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how we started

"Almost railroaded into sex."

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Our swinging sex life started when I went into business with another couple who I will refer to as outrageous and demanding in more ways than one. I’m Dan, I’m in my mid 30’s and married to Clair who’s the same age. Clair had always been quiet and reserved. The most she had ever done as far a ‘naughty sex’ was concerned was to let me fuck her on a beech after we made sure no one was around to see us. I suggested that we do it when there was a chance of being caught but she was horrified and called me all the ‘perverts’ under the sun, so when all this started with our new business partners, I was shocked, horrified, aroused and delighted all at the same time, but it was the way it started that shocked me most. Clair is a size 16, not big but now slim either. She is an attractive red head with big DD tits. Our business partners, who’s names I will keep a secret are a very good-looking couple. She is in her late 30’s, slim with small tits and like Clair, had ginger hair. Her husband is 4, good looking, big as in well built and muscular and so he would tell Clair and I on our first visit for a meal to celebrate our business union, ‘well hung’. In fact, it was a subject that would come up more than once. In fact, sex in general kept cropping up. His wife leant over to Clair and said ‘you have amazing tits’ and asked her how big she was. Clair told her to which his wife said, ‘He’ (pointing to her husband) ‘loves playing with big tits’. Then she turns to me and asks ‘how about it’ laughing out loud. Her husband told her to behave and told me to ignore her. When we were alone (her husband and I ) he actually complimented me on how hot he thought Clair was and said, with a cheeky grin on his face, how he would love to ‘poke the fuck’ out of her then laughed and told he to ignore him because he was drunk. He wasn’t at all’. On the third get together Clair decided to wear a quite revealing dress, in her words, ‘ to wind them up’. We went to their home for a meal and immediately, the sexual innuendoes started. No sooner had they opened the door that he goes ‘wow’ and his wife squeals to her husband something like ‘if you don’t fuck her, I will’. It was obvious during the meal that the tension was high. The comments about sex and how he loved to fuck doggy style was mentioned. His wife went to get changed , not wanting to look ‘boring’ coming back down in an almost see through blouse with no bra, her small firm tits Cleary on show, her pencil skirt hugging her arse and legs. We had barely finished the starters when his wife threw her spoon down, turned to me and Clair and asked us ‘how into sex are we’. I was lost for words, Clair said that we had a healthy sex life. She said ‘that’s now what I’m asking’ then points at her husband and said ‘He wants to fuck you, I want him to fuck you so let him fuck you’. Then turns to me and says ‘ you can put your cock into me and suck my tits’ adding that she had seem me looking. The guy gets up and laughs, and tells me not to be so ‘fucking boring’, his wife gets up and says to me that its going to happen any way so to ‘fucking hurry up’. I expected Clair to freak, but she doesn’t. She lets the guy pull her up by the hand, gives me that ‘what do you think’ look that I usually see when she wants to buy something expensive. And with that she’s led away. The guys wife pulls her top open and off ad steps out of her skirt. Fuck she was hot, her tits were solid, her nipples long, hard and erect, her ass was amazing. She turns to me as she walks into the conservatory which was attached to the dining room and just says ‘come on, put your cock in me and let’s fuck’. She demanded that I suck her tits, so I did. They were firm and could fit into my mouth completely, her nipples, long and hard. I slid my cock into her surprisingly tight pussy, the feeling was amazing, fucking another mans gorgeous wife for the first time, my bell end pushing her pussy open, my shaft sliding into her wet, smooth pussy and as I did as I was instructed, I gripped her tits and listened to her moan and cry out for me to put my cock in deep. I did as I was told. The way she talked was shocking, she demanded that I ‘fuck her hard’ and commended me on how hard I was asking if I liked to shag and repeating over and over ’do me hard’ asking if I liked to see her tits wobble adding ‘fuck me hard’ and calling me a’ dirty fucking bastard’. I had been fucking her for a few minutes before I heard my wife let out a shriek. His wife laughed and told me that her husbands’ cock was in my wife and how she bet he had given her big tits a good fucking. As I banged the fuck out of her, with her on her back in the conservatory, now and again I could hear a cry or a shriek and occasionally a loud grunt coming from the living room. His wife would laugh and tell me how her husbands cock was in my wife and how she bed Clair was loving it and how he (her husband) was going to make her cum so hard. Then she cried out that she was going to cum and that she wanted to feel me cum on her tits. Just before I ejaculated, I pulled my cock out and shot cum all over her belly, tits and her face and she grunted and squealed as she had her orgasm, massaging my cum into her tits, sucking it off her hands. Then she pushed me off and jumped up suggesting we go and watch them fuck. I followed her to the living room, her chin, belly and tits still wet with my semen and there was my mild-mannered wife, on her knees. My business partner kneeling behind her, his cock pounding her from behind, her much talked about DD tits swinging violently. And as he pounded her she would drop her head to the carpet and sounding exhausted cry out that she couldn’t take much more. His wife laughed out loud ‘ look at those fucking tits’ then looking at my still hard but wet cock, she said ‘we can’t have that’ and dropping to her knees, pushed my cock into her mouth and sucked me off. I stood there holding not her head as I was sucked off and wanted her husband push mu wife onto her back and re enter her, her tits still swaying and wobbling as she seemed to cum over and over again. Clair let a cry, then trembled and cried out again that she was cumming. His wife pulled her head back, looked over at her, then at me and laughed ‘I think she’s having an orgasm’ before my cock disappeared back into her mouth. Her husband grunted and gave a few more short sharp thrusts, he had clearly cum inside my wife, in face Clair whispered something like ‘ oh fuck, you’ve cum in me’. I shot cum into his wife’s mouth and made her gag and gulp. She stopped sucking me just long enough to call me a ‘dirty bastard’ before sucking my bell end and cleaning cum off my dick. Her husband thrust a few more time making my wife cum over and over. His wife got up, then lay down next to my wife and sucked her tits, pushing her fingers into her pussy, pulling them out and sucking her fingers making a ‘mmmmmm’ sound. She rubbed my wife between her legs and made her cum yet again. And then it was over, the four of us sat on the floor, the two of them going on about what an amazing shag that was, Clair and I saying nothing. My business partners started to fuck, she looked up at me and told me to shag my wife. I entered Clair, her pussy soaking wet with another mans cum and I did my best to fuck her. I did manage to cum again but I think Clair was too shagged out to climax. For the next four weeks we would visit out new friends, he would drag Clair to a bedroom and I would fuck his wife and listen to Clair plead for him not to stop and I would listen to that thud thud thud as a well-endowed man had sex with my wife and I with his. I haven’t been able to make Clair have an orgasm since she started fucking this guy, in face she has admitted that he is ‘so fucking big’ that it blows her mind adding that he cums so much its ridiculous. She does her best to make me happy, riding my shaft and letting her ample tits swing on my chest and face but I know that she’s thinking of his shaft. Clair stopped fucking him during lockdown and is now pregnant. I expected that to end our swapping days, but when we told them about her pregnancy they cheered, he said that he couldn’t wait to fuck a pregnant women, his wife agreeing ‘ I have to fuck you as well’ adding that ‘this was’ amazing’. Clair just shook her head, I’m not sure it’s the right thing to do. My wife didn’t; think about the rights and wrongs of having sex with another man whilst she’s pregnant, she just wonders if his cock is too big to fuck her whilst she’s carrying our baby. Go figure!
Written by Dan and Clair

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