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Our second full swap

"Wife gets more adventurous and takes things to the next level"

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My wife secretly organised a couple for us to meet. A bisexual lady and her husband - a tall blonde and athletic man. I tell the story from my perspective.

You and I met for dinner at a restaurant bar in London and I thought it was a regular date night. On the way to the bar in a taxi you sent me a couple of photos of you getting ready with the lingerie you were wearing and a naughty video of you playing with your ass and pussy telling me you wanted to deep throat my cock and to cum on your tits later. I was excited. We met at the bar and your dress was short and low cut - I could see the tops of your stockings as you were on the bar stool and I could see your tits on show. You were talking to a guy at the bar who was trying to get your number. You were giggling as I approached and you looked horny. You told me that this man was buying you a drink and you continued to flirt and asked for his number for another time. You turned to me in front of him and out your tongue in my mouth and started rubbing my crotch. You could tell that you being naughty had started to make my dick harden.

You made excuses and asked him to leave us. He looked disappointed he wasn’t going to get to see your pussy that night but left. You asked me if you could fuck him another night in front of me. I agreed as long as you would suck my dick as I watched him fill your pussy and cum inside you. You looked excited and I felt it almost made you change your plans for that night. We had a couple of drinks, flirted more and laughed. I could tell how much you were enjoying people staring at your body and I could tell you fancied getting a strange cock but as it was a date night for us I was thinking we could film us fucking and take some photos for the groups we had on KK.

We headed back to the hotel. You sat me down on the sofa in the corner of the room. There was lube on a side table. You unzipped my jeans whilst rubbing the front of my trousers. You pulled out my semi erect cock and started teasing the tip whilst asking me how far I would be prepared to go with your fantasies. You asked me if I could watch you fuck more than one cock in one night maybe even 3. You teased me, telling me you loved the feeling of a sore pussy after a good fucking and you loved the feeling of different shaped cocks and styles of fucking your body. You told me about being dominated and how you loved to scream when being roughly fucked. My dick was leaking pre cum and you were teasing me. You told me to hold my now hard cock as you had a present for me.

You got up and walked to the hotel door and left the room. You were gone around 5 mins. I still continued to hold my cock in my hand wondering what you were doing. I heard the key card at the door and you walked in with an athletic tall blonde guy. You said you found him down at the the hotel bar and asked if he wanted to have some fun. You asked if I minded, but I didn’t get chance to reply before you slipped your dress off to reveal your stockings and nothing else. You started to kiss. His hands moved to your tits and started squeezing your nipples. You moaned a little. You kept your hands to yourself to begin with. He moved one of his hands down to your pussy and extended 2 fingers onto your clit. You were moaning louder and could feel yourself starting to shake. I could tell you wanted to see the size and shape of his cock. Whilst on your knees and whilst continuing to rub the front of his trousers your started unbuttoning and unzipping his jeans. Your nipples were erect with excitement. Out flopped his cock. Even as semi hard it was thick and large. You began to rub it having spat on your hand. He instantly started to moan at your touch and his cock began to grow. You licked the tip and then the shaft and then his balls as you continued to play with your hands. He loved it but became frustrated and demanded you try to take it all in your mouth. You were in a cheeky mood and decided to ignore his requests and continue with your teasing. I could see from your position on your knees that the area below your pussy and at the top of your thighs was damp. I could sense you were keen to be fucked but you were also patient as you knew you would orgasm more heavily later. For the first time in 5 minutes you looked back towards me and mouthed “thank you”. My cock was hard and throbbing. You noticed and I think you thought for a second of leaving your new toy to suck another cock - but you didnt. Finally you took him in your mouth and it stopped your panting. Instantly he began moaning again as you sucked the tip gently and then firmly, rubbing the bottom of his shaft as you went. He was quick to say “can I cum on your tits”. You nodded and carried on sucking deep and hard. 2 minutes later, with dribble running down your chin due to the size of his cock, he pulled out and started wanking himself onto you - shooting his cum on your tits. He pulled his jeans up and walked out of the door as if he had somewhere urgent to go. You walked to the shower and washed your tits off. I didnt move but was slightly stunned by what I had seen.

A few minutes later you came and sat next to me on the sofa. You asked me if I had enjoyed it. I nodded. At this point you began to touch my cock and feel it in your hands. You exclaimed that you could feel how hard I would cum later. I felt your soaking pussy and it was clear you needed cock soon.

There was a knock on the door. I stayed sat as you went to see who had knocked. Seconds later you walked back into the bedroom behind you the guy you had just sucked off and a woman with black hair, a black low cut top, a colourful skirt and stockings. She was in her mid thirties and had a nice figure. Large perky breasts, long legs and big lips. She walked over to you and touched your pussy. The man sat down on the other side of the sofa to me - I think he needed a break and was going to enjoy the scene.

