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Fun getting out of hand

"from peeping tom to rough lover"

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We live in a bungalow and our bedroom has a floor to ceiling window and sometime ago we noticed that we had a peeping tom. A lad, about 19 or 20 who lived next door. You can’t see in from his house (or his parents house to be more exact) but there is a gap in the fence that he spies on us through. My wife, Clair, spotted him when she was drying herself after taking a shower, she said that she was sure someone was watching her through the gap. But, instead of hiding herself, Clair dropped her towel and pretended to be looking out on the garden. It was fairly dark and we had the table lamp on so we couldn’t see much but whoever was looking in could see everything.

At first, we thought it was the father but one Saturday afternoon Clair called to me pretending not to notice that the lad next door had widened the gap and was looking in, it was obviously the son not the dad.

It was daylight and I hid by the bedroom door, and we decided to be wicked. We had never done anything like this before, but Clair opened her blouse and started to touch herself, then took it off and removed her bra and started to squeeze her pretty big soft tits still pretending to be looking out into the garden. Then she lets out a squeal and told me that the lad had moved to the end of the fence where there was a part missing, about 3’, was standing there and had taken his dick out and was having a wank looking at Clair.

She was pretty sure that he ejaculated and I’m pretty sure Clair was pretty turned on by it all.

That night we kept the table lamp on and assumed that the peeping tom was there. Clair and I had sex, I sucked her tits and fingered her pussy whilst she tossed me off before we fucked properly. Clair, all the time looking out to the fence. She did worry that the parents would wonder what he was doing but I told her that if they are perving then that’s their issue.

We had amazing sex and were pretty sure he was watching.

This goes on for most of the week until I was fucking my wife with the table lamp on and the garden lights on as well and sure enough, I’m in my wife thrusting away, she’s groaning then whimpers that he’s there. I had a quick glance and at the end of the fence the lad is there with his cock in his hand.

It was amazing, what a turn on. I made Clair get onto her knees by the window and suck me off until I had her doggy style, still pretending not to have seen him. Whether he knew that we had seen him or not I wasn’t sure but that went on for a few days.

We got more and more adventurous, Clair standing naked by the window, then pressing her tits against the glass and fingering herself climaxing and making a lot of noise about it and I hid out of sight to see how far this lad would go. A week or so into this little adventure he became a little braver and started standing inside our garden, back against the fence. Clair became braver as well and with me directing out of sight, would rub her breasts or press them against the glass, rubbing her clit and moaning with this pretty tough looking lad, cock in hand, masturbating.

Then, one evening I convinced her to lay on the bed, naked, her hot tits and shaved pussy there for the lad to see. We were both turned on at the thought of someone watching and playing with himself. I suggested that she open the bi fold door little, just to see what he would do. Clair wasn’t so sure it was a good idea and wanted to know what she should say if he wanted to come in. I shrugged my shoulders and said something about letting him wank over her tits. She told me I was a

pervert, and it would be my fault if he did. She said something about us ‘going too far’ and if it goes wrong, it was my fault. I wondered what on earth could go wrong, after all it was just a little fun.

Of course, as is always the case I had to push it. We left the light on and Clair opened the bi fold door and lay on the bed with her dressing gown on whilst I hid. She kept looking to see if he was there and after about an hour, she said that she though t he was. I directed her and suggested she opened her gown, she did. Then I suggested she take it off and touch herself. Clair said that we were going too far. I said that I was going to hide to see if he comes to the door. For her safety I called her and we kept the line open on speaker phone but my end on mute so that I could hear her and came in if she called for help.

But instead of hiding in the house, I ran outside and into the field next to our house to a spot I knew I could stand and see into our garden. It was pretty close to the bedroom and had often worried Clair that someone could see us from the field and was one of those jobs I had always meant to do, build a tall fence. I was glad I hadn’t.

I will admit, I felt ridiculous and thought hat we had actually gone too far and could be about to embarrass this lad and my wife.

I stood there like a pervert and watched and waited. The lad stood in our garden, he was broader than I thought, and I felt that if he felt that we were humiliating him then he could get angry. He was wearing tracksuit bottoms and a white t-shirt. Clair got up and opened the door a bit more, stood there bollock naked for a few seconds and went back to lay on the bed.

The lad walked up to the door and looked in. I heard Clair ask him if he’s enjoyed watching her, he said that of course he had and asked her if she had enjoyed watching him. He said something that I couldn’t catch. Then he walked in then asked if it was ok and asked Clair where I was.

Before she could answer he said that she had great tits. She thanked him and asked him what his plans were and something about was he gong to play with himself again.

He told Clair to finger herself, Clair did as he asked. Then he asked where I was again, Clair lied and said that I had gone out. I felt bad because she thought I was in another room but I had actually gone out. He stands there and watches my wife playing with herself. She asked him if he liked watching her, he said that he did but he would prefer to fuck her.

And with that he takes his t-short and tracksuit bottoms off and stands watching her with his cock in his hand.

What I should have done was run back to the house and open the front door making a noise so he would leave, what I did was stay there and watch.

I heard Clair say something about me not liking that, he said that I shouldn’t have left then.

The quilt was covering Clair’s feet, I saw my wife kick the quilt off her feet and reply saying that he was right, and I shouldn’t have left. My wife who was half laying and half sitting up slid down, so she was flat on her back and opened her legs and I watched this lad who I had never met climb onto the bed, crawl up in between my wife’s legs and go down to start sucking her breast, first one then the other. There was very little foreplay, seconds later my wife gave a squeal and seemed to arch her back. Her voice was muffled, I tried to get closer and saw them sucking face, and his arse rocking backward and forward. This lad was fucking my wife. The sex became rougher and rougher until he was shagging her hard and I could hear her without the phone, crying out and moaning and grunting with the occasional ‘fuck yes’ and ‘do it’.

Then, after a while she screamed out that she was going to cum and the lad grunted over and over. I was gutted, this had gone too far, I was watching a lad about 15 years younger that my wife impregnating her and she was loving it. They fucked for a while longer until he was finished, at which point I watched Clair climb onto him and push her breast into his mouth demanding that he suck her.

After he left I went back in to find my wife laying on the bed soaking wet from perspiration. Se was furious with me for leaving her and blamed me for her fucking the guy. I was gutted and turned on at the same time. She asked me what I was going to do about it and slid her legs open. I undressed and shagged my wife’s wet pussy.

Whilst I shagged her she told me how big he was and how he made her cum and that she wanted him again.

Since then, its become a regular thing. I either stay in the living room and listen to her begging for more cock, pleading with him to cum inside her and make her cum and listening to him pounding my wife telling her what an ‘fucking hot pussy she had’ or how he wants to cum on her tits. Then when he ‘s done and left I go in and have her.

So, that’s our thing. I’ve opened a pandoras box, my wife says that she needs the excitement and cock and I hate it but get turned on at the same time.

The only thing I really hate is having to come home via the field to make sure I’m not interrupting and now and again seeing my wife on her knees with cock in her mouth going nutts, sucking and wanking him whilst he grips her hair and basically fucks her mouth.

I have to try and stop it before she either falls for this lad or he gets her pregnant because of course, he doesn't bother with protection. 

Written by Clair's husband

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