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The Hotwife - Chapter 3

"Hubby loves to show off his wife to strangers…"

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Sophie follows Georgio into the cinema room with a glass of champagne in hand. She looks sexy yet classy at the same time.

They approach at the bottom of the staircase and Sophie looks upwards tentatively at the audience. Although it’s dark she can make out numerous silhouettes. As she climbs the steps she can feel those silhouettes follow her every step. With their seats only a few rows from the back of the room, it feels like a long climb.

“We’re at the end of this aisle” Georgio turns around to tell her.

As Sophie follows, she notes there is only one other person on their aisle. As they approach, she realises it’s a man who was stood in front of them at the ticket counter queue. The change in his demeanour is striking. Before he looked nervous but now he seems completely at home. He glares at her as she approaches, ignoring the presence of her husband.

Feeling self conscious, Sophie stumbles, loses her balance and falls forward, her champagne flute tumbling to the floor with her.

Georgio hasn’t noticed and continues to walk towards their seats. Lying on her front, she looks around. Miraculously, the flute hadn’t shattered but the champagne has spilt all over the floor and was starting to pool around her.

“Looks like you need a hand.” Sophie looks up and the man from the lobby is stood over her, offering his hand. Seeing him up close, he’s certainly no oil painting. His focus is clearly on her cleavage. Realising she’s in no position to refuse his help, she holds out her hand and he pulls Sophie to her feet, surprising her with his strength.

She dusts herself down unaware the man is continuing to ogle her chest. Her white blouse is soaked in champagne, sticking to her body and accentuating her large breasts.

“Here, use this handkerchief to dry yourself” he says reaching into his jacket.

“Thanks” she says begrudgingly, taking the handkerchief. It feels a bit crusty.

“It’s clean” says the man, noticing Sophie's hesitancy as she turns and walks to her seat.

“Is everything okay?” says Georgio as she sits down.

“Fine, I tripped. I’m a little wet but the man over there offered me his hanky” she answers, pressing it against her chest to absorb the alcohol.

Sophie settles into her comfortable leather seat. There is plenty of legroom in the aisle and a quick inspection of the side of the seat suggests you can swivel the chair backwards, which strikes her as odd.

As she dabs her blouse with the hanky, a pungent smell enters her nostrils. Suspicious, she holds the hanky to her nose and it dawns on her that she has inadvertently covered her nice blouse in this man’s semen.

Disgusted, she gets onto her feet and walks towards him. Sophie is keen to express her anger but doesn’t want to make a scene in front of her husband. She tosses the hanky back at him: “you’re a disgusting little man” she says quietly, her face showing her anger. “I guess I’ve already cum on your big tits so where would you like me to cum later darling” he answers with a smirk on his face. Sophie blushes, turns around to hide her embarrassment and heads back to her seat.

Georgio's attention is fixed on the man who has just walked onto the stage. It's the Host who greeted them at the entrance.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the Roxy!” he shouted into the microphone, which prompted a testosterone fuelled cheer from the audience.

“Are you ready for an evening full of ‘entertainment?” The crowd hollers again, even louder this time.

“But first let me introduce your hostesses for tonight. Remember we only serve alcoholic drinks in here ladies and gentlemen.”

“Too right!” one guy shouts from the front of the audience, clearly already inebriated.

Six beautiful women walk onto the stage in a variety of costumes...

Written by nwty83

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