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we fuck fuck his wife

"We fuck his wife whilst he looks on patheticly."

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You are telling your stories calling them weird sex but nothings weirder than what my wife and I do with another couple. My Mrs and I are both 26, she’s really pretty, her nickname in school was Elfie because she’s a bit on the skinny side with tiny tits, ginger hair and her ears a re a little pointy but all my mates tell me what I already know, she’s so fuckable. But what’s weird about our friendship with another couple is what we do nearly every week. The other couple are the exact opposite of us. He’s a chubby guy and his wife (Clair) is about a size 16 but only about 5’6” (My wife is just under 6’) and has big soft tits. Neither of them is particularly good looking whereas my wife is hot. But what makes this weird is that it was my wife that made it all happen. I feel sorry for the guy, he has a small dick, and he doesn’t get to fuck my wife often but what his wife does to me must drive him mad and sometimes I fuck her as well. It’s the same thing every week. It usually starts with me sucking his wife’s face and getting her big tits out for me to feel whilst he does the same with my Mrs. Then we undress and I sit on the sofa. My Mrs is obsessed with having her tits sucked. She can cum just with me playing with her and sucking her nipples, so she kneels next to me whilst I suck her tits and rub her clit. Her tits are so small that I can fit one on my tongue before I suck it. But what must piss the other guy off is that he stands there whilst his wife lays on her stomach with her face on my lap and my cock deep in her mouth. So whilst I hand fuck my wife and suck her tits and get her to cry and moan and cum, his wife is gagging on my shaft. Her head bobbing up and down sucking my cock and moaning and reaching between her legs to toss herself off. I have it all ways. Then, it only moves on when my wife has had her orgasm and I have cum in his Claire’s mouth. But what makes this weird is that neither my wife or his are BI or (according to them) Bi curious yet as soon as I’ve cum in her mouth she scrambles to the floor on her knees, her huge tits wobbling all over the place. My wife does the same and Clair dribbles my cum onto the wife’s tits. They usually suck face then Clair sucks my wife’s tits and cleans my cum off them and her stomach. It is the hottest thing I have ever seen. On rare occasions, and I mean rare he is allowed to shag my wife but he gets so excited that he pushes his cock into her pussy with his tubby body covering her and fucks for a couple of minutes before he cum’s. But he’s not allowed to cum inside her, he has to cum on her body and that’s where it all kicks off. Clair will always come back and suck his cum off the Mrs whilst he and I watch them fuck like hard lesbo’s . Fucking hard, pussies banging and fingers in each other, both screaming and grunting and sucking tits. Claire’s husband is usually done by now, he’s cum and that’s it, his small cock stays soft, but mine is always ready for more and the wife demands, and I mean demands a performance. ‘fuck her hard, fuck her now’ is the usual command and Clair scrambles onto her back and begs me for sex. ‘do me’ and ’fuck me’ is what I usually get whilst her husband sist and watches. So, I do as I’m told and fuck his wife’s tubby body with her huge tits in my hands and mouth and I fuck her hard and long. I make her scream and cry and she always goes on about how big and hard my cock is and how ‘it’s so deep’ inside her. She pleads with me to cum inside her and afterwards I do feel a bit guilty that he can’t fuck and cum in my wife, but I do his wife hard and fill her with my stuff. Maybe I’m being bad, but I really don’t like the guy and to have my cock in his wife and to listen to her scream about how good I am, how I’m making her cum and to listen to her pleading with me to fuck her hard whilst my wife lays by her side sucking her huge nipples or to fuck his wife and grip her tits hard whilst my wife kneels next to me and put her breast whole into my mouth and he just gets to sit there and watch looking pathetic is such a turn on. Its actually funny to listen to her grunt ‘fuck me, fuck me’ and ‘grab my tits’ and howl in a deep creepy voice ‘I’m Cumming’ dragged out over a good 30 seconds. On rare occasions he manages to get hard again and goes to fuck his wife and she just pays there and lets him hump away, not making a sound. But this is what I don’t get, and I have asked the Mrs to explain. How come, two women who aren’t lesbians, aren’t even BI or BI curious fuck each other and bring each other off to have the deepest orgasms. The wife just says I don’t understand because I’m not a woman. I’ve just remembered. The first time the four of us fucked I shagged the wife doggy whilst he fucked her face with his tiny dick and he did cum in her mouth. She swallowed but afterwards that it was disgusting and would never happen again. She loves my cock in her mouth and my cum down her throat (as does his wife) but no one else’s. Go figure everyone.
Written by Welsh bull

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