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"For the new sergeant things explode in Forston, literally and sexually"

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Author's Notes

"Part 5 of 8"

So here we are part 4 of HOT AND FUZZY.  I’ve got to say in honesty this is the biggest part, it has the most sex and was arguably the most fun to write.  There is some male-on-male sex featured so if you don’t want to read that then we will see you in the next part fair traveller. 


Day 3

  A Couple's Secrets.

  My alarm went off and I found I could barely open my eyes as sexual exhaustion from the last two days seemed to cling to me like a sloth clinging to a sturdy branch. I looked down and could see mini-Mike standing to attention as if the last two night's exertions hadn't happened. I turned to the left and there next to me was my wife, Mel, still asleep. I wondered if I should wake her, if I should ask her for more, if I should leave her with another piece of me before I head into work.

  Mini-Mike could clearly handle the effort.

  It would be easy enough to pull the covers back and nuzzle into her neck, my hands moving round her body to fondle those fantastic globes of hers through her delicate, flimsy pyjamas. Her attention gathered and her face looking back I could keep kissing her whilst my hands undressed her and felt her hands move over my skin. I'd beg her for a quickie and she'd just nod, moving me on top and inside her in seconds, our kisses becoming more frantic as I powered into her, Mel's delicious cunny holding me firm as we gaze at each in a lust-filled haze, before I flip her over and pull her arse into the air and slam my fuck-stick deep inside her pussy vigorously before blowing my wad deep inside her.

  What a start to the day.

  However, as she let out an enormous snore and a tiny fart I decided against that. I daren't risk waking her up and risk receiving her wrath for an unwanted wake-up call. Before I headed out for my run I quietly consulted my best and most knowledgeable bud. Whispering as quietly as possible, I asked "Is today gonna be better than yesterday?" shaking him briefly so as not to make too much noise. The triangle slowly emerged, its message ominous.


  Very doubtful.

  Very doubtful? He must not have heard me, I logically concluded, before jogging out, getting back promptly to find Mel still asleep which I took as a huge compliment to my incredible manly prowess, showered, then headed on down to breakfast, although as soon as I did I felt regret at my decision. Behind a couple of doors sounds of sex could be heard. Breathless sighs and moans of encouragement would waft from the rooms into the hall.

  "I fucking love your cock!"

  "Your's amazing, babe!"

  "You're fucking filling my insides!"

  "OH MY GOD!"

  I felt my cock swell in my trousers and it took a huge effort of will to move forward and ignore it, even though with every step my mind would replay those words and sounds and I could just imagine what lascivious activities were occurring behind those closed doors.

  I made my way downstairs only to be met by emptiness. I was the only one in the lonesome dining area. I went to my usual table and sat down awaiting service from Sylvia. I expected to see her bouncing head of exotic red hair coming over like flames made flesh, but nothing did. I was sitting alone in the dining area wondering if I'd been caught out by the clocks going back or something as I remained there solitary and hungry. I got up and headed for the kitchen and peered through the round window in the door.

  There, leaning back against one of the work tops, was Shaun, Sylvia's strapping husband with his trousers around his ankles. In front of him on their knees were two people. One I recognised was Sylvia, Shaun's wife, with her top down and her tits out, running her tongue up and down Shaun's heavy meat, occasionally looking up at him, affectionately. 

Next to her was someone that I did not recognise. Some guy in his twenties with scruffy blonde hair who was sucking on the end of Shaun's cock like he was sucking on a gobstopper, occasionally moving his mouth back to roll his tongue around the end before moving his mouth back over the end again.

  I looked around me to make sure I wasn't spotted leering in and acting like some kind of perverted voyeur. As I was unspotted here I kept on looking. I noticed now that as well as tending to Shaun's needs, Sylvia was running her hand up and down the new guy's dick as well, keeping him hard whilst taking turns with Shaun's cock in her mouth. The big guy looked down with a smile and nodded at his wife, clearly giving her a sign as she started sucking at him with more purpose whilst the fellow next to her sucked on one of Shaun's balls.

  This triggered something within him and Shaun started to pull at the end of his rod before it exploded all over Sylvia's face and tits, only to have the young man next to her start to lick it off and suckle on her boobs. Sylvia rocked her head back, spotted my face in the glass and smiled. Instinctively I pulled my head away and returned to my seat. Like that would mean that I wasn't there and hadn't seen anything. What a dumb move. Sylvia to her credit walked out, buttoning up her top as she approached my table with her notepad and a wry grin on her face.

  "See anything you like?" Sylvia asked.

  "Excuse me?" I countered, nervously.

  "On the menu?" Sylvia pressed.

  "Oh, right," I stated as I worked out what she meant. I decided against my usual order and selected a pretty colourful affair for breakfast with fried-egg, waffles and black pudding stacks that felt like it was about 70% grease going down, but it wasn't my stomach that was the problem. My mind was a maelstrom after the last 48 hours of sex and voyeurism. I'd had more sex over the last few days than I'd had in years. I felt 10 years younger both physically and emotionally. When Catherine moved her body next to mine and I slid my hand over skin that rippled and wobbled under my touch. Being with her was like feeling the flames of being a teenager again when you just want to spend hours in bed with your new-found love. It was a completely different vibe to Mel.

  When I was with Mel she seemed to smoulder in bed, with flesh so hot you could fry an egg on it. The pure unfiltered lust I felt at being with her again was powerful and consuming but was it enough any more. I didn't know and needed time to get my head in gear, a nice relaxing day with no big surprises and no inexplicable deaths. I finished my disgusting breakfast on autopilot and before I knew it was staring at an empty plate.

  "Wow! You demolished that stack," Sylvia remarked as she came over to clear my plate, moving quickly and deliberately around the table, her hair bouncing all over the place like I was being lapped at by flames before she went on her way. At that point my phone went.

  "Angelo," I began before hearing something so incredible I could only think of one word in response.


= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

  The house was in bits. Me and Dani had dropped off Tristan Taylor the previous evening and whilst his house was a building site and there were plenty of renovations going on, there was at least a relatively large property standing...this was just rubble, a few flames were still scattered around, presumably as part of some kind of explosion. As I stood there the ambulance crew carried out the charred and crumpled remains of Tristan Taylor.

  "Looks like Mr Taylor has been crushed by one of the dodgy diggers he hired," Doctor Diviner surmised. At the meeting of the FSO (Forston Surveillance Organisation, I assumed) she had been dressed very formally and she continued in that vein today with a dapper three-piece suit. "His desire to be a property developer seems to have been the cause of his demise".

  "How?" I asked, perplexed at such an assessment.

  "It's no surprise that he hired dodgy equipment and dodgy builders. I would suspect that the caterpillar tracks indicate that an errant spark could have started that device, it trundled forward, brought the house down, hit a gas main and...BOOM!" Doctor Diviner replied with an explosion hand gesture.

  "Sounds about right. Place was a death-trap," said Dani echoing the Doctor's sentiment.

  "Really? So Catherine Carter's hubby is just run over by his own combine and now Tristan Taylor is run over by his own digger!" I stated angrily as everyone else made light of Tristan's demise.

  "Wait, are you saying CATHERINE killed her own husband AND killed Tristan. Why?" Dani pondered. It stopped me in my tracks as I knew there was no way Catherine killed her other half, but if that was the case, who did?

  "Look, all I'm saying is we shouldn't rule out foul play," I offered, cautiously.

  "I'd agree with that,'' a male voice responded from behind me. I turned around to see the double mustachioed faces of DS Booker and DC Barber as they came over and surveyed the site of desolation. "Bloody hell! What a mess!"

  "I just can't see how this was an accident," I commented. There'd clearly been an explosion of some kind but I just couldn't see how that would have occurred.

  "Buddy and I figured that whoever saw him alive last likely killed him," DS Booker stated. The words hanging in the air like a not-so-subtle threat. "Namely Sergeant Michael-O Angle-O and Constable Dani Fanny Forrest-O".

  "Hey, they have similar names to us," Dani chuckled.

  "DO YOU THINK THIS MAN'S DEATH IS FUNNY?!" I exploded in fury. For a moment there was silence until an almighty crack was heard. We all turned to see one of the ambulance crew struggle to fit Tristan Taylor's misshapen corpse into a body bag as they struggled to push him inside the black plastic coverall.

  "Come on, you awkward bastard!" The ambulance man swore as tried to jiggle him inside whilst bending ligaments that had become solid through heat and rigour. The two buddies turned to look at me.

  "Okay, that was pretty funny, but you do have to take investigating this seriously!" I told DS Booker who moved closer to me so that we were eye to eye.

  "And we will. We'll take into account the Doctor's report and have CSI do a sweep of the area to see if there's any evidence of foul play," DS Booker commented.

  "Yeah, we do know what we're doing. Wurzels, we ain't," DC Barber interjected with a self-satisfied look.

  "Well, except for your auntie and uncle," I reminded him.

  "Yeah, but they're just weird," DC Barber replied. At that, the two Buddies swanned-off into the gathered bodies that were there to gawp at the disaster that had unfolded, of which Dani and I were also a part. Then, behind the gawpers and slack-jawed gawkers a familiar sight appeared. Byron Butcher was driving past in his urine yellow convertible jaguar with "Wrecking Ball" by Miley Cyrus blaring out. There was something about him and this entire situation that seemed off, seemed to be too good to be true, especially when I weighed into the mix the death of Catherine's husband. It was then that I got a buzz on my hip. I removed my phone and looked at the message.

Hey, sexy. I loved last night. Tonight, you can wear the blindfold and I'll do the fantasy. X x x

  Seeing this made me smile as I wondered what sordid imagery I'd be privy to tonight care of Mel's vivid imagination. Bondage? Threesome? I had no idea but my dick responded immediately on reading that message.

  "Good news?" Dani asked?

  "The best," I replied, whilst a grin grew across my face. Mel was somehow back to being mine again. Admittedly part of me was worried about all the philandering over the last two days but I'd have to worry about that another time. Right now I had another day of uneventful policing to get through.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

  Mel hit the send button but her stomach was doing backflips as she did. Last night was fun, a lot of fun, more fun than Michael and her had experienced for a long time, but it wasn't seeing him again that put her in a horny mood, and the guilt of that was chewing her up inside.

  Mel had arrived at Forston Police Station the previous day and after getting bamboozled by the grumpy sergeant ("How would I know?! Nobody tells me nuthin" is what he kept saying) Mel had started to feel frustrated till an older gent walked out and noticed her at reception.


  "Melissa? Melissa Angelo?" the older man remarked.

  "Yes?" Mel responded as she had no idea who this guy was.

  "I'm Chief Inspector Frank Forrester, I'm Michael's boss. How are you?" Frank replied, shaking Mel's hand vigorously.

  "I'm well. Sorry, how do you know who I am?" Mel asked.

  "How do I know? I know because your other half doesn't stop talking about you," Frank chuckled. Mel felt her heart flutter at that. The two of them had been struggling for some time, leaving Mel feeling alone, frustrated and upset. In her work she was always getting propositioned but turned down the advances even though it felt so much harder to do so, but her other half, he still loved her. Maybe there was hope for them here after all. "Come on in and meet some of the gang" Frank continued. "Oh, and call me Frank".

