pleasuring you both. Thrusting my rock hard, married, mature cock into your hot wet, mouth... I can feel your stubble against me... and I'm licking and tasting your wife's juicy wet cunt.

I'm so hard. I want to fuck her.

I stand back. I pull you up by your arm. She lies there panting... her hand dropping to her cunt as she starts to rub the folds of her wet vagina.

I look at you.. your magnificent naked body. Your muscles. Your hairy chest. Your bush. Your hard penis. I wrap my arms round you and as she whispers 'yes', I kiss you on the mouth. Your tongue in my mouth. Mine in yours. My hand on your hairy cock as we kiss and kiss and kiss and you taste your wife's juices on my lips.

Pulling back, I look in your eyes "I'm going to fuck your wife now. It's why I'm here. It's what she wants..." and I reach down, my arms under her thighs and pull her body to the edge of the counter so her vagina is at the edge. Instinctively, she opens and lifts her legs onto my shoulders and I line my hard cock up with her cunt.

"Yes" I hear. I think it's your wife but... it's you - "Yes," you say "...Fuck her. She's yours."

As my hips push my cock into her... you move behind me and I feel your naked body against mine... your cock hard against my arse.

I start to thrust, you move with me. I feel the power of your body against mine and together we fuck your wife. I lean down and take a breast in my mouth, a nipple hard against my lips and tongue. She arches her back, offering her naked tits to me... and I fuck her. WE fuck her. Your wife - who you thought wasn't interested in sex anymore - fucked by us both.

Your naked body against mine. Your hard cock against me... "Fuck her," you shout. "Fuck my wife. OWN. HER"

I start to thrust harder. Your hairy body rubbing against my back at first and then you move round and fall on your wife... sucking her magnificent tits first and then your mouths come together, kissing, licking ,tasting each other properly for the first time in years as I fuck her for you

Her body is juddering now as I fuck her harder. Harder and faster. Her arms reach up and wrap round you as I slam into her "Fuck... Fuck.. He's so.. He's so... FUCK"

I'm like an animal now... fuck, fuck FUCKING into your wife and as I feel the cum rising in my cock, she lets go of you and wraps her whole body round mine. Two sweating bodies locked together, lost in the moment. Your wife giving herself to another man and you want it.

"Fuuuuck" I shout as I start to cum... thrusting with everything I have, I start to pump my cum into her... and you can't help yourself as you grip your penis and start to cum too, spraying your wife and me.

She bucks against me, the muscles on her body rigid as she's gripped by an almighty orgasm... she can barely breathe as she cums on my cock. I'm spurting into her... your cum is splattering over her breasts.

As we start to come down, you reach over and your arm wraps across my back. Her body sinks back onto the counter and I get my breath back. Out of breath. Spent. Ecstatic.

I see her sweating, sated body... your cum glistening on her breasts and nipples. I look into your eyes before leaning down to lick up your cum. It tastes heavenly. Warm, thick salty against my tongue... I lick and lick and lick it all up - your wife's nipples still hard against my tongue.

I straighten up and as my cock softens and slips from her cunt, I look at you. I'm about to say 'thank you' but you lean in and kiss me. We share your cum. Just as we've shared your wife.

Written by Dan158

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