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Never judge a book by its cover.

"couple want help with their roll playing, and it was shocking."

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A short story for you. You can call me Dan, I’m 59. I regularly get contacted by married women and couples for sex but the married women of all ages and sizes outnumber the couples 10 to 1.

 It’s shocking how many married women want to fuck behind their husband back. But I was contacted by a couple who saw my pic on a fuck Buddy website. Apparently, he chose me because I am a big guy with a big dick, well built and well hung. They are in their early 20’s and have only been married for a little over a year and decided that I would be able to help then with their role playing, and that’s what I mean by never judge a book by its cover.

She is small, about 5” 4” or 5”, skinny with short ginger hair and tiny tits, he’s skinny with a small skinny dick, I would say less than half as thick as mine and half as big is not less. When we me she would look at the floor and only now and again glance up at me, she was shy and relay timid. She even seemed scared, and I thought that she would pull out but, in the end, it was she who pushed it forward.

After the customary getting to know you drink, I said something like ‘so what did you have in mind’. He went red and became nervous, his wife looked up and whispered (because we were in the bar of a hotel), ‘my husband has a small dick, and he likes me to shame him, and I love making him look bad. She paused then added ‘ I want you to fuck me in front of him’ then she paused and added ‘ and I like it doggy style’. So, I checked that I knew exactly what she wanted and asked her to confirm that she wanted me to fuck her in front of her husband to humiliate him.

She looked up and said (now really seriously) ‘ I want you to put your big cock inside me and show him what a real man does’. I looked at her poor husband who shook his shoulders and said something about how they would love me to help.

In no time at all he three of us were in their hotel room, she was naked and asking me if I wanted to fuck her tits. I managed to get a breast in my mouth whole and sucked it hard whilst fingering her pussy making her groan. Her husband sat on a chair looking pathetic.

His wife started by telling him to watch a real man fuck his wife, then she went from a quiet, softly spoken young women to a complete slut and pushing me away, turned round and got onto her hands and knees and turned to look at me and told me to ‘put that big cock’ into her pussy and as I tried to push it in she cried out and told her husband that this is what a real man can do.

It took me two or three attempts to get it into her tight pussy, after the second attempt she spun round, sucked my cock before getting bac onto her hands and knees.

She was amazing, she was skinny with small firm tits that fitted in the palm of my hand, the one hand that wasn’t griping her hair as I shagged the fuck out of her whilst she cried out and begged for me to go deeper and fuck her harder telling her husband to watch ‘a real man’

I fucked her as hard as she could stand but felt so bad for her husband who sat there with his little stiffy whilst I banged his wife.

She squeezed and begged for more telling me over n dover that she was going to cum, then her pussy would grip my cock and she would shake badly giving her husband a running commentary about how I was making her cum harder than he could and how I was making her cum harder than he could.

She demanded that I fuck be on top so spun round, lay on her back and opened her legs and shouted at me to eat her pussy. I did as I was asked until I had to fuck her again.

This time she was so wet that my cock just slid into her, I fucked her hard making her little tities wobble and causing her to cry out still humiliating her husband, crying and telling him how big my cock was and how amazing I was.

I looked at him and actually felt bad for him which nearly caused me to lose interest and go soft, that was until she grabbed my head and pulled me down to her face.

She grunted that I was ‘fucking amazing’ and ‘fuck your cock is so big’ before pushing her tongue in my mouth and clamping her leg’s part way round my back (she is so small that her legs wouldn’t reach al the way round my back).

By now she was crying and thrashing around on the bed telling her husband over and over that she was going to cum (Again).

I gave her plenty of warning that I was going to cum and went to pull out. We become very angry and grabbed me with her arms and legs demanding that I fuck her and cum inside her.

She started to grunt and almost convulse and went on about how she was Cumming, that’s when I came inside her pussy.

I thought something was wrong with her, her eyes rolled to the back of her head and she arched her back and grunted long and loud and starts to shake.

I should have warned her that I cum a lot, and I mean a lot.

She looked at me and just said ’oh fuck’ and then, as though talking to her husband but staring at me said ’fuck he’s’ still Cumming’. Then, and this is the really bad part. She turned to look at her husband whilst I was still inside her and grunted at him something like ‘he’s cum inside me so much’ and then added ‘he’s probably made a baby’ then as though she really hated her husband said ‘ I want his baby, he cum so much I’m going to have his baby’ and then added ‘you can’t do that, you’re fucking useless.

I just pulled my cock out of her and let her slide onto her knees to clean my shaft with her mouth. I felt really bad for her husband but then the weirdest thing happened.

She got up with her face wet from my cum, went to her husband and told him how much she loved him and asked him if he enjoyed that. He told her that it was amazing, pulled her towards him at which point she lowered herself onto him little stiffy and ride him. They fucked in front of me.

I watched him fuck her, which only lasted a few minutes’ before she got back on the bed and we fucked again.

It was the weirdest thing I had ever done. Apparently, they are going to call me again but apparently (so she says) I have to not fuck her so much because she wouldn’t be able to take that many orgasms. That made me happy, I’d never been told that before.

Written by Dan

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