Mel followed Frank inside and met the bizarre William Wheeler who was a little younger than Frank but seemed much more eccentric.

  "Mah yur host thing seen perts yers," William stated as he shook Mel's hand.

  "Keep it clean, William. This is Michael's wife!" Frank admonished him. The two of them moved throughout the station meeting the buddies, Francine and Roger Roper who was still tutting and shaking his head as he spied the young evangelists.

  "Oh my, you're gorgeous!" came a sultry voice from behind Mel. Mel turned and leaning against a door frame with her arms folded was Talia. "Hi. I'm Talia" Talia stated, her eyes flicking to Frank for approval before she walked over and wrapped her arms around Mel, giving her a huge hug. "I've been so looking forward to meeting you," Talia continued before stepping back and planting a gentle kiss upon Mel's lips, immediately followed by two stronger ones, the last with the merest glance of a tongue across Mel's lips. "That's how we greet each other here".

  "Oh," Mel sighed, before gulping hard. Mel had some experience when she was younger but she had not been kissed like that by another woman for years. Mel was transfixed staring into Talia's deep blue eyes.

  "Say, chief. As it's quiet why don't I show Mel around a bit. I've been all over this place quite a few times," Talia commented. Mel's eyes grew larger in fear and anticipation. Even though she was arguably more statuesque and taut than Talia, she felt like a baby lamb about to be devoured by a giant anaconda.

  "I think that's a great idea," Frank said, clapping his hands in glee. Talia gave a toothy smile as she leered over Mel's body. Mel felt oddly self-conscious as Talia licked her lips. 

  "Tell you what, Constable, why don't you take a personal day to help out young Melissa here," Frank continued. Mel had only known Frank for a few minutes but she felt there was this odd father/daughter vibe between the two of them already.

  "Great idea, Chief," Talia replied, grabbing Mel by the hand and gently tugging her out of the office. "Don't worry, Mel. We'll have a blast today," Talia stated as the two of them headed to the police lockers. As soon as they entered Talia headed to her locker and began to strip.

  "So, how do you like Forston so far?" Talia asked as she removed her standard issue white blouse and unzipped her skirt.

  "It seems nice," Mel lied. Truth was she hated it. The place was just as bad as she feared with somewhere between little and nothing to interest a dazzling urbanite like her.

  "You hate it, don't you?" Talia laughed as she removed her bra and panties in front of a shocked Mel.

  "Is it that obvious?" Mel asked, trying to pry her eyes away from Talia's athletic physique. Mel couldn't help but compare herself against the female cop as she stood there open and unabashed by her nakedness in the locker room. Talia pulled a t-shirt over her unsupported 36c's and slid a pair of lacy panties on before adding some slim fit jeans over the top. The kiss and Talia's nude form had left Mel ever-so-slightly perturbed but she just gulped and flicked her hair back to regain her sense of self and composure.

  "I get it. Someone like yourself must feel like there's nothing to do here, but let me tell you, within a week, you won't want to live anywhere else," Talia promised with a mischievous grin, grabbing Mel's hand before escorting her out of the police station.

  "So, I could show you the shops and the pub and the Cathedral but that's pretty boring so tell me, Mel," Talia began. "Do you like to sweat?"

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

  Even Mel had to agree, the Forston leisure centre/gymnasium was a work to behold. There was a solid square for dedicated floorwork, a free weights section, aerobics equipment and even a pool. Talia signed Mel in as a guest whilst doing her best to act as a sales rep for the place and get her to become a permanent member. They went into the changing rooms and thankfully Talia had a spare, loose T before they went on the floor.

  The two women worked out in the aerobics and floor sections for an hour, during which Mel couldn't help but notice the appreciative stares that both she and Talia were receiving. The place wasn't particularly busy with about eight or nine guys and three or four women in the place, however the stares were coming from everyone, making Mel feel very self-conscious as Talia made Mel sweat through the T with a round-robin of floor and equipment-based aerobics. By the time Mel finished she started to feel like her old self again as Mel and her new-found friend giggled like schoolgirls. Mel found herself getting pulled into Talia's social orbit.

  They headed back into the changing rooms, the two women stripping off for the shower cubicles, the water invigorating Mel after her strenuous workout on the floor. Back in London a number of her girlfriends seem to view working out as an excuse to chat and chill, rather than put in effort, but with Talia, Mel had been pushed, forced to give effort and so the shower wasn't washing off disappointment over another poor workout but making her refreshed after a challenging afternoon. Mel switched off the shower, wrapped the towel around herself and stepped out.

  "Hey, sexy. Wondered where you'd got to?" Talia laughed. Mel turned only to be greeted by the sight of another starkers Talia, her abs sticking out and looking tight, her defined muscles pointing down to her trimmed pussy, water drops holding onto some of the hairs down there. Mel could feel herself staring and, worse than that, could feel herself getting wet, the warmness stirring through her nether regions as she looked over Talia's sleek frame.

  "I was just..." Mel began, then stopped. From an open shower area two guys walked past without a stitch on. Mel instinctively looked them up and down before looking away as she felt their eyes on her.

  "It's unisex showers. It's an adults only gym," Talia explained.

  "Oh," Mel timidly responded as Talia went to her locker and plonked her stuff on a bench. Mel was trying to get her stuff out whilst also keeping an eye on the two naked guys who were chatting and laughing as if it was all the most natural thing in the world. As one of them turned, Mel couldn't help but notice that one of them was now semi-erect. Her eyes locked on the fleshy monster that appeared to be stirring from its slumber and as she did she felt herself start to heat up between her legs, just as she did after Talia's kiss and naked display. The changing room door then opened and four more guys walked in, nodded in the direction of Talia and Mel and also began stripping off.

  You okay?" Talia asked, as she rifled through her gym bag, still naked.

  "One of those guys is cracking a stiffy," Mel whispered, clutching her towel tightly.

  "Oh yeah," Talia replied in a pissed off voice. "One in six is a pretty poor rate of return for the hottest women in the gym, don't you think? Let's give them something to get stiff about!"

  "What do...MMMF!" Mel exclaimed as Talia leaned in, grabbed her face and began to passionately kiss Mel. The pleasant warm feeling turned to a gush of heat between her thighs as Talia's lips met hers, Talia's fingers on her left hand going through her hair. Mel responded to the kisses, feeling Talia's tongue darting in her mouth, searching for her own. Mel found herself submitting to Talia's domination and moved her hands behind her back, feeling Talia's shower-soft skin, she was so engrossed she didn't feel Talia unfastening her towel, Mel's eyes going wide as it hit the floor.

  "Don't think," Talia muttered between kisses as her breasts pressed into Mel's, their nipples brushing up against each other as their mouths smacked together. Mel felt herself surrendering to Talia as the athletic woman held her tight, their sexes rubbing against each other as the female cop grabbed Mel's backside and pushed it against herself, the two of them stood naked, snogging in the unisex changing room. It was only then that it occurred to Mel where they were standing. She disengaged her lips from Talia's and saw the six guys in there, all staring at the two women whilst pumping on their rapidly extending meat, which varied in size and shape just like the guys themselves.

  "Looks like we got their attention, Mel," Talia chuckled, before grabbing Mel by the shoulders and setting her down on the bench, her head against the police officer's gym bag like a pillow. In her work Mel took no shit from anyone but in this situation she was just allowing herself to be taken by Talia in a way she wasn't accustomed to. Talia's unabashed nature just seemed to ride roughshod over Mel's own assertive nature...and she was liking it.

  "What are you doing?" Mel asked, as she watched Talia kneel between her thighs. The question seemed pointless as it was obvious what she was about to do. Mel's attention however was momentarily torn by sounds around her. She looked up to see that she and Talia were now in the middle of a semi-circle made from the six guys, all of whom were now sporting fully erect members and pulling them enthusiastically as they drooled over Mel and Talia's incredible bodies. Mel felt herself drooling as she looked at the different shaped and sized members, wondering what they would feel like inside her, till a jolt of pleasure reminded her where Talia was.

  "OH HO HOY!" Mel exclaimed as Talia ran her long tongue up her snatch and swirled it around her clit. It was like a pleasurable electric shock going all the way up from between her thighs directly to her brain.

  "Grab some," Talia said between licks. "Grab yourself some cock, girl!"

  "I...I can't. I shouldn't," Mel exhaled as Talia showed Mel more pleasure than she had known in months. Mel looked around as this suggestion caused the semi-circle to close in. Mel could see one tool, a slender one with a banana type curve but downwards "how can it grow like that?" Mel thought as she reached out and touched the hot flesh, drawing her fingers down it, before wrapping her hand around the hot meat.

  "Fucking hell, yeah!" said a male voice. For a moment Mel forgot there was a guy attached to that pulsing rod.

  "Suck it," Talia ordered. Mel looked down in shock as Talia smiled up at her with a face full of juice. She couldn't believe that Talia was ordering her to be so daring and take this stranger's weirdly mis-shaped cock into her mouth. Mel looked up and saw the guy look down at her expectantly as she continued to pump her hand up and down on his dick.

  "Suck it," the guy said, his gaze drifting from Mel's face and tits down to Talia sucking on Mel's snatch. Mel looked at the weirdly shaped banana cock. The bulbous end had pre-cum leaking from it and all Mel wanted to do was taste it, to reach out and lick it down. Mel scooched over and ran her tongue over the end.

  "URGGHHH!" The guy groaned in delight as Mel slid her tongue up and down the opening as Talia buried her tongue between Mel's legs, Mel's attention caught between the pleasure Talia was giving her and what she was giving to the guy who was feeding her his tool. Mel closed her eyes as she sucked on the guy's bendy member that was hanging beneath a mild paunch sucking at the end, challenging herself to extract the cum out of this guy. As Mel opened her eyes again she realised she was now even more popular with two more guys standing around her with their cocks ever nearer to her, one that was thick with a vein pulsing down the top and another with a longer, skinny dick that was as straight as a ruler. As Mel sucked on the first guy's cock she reached out for the other two.

  "Oh, you've certainly come out of your shell, get here fellas, I could do with some of that myself," Talia said to the other three guys that were standing around pulling at their members. Talia beckoned the other three guys who walked around, their 3 hard shafts standing hard and proud as Talia turned her back on Mel, took one guy in her mouth and the others in her remaining hands. "MMMFF! Oh yeah, stick that in my mouth, big boy! Mmmm, mmmm, mmmm, oh yeah! Get over here, Mel. Let's get these guys off together".

  Mel watched for a minute as Talia switched her mouth and her hands between the three guys before she moved over to her new friend and knelt on the floor behind her, positioning herself so they were back to back. Mel stared at the three dicks and tried to decipher which one to take into her mouth, the banana one, the girthy one or the long one? Eventually she chose the long one, as she figured that would be the easier one to suck on, grabbing banana cock and girthy ones in her hand as she enthusiastically bobbed her head up and down on the circumcised tool, whilst pulling the foreskin back and forth on the other two.

  "You really are a dirty bitch aren't you" Talia commented between sucking on one guy's thick tool, her mouth going wide like a snake devouring a mammal, saliva dripping down her mouth. Mel took this as a challenge herself and decided to take on the girthy guy whose lean body did match the rest of him.

  "Come here, you," Mel said, pulling him forward and wrapping her lips around his length, loosening her jaw and gobbling him up with gusto, coating his cock in her spit as she lubed him up with her mouth, her hands stroking the other two guys with gusto as the two naked women seemed to be competing with each other as to who would make the guys cum the fastest.

  "How are you doing there, Melly-girl?" Talia added before she started feasting on another cock, her hands a blur, pistoning back and forward on the other two dicks around her. Talia could feel that the guys were getting close from the heat and feel of the tools in her hand. Mel on the other hand resented being called 'Melly-girl', and the implication that she was the naive one, in spite of being the one from the city. "What say we get these guys finished?" Talia asked.

  "What do you..." Mel began to ask before Talia turned her around and kissed her, Talia's hand going between Mel's thighs as the two women's mouths mashed together.

  "Fucking hell, yeah!" one of the guy's around Mel said as they snogged. Mel was getting tired of being Talia's toy and moved her own hand between Talia's legs, the two women playing with the other's clit as they smooched in front of six naked guys. "Oh, that's it! I'm fucking there!" banana cock said as he spurted all over the two women as they remained joined at the mouths, their tongues twirling. their fingers flicking the other's bean.

  "Me too," stated the girthy guy who Talia had been sucking on as he shot his load onto their faces and tits, the two women oblivious as they became ever more into each other. Mel could feel the orgasm that had been coming for the last five minutes or so start to really build between her legs. Mel opened her eyes and could see a stunned reaction on Talia's face as semen flew through the air and hit the young woman on the face, shoulders, hair and tits. Clearly Mel's fingers were eliciting an equally powerful impact on the young policewoman, as the two of them looked the other in the eye, their hands a flurry of movement as they tried to bring the other one off first.

  "URGH! YES!" said a third man as his spray covered the two women.

  "OH MY GOD! I'M OUT!" yelled another man as his jizz spun through the air and splattered the two women's hot bodies.

  "You two are so fuck-ING HOT!" was moaned before another fiery load smashed against their bodies.

  "GAH! TAKE IT!" the final man spat as his cock erupted, globules of white goo landing on the two as they showed no sign of even acknowledging the men now, as they were both so caught up in bringing the other off.

  "Oh God, Mel. How are you...That's...MNNNNF!" Talia cried as she grabbed Mel's shoulder, her body stiffening under the sensational duress Mel had placed on her. Talia's abs crunched in delight as her body twitched itself into ecstasy, her eyes going wide in delight at Mel's exertions.

  "This'll show her who's in charge!" Mel thought as the orgasm overtook Talia. Mel could however feel her own levels rising as Talia's fingers still worked her nub, rubbing round clockwise, building her body up, but nowhere near getting her off and Mel wanted to get off.

  "Anti-clockwise...please," Mel indicated. Talia smirked as she switched her fingers movements causing an immediate reaction in Mel's snatch as the build-up inside turned, like music, from minor to major. Mel's eyes rolled back in her head, her mouth opened, tongue lolling. Talia leaned forward and placed her own mouth over the top.

  "HHMMMMMFFFF!" Mel screamed in delight into Talia's mouth as the feeling took her over. She detached her mouth as her body reacted to Talia's efforts. "OH GOD, OH GOD, OH GOD!" Mel exclaimed as she gripped the hand between her legs as the area went from turned-on to overbearingly sensitive. "STOP STOP STOP, PLEASE!"

  "When was the last time you felt that?" Talia asked as Mel gripped the young officer and held on, to prevent Talia from seeing how vulnerable she felt. Mel looked around and could see that three of the guys had gone but three of them were rubbing the less hard version of themselves for another round.

  "I'm going to get a shower," Mel announced, after getting up, grabbing her towel. Mel thought about her husband, about her infidelity and what just happened? In the moment she loved the experience, now she was beset by guilt and needed to shower again to try and remove not only the cum from her body, but that feeling from her mind.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

  The journey back to the station had been a strained affair with little said as Mel wrestled with an inner conflict that was not going to be resolved with words of comfort from Talia. When they arrived back at the station Mel thanked Frank and Talia but said she needed to get some rest and took her leave of both of them, making her way to the disappointing local hotel, which was more like a hovel, considering some of the luxury places tha Michael and Mel had stayed in.

  Mel considered unpacking her suitcase but thought better of it when she saw the state of the place, instead she just led back on the bed and stared at the ceiling, but as she did so the voices floated in her head.

  "What the Hell have you done? Do you think Michael will be happy? I can guarantee he won't be. You let yourself be used by those men," The internal voices tormented her and her lustful early-afternoon proclivities.

  "Do you feel good about yourself?" was the final question the nagging voice asked. Here the answer that came back shocked Mel more than anything else.

She did feel good about herself, in fact she'd loved it.

  She'd loved the feeling of being at the centre of attention of Talia and those six guys. It had felt amazing, and that's what scared her. This depraved exhibition had torn off her respectable veneer and she liked what it had revealed. Even this probing interrogation in her head was turning her on. Mel was tempted to stay in bed and slip a couple of fingers inside her jeans and revisit the days' events in her mind, but no, she needed to get back to some sense of normality.

  Mel headed down to the bar she'd passed in the village square to have a glass of wine to try and turn her confusion into numbness. Mel headed in and saw a few people in there who looked exactly how Mel thought they would. Tweed jackets made a regular appearance with leather elbow patches. Wellies, the practical footwear of no-one Mel had ever met also seemed to crop-up often.

  "Excuse me. Are you Mel?" a petite woman with a French accent asked Mel.

  "Yes. I am," Mel replied, amazed that so many people knew her even though she knew no-one here.

  "Ooh, la la! You are as gorgeous as Michael said you were," the French beauty replied. Mel's good feeling instantly went sour upon hearing those words. "He is a lucky man," the French woman continued, causing Mel to burst into tears.

  "No, he isn't!" Mel replied as she thought of her transgressions due to Talia earlier. Michael was no longer this lucky man with an amazing and faithful wife, but an unlucky sod married to some sleazy harlot.

  "Oh no, what is wrong? Was it something I said?" the unknown brunette asked. "Here. Come with me," the mysterious stranger said to Mel and with that took her by the hand and escorted her behind the bar as Mel continued to cause her mascara to run.

  "Sit down. I should introduce myself. I am Michelle," Michelle continued as she sat Mel down on the settee and poured the two of them a generous Vodka and lemonade. Mel wondered how the bar could keep going if they gave customer's free drinks back here, but brushed the thought aside as the glass was thrust into her hand and she took a sip. "I do not believe a good man like Michael married to a woman like yourself is somehow unfortunate".

  At that Mel burst into even more tears. Although she had been feeling lost within her marriage, trapped by it almost, even she didn't expect it would be destroyed by a six man bukkake in a unisex changing room.

  "I've ruined my marriage!" Mel spluttered through tears.

  "What ees 'appening?" another French voice asked as an equally attractive, but slightly younger French woman appeared. "Oh. I'm Martine, and you must be Mel".

Mel started crying even more now. She was here in a foreign environment, surrounded by people she didn't know, all of whom knew her. It was totally discombobulating. Both women sat either side of Mel and held on to her as she wept.

  "I cheated on Michael," Mel sobbed as Michelle stroked her hair and Martine rubbed her back, the gentle pressure from both women making Mel feel somewhat better. "He'll never forgive me".

  "No, no, no. I'm sure he'll be understanding," Michelle replied, her hand softly moving down Mel's luscious black hair.

  "Ee ees smart. I cannot imagine he would want to lose a beautiful creature like you," Martine continued as she persisted in applying gentle, calming pressure to her back as Michelle moved Mel's head onto her shoulder as the gentle rub over the back changed as Martine moved herself on the sofa so she was more behind Mel, subtly stroking her arms. Mel closed her eyes. This was nice, these two women comforting her. This reminded her of when she was younger and her and her girlfriends would be there for each other after the latest guy disaster. She sighed as a more relaxed state took her over.

  "Thank you. This is nice," Mel said. She meant it. This gentle patting and stroking was calming her down, along with the vodka. Martine removed the glass from Mel's hand and got her a refill. Mel took a slug of the warming, cold drink that felt more vodka-y than lemonade, but still welcome. "Thank you".

  "Are you feeling better?" Martine asked as she returned behind the police officer's wife, stroking her arms tenderly as Michelle fingered her hair.

  "Mmmm," Mel murmured, contentedly. This was indeed nice, after the frantic cock-sucking orgy in the gym this turn of pace was everything that Mel needed. Her body was in a sweet-spot of positioning as she was in a post-gym and post-sex state of euphoria. When Michelle moved her head and kissed Mel she felt neither shock nor surprise and just welcomed the wet mouth on hers, the tender smacking of lips moving against her mouth or the delicate searching of Michelle's tongue. When she felt Martine's kisses against her neck as their hands moved under her clothes it just felt like a normal progression.

  "Ees that better?" Martine asked between kisses to Mel's neck as her hands unclasped Mel's bra beneath her jumper as Michelle pushed up the offending garment from the front. Mel thought nothing of it as the material moved above her ample bosom and merely pulled it over her head and let it fall as Michelle moved in for more kisses whilst Martine's hands went beneath her bra and softly touched her breasts underneath which had become crazy sensitive right now.

  "It is," sighed Mel as she shuffled her bra down her arms. The two sisters pushed Mel back against the sofa, their mouths aimed squarely at Mel's sensitive nipples as they both bent down and took a pierced nipple into each of their mouths, Martine being the bolder of the two as she unbuttoned Mel's jeans and moved her hand inside, sliding down to Mel's already damp pussy. "Don't...don't...don't stop," Mel said, eyes flickering between open and closed as sensations she had not felt for an age ran through her body again. More hands pulled at her jeans and she lifted her arse up only to have the two women whip off her jeans and panties in one quick move. Martine resumed her mouth's place on Mel's left, pierced nipple, deftly using the ring to twist and aid sensation, her finger returning to Mel's nub and subtly continuing its circular motions. Meanwhile Michelle returned her tongue and lips to Mel's right nipple, but this time she inserted the middle finger of her left hand inside Mel's snatch. "I can't believe...I'm being...tag-teamed like this".

  "You're not," Michelle replied, moving her face from Mel's nipple and locking it onto Mel's lips. "Tag-teams work separately, not together".

  "Well, is...I...I fucking love it," said Mel, moving her hand behind Michelle's head and pulling her in for a sweet, deep kiss. Martine meanwhile removed her own clothing and settled in between Mel's thighs to have her afternoon dessert, gorging on Mel's delicious slit. "Holy fuck-me!" Mel exclaimed as Michelle's tongue sent wave after wave of pleasure up her body. Michelle meanwhile was determined to increase Mel's education and she pushed the policeman's wife further back on the sofa, moving her knees either side of Mel's head and placing her pussy ever closer to Mel's face. "I...I've never done this...before".

  "It's easy," cooed Michelle. "Just do to me what you like having done to yourself,"

Mel looked up close at Michelle's coochie. It was so different to her own with lips more like an orchid and a smaller clit compared to Mel's own large bean, but Michelle was noticeably wet and Mel could smell her arousal. Her previous girl experience had only been mutual masturbation with some kissing. With this she would be taking a walk down a very different path. Mel grabbed Michelle's thighs, opened her mouth and lapped at Michelle with her tongue.