The dark haired lady was playing with your breasts and your pussy moving between. Every now and then you would kiss passionately before being released from her tongue and then continuing to moan. You sat on the bed and watched her undress. Her body was stunning and you thought naughty things as you began to play with yourself. Within seconds her tongue was on your pussy and your hands on your tits. Despite never having cum with a girl - you were about to. Her tongue was in an out of your pussy and up and down on your clit. You squeezed your boobs and screamed out that you were going to cum. You did almost as quickly as you said it. You then lay there convulsing. The dark hair girl, satisfied with her work walked over to her partner and felt the front of his jeans. She could see my hard dick and could feel the fact that he was semi erect again…..

You turned onto your stomach and watched in an almost jealous way as she started deep throating his semi erect cock which was outside of his jeans now. He was quick to become hard. Her technique was good. There was no teasing. He helped her bra off (she had already lost her knickers playing with you earlier) to show her nice bouncy breasts. She sucked hard on his cock every now and then coming up for air and proclaiming that she wanted to watch him fuck you. I could see you were smiling and you were thinking hard about his cock. She looked over at me on the third time coming up for air and glanced at me holding my cock. She asked if I would play with her pussy whilst she was sucking cock. I immediately obliged. She was on her knees but she spread her legs and guided my hand down to her ass. I rubbed two fingers over her ass and down to her pussy. It was moist. It took me 5 second before she pushed down onto my fingers and almost went down to the knuckles. She moaned on my fingers but it was barely audible as her mouth was full of his cock. I had my face fairly close to his cock and I could see how hard he was. I turned my head to see you now on your back with your fingers roaming your clit and your nipples. Clearly you had recovered from your huge orgasm and was ready for more. He stood up and she got a condom out, tore it open and started rolling it down his thick shaft. He looked ready to fuck and hard. He walked over to you and flipped you onto all fours. Your ass was hanging in the air and your face on the bed. You were already breathing heavily in anticipation of having his hard cock fill you.

Whilst this was going on I was back sat on the sofa and the girl was licking my balls and stroking my cock. I was really hard now and giving her thoughts about siting on it. She licked the shaft up and down but every now and then asking how much I was looking forward to you being fucked hard. I smiled. I knew how much you were going to enjoy it. I watched as you grabbed his cock between your legs and massaged your clit, moaning all the time. Unsurprisingly this didnt last long. You wanted be full. Your pussy was soaking and I could hear a wet sound as he began to enter you and you gasped. Once all 7 inches were inside you began to breathe more regularly. He slide his cock in and out slowly to begin with and you were screaming with pleasure. You shouted “fuck me, fuck me hard please” and he obliged. Pounding you now I could hear his balls slapping against your ass. Your fingers were gripping the sheets and you were pushing your face harder into the mattress. I thought you were going to cum without any clit stimulation. I think you almost did.

She grabbed my hand and pushed me onto the bed not too far from you. She straddled my thighs and took another condom off the bed. She was a pro, the condom was out of its packet and rolled down on my cock in less than 20 seconds. She moved up the bed and pushed down onto my cock moaning with pleasure. Her pussy was wet. She took control pumping her ass up and down on my cock with her tits literally on my face. She pushed one nipple into my mouth and told me to bite. I did. She squealed with pleasure and orgasmed. She sat upright and just rocked back and forth as she came down from cumming. It was a quick orgasm but made more powerful listening to you being pounded just to our left. At this point he had taken his dick out of you and they were kissing and giggling. You looked frustrated he had stopped but quickly realised you would get more shortly. You came over and kissed me for the first time but said nothing. You encouraged him to lie down so you could get on top. His big dick felt really special as you pushed down on it. She got behind you and played with your breasts as you rocked back and forth. You were so full and in control - you felt amazing. You turned your head and kissed her. He was watching and at this point couldn’t take any more. Your pussy was clamped hard onto his dick and you continued to tighten. You felt him shoot his cum inside you and at this point without any stimulation you came as well. Both orgasming together.

She left you and got on all fours in front of me. I licked her wet pussy from behind before she asked me to fuck her. It was long and hard. No teasing. I was ready to explode. You had got off his cock and you were kissing her as she was being fucked. You were asking her how it felt and whether she wanted to be filled up with my spunk. She wasn’t saying much but just nodding and screaming. She pleaded me to cum and she began to have her second orgasm. This one was harder than the first. She obviously loves being fucked hard and dominated. Just after she came I shot my load into her pussy. I could tell she felt it as she turned and smiled. I pulled my dick out of her, took the condom off and you gladly came over and cleaned me up.

I last remember that my wife fell asleep still smiling at the thought of the night.

Written by Anonymous

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