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I've got myself into trouble.

"shaggign dads partner is so wrong"

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Hi everyone.

I’m Jack, I’m 23 and I have a lot of success with the ladies because according to my mates I’m a ‘pretty boy’. I don’t get it myself but a guess I’m good looking and because I have long blond hair they call me pretty buy. I’m not going to tell you about all my conquests, but I am going to tell you about just one because it was bad and by bad I mean it was so wrong.

This weekend I went to stay with my dad and his partner / girlfriend. I hadn’t met her before even though they have been together for over a year. My dad is 64 and she is 45.

Dad and I hadn’t talked for the best part of that year because I said something about her being with him for his money which pissed him off but anyway, on with my story.

I went up on the Thursday and met her for the first time. I knew she was a good-looking woman but I was surprised by how nice she was and to be fair, she has a nice body. Sort of curvy with big fat tits which she caught me looking at a few times during our meal out.

Anyway, moving onto the Friday. We got chatting and she said how she could see why my nickname was pretty buy and how I must have a very pretty girlfriend. I said that I did and showed her a photo. The next day we all just hung out on the beach (dad lives near a really nice beach with good waves). I went surfing for a while, but he was too cold and decided to go home. His GF stayed with me and I should have known then that something wasn’t right. When I came out of the water she handed me a towel then got another one and started to dry me off, her hand would run down my chest and to my crotch. I wrapped a towel round me and asked her to hold it in place so I could get out of my wet suit and into my clothes.

She would pull the towel open and make a silly ooh noise and close the towel closed again.

After a while I managed to dry myself and get dressed and we made our way back to the house. Whilst we walked, she interrogated me about my girlfriend and even wanted to know how often we had sex so in the end I told her and even admitted that we have a bit of an open relationship and now and again will fuck other people.

The rest of the day dad and I talked but it was the Sunday that I think I made the biggest mistake of my life.

Dad said he had to go out for the morning, so I got up and she made me breakfast. She was wearing just her knickers and a t shirt, nothing else. It was hard not to look at her fat tits with her huge nipples, but I tried my best not to stair and to hide my hard on. She flirted but at the end of the day she’s my dads’ partner and he say ‘she loves her.

 She seemed to get frustrated with me not wanting to talk so suggested we go for coffee and said that she was going to get dressed. I showered and got changed but it was when I walked past her room that I knew something wasn’t right.

Her door was open and she called to me something about how she wouldn’t be long. She was stood there in tight jeans and just a red bra, her tits almost pouring out. She told me to come in so I called her bluff. She didn’t even try and hide what she wanted.

She stands there, puts her hands under her tits and lifts them ‘you like them don’t you’ she say’s to me. I didn’t reply, I just told her to behave and started to walk out but she shouted at me to stay there.

I turned round and she had taken one of her tits out of its cup and was squeezing it and asked me if I wanted to squeeze it. I told her to behave, she said ‘why’ and took her bra off and stands there with her big fat tits hanging there. I should have walked away but I didn’t, I just stood there and looked.

So, she walks up to me and undoes my jeans and takes my cock out and sounding annoyed says something like ‘so’ I’ll start it then’ and goes to her knees and starts to suck me off.

I held onto her head and moved it back and forward whilst she sucked me off until she gets up, gets out of her jeans and simply says ‘ so, lets fuck’.

Her pussy lips tasted so sweet that I wondered if she had put something on them. O worked my way up her belly to her fat tits and gave them a good sucking. Her nipples were big and hard.

I finger shagged her whilst I sucked her tits and face and whilst I did that, she gave me a hard fast hand job until we started to shag.

My shaft slid into her easily and from the off she started to grunt and squeal begging me not to stop, going on about how big and hard I was and going on and on with stuff like ‘fuck your hard’ and fuck I’m going to cum’ and to keep going.

So I did. I shagged her hard, her tits bouncing ( when they weren’t in my hands or mouth). I fucked her missionary, then doggy, her tits swinging like crazy.

She fucked like a slut, whilst I shagged her hard, she fingered herself or grabbed her tits and screamed at me to (in her words) fucking cum inside her and make her cum.

The first time I came in her she had pleaded with me to do it, saying that she was going to cum and wanted to feel me inside her, so I did, and she went Nutt’s, shaking and thrashing around crying and arching her back. I filled her with my cum and immediately regretted not wearing a condom. What if I got my father’s partner pregnant?

We had finished fucking and she lay there and whimpered, fingering herself and scooping my cum out of her pussy and into her mouth. I couldn’t resist and shoved my tongue into her mouth and tasted my own cum.

That made me hard and she noticed and wanted to fuck again so we did. This time I was to cum on her tits. I shover her tits either side of my shaft just in time for part two. A second loan shot out over her tits and her neck and her face. We shoved our tongues into each others mouths and swapped my cum. I sucked it up and put it into her mouth and she spat it back into mine. I managed to get hard again and shag her a third time.

We ended up in the shower. My cock was a bit soft that time so we just felt each other and I stood there ant her suck my soft cock.

Later dad came home, we had dinner and I left. She came to my room whilst dad was downstairs and pushed her tongue into my mouth. I pushed her away and told her that it was wrong and that we should have used a condom. She giggled and said that she was on the pill so not to worry for next time. I said that there couldn’t be a next time.

She stepped back, her face went all serious, then she smiled. She took one of her tits out and gave it a squeeze telling me that I was going to give this a suck very soon ( gripping her breast), then unzipping her jeans showed me her pussy and said that ‘that’ ( my cock) will be back in there soon.

I told her that she was being ridiculous, but it was what she said next that worried me.

If I marry your dad, you’ll have to do as your told.

We kissed hard and she made my cock hard again, her hand rubbing the bulge in my jeans. Then we went downstairs and to my car.

They waved and she smiled shouting how nice it was to meet me and she big her bottom lip and blew me a kiss. Dad just waved and smiled.

As soon as I got back, I fucked the girlfriend so as not to feel so guilty. She is so different from ‘her’. She has small hard tits and is skinny but like ‘her’ she’s hot and fuckable.

Now I feel that I’m in so much trouble. This woman clearly has the hots for me and has texted me a photo of her tits. Dad wants me to go back next weekend with my girlfriend but I have no idea how that will work out. I hope to fuck this woman doesn’t become a bunny boiler as my mates would call her.

I’ll let you know how it goes.

Written by pretty boy

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