"Oooooh!" exclaimed Michelle. "I did not expect you to be in such a rush!" Mel responded by kissing around Michelle's pubic mound before diving in for dessert. Mel found the taste to be unusual at first, but soon settled into it, lapping slavishly at Michelle's gash. Martine meanwhile had Mel's lips held open and was feasting on Mel's meat petals while her tongue teased her opening before she moved up and began to carefully suckle her nub.

  "HMMMM! HOLY SHIT! OH NO!" Mel cried between licks at Michelle's snatch. Mel had never had a problem orgasming in the past, either alone or with Michael but today had blown the lid off any self-control she may have had previously. As wave after wave of pleasure hit her, she rammed her head back into the sofa, mouth agape as her legs quivered around Martine's head. "STOP, STOP, STOP! Please stop! Too sensitive!" Mel begged. Michelle disentangled herself from Mel's face and moved down to kiss her, with Martine coming up to join in the kisses also.

  "See, ma cherie, there is nothing to feel bad about 'ere, is there?" Martine asked as she kissed Mel's neck, the warm feel of desire's end still warming her up downstairs.

  "No, I guess there isn't," Mel sighed as she switched her kisses between the two sisters, her naked self now revelling in the lustful heat the three women were generating.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

 Dani and I sat in our police vehicle watching the world go by as I tried to juggle my own mental state. My mind bounced from feeling great about Mel being here to guilt over all the shit I had been up to since and then to confusion and doubt over the three recent deaths.

What a way to start my first few days as a new sergeant.

  Right now it was the mysterious accidental deaths that occupied my mind. Three deaths in two days wasn't just curious, it was downright suspicious. Byron Butcher flittered past both scenes like an arsonist surveying his work. The village hierarchy seemed unconcerned as well about what was happening, making me feel like the last line of defence against forces I could not yet fathom.

  "Fancy going to the shop?" Dani asked, my new partner thankfully breaking my mind's own interminable struggles momentarily. I appreciated the break to be fair.

  "We've just been to the shop," I reminded her.

  "We could go to a different shop, after all, there's nothing going on here, is there?" Dani asked, exposing her limited experience of policing in a small town.

  "Wrong, Officer Danielle Forrester. There is always something going on," I began, intent on engaging Dani in a lesson of the vision and smarts a police officer needs out in the field. I spied an older gent in a long coat and immediately began the lesson. "See that guy there. Why is wearing a long coat? It's not cold today. Maybe he's hiding something".

  "Old Mr Pitcher? The only thing he's hiding is half-eaten boiled sweets and moth balls in that jacket," Dani guffawed at my suggestion. I changed tack as a young-person in a hoodie crossed our path.

  "Okay, what about this guy? His head is positively buried in that hoodie. Perhaps he's hiding his face," I suggested.

  "Because it's covered in zits," Dani countered. I was getting nowhere here, then I spied a giant figure walking down the street. He had a bald head and his face conveyed a grim countenance.

  "Okay, what about this guy then. What's his story?" I asked. Dani perked up at this question and showed her full range of local knowledge.

  "Ah, that's Big Bad John. He's a gentle giant. Born 4 weeks overdue and a traumatic delivery seemed to cause learning difficulties. Everyone loves him," Dani stated, all answers very matter-of-fact.

  "And so why do they call him Big Bad John?" I remarked puzzled that the name didn't seem to fit someone who was meant to be a gentle giant.

  "Ah, he's called Big Bad John because he's got a ten inch cock that bends in two different directions," Dani concluded. At that, I was done.

  "What shop were you thinking?"

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

  The local supermarket was the only part of this town where I felt some connection to the life I had left behind in London. The brightly-lit, long, ladened aisle of produce was something that was universal around the world. The only difference being the produce on offer, the size of the mini-supermarket and the language on all the signage. I was looking at the organic vegetables when I heard the announcement loud and clear.

  "Sergeant Angelo, manager's office. Manager's office, Sergeant Angelo," the female voice echoed out. I marched down to find out what issues I was being summoned over. I went into the office and partially led across the manager's desk was the sleaziest, dirty-blonde haired woman I have ever seen. She looked as if she was poured into that uniform with the top two buttons open and her red bra being exposed for all to see. The only way she could have made herself more available would have been to wear a sign that said 

  "Get it here", but the manager, she wasn't.

  "And who might you be?" I asked her as she got up from her Supine position.

  "Sally Steward," Sally replied. "But at the lap-dancing club I go by the name of Sally sex-bomb. You should come by".

  "No thanks," I replied, flashing my wedding ring, but feeling it had slightly less conviction than previously. "Can you make the manager aware of my presence please?"

  "Oh no need for that," came a deep voice from behind the large leather chair at the desk. As the chair spun around it revealed the larger than life, moustache-twiddling Byron Butcher, a mischievous grin plastered on his face. He leant forward and planted a smacker on Sally's face. "Thank you, Sally," Byron said. Sally disembarked from the manager's desk, earning a friendly smack on the backside that felt like it was a sexual harassment claim in the waiting.

  "Glad to see you checking out your local supermarche, Sergeant. There's many folk around this way who now choose to get their produce from the large Midl store at Crawford Downs. May a thousand plagues fall upon them for such disloyalty," Byron bleated with that toothy grin of his before shouting out an order to someone behind me. "Er, Big Bad John!"

  "Shnoops!" came a baritone dulled voice from behind me from the stack of a man Dani and I saw earlier.

  "Can you wash the floor where the child was sick before, please?" Byron asked in a strangely kind manner.

  "Yarp!" Big Bad John nodded before toddling out of sight.

  "That's fine, Mr Butcher," I replied. "Is there anything else?"

  "I just thought I'd offer my commiserations to the demise of Tristan Taylor. I didn't think he had the brains to blow his nose let alone blow up his house, if you can call it that. The only thing he appeared to be constructing was a building site. Did you see how bad it looked before? I imagine there was little change in what it looked like now," Byron chuckled.

  "Yes well I can say that it did look sufficiently worse after the fact," I commented, making a mental note of Byron's casual attitude to Tristan's demise. "Well if you'll excuse me I do need to get back".

  "No problem, I merely saw you pondering with the Pak Choi and figured you were off-duty or something," Byron offered with a sly smirk.

  "A good officer is always observant and never off-duty," I corrected him as I pointed to the activity on the array of monitors behind him.

  "Ah, that's Raymond Wright, head of the district council and Editor of the local paper, the Forston Free News, parked in that disabled spot," Byron said, observing the dodgy parking. "Have you ever seen such a pantomime villain?" Byron asked whilst twiddling his moustache.

  "Actually I didn't mean him," I countered. "I meant him," I concluded. Byron looked at another screen and saw the behoodied person I had observed before putting a couple of tins of beans in their hoodie's pockets.

  "Ah," Byron remarked. I left to carry out an arrest.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

  "Excuse me," I said as I arrived on the scene. The hoodied individual turned around revealing a female face, which I didn't expect, but I did not deter my features from keeping my most officious look in place. Our eyes met for a moment and I was delighted that for once during my time here this was not a stare between two or more people about to engage in coitus. The space and stare between us held until her eyes twitched and she darted for the door.

  "They always run," I thought as I made chase. The suspect skidded on a patch of wet floor but regained her footing and zoomed out of the main doors. I skidded and fell onto my side but still managed to give chase. We ran down the high street and through an alleyway and over a small park area. She had some speed about her and even with my fitness levels I was struggling to keep up. I thought I might lose her until...

  "BOOM!" Dani said, arm-out, wrestler-style, causing the suspect to be knocked on her back. I turned her round and got the cuffs on her, as I did two tins of smart-price beans tumbled out of her jacket.

  "Please. I need them for my kids!" the woman sobbed. Dani looked at me as if to ask if we should let her go, but I was a newly promoted sergeant. I couldn't afford to set a poor example in this case.

  "Sorry, Dani. The law's the law. It's not for us to decide," I commented before stuffing her in our patrol vehicle.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

  I filled in the arrest report and processed the suspect for the shoplifting. I knew that Dani and I were feeling mixed emotions over the collar. Skinny Sergeant Francine Fuller came over and looked over my shoulder at the paperwork before offering a comment,

  "Pretty good arrest that...shame Mr Butcher isn't pressing charges," Francine remarked.

  "What?" I exclaimed, moments away from filing the paperwork.

  "I'm merely suggesting that young, single parent Tina here be given a second chance," Byron Butcher, as he walked Tina out of the cells with a warm hand on her shoulder. "I've decided to help Tina here with assistance from the local food bank organisation so she doesn't risk suffering from food poverty again. Call me personally if you're struggling, Tina," Byron continued.

  "Thank you, Mister Butcher," Tina said before giving the lanky, suspicious knave a hug.

  "Call me, Byron!" Byron corrected her, before holding her to him, eventually letting her go and letting her leave the station without charge or punishment.

  "Is this how we treat blatant shoplifters here? We let them escape justice?" I ask Byron as he stands there as smug as you like, twiddling that moustache of his like Dick Dastardly himself.

  "Is there a problem here?" the Chief queried as he appeared in the doorway like the local sheriff from the old west, routing out trouble and making sure the town operated smoothly.

  "Well, sir, Mister Butcher here thinks that no measures should be taken against Tina Towler for an obvious shoplifting offence where there is sufficient evidence to gain a successful conviction,"

  "Don't worry, I'll make sure that justice is served as it should be," the Chief commented before heading back into his office, leaving me wondering what he meant by that and leaving Dani and me with egg on our faces, all over a couple of tins of beans.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

  After Mel's exertions with the two sisters she had needed to get back and have another shower to get rid of all the smells of sex from her body...AGAIN. Currently she was smelling more of sex than she was of herself.

  Mel had convinced the Hotelier (Sylvia) to let her into the honeymoon suite as a surprise for the new sergeant. The shower, her fourth of the day, felt amazing as she let the jets lap at her face and neck as all three women had lapped at her nipples and pussy. Her entire body felt switched on in a way she had not felt for years. Mel felt hungry and horny all the time, like a switch had been clicked on inside that meant she was permanently turned on. It was remarkable.

  She had thought that arriving in Forston would be a sleepy affair with the village full of goobers and odd-bods, and while the bodies were most certainly odd, the village clan were far from goobers, but as the water hit Mel it also seemed to heat up the guilt she felt inside over her actions and adulterous behaviour.

  What would she say when she saw Michael? Would she feel the want to confess instantly? Would Michael even be pleased to see her? Mel knew she would need to master that mechanical bull when the time came. Mel got herself ready, watched TV, ordered food and left the door ajar to announce her presence when the time came. What she didn't expect was for him to bound through the door, yelling 'POLICE FREEZE!"

  For a moment the two of them had merely remained standing, distance apart like the distance between them that had grown over time. There was something in Michael's eyes she reflected back in her own; doubt, fear, guilt, all of the above, then suddenly he marched across and kissed her with a fire that she hadn't felt in years, his hands grabbing and grasping at her body, a body warmed by sex and alcohol over the course of the day. When she saw his eyes closed, felt his tongue in her mouth and his hand moving over every sensitive spot she began to neither care of worry about any guilt or recrimination over her own behaviour as the same raw passion devoured her senses and she started to grab and remove clothing as hastily as Michael was. Mel was feeling fuelled with a new sensation, a kind of competitive lust awakened in her by Talia.

  Mel was dumped on the bed by her husband, feasted on his schlong but still wanted more, her sex had never felt so needy in all her life, and when her hubby put that blindfold on her all she could see was Talia on the sofa across from her with her other half, all four of them engaging in salacious sex, drawn out of them by a desire, a hunger that could not be sated.

  As much as anything she was imagining herself crawling across the floor towards Talia's hubby, her arse wiggling in the air as she moved closer whilst Talia and Michael already had their arms wrapped around each other, she imagined herself led on the sofa with Talia's unknown better half between her legs licking her pussy whilst watching Michael bend Talia over and do the same. Finally she imagined herself impaled on Talia's beau's cock. The meat sliding inside her, filling her, stretching her as Talia was being fucked from behind by Michael, him feeding the constable his truncheon as they all four of them thrusted together, building towards their own inexorable and inevitable orgasm. When she came on Michael's cock it was as much playing her own fantasy of the night unfolding as much as what he was saying to her.

  Mel woke the next day with a head filled with sex, a pussy feeling a tad sore due to the pounding and pleasure it had received the day before and a tiredness that she hadn't experienced since her years at University, but it was a tiredness that she loved. Mel was determined to have a guilt-free day without any more shenanigans. She got dressed in Jeans and a hoodie to feel as unsexy and practical as possible and went down to have breakfast where she met the lovely red-headed Sylvia (again) in the dining room.

  "Morning. Sleep well?" The buoyant red-head asked.

  "Yes, thanks. Very well," Mel replied.

  "No wonder, all that shagging. Shaun and I have the room next door," Sylvia informed Mel, who went beet-red at finding this out. "Me and Shaun couldn't help but start fucking next door after hearing all that could we, Shaun?" Sylvia asked a tall, black man about to enter the kitchen.

  "Oh, yeah. That was fucking hot," Shaun said, moving his package as he looked Mel up and down. Mel pressed her legs together as she felt a warmth creep over her under Shaun's gaze. Shaun left for the kitchen but now Mel had images in her head, images that she had hoped to avoid today. Images of her and Sylvia on their knees, in front of Shaun, all three of them naked as he moved between them, his long, cigar like cock, hardening as they looked at it, both women licking their lips and feeling their pussies moisten as they both longed to feel one thing in their hungry mouths.

  "Full English?" Sylvia asked again as Mel had drifted off into her own private fantasy world.

  "What? Oh, yes please," Mel replied with a strained smile as the fantasy got pushed into the back of her mind along with a single powerful thought "What was wrong with her, what was wrong with this place?"

  Mel devoured the cooked breakfast, wolfing down all of it with a voracious appetite that even she didn't know she had, but that said she was finding out all sorts of things about herself, that the idea of sucking off a group of strangers was one that appealed to her, or that the taste of pussy was one she could enjoy and want more of.

  "Stop thinking about sex, Mel!" Mel thought to herself as she wandered around Forston. She wandered around its sleepy antique shops, wandered up to the Chapel which stood nearby the manor house, coming across a silver fox who strode right over to introduce himself.

  "I'm Hugh Huntsman, but you can call me Hugh. And you are?" Hugh asked.

  "Melissa, Melissa Angelo," Mel replied, shaking his hand.

  "The new sergeant's wife? It's a pleasure to meet you," Hugh replied, wrapping his other warm hand around Mel's. Mel was surprised by the warmth in there as it was such a cold-day, but then again everyone in Forston seemed pretty hot-blooded. "I've met the new sergeant. He's a wonderful chap and he's already making...lot's of friends."

  There was something about the way he said that which made Mel feel somewhat uncomfortable but she let it slide. The two of them talked for a while with Mel feeling that same sense of ease she felt with Frank the day before. There was something fatherly and appealing about these two men that she felt herself responding to. She stayed with Hugh for a while helping him with the removal of weeds and having a general garden tidy, something she never got the chance to do in the city. It felt good messing with the horticulture and Hugh was patient with her, teaching her what to remove and what not to. 

  Mel enjoyed feeling useful here and when she went on her way to explore the rest of Forston it was with a heavy heart as she felt like she'd finally found a friend she didn't want to fuck...well, not as much as everyone else she'd met.

  As lunchtime rolled around Mel felt a tingle in her pocket and removed her phone. It was a WhatsApp from Talia. She read the message first before checking out the video.

Hi, Mel. Thanks for a great day yesterday. Loved the unusual protein shake. Thought I'd invite you and the Sarge out tonight for Drinky-Poos. Let me know the time and place and we will meet you there. Oh and this is Trent, my other half. Catch you later, bye. X x x

  Mel pressed play on the video and watched as standard couples pic after couples pic rolled by. One was of the two of them in Venice, another in Prague and one of them on the top of the Empire State Building in the US. These were cute selfies of them smiling and gurning whilst seeing the world. Mel felt a tinge of sadness at that. Even now she and Michael still took those kinds of pictures when they were out to show them doing stuff but they masked a sadness within their relationship. Mel was going to press stop but then another image came up this time a video. Talia was on her knees, stockinged legs in view with her mouth sucking on one of Trent's balls whilst her hand moved up and down his seven-inch, solid tool.

  "Oh yeah, T. Oh that's good, baby girl. You know I like that don't you?" Trent asked as Talia gently nodded. Mel felt her downstairs warming instantly as she watched as Talia then took the companion gonad into her mouth, Trent's member resting on her face over her nose comically before he grabbed the end himself and, after only a few tugs unleashed a stream of goo over her face and chest.

  Mel looked about to see if anyone else was looking, but where she was in the street there was no-one about. As there was no-one around she kept on watching, all the while feeling herself get wet watching Talia and Trent's videos. The next one had Talia on the bed on all fours talking to the camera.

  "It's so nice being married to a man who knows his husbandly duties," Talia remarked before lifting the camera up to show Trent with his face in Talia's arse, munching on her love box. "Oh, you get that tongue deep in there, T," Talia sighed as Trent held her ass-cheeks apart. It was wild seeing Trent feast on her cunt whilst Talia's face was full on the screen showing her reaction to his work as his tongue moved past her flaps and explored her insides. "Oh ho ho! Keep moving your thumb over my clit, Trent," Talia stated, as Trent carried on working for a few moments before standing up and slamming his tool inside her.

  "OH! You cheeky Bastard!" exclaimed Talia, before moving with Trent's thrusts and getting into it. Mel wondered what it would be like to feel Trent's cock inside her, to taste it, to feel his cum hit her tits, to wrap her legs around his muscled torso and feel him take her the way he was taking Talia now.

  The video ended, and all Mel could think about was Talia's invite for drinks tonight. Mel went to her messages and immediately began typing out a text for Michael.

Hey, Hon. Meet me in the pub tonight after work. I've got a surprise for you. X x x

  Mel then put the phone back in her bag and headed back to the hotel so she could strip off, get on the bed, watch the video that Talia sent her and cum like a fucking train.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

  "Hey, babe," I said as I entered the hotel and saw her sitting in the anteroom area by the roaring fire, wearing a gorgeous, flowery-print, black and white dress. A giddy smile on her face when she saw me. I hadn't seen her glow like this for years. I ran towards her and wrapped my arms around her, spinning her around in an embrace. I hadn't felt this way for Mel for years and yet here I was, suddenly in a state of absolute bliss over the current condition of our relationship. "Did you have a good day? I hope it wasn't too boring for you".

  " It was fine. I'm just...glad to see you," Mel said, uncharacteristically stumbling over her words. I stepped back and looked at Mel in her dress which seemed to dangle on her curves in all the right ways. I felt myself getting turned on just by looking at her.

  "My God! This might be my favourite ever dress of yours," I remarked as I looked her up and down. By the time I got to her face I could see that she was blushing at my compliments. It was nice seeing a side to her I hadn't witnessed in a long time.

  "I've got a surprise for you," Mel said, reluctantly. "We're going out tonight".

  "Great!" I replied as I looked up and down her body again.

  "I said we'd go for drinks with Talia and Trent," Mel continued. My stomach dropped at this prospect upon hearing those names and knowing their lascivious nature.

  "Talia and Trent?" I asked, my mind a-whirr with questions about what Mel may or may not know at this stage. "How come you know Talia and Trent?"

  "Frank, your boss, introduced me to Talia yesterday," Mel said, looking at me confused, clearly sensing my sense of edginess. "Why? Is there a problem?"

  "No. No problem. That's fine," I lied, fearing for the future of my relationship if these two were chatting with us. "Where are we meeting them?" I queried as Mel seemed to ease a little at my fake state of relaxation.

  "MEL!" Talia screamed from behind me. Talia ignored me and ran up and gave Mel the biggest hug ever, her arms tight around my gorgeous wife. After they rocked back and forth for a few moments, giggling as they did, they eventually disengaged with Talia looking at me and shifting tone from surprised and delighted to austere as she spoke to me. 


  "You can call me Michael when we are off duty," I advised her.

  "I think not. That's like calling your teachers by their first name once you left school. It was just weird right," Talia chuckled with Mel following suit. I seemed to have missed this part where they had become friends already and my stomach was instantly churning because of what Talia and I had done and what she knew.

  "Officer...I mean Michael," Trent commented as he extended his hand, which I politely shook. I was not about to go around purposely making enemies and it served me no purpose to be mean to Trent. I trusted him a Hell of a lot more than Talia.

  "Shall we get some drinkies in?" Talia asked before Talia and my wife waltzed off in front of us.

  "Don't let Talia get to you. She can be a lot sometimes," Trent commented on his wife's in-your-face nature.

  "Yeah, I gathered," I responded, watching the two women walk arm in arm to the bar, the two of them already (worryingly) as thick as thieves. Not a good look when your husband's a cop.

  We settled in at a table and began chatting and drinking with two shared platters of food that was surprisingly enjoyable for a small-place like this. Mel told them all about her job, what she loved about London, what she missed, how much she was enjoying being here and how friendly everybody had been. After a couple of hours and several drinks I was starting to relax, and felt like the evening was going the way I had hoped before I'd heard the bad news that they were there, but that's when things took a turn for the worst.

  "So, Mel and I had a great day at the gym yesterday," Talia said with a grin. I could see Mel move as if giving Talia a kick under the table. "Ow! What?! I'm just saying you liked to work out and sweat a lot!" Talia continued. I noticed Mel gesture via her face for Talia to stop, although I was unsure why?

  "Nowt wrong with that. I like to keep in shape myself," Trent offered as a bit of a balm to the disagreement between the two women.

  "He does, he's very fit!" Talia gushed as she grabbed the arm of her man. I had to admit I found it weird how she could be so affectionate and grabby of her guy and yet fuck with other people so easily. "That allows us to be pretty wild together. You guys wouldn't get that," Talia continued with words that sounded like they were trying to get a response from Mel, which I knew they would.

  "What's that meant to mean?!" Mel asked with a bit of a shout. After multiple drinks and not much of the platter we'd ordered, Mel was clearly starting to be affected by the alcohol. 

  "We can be pretty wild, can't we, Michael?"

  "We can, but there's nothing wrong with being a bit quiet every now and then either. I like that," I stated, hoping Mel would pick up on what I was saying and what I was hinting at but she was too far gone to get that, unfortunately.

  "No, me and him are damn wild, Just as wild as you two, anyway?!" Mel shouted, ignoring my pleas to slow it down and calm the fuck down.

  "Really?" Talia asked with a dirty look all over her features.

  "Really!" Mel said, leaning over the table, her face in Talia's, the two women suddenly bursting out laughing in front of each other over lord knows what, like they were sharing some secret private joke.

  "Well, we've got a board game at our place called WICKED, perhaps you'd like to find out just how wild you are?" Talia challenged Mel.

  "That suits us fine, let's go! WOO!" Mel woo-ed. This was getting out of hand. I did not like where this was going and did not fancy sharing my Mel with these two, even though I knew that was hypocritical of me, bearing in mind what I'd shared with them.

  "Mel, can I have a word?" I asked as quietly and non-suspiciously as possible. Mel looked at me, up-and-down with a disdainful look that I'd not seen since we were in London.

  "Fine," Mel responded, before pulling a face at Talia and Trent. "Men, huh? Am I right?" Mel continued before we wandered further into the pub. "What? What's wrong now? Don't you want to have some fun?"

  "I'm all for that but this is not a competition. If they want to think they are wild and we aren't, what's the harm?" I pondered. Mel stood there looking pouty before responding.

  "Listen I am not having that bitch, think that she's somehow more wild than me. I've got this, and if I have to do this without you then so be it!" Mel replied before walking off, avoiding my attempts to pull her back. Shit. We were doing this. We were actually going down this road.

We all piled into an Uber with me in the front and Trent sat in the back between the two ladies. The trip was only five minutes but all I could hear was various female voices saying "Stop it," "Trent!" "Ah, that's naughty!" whilst the back was covered in a blanket of darkness. The words were echoing in my brain triggering all manner of jealous responses before the driver pulled up outside the house. The lights came on in the vehicle and I looked back and everyone was still very much fully dressed and in no way, ruffled with their outfits, but my paranoia had now peaked.


  We all piled out of the car, Mel nearly falling over but Talia rescued her, both women laughing as they tumbled towards the house. I felt a sense of fear in my stomach, like I should just pull Mel away and say that she's had enough to drink and get out of there. True she would be furious with me but I could live with that...but I didn't. I merely watched as Talia opened the door, let Mel walk inside of her own volition and I tamely followed. I walked down a neat suburban hallway and heard the door shut behind me like it was the the locked steel barrier in a prison.

  "Who's up for more drinks?" Talia asked.

  "YES!" Mel shouted, waving her arms in the air. The paranoia now was swimming through my veins as I wondered if this was how she was every time she went out without me? Was she this wild, free spirit who was up for a good time, everywhere, anywhere? Mel grabbed her drink and took a gulp, followed by a hasty wince at the strength of the concoction that was presented to her. "Okay! Let's see who can win this game then. WOOP!"

  "Would you like a drink, Michael?" Talia asked with a wicked leery look on her face, as if she had already won whatever was about to take place.

  "I'm fine thanks," I responded. Talia walked away and behind her I could see Trent setting up the game board which was in the shape of a spiral on a square board which lead up to raised central platform in the middle which contained a tiny trophy in the shape of a fist. I did not want to think about how bad that final challenge might be. Talia came back in with three more drinks, one for her and Trent and another for Mel who was quickly becoming very inebriated as we sat on the carpet around a square games table and Talia and Trent sat on the sofa.

  "So the object of the game is to complete the challenges and get to the golden fist," Talia explained. "Now, there are four squares, empty squares, no task or challenge, green squares, you have to reveal sexual secrets, amber squares, you remove an item of clothing, and finally red squares, you have to do the challenge. Pretty straight forward?"

  I looked at the board and worked out there were thirty-six squares and, due to spacing, there was a path to the centre where you would not have to lose much, say much or do much. But you had to be lucky.

  "Now we can play as individuals or as a couple, whatever's better for yourselves?" Talia asked. I figured that playing as a couple would mean at least we could do challenges together and that would be safer.

  "I'm up for doing this as a couple," I suggested to Mel. She just looked at me and laughed.

  "Yeah, I bet you would, you square. HA!" Mel mocked before throwing some more of her drink back. "Anyway, come ON! Less parley more nudit-ay!" Mel rhymed before going into giggles.

"Very well, Mel. Let's see how wild you really are," Talia said, a devilish glint in her eyes. She rolled the dice and moved it forward four spaces. "Amber. Oh dear, what should I lose first?"

  Eventually she reached down and unclasped her shoe and threw it into the hallway. Mel, feeling blitzed and bold decided she wasn't having any of that.

  "Pfff! You call yourself wild? Shoes are a pair, get the other one off!" Mel barked. Talia pulled a face and then removed the other show and tossed that in the hallway. "That's better!" nodded Mel as Trent picked up the dice and rolled a three to a green space and picked up a card.

  "How many sexual partners have you had?" Trent read out loud before trying to fathom numbers in his head. Talia trying to capture his gaze as he did so, before he put the card to the bottom of the pile, all the while Talia trying to get eye-contact from him. It would have been adorable if not for the darker connotations of what was happening. "I don't know. fifty or sixty".

  "Fifty or sixty?!" Mel repeated, incredulously. "You slag! Ha ha ha!"

  "Your go, Mel," Trent said handing the dice to Mel. She rolled it dramatically in her hands and then rolled...a four.

  "Yay! Hanging with my bestie!" Mel said, reaching down to unclasp her shoes before Talia interjected.

  "Oh no! Taking shoes off? That's so lame!" Talia teased. Mel's face went puce with fury at that suggestion and instead she untied her dress and pulled it straight over her head, throwing it in the same direction as Talia's shoes.

  "Wow! Way to go, Mel! Talia hollered as Trent applauded, but you've also landed on the same square, which means we have to do some kind of challenge," Talia continued, picking up the card and looking at it, silently.

  "What kind of challenge?" Mel asked but before she could ask any more Talia had moved off the couch across the carpet and had planted her lips on Mel's in a highly erotic kiss. At first their mouths were locked together, but then their lips moved away from each other and I could see their tongues mashing against each other as their hands roved over the other's body. Talia running her hands over Mel's boobs whilst Mel unfastened Talia's belt and stuck her hand down the front of her jeans. I don't know how long they were kissing for but my pants were tenting like crazy after watching them go at it. I looked over at Trent who was adjusting/rubbing himself.

  "Is that wild enough for you?" Mel challenged as they separated, the gaze between them seeming to carry something more, something I could neither know nor read.

  "Not even lukewarm yet," Talia replied, before licking her lips and turning to me. "Your turn,, Michael".

  I rolled the dice and hoped for a one or a six, either would have me avoid anything incriminating. The dice seemed to bounce and spin through the air for an interminable amount of time before it landed on a one, a blank space.

  "You're coming last, dear," Mel said sarcastically.

  "A gentleman always should," I chided back. Getting cheers and laughs from all three of them, even Mel, who leaned back over and began a passionate smooch with me for my comment. My hand instinctively reached for her boobs and felt the lace material as her wet, delicious mouth met mine.

  "HEY, WHOA, WHOA, WHOA! Save that for the forfeits that will be coming," Talia bossed, bringing some order to the proceedings. Talia picked up the dice and rolled it and got a five bringing her to a challenge. Talia removed a card and read what it said, beaming from ear to ear, before revealing this one to all.

  "Lick the nipples of the person to your left. 30 seconds," Talia chuckled. That meant that I was about to have my nipples sucked by the dirty blonde constable.

  "AH-HA-HA-HA! snorted Mel.covering her mouth in barely-concealed delight. "He hates that!" Mel continued.

  "Do you now? Well, them's the rules I'm afraid," Talia remarked, delightedly.

  "All right, all right," I stated, removing my polo shirt and getting more whoops from the girls before Talia moved steadily towards me and took my right nipple into her mouth, gently suckling and nibbling on the tiny nubbed point. I had to admit that whilst previously I'd always hated assaults on my nips, this was quite a pleasant feeling. Talia was neither too rough, nor too soft and so the tingles were surprisingly enjoyable.

  "Ooh, you go, girl. He's enjoying that!" Mel shouted.

  "Why don't you take the other one, Mel?" Talia asked. Mel's eyes glinted at the suggestion and she leant over to me, her eyes locking with mine as she moved down to my left nipple and began to hungrily suck on the end. The sensation of both woman suckling me like I was some kind of pregnant swine was turning me on more than I cared to admit and when Trent told them time's up I was partly glad for fear that I might discharge myself under their efforts. I went to put my polo shirt back in but Talia spoke up. 

  "Ah-ah-ah. That can stay off".

  I did what everyone else had done before me and tossed it towards the hallway to various hollers of approval before Trent picked up the dice to carry out his roll. As I looked at the board again I noticed something else about the spaces. Before I was only working out a safe route to the end but now I could see that the spaces at the beginning had more amber than red and a little green, getting people to strip down easier and break down inhibitions, but nearer the middle it was ALL red, virtually with just the safe spaces as breaks. I wanted to leave at this point but I knew there was no way that Mel would agree.

  "Five," Trent said, bringing my attention back to the room. He moved his piece forward onto an amber space and looked around at both girls.

  "OFF, OFF, OFF, OFF!" the two of them chanted as Trent gestured with his shirt, pulling at the bottom like he was going to remove his top, before undoing his belt and removing his trousers, bringing more Whoops of approval from the two women. In his white underwear you could clearly make out his aroused bulge. I looked at Mel and felt my heart sink as her eyes locked on Trent's trunk and she involuntarily licked her lips. I felt my stomach tighten as Mel greedily grabbed at the dice and threw them over the board and only got a one.

  "Aw! Boring!" Mel asked, picking up a truth card. "What's the one sexual thing you've not tried that you would like to do?"

  "Oh, ho ho! This should be interesting," Talia replied, mockingly. "Spill, Mel!"

  "Threesome!" Mel confessed, shocking me as it had been my unspoken fantasy for years.

  "Two women, two men, what combination?" Trent asked. Mel put her finger to her chin as she seemed to ponder the combinations in her head before replying.

  "Any. Two men, two women, hell, even three women! Ha ha ha...oh!" Mel said, stopping her laughing in her tracks.

  "What?" I asked as the room fell silent.

  "Nothing," Mel continued. "Your roll".

  I took the dice and gave it a toss across the board. It spun around for an interminable time before landing on...six. I moved my piece forward and it landed on a blank space. Safety still...for now, at least. Talia snatched up the dice and dramatically rolled it in her hands before unleashing it across the table to reveal a five. Talia was well in the lead now with the dice being somewhat kind to her. She moved the piece forward so it was on an Amber square.

"Well, let's see whose wild now shall we?" Talia commented and pulled at the hem of her top suggestively before she quickly yanked it over her head to bra. I looked at Talia's fabulous tits (that I suspected were augmented) and moved my glance back to Mel in case she caught me staring, but instead she was transfixed with Talia's knockers herself, again licking her lips as she stared at Talia's engorged nipples. "But the question is, am I going commando as well? Have to wait and see". Talia then handed the dice to her other half who rolled it in his hand and then hurtled it onto the table, where it spun and bounced before landing on a four. Trent moved his piece to red, a challenge and picked up the card.

  "Give oral pleasure to the person on your right," Trent read, before raising his eyebrows towards Mel. Mel leaned forward and brought down the cups to her bra so the huge nipples and areolae were exposed.

  "Suck away, big boy!" Mel offered. Trent did not need asking twice and scooched over to Mel, grabbing that big right boob, swirling his tongue around the end and then sucking on the nipple, causing her to roll her head back in breathless pleasure. I wanted to look away as my heart sank watching them, but at the same time I couldn't help but watch. With his other hand Trent mauled the left breast as well as his mouth sloppily slurped on that right nipple that was getting all the fun. Mel then turned towards me as if to say "What are you waiting for?" and so I responded to the invite, moving over and attaching my mouth to the left nipple.

  "UUURRGGGH!" Mel gurgled in response. Clearly we were hitting all the right nerves in this case.

  "Okay, okay. I think she's had enough," giggled Talia. For a moment no-one moved as we simply watched Mel catch her breath and re-covered her nipples. Everyone's eyes stayed on Mel and she laughed as she remembered it was her go, grabbed the dice and hauled them across the table. Each bounce and flip my stomach turned till it landed on a....two.

  "Aw! Two!" Mel exclaimed at her poor showing with the dice so far. She moved the dice forward to an amber slot. Lose an item of clothing. She'd gotten rid of her dress and just had her underwear on. Talia and Trent began to chant "OFF, OFF, OFF, OFF!" as they looked at Mel. Mel reached round for her bra, which made my throat tighten, then gestured at her panties, which made me more nervous, before removing her shoes to jeers from both Talia and Trent. "Patience, patience, patience," my semi-naked wife mocked. I grabbed the dice and tossed them quickly, wanting urgently to get to the end and be finished.

  "Three...reveal a truth," I said as I moved my piece. So far I was getting neither challenges nor clothes off which was good, but also bad as I was getting psychologically behind everyone else. I removed the card and read it out.

  "What's the one thing you've never done sexually that you'd love to do?" I read out loud.

  "That's easy....anal!" Mel shouted out in front of the other couple before bursting out laughing. I thought to say something to respond, but she was right, so I merely shook my head and place the card at the bottom of the pile.

  "YOU'VE not tried anal? I guess you're not as wild as I thought you were," Talia mocked. I looked over at my wife and could see her seething at that comment. I could feel the erotic tension cranking up in the room, only broken when Talia reached over and rolled a two, moving her piece forward onto an Amber space. The mousy blonde-haired minx was already topless, and shoeless so only her jeans remained. She stood up, unfastened the front and jiggled her hips from side to side in anticipation before she yanked them down to reveal a tiniest black Wicked Weasel thong that covered so little it might as well have been a large postage stamp.

   "Not commando today I'm afraid," Talia said to groans from everyone else (including me. What was it about this place?)

  "I guess YOU'RE not as wild as I thought," Mel chided back at her. The two women seemed to be having some kind of friendly, or maybe not so friendly, rivalry going on.

  "Easy ladies," said Trent grabbing the dice to get the mood and the game moving forward again before rolling a three and landing on the same amber space as Talia. Trent thought for a minute about removing his T-shirt before removing his white underwear to whoops of delight from the women as they watched his erect pole bounce free from their cotton confines. "Oh, hang on. We're on the same square. What's the challenge, T?"

  Talia removed the challenge card and looked it over before gently placing it back and swallowing down Trent's meaty length. I looked at Mel who watched this with her mouth wide open as Talia slurped her mouth around Trent's tool. This was taking the night into a more serious turn. Talia bobbed her had up and down, eyes-closed as Trent let his head fall back in pleasure as his wife worshipped his cock. I moved my hand down to move my throbbing member, before looking over to Mel who was now had one hand on her boob and the other down her matching panties, moving her bean as she watched the performance and licked her lips enviously.

  Talia disengaged herself from Trent's tool before he had time to finish and merely sat back, her tits flush, wearing only a thong. Right now I was feeling very overdressed and somewhat out of the loop on this game. Mel however was very much in the loop as she downed her drink, grabbed the dice and flicked them across the board, they bonked and danced before landing on a four. A red challenge. Mel grabbed the card and looked at it with a smirk, before reading it out loud.

  "Masturbate the person to the left of you," Mel replied. Part of me felt some relief it was not something far worse, till Mel unclipped her bra, led back and grabbed her breasts. 

  "Between these, please," Mel stated with a mocking look towards Talia who merely stuck her tongue out playfully towards Mel. Trent did not need asking twice as he moved forward, straddling Mel and placing his cock between her tits, to much giggles from Mel. "When you're ready big boy!"

At that Trent spat on his hand and covered his cock with his spit before he began to move his hips up and down, letting his rock hard cock glide between Mel's twin orbs, a look of utter shock and desire on Mel's face as she watched Trent's member move so close to her mouth that if she stuck her tongue out she could reach the tip. Trent looked down at Mel and raised his eyebrows as if to ask if he could move his thick rod from between her mammaries further up. Mel raised her eyebrows back and opened her mouth. Trent moved it further up to Mel's mouth and my wife greedily sucked on the end. I looked away to Talia who was leaning back, her thong pushed aside and her fingers inside herself as she watched her husband cavort with my missus.

  Trent then backed away, rubbing his rock hard cock whilst looking at me with a cheeky smirk. I felt like a sock to his jaw might help but that would hardly be appropriate considering I fucked his wife only a few days earlier with him in the room. I grabbed the dice and tossed it across the board. I was back to being last but the position on the board seemed of little relevance. Five, Amber, but I also landed on the same square as Talia and Trent. I stood up and slipped both shoes off.

  "Ah, ah ah!" Talia remarked. "You're on the same square as Trent and I".

  "So what's that meant to mean?" I responded, watching as Talia moved over to me and started undoing my pants. My cock springing out as she undid my zip. She grabbed it in her hand and laughed a giddy laugh.

  "Mmmm, has a familiar feel about it," Talia remarked, casually before taking her lips and gently moving them over the tip, forward and back, just teasing my cock, before she took it all in her mouth. I let my head roll back as she started to suck my length down. For a moment I forgot that Mel was there, till I felt Talia move her mouth away and felt a second pair of lips on my tool. I opened my eyes but instead of Mel was surprised to see the husband and wife duo of Talia and Trent engaged in giving me a blow-job. I looked across at Mel who had slid her own panties to the side and was flicking her nub whilst also fingering her gash.

  "So fucking hot!" Mel panted as she watched these two people that were barely more than strangers engage me in a three-way blowjob. Eventually they stopped and returned to the seats across from us with Talia taking the dice and carrying out her throw while I remained sat there with my cock out and it being comically pointed in the air.

  "Two," Talia reported, moving her piece forward onto another amber space and quickly removing her thong her last remaining piece of clothing and tossing it in the direction of the hallway. She was the first person fully naked but I doubted any of us would be that far behind. "Oh, that reminds me. If you've no more clothes to lose and you wind up on amber, you must take a challenge card," Talia informed us. The game was getting more dangerous by the minute. Trent picked up the dice and threw a one, moving onto a boring green square. He picked up a truth card and read the question.

  "What's you favourite sexual position? That's easy. DP," said Trent, whilst looking filthily at his wife.

  "Hey, no fair! That's mine too!" Talia whined. I noticed Mel looking confused at this.

  "What a DP?" Mel asked, slightly slurring her words.

  "What's a DP? I thought you were wild!" Talia mocked Mel. I could see Mel getting pissed off with her now as the alcohol was in full effect.

  "Oh, fuck off!" Mel retorted back as she took the dice and flung it aggressively across the board till she got a five and landed on the same amber space as Talia. Mel looked at Talia and stood up, slightly unsteadily, and bent down and removed her panties and threw them in the hallway to WHOOPS of approval from Talia and Trent. I thought she'd sit down but instead, bold as brass, she unclasped her bra and threw that down the hall as well, moving her shoulders to make her titties jiggle to more WHOOPS of joy.

  "Oh, fuck it. I might as well get naked too," Trent said, removing his shoes and then taking off his top, with both women ogling Talia's hubby as he stripped off. It seemed I had a choice...sit there, partly clad, or strip off and get some female attention back on myself. I stood up and whipped my pants and underwear down in one move, stood out of them and flung them down the hallway, to shouts of encouragement from Talia and Mel.

  "Yay! Even the Sar...Michael's getting into it," Talia responded before locking eyes with Mel and tapping her finger on the board. "Er...aren't you forgetting something?"  


  Mel looked down and grabbed a challenge card and read out the instructions to the group.

  "Masturbate person across from you," Mel said, giggling before placing the card back then looking up at Talia. The two women shared an intense hungry look as the competition between them increased. Talia led back, legs open to allow Mel to get access, now it was Mel's turn to crawl over, past Trent, her arse moving invitingly from side to side. Mel moved in front of Talia's sopping gash and rubbed the fingers of her left hand up and down Talia's opening, prising her lips apart, examining how it was different from her own, before she moved her right hand forward and inserted a finger.

  "OOH, that's a good start there, Mel," Talia chuckled as Mel started to strum her clit with her left hand and tingle her insides with her right, her face constantly moving ever closer to Talia's pussy. Mel licked her lips as she moved her finger in and out of Talia's slit, mesmerised by Talia's pink pleasure centre. Mel then closed her eyes and drew her tongue over Talia's snatch. "OH HO HO HO! That's Christmas and new year...Huh!...rolled!"

  Behind Mel Trent moved his own face ever closer to Mel's pussy and eventually slid his own tongue inside her, drawing a muffled response into Talia's love-box. I was stroking my own rod whilst watching all three of them pleasure each other, until my eyes met Talia's and she beckoned me over. I approached her head and my cock hanging near enough to her face for her to take it in her mouth, which she did.

  "Fuck, you've got a tongue like an electric eel," I commented as Talia gobbled my length. As I said that I could see Mel's eyes bristle with jealousy at what I'd said. Almost as though her blow-jobs were sub-par. We were heading into a territory were every gesture, every moan, every touch could be weighted by guilt or heartbreak and yet here we were, with Mel and Trent going down the rabbit-hole as Talia led back with my cock in her mouth. Mel looked up at me and removed her mouth from between Talia's legs which we all took as a sign that this go was over. Mel and I sat back down as if we were at a normal dinner party enjoying a game of Monopoly or Cluedo. I grabbed the dice, threw it and prayed for a big number with little consequence.

  A four displayed itself proudly atop the dice, placing me briefly in the lead and only on a green, giving me somewhat of a reprieve. I grabbed the truth card and read it out loud.

  "Name the person with whom you had the greatest sex of your life," I read. My heart sank. I could say Mel, but after the sex the other evening with Michelle, Martine and Talia it wouldn't be true and I knew that Mel could always tell when I was lying.

  "Well, we all know the answer to this. Kimberley fucking Jones," Mel snidely remarked. Kimberley was my first serious girlfriend and I remember telling Mel how we'd made love for hours on end over several weeks, much to her chagrin. It always rankled her even now. I leaned over and planted a huge kiss of thanks on her face for getting me off that hook.

  "That maybe true, but you're still my favourite wife," I laughed as I held the gaze of those big brown eyes.

  "I'm the ONLY wife you've been married to," Mel replied angrily to the amusement of Talia and Trent.

  "And you're doing such a good job of it," I joked, patting her on the head. It was then I heard the clattering of the dice on the table as Talia had taken her go. The dice stopped at one, meaning I was maintaining my lead, but my cock was ready to burst under the pressure and stimulus of the evening so far. Talia grabbed a challenge card and she read out what the next dare was going to be.

  "Sex, with the person to your left," Talia remarked before placing the card to the bottom of the pile. Talia looked at me like a tiger staring at a baby antelope. Talia didn't crawl this time, she got up and walked over to me, pushing me back against the carpet and sitting astride my lap, before grabbing my cock and aiming it at her wet opening. "Relax, Michael. I'm not gonna bite," Talia commented before sinking herself slowly on my throbbing tool.

  "URGHH!" I groaned, throatily as I moved my hands on her hips and held on so i could control the movement. I watched as this athletic woman bounced on my cock, slowly. I could feel her hot insides gripping me tight as my eyes were drawn to her slender frame, her sweat covered breasts and distinctive blue eyes. Talia had her hands on my chest as she skewered herself on me, it was then that I detected movement next to me and could see Trent move over to Mel, cock in hand. Mel opened her legs and nodded at Trent who smiled down at her before moving his rod to her snatch, rubbing his knob up and down the opening, drawing a gasp of longing from my Mel, before pushing himself inside her.

  "OH FUCKING HELL!" Mel exclaimed as Trent filled Mel whilst I was filling his other half.

  "Hey," Talia said, drawing my attention back to her. "Focus on me, Michael," Talia demanded as I gripped her hips more aggressively and began to bounce her more on my hips, angrily fucking her. "That's it. That's it. Show me who's boss, sir!" Talia breathily proposed as we started give ourselves more to the moment. Next to me, in the corner of my eye I could still see Mel led back on the floor legs now draped over Trent's shoulders as he started to really plough into her.

  “OH YEAH, OH YEAH, OH YEAH!" Mel exclaimed as Trent pummelled her sweet snatch like he was wanting to finish inside Mel and fill her insides with his essence. I looked up at Talia who was now lost in the moment, her arms above her head, her hands in her hair, riding my cock. Clearly the game had run its course and we were all moving towards our own finish now, until, draped in sweat, Talia disconnected herself from my cock and stood up, prompting Trent from backing off from Mel's glistening pussy.

  "OH, COME ON!" Mel yelled, clearly feeling frustrated at being so near. "LET'S JUST KEEP FUCKING!"

  "We haven't finished yet," Talia remarked before retaking her position. Trent doing the same before bending over and sharing a quick kiss with his wife. I looked at Mel briefly to see if she wanted me to do the same but her eyes were fixed on the other couple. Trent then grabbed the dice and hurled it onto the table. I watched it ballet across the board before it announced its new position. On the board we were all huddled together and so it was likely this could see a new challenge with someone else. It was a four. An empty space.

  "Oh fucking hell! Come on!" Mel responded, exasperated before carrying out her own throw like a woman possessed. The dice trotted across the table before stopping at a five. Mel moved her piece to the new space, a red space, a challenge space. She picked up the card, read what it said, and then placed it back at the bottom of the pile.

  "Well, Mel?" Talia stated, eager to find out what was in store for my busty wife.

  "DP," Mel replied with a smirk but no idea what she was letting herself in for. She'd always refused butt stuff with me before but now was announcing to the group that she was gonna have two cocks inside her.

  "Oh my gosh, you are wicked, Mel," Talia replied, gleefully. Part of me wanted to stop proceedings now, but I couldn't if it tried.

  "So are we fucking doing DP or what?" Mel asked angrily as she stood up on wonky legs.

  "You'll need to be on the sofa for this," Trent replied as he led back on the sofa, his hard tool standing straight up in the air. I knew straight away what he was suggesting but Mel still had no clue. "What's going on? How do we do this?"

  Talia took Mel by the hand and guided her onto Trent's lap, with Mel not needing to be asked twice and guiding Trent's pulsing stiffy inside her.

  "OOH! That's a good cock," Mel responded before bouncing up and down till Trent grabbed her hips and forced her to stop moving.

  "Wait," Trent said as he looked up at Mel. Mel looked down at Talia's mousy haired husband and kissed him. She was impaled on his staff and yet the intimacy of the kiss stung me more than anything else, their eyes closes their lips moving against each other as they were lost in the moment. I just watched unable to move, my own dick just bouncing in unsheathed anguish in the air as it desperately wanted to find somewhere to call home.

  "GOT IT!" Talia shouted. I was so consumed by jealousy over my wife I wasn't even aware she had left the room, but there she was with a tube of lube in her hand. Mel just chuckled perched on Trent's lap.

  "What's that for?" Mel asked, obliviously.

  "For you," Talia said, leaning in to kiss Mel as Trent started to slowly move her up and down gently on his lap. Talia beckoned me over and placed a generous portion of lube on my fingers before she spread Mel's cheeks. I inserted one finger into her backside.

  "OOH!" Mel popped up at the cold sensation of the gel and my fingers in her anal cavity. Talia shushed her as I moved first one finger and then a second inside her anus.

  "Ah-ha-ha! This is what DP is! I like this!" Mel responded to mine and Trent's movements. While we were doing this Talia was applying the lube to my rock-hard cock and making sure I could make my way in as easily as possible. "This DP things is nowhere near as bad as I thought it would be," chuckled Mel, still very unaware of what was going to happen next.

  "Give it a minute," Talia warned with a nod to me. I removed my fingers and then moved my head to her sticky star. Mel flinched but Talia soothed her getting her to focus on kissing Trent. As they did so, I eased myself inside her.

  "HOLY FUCKING HELL!" Mel cried as I moved inside her. I could feel Trent's cock beneath me inside her too. He then pulled out and as he moved back out I went in, the two of us switching as Mel's head went back mouth open in shock at what was happening. We kept up that rhythm till I detected movement next to me. There was Talia on her phone filming the entire thing.

  "I knew you'd love it," Talia responded, mockingly as she moved in close to get Mel's full expression. "And you do love it, too. Don't you?"

  "I...I...I FUCKING LOVE IT!" Mel cried through gritted teeth. Talia moved behind us with her phone, filming Trent and I see-sawing my doubly-filled wife. I held her cheeks apart as I fucked her arse, her body beginning to tremble as I did so. As I withdrew I could feel Trent refilling Mel's pussy, sense the texture of his cock through the thin membrane separating us. We see-sawed behind Mel frantically as Mel shuddered beneath us. Then I saw Trent move his head up to one of Mel's nipples, bit on the gold ring and pulled.

  "Oh that's it, babe. I think she likes that," Talia encouraged as she kept filming, watching the two of us fuck Mel, her body juddering as she leaned forward and buried her face in Trent's neck as continued to plow into her, our tools continually filling Mel until she lifted her head and yelled out.

  "NGGH! OH GOD! NEVER BEEN FILLED LIKE THIS. DON'T STOP! GONNA..." Mel cried as she stiffened like a board as the two of us effectively pinned her in place. Talia moved to the front to capture her expression, the veins in her neck popping, her face red due to the overwhelming sensations flooding her body, before she collapsed onto Trent, the experience causing him to trigger inside her, shooting his spunk into her body, with me being unable to hold off and cumming in Mel's ass as she trembled uncontrollably.

  I removed my cock from Mel's backside and slumped on the floor, spent. I then thought back to both our fantasies from earlier and recognised how they'd both been filled.

  "That was really something," I said to everyone on the room.

  "Yeah. It's been a Hell of a couple of days," Mel remarked.

  "Yeah, they've been wild," Talia interjected whilst watching back the film of Mel getting double penetrated. "Who'd have known you'd have been this wild when I first met you. I blame the leisure centre".

  "Yeah," Mel whimpered, her face covered with her straggly hair.

  "What's the meant to mean?" I asked, indignantly.

  "You don't...oh," Talia commented. "I thought you guys had discussed..."

  "Discussed what?" I asked, my voice getting more out-of-control. Talia disengaged herself from Trent's still sizeable cock, her face ashen with fear.

  "Don't get mad but..." Mel began. Those words were never what you wanted to hear at the start of a sentence. "Talia and I had...some fun at the gym the other day and...we might have sucked off...six guys".

  "YOU sucked off six guys?!" I questioned the statement by repeating it.

  "Oh no. We sucked off three guys each, it's just that there were six guys there," Talia clarified as if to lessen the impact of what was being said.

  "That does sound hot. I wish I'd been there," Trent unhelpfully commented.

  "Well if you had there wouldn't have been six guys, there'd have been seven, silly" Talia teased her husband before kissing him.

  "Of course! That makes it all better then!" I ranted as Mel started to look visibly upset.

  "I'm really sorry. I wanted to tell you yesterday, but..." Mel began, getting tearful as she tried to explain herself.

  "I cannot believe you'd have sex with a bunch of random strangers!" I stated as Mel wept.

  "I didn't have sex with them. It was only oral," Mel explained but I was not for hearing it. I could not believe that my dutiful, beautiful wife could be so...awful, until a voice interjected like a thunder-crack.


  Talia was stood naked, her arms folded looking straight at me with a furious expression on her face. For a moment I was at a loss for her anger, till I remembered what happened the night before Mel arrived.

  "Well...erm...If we are talking...about...failures of fidelity...I should say that...I did...get caught up in orgy, the night before you arrived," I confessed, incredibly slowly.

  “WHAT?!" Mel screamed. Before I had a chance to try and explain myself I felt her hand slap right across my cheek, causing my head to spin due to the force of the blow. 'YOU FUCKED OTHER WOMEN AND ARE ANGRY AT ME!" HOW MANY?"

  "Three at the orgy...four in total," I continued.

  "And you had a go at me for getting caught up in the moment in the gym?" Mel asked.

  "Yes! They were complete strangers!" I defended my position..badly.

  "Oh and I suppose you were so close to the women you fucked, weren't you?!" Mel chided me.

  "Well at least I knew their fucking names!" I proclaimed, angrily, causing Mel to leave the room in tears, only to be followed by Trent and Talia. I picked up my clothes and started to get dressed, at that moment it was about as much as I could do. The night had fallen apart spectacularly as Talia and Trent talked in the kitchen to a teary Mel. The night had started badly, got slightly better then descended into an utter shit-show thanks to this stupid game and its stupid challenges. Not that I had seen any. I stopped and thought about that for a moment. During the entire night I had not read a single challenge card.

  I looked at them neatly stacked and an awful feeling hit my gut. I reached out and picked them up and turned them over, spreading them out in my hand only to be confronted by ay awful inescapable truth.

  They were all blank.

End of Part Four.

What’s going to happen next?  Who can say, but if you want to find out then stay tuned for HOT AND FUZZY - Part 5 Next week.

See you then.

Written by goodafterboob